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Monday, September 23, 2013

Andrew bartzis: "Reading Room" August/September~ 6x .mp3

August 14, 2013 -September 3, 2013 -September 4, 2013 -September 4, 2013 -September 5, 2013 -September 6, 2013.

As a way to accomodate the great number of people wishing to have a reading from him (and still be able to DO readings in the years ahead), Andrew has implemented "reading rooms," where he'll do a series of individual readings at one time. Because the information coming through is often applicable to more than just the person having the reading, people participating agree that the information will be made public, so that all may benefit. Thus the readings add to the archive of information Andrew is bringing in from the akashic records.

Because Andrew's schedule can change quickly, a reading room may take place without much advance notice. If you're desiring a reading from Andrew, what you'll want to do is sign up for our E-mail list and select the option to be notified when reading opportunities are scheduled. Make sure is in your address book, white listed, or whatever is necessary to insure you receive our broadcast messages, because once that message goes out, the openings get booked very fast!

Readings below may be downloaded as MP3 files by clicking the date/name (possibly you'll need to right-click and do a "save as"), or you may play them here by using the player to browse through the archive files (Reading Room files are in the "ReadingRoom" folder).

right-click & safe as:

Monday, March 19, 2012

Clif High Wujo Episode 01 & 02 (+E00)

clif's wujo...

a series of audio discourses....


Clif High Wujo Episode 00 Episode  01 Episode 2012

E1 - March 16, 2012 - First in a group of discourses on meditation. Today, outlines, goals, benefits, some cautions, and some points to research.

Audio file of about 40 minutes. Please set up a torrent if you can. Having a hell of a time punching through 4 firewalls, and 6 background processes. Thanks.

clifs wujo march 16, 2012 -meditation-1  cw3162012

E2 - March 18, 2012 - ALTA process (web bots) update - notes on servers, early data entity tops.

Audio file over 30 minutes.

E0 - March 14, 2012 - Radiation and its effects on humans. Some thoughts to place it in context. (also a trial run of this process).

This is an audio file (mp3) of 40+ minutes of discussion about radiation and its impact on the rest of our lives. Some methods of remediation/adaption are discussed.

This file is available free on torrents. Please seed if you have the capacity.

Or for free (actually paid for by our bandwidth go easy) from the button below.

Clif High Wujo E0 March 14 2012

Torrent uploaded by DjSadhu:         - my personal view on the world    - my FREEWARE motion detection and time lapse software, great for chem trail tracking! - my personal video channel