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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Stone of Truth and Justice -Aurauralite-Aulmauracite- + A Sign & Symbols. + a late clue..

Could not go on, to put more on paper...
 so this the 1st in 5months  ive done... 

+ a piece a " Aurauralite-Aulmauracite   "  also called Rock of Truth & Justice :)
   Cheers Rick.

 this was last yet unfinished drawing of 1 july 2013
Someone said it can charge crystals also on commando, and other cmd's , and interdimensional qualities beside many metals and . **

 Assay testing revealed that Aulmauracite is 58% iron (in a form that does not oxidize/rust.) The other 42% consists of 72 other elements, including all the noble metals (plus some that are foreign to this planet!) It appears that the ratio of these elements in relationship to each other gives this "Power Rock" its unusual properties.

Other pic from the Web
Aulmauracite Power Rock - Each Power Rock is unique, and customizes itself to the energies and life’s mission statement of its user. Your spiritual quest and mission becomes its quest and mission if activated and used properly with benevolence and integrity

Scientific Qualities
                                        Of this Power Rock

(Protocol Updated 10-06-13)

~Implant Removal Protocol at the bottom of this page~

i should have finished reading the 2nd part of :
would have helped, if i did that 2weeks... ago..    

Excerpt of that... 2nd part~

All rights reserved the Terra-Gaia Network 

Page 6.5...

This weekend  (26
-  27
of  October  2013) a  huge  boost of
consciousness and energy hit Earth and both the leylines belonging
to the light forces and the leylines belonging to the dark forces
where activated.
It is like when the higher true spiritual consciousness hits the astral
and lower mental fields of the human ego; we are lifted up and
then all the darkness in our aura; created by the ethereal, astral and
mental forces  from the Moon and the dark brotherhoods  are
activated, making us behave in all the bad ways we try not to
behave in. True infusions of higher energies always bring up the
dark energy patterns and into the light so we can transmute them
into their clean deva energies.
The same happens  with a manifestation field, as Earth,  whenever
such fields are  infused with higher vibrating forces. All the darkness
is pulled up to the surface to be cleansed out and humanity is the
one to cleanse it. 

Lunar elementals are energy from the Moon  and the digressed dark
brotherhoods of Maldak, and we have to transform those into their
vibrant light version, or  solar  manasic  consciousness.  If you feel
confused about the lunar word; as in from the Moon, the Moon got
its name because the dark Maldakian brothers  were (and still are)
clinging  to the previous system and in  this  the highest level where
the Lunar consciousness, as in lunar forces of Tara. The highest level
in the True Worlds, Tara, is in this system the Solar forces and the
balancing  lunar  principle  arises from  the  monads of the  previous
system where the living consciousness expressed itself as masculine
consciousness; the human monads.
When the dark brotherhoods  digressed, they created the Moon as
their  manifestation  field  in  celebration of  the old type of lunar
monadic consciousness.
Energetically speaking  we have reached the cosmic levels on the
inner planes  of galactic Terra, which we cannot see due to the veil,
the hologram or the distorted energies in our astral and mental
fields. This means that galactic Terra is back into the game of being
a system where soul regenesis happens  as an accepted part of the
Light Worlds; as  it was the start, after the fall. The progressive Solar
Maldakians, which got away before the transforming of the mother
plasma crystals of Terra,  have stayed put, observing, trying to help
and always talked on our behalf in the highest Councils to aid us.
Unfortunately this process and purpose have been delayed and
hindered by the incoming foreign galactic souls – having taking their

internal wars and problems with them to Earth  –  as  well as  not
wanting  galactic Terra to return to the Light Worlds, but as they
leave, we return to the main purpose and the re-evolution back into
the Light Worlds of souls.

As we reach the cosmic level in galactic Terra, it means  that we are
hitting the timelines connected hereto and one of the main events
that happened here were the creation of the Omicron-Drakonian
(the Dragon lines) inserted into the grid of galactic Terra  along  with
the Omicron  cities  or nodal points  on the lower mental planes of
Earth. I will simply stop using the  phrase  “Earth”,  because officially
we are now a part of galactic Terra and will be named as such. The
secluded manifestation field  is being re-integrated into the 3
dimension of galactic  Terra and in the years to come  we will
understand this.
Not as  a  fleet of UFOs  in the sky  or the  second  coming  of  Christ
(both are a part of the alien agenda), but  as we are left on our own,
as a  humanity of primarily human and deva monads, the  higher
fields of galactic  Terra will become visible to us:  First as inner
visions and later on as direct physical worlds, as well as all the
higher worlds of the solar system.

