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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Project Camelot: Kameran Faily Interview III : ISIS & Events to come : PLANET X

Project Camelot: Kameran Faily Interview III : ISIS & Events to come : PLANET X

Don't miss this new update from Kameran Faily.

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Article with info from Kameran re Paris Attacks:
Is Hezbollah’s Syria Approach Tied to End-Times Doctrine?
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Part I & II Posted: here

[ my note: good explanation of the factions and interlinking/workings
though on the end note.. Planet X i totally disagree with him and the person Kerry refers to.. both a their views are flawed based on their own belief system and expectations ]

Friday, September 11, 2015

Project Camelot: Kameran Interview Two - illuminati Declare War & Planet-X-2016

This is a wild and uncompromising ride into the illuminati playing field where they are using this interview along with the Taylor Swift video/song "Bad Blood" to announce the split in their ranks and a declaration of war between them.

This is my 2nd interview with Kameran Felly. A Kurd and an Englishman who worked for many years in high level finance for the Illuminati - City of London.

He is expanding on his last interview, in great detail regarding Planet X and the current financial war impacting all aspects of our lives.
And Click here for the treaty document.

Interview 1:


Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Alfred Webre: NZ Astronomer debunks M. Masters: There is no brown dwarf star ("Planet X") in our solar system

Published on Sep 1, 2013
NZ Astronomer debunks Marshall Masters: There is no brown dwarf star ("Planet X") in our solar systemNZ Astronomer debunks Marshall Masters: There is no brown dwarf star ("Planet X") in our solar system

New Zealand astronomer David Greg deconstructs claim that photo taken from airliner on flight from El Salvador to Peru is Brown Dwarf star system

Alleged Brown Dwarf star system image shown to be camera flares

Planet X" researcher Marshall Masters and team's claims are refuted beyond a reasonable doubt

Astronomer states Comet ISON is a normal comet, with no anticipated "catastrophic effects"

By Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

VANCOUVER, BC -- In an in-depth ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, New Zealand astronomer David Greg has refuted beyond a reasonable doubt the claims made by "Planet X" researcher Marshall Masters and his team that the Brown Dwarf star system is in our inner solar system and on a trajectory for a cataclysmic flyby of Earth in the 2015-16 timeframe.

Based on his research shown in the interview, Mr. Greg states, "There is no brown dwarf star in our solar system." Mr. Greg continues, "The nearest known brown dwarf is 6.5 light years away, further away than our nearest 'other' star most commonly know as 'Alpha Centauri' (Rigel Kentaurus), which is 4.3 light years away. If a brown dwarf were within our solar system, it would certainly reflect visible light from the Sun and would be at least as easily visible in the sky as Saturn or Mars. If it were within our inner solar system (within the orbit of Mars), it would be unmistakable. Again, brown dwarfs are only 'invisible' to us in visible light because of their vast distance away from our Sun."

David Greg concludes, "From my analysis of Jorge Urena's photos in Marshall Master's video, I can conclude without any doubt that the "orbs" of light in the photo at 1829 hours can not possibly be Venus and Jupiter, as they are too close to the Sun and the position of Mercury is wrong. I am satisfied that Jorge Urena did in fact photograph the planetary conjunction at 2000 hours, but Marshall Masters' 'Planet X' object" is not a real object, it is just a type of lens flare."

David Greg has provided a written summary of his analysis in the ExopoliticsTV interview as follows
Yep forget about it.....   its a NoGo..  wasnt in2011. nor 2012. neither 2013 nor 2015+
same with the terral03 bs timelines(incl adding stuff i said.. yep).
 and richard hoagland... and elenin.. and rest lulz..pic i made with my A4-page drawing and 2 objects and a big NO at the arrow to earth. had a orb... on my shoulder also, a rather big one actually, agreed with me.. that was 2011..
and mr.. Tolec seems ha made a statement, ISON = a UFO .. OMG OMG OMG ,GFOL (GalacticFederationOfLight) 
~ lolz tolec RLY! come on.. well at least its good for a laugh ~
-------------as i saw it come.. by , i call it BS

Announcement from Tolec regarding “Comet” Ison…
Posted on 2013/08/29 by kauilapele -

Hollis (of Vermont) was the first one to show me a video of “Comet” Ison. The video showed it was clearly not a comet.

Here is what Tolec announced, just now…

“Announcement: 08.30.13. Regarding the alleged – “Comet Ison”. It is not a comet. This is a large scale ship operated by Galactic Federation forces. Expect it to arrive in the ‘sol’ (solar) system, in Earth’s ‘space’ & in orbit over this planet… sometime in the near future. Consider this sighting to be another major harbinger of the many changes coming to this planet! “