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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Inner Technologies: The 12th Dimensional dreamtime + Foundations of Consciousness

The 12th Dimensional dreamtime
Third dimensional physical reality is a holographic projection of energy-consciousness; all manifestation is an individuation of Cosmic Source-Consciousness into diverse inherently coherent and energetically interconnected intelligence fields. The human organism is composed of a limited series of interdimensionally imbedded energy-consciousness systems. Knowing this reveals that reality itself is the manifestation of a higher dimensional thought-form, it is a dreamtime whose solidity is completely contingent upon energetic quantum differentials. In a simpler sense, this means if you change your energy–consciousness frequency you can progressively remove the limitations of dimensionality; from another perspective this also means that your overall energy-consciousness state determines your experience of existence.

Original Blueprint
The electrical oscillatory dark energy or dark matter is the formless foundation that the 12th dimensional template is birthed from and continues to interact with to perpetually generate energy. In this sense, all forms of manifest existence can be viewed to represent degrees of separation from Source which in an energetic sense involves increased degrees of magnetization, mass, and of the vibration to the particles composing the form.

As form manifests in lower dimensional layers the particles of light-sound crystallize into fixed multidimensional form-holding frequency waves (holographic blueprints).

The core manifestation template is the underlying (or overarching) holographic structure of the human organism. It exists at the 12th dimensional reality field and is composed of organized vortices of liquid light-sound-multidimensional waves. The movement to this station of identity involves many levels of activation, realization-integration, and actualization or energy-consciousness fusion via consciously changing the matter-state of one’s fixed form. Thus spirituality in its clearest sense pertains to practices that generate a bioenergetic movement or return of consciousness to its original dematerialized higher frequency state of pure interconnected oneness. 

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Foundations of Consciousness
The Multidimensional Human 
Ascension involves the acceleration of matter, the increase of quantum, and the expansion of consciousness. The technology of consciousness, or ;inner tech’ is a name I have selected to encompass the spectrum of mental structure or architecture and emergent processes related to them (including inter and intradimensional projections) for altering the multidimensional system of the embodied identity, the planet, and solar system.

The entire paradigm underlying and empowering these perspectives might best be entitled New Earth (or Aurora Earth) Sciences as they have and continue to arise from the frequency lines and fields from these origins as relayed by the many individuals who consistently yearn and strive to uphold the highest source consciousness connections, the utmost integrity or internal cohesion, and the most love and light in the streams of their hearts, minds, and bodies.

Our ability to create change may presently be relatively weak, requiring Herculean efforts or not but the underlying principle is the same and that principle wisdom is that we have a co-creative energetic connection to existence, that the universal forces respond to us, and grows with us such that we continue to nourish the paths and practices of those connections. That personal relationship is of the most value and forms the immutable foundation for all progression to consciousness elevation or return. The efficiency we develop also stems from the internal alignments we make with higher consciousness entity-gestalts. 

Our thoughts create multidimensional change. The more quantum, the more alignment we have with the Source consciousness fields the more easily and rapidly this occurs. Along with greater alignment comes greater clarity regarding the structures and processes of consciousness and as such we continue to aid one another by refining and expanding our collective database of truths, understandings, and best guesses. 

Aligned thoughts mean greater harmony with the many layers colors sounds and beings in existence, outwardly it often manifests as greater silence and a sense of potency as a result of having less thoughts & less lower frequency energy engagements. From an energetic perspective we are talking about increasing the focus/decreasing the diffusion, while engaging more dimensions and frequencies of consciousness and more clearly comprehending the structures and processes of existence.
Sound and light are the primary tools or processes that we all use to interact with different phase-states of matter to bring about change. The inner layers of our energy bodies respond more to direct cellular connection or inner knowing and emotional potency while the outer layers respond more to the contemplative or conceptual structure and symbolism.