The Dragon lines are dark leylines connecting the 3
rd dimension of
galactic Terra to the Omicron-Drakonian systems and since we have
reached the same level in cosmic energy in the grid of galactic
Terra, the timelines reopened this weekend. So a lot of darkness
has  to be cleansed out, and old memories might surface in this 
process.  Just remember it is done and over with and only if we
connect to the timelines, and reopen them by diving into  their
energies and revel in them, will they become active again.

1) It is old timelines and what you see is  a  bleed through. Do not
engage in the memories, but stay calm.
2) There is a high level of visitations from the OD´s right now  (using
the timelines to travel mentally)  and if you get a visit; just stay firm
and reject them.  They  will show themselves as  mental imagery  –
due to the energy of the timelines -  and if they do,  this is caused by
two reasons: a) you are connected to the timelines in your personal
galactic history; perhaps being a part of  the imposed galactic wars
Earth  partook  in,  when the intruder races took over this
manifestation  fields (many human monads took part in the galactic
wars) or b) you have a dark dragon leyline in the ground under your
Do your best to secure this by using crystals, the help of your guides
(most often deva monads from the higher mental worlds)  and light
language to seal of the dark lines. We cannot remove them  –  they
are a part of our past and thus deeply rooted into the grid of
galactic Terra  –  but if we do not engage in the energy  and  seal the
leylines of in our home, we can put them to rest by simply doing the
correct energy work and stay calm and clear.  

The next generation  of Light workers (one of my educations in
Denmark) will learn to do such energy work, sealing of dark leylines,
transforming the grid  in galactic Terra;  the old memories in them
etc.  So for now, just know they are there and try not to engage in
the low mental darkness in and around you, no matter what
happens  out there in the world  –  or  perhaps  some of your  family
members show signs of this energy, unconsciously – but still; do not
engage and do not feed the energy in others.
Try to stay calm and patient, because  it will  blow  over.  The next
major sunspot that bursts will bring more cosmic vibration into the
magnetic field of Earth and cleanse out this level  as we are lifted
into the next level of the cosmic realms of galactic Terra.
As a note to this:  The Mayan  calendar  was  not for  “Earth”  but  for
galactic Terra; it  is  a symbolic representation of the inner  (galactic
Terra)  and  the outer  (our manifestation field)  and how they work
together. Thus 2012 where the year where the doors reopened into
the true Earth; galactic Terra and humanity started the process back
into the Light Worlds and the cosmic realms.
If you need to transform personal memories; just remember it all as
being a bad memory that needs  to be  transformed like an old

Psychologically speaking this means that you work with the
memory, but you are aware of it being the past and thus you empty
the energy pattern in your mind from all its dark feelings and scars, 
and transform them into the understanding that nothing is really
your fault, or you did not do anything wrong, because you were a
child  (trusting human  monad), an innocent bystander etc. and then
you can let go of the memory. It did take place, but you do not need
to contain the energy now, or let it control you. Do not engage in
the fear it arises in you  –  but hold the vision that this is the past,
and material that has surfaced as a part of the cleansing process of
galactic Terra.
Feel the nurturing inclusive mother consciousness in your heart  –
this is where the  buddhi  level of deva consciousness  and the living
consciousness expresses itself  in us for now, and  use the higher
mental triangle in the head of the masculine radiating forces to
create a vibrant image of a healing planetary system as galactic
Terra  will be to us. Hold this image and feel the nurturing, feel the
sadness and then let go. Forgive yourself.

 I ran across them dragon.. grid year+ ago also in here..

June 2011
Asian Grids and False Dragon Lines

Another Guardian bridging project coming to the forefront has been the rehabilitation of the architecture of fallen grids in Asia feeding a large circuit along “False Dragon Lines” back to the United Kingdom. China and Tibet are the original planetary Stargate locations for Orion (8D) and Andromeda (9D). The galactic wars recorded the blood and genetic discrimination (Orion Wars and Draconian history) and their distorted male-female archetypes (Vesica Pisces harness with Twin Monad Splitting) into the Asian grids. These grids have been shown to feed back a massive power structure to the main headquarter reversal hub, the Nephilim Reversal Grid ( NRG) which is active in the United Kingdom. In order to dismantle the NRG, the various hubs feeding it from all over the planet need to be dismantled systematically while freeing the soul enslavement used to power these grids. This has been transpiring in the Guardian teams since my awareness of them in 2008.

