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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

I AM - Linguistic Template Reprogramming (LTR) Grid

Image by "FutureAgeSage"

Attitudes of Mastery Linguistic Template Reprogramming (LTR) Grid

1. I AM Love. I Recognize I AM the Truth of the All-ONE-ness.

2. I AM Grace. I Allow the All-ONE-ness to Be what IT IS regardless of whether it suits me. I Live Perpetual Forgiveness.

3. I AM Gratitude. I Appreciate the All-ONE-ness. I Know my Aliveness.

4. I AM Reverent – Respect. I Acknowledge and Give to the All-ONE-ness.

5. I AM Responsibility. I Co-Create with, Serve and Respond to the All-ONE-ness.

6. I AM Trust. I Know the Power and Love of the All-ONE-ness.

7. I AM Accountability. I AM in a State of Truth with the All-ONE-ness.

8. I AM Impeccability. I Uphold and Protect the All-ONE-ness.

9. I AM Mindfulness. I love, Nurture, and AM Attentive to the All-ONE-ness.

10. I AM Fearlessness. I Recognize the Eternal Infinite Nature and and Unconditional Love of the All-ONE-ness.

11. I AM Engaged Detachment. I Permit the All-ONE-ness to BE without assigning Critique, Condemnation or Value Judgment; I Understand the IS-ness and I Validate the All-ONE-ness.

12. I AM Joy. I Choose to BE the Embodied All-ONE-ness.

Responsibilities of Mastery LTR Grid

1. I AM Free now from the Victim-Victimizer blame game.

2. I AM Free now from the need for Approval. I AM a manifestation of God-Spirit.

3. I AM a Kristiac Being. I now Direct all energies from my Inner Krist.

4. Responding from my Kristos, I now reclaim all errant energies.

5. I AM a Living Embodiment of Absolute Love.

6. I Choose now to act with Spiritual Integrity at ALL times.

7. I AM truly blessed. I give thanks now for all the gifts I receive daily.

8. I AM Divine Right Timing, Divine Right Balance & Divine Right Order.

9. I send Love and Respect now in honor of God-Source that lives in us ALL.

10. I Respect and Appreciate the God-Force energy in all of its expressions.

11. I AM a Master of the Spiritual Art of Cooperation. I Create Win-Win situations.

12. I Appropriately apply both Common/Uncommon Sense of Spiritual Knowing.