The “NRG” is responsible to break apart hybrid genetics by reversing any synthesis of alchemy that happens organically between the male and female principle (electron-proton balance) as well as repelling any healing for reptilian based genetics. This is desired by the Reptilians because their human representatives that are bred as Nephilim (genetic hybrid between Oraphim and Reptilian) are easy to possess and mind control for their negative alien agenda. The Reptilians do not want to heal thereby integrate into human society as an equal, they want to rule it as an absolute authority. (The False King of Tyranny) The illuminati plan and the infiltrated monarchs are based within these genetically controlled factions. The NRG is a massively complicated structure that has interfered with true spiritual marriage and/or “Ascended Divine Union” as a possibility for human beings on the planet. This year we are working on embodying the unity template of Spiritual Marriage in No Time, which requires these false systems fail. The NRG system keeps electron distortions feeding the patriarchal domination archetypes of tyranny as assumed by males and females as within their “accepted” roles of identity. This results in a bevy of highly destructive mental belief systems and emotional body schisms. These schisms are highly dysfunctional to the point they create genetic damage in the 2nd and 4th chakra layer functioning. These archetypes were once “creational myths” to play out in the polarity game but became a massive source of food for the controllers. As these archetypes were then used to negatively control people, the person digressed (then societal behavior patterns digressed) into aggressive anti-human, robotic and disconnected behavior.

The name of the game for the NRG is propagating and feeding highly destructive addictions and deviant sexual attitudes and behavior within the global human population. Its first priority is designed to relegate all sexual activity laced with guilt and shame into the lowest forms of human expression and perversion possible. Depending on accepted cultural attitudes it will use the perceptive level of access to serve the current societal paradigm into distortion. (In Muslim countries it can be the legal killing of raped women by being left in the desert to die by their own husband, or the selling of little girls to prostitution in Thailand, Catholic priest pedophilia in the Vatican, Sadistic or masochistic fetishes in Germany. These harvested energies all feed back into the same NRG matrix.)

This NRG matrix starts out looking on the surface like its “harmless” based on open sexual attitudes (what are you a prude? Are you jealous and possessive? Don’t you know that polyamory is what we were designed for?) It’s designed to suck you into addiction and nonstop base instinct desire of the second chakra, so all that is craved is “plugging into” the next “outlet” or in its deeper levels - getting relief from addictive anxiety. The promiscuity design is to crash your human genetic code so you lose your “real” sense of divine human connection, which is the deep desire to be truly intimately connected and experienced as the divinity within. Unity intelligence (God force) is created between the male and female principle at highly developed consciousness frequency such as within the union between equals in Spiritual Marriage in No Time. (This is what it is like on advanced planets. This is when unconditional love is shared in a safe emotional haven and the full transparency of trust to create divine union is made possible.) Most of us engaged in the sexual act forget that the human design to Ascend into God Source is a part of the union of equals existing in perfect love. We need to remember this again in order to heal ourselves and return true unity in spiritual marriage to the planet.

In order to separate humans from divine union the NRG grid promotes disconnection through all means sexual, such as internet porn, the sexualization of inanimate objects and the belief the grass is always greener with another sexual partner. Once a person becomes addicted to the bait of this rapidly descending pathway, the architecture of this control system hooks into all of your lower centers to capture your vital force. When something vampirizes your vital force ( sexual chakra) all you instinctually want is to get it back, so you seek the next “seduction” to vampirize someone or something else. Never succeeding in feeling satiated, you become addicted to all things external. The mind becomes fixated on latching into another outlet, sex, food, drugs, clothes, or any object or person. In its advanced stages the fixation becomes obsessive compulsive in order to relieve the discontent to the level of anxiety experienced, courtesy of the NRG grid.

As an example, the Asian grids are feeding “princess code” female principle distortions as well as “sexual robot” fantasies. Hello kitty products (princess code) and Anime cartoons (sexual robot) had extensive architecture powering into the NRG as a battery source. This means huge Asian populations are feeding distortions to power this NRG in some way the reptilians are using, this does not mean these items in itself are “negative”. It means these items are being exploited into some massive deviation that is far from balanced and healthy to the human being –who is unaware they are being negatively manipulated through these systems.

As we become aware of these systems of manipulation that lead humans into unbalanced and destructive behavior we can correct them. Most being manipulated have no idea they are being mind controlled to feed these systems through advanced addictions that are not even organic to their personal free will choices. The more conscious we become, we elevate the planet and have the power in the authority of God to remove these false systems from abusing ourselves and others. It is the purpose of comprehending how humanity has arrived at this current state of being, so we are consciously able to direct ourselves to higher expressions in order to bring freedom back to the human race. We represent freedom for the human race and through accepting responsibility for ourselves and aligning to God purpose we can transform the world. Thank you to our Asian gridworkers who have been clearing and working with these negative systems, now and in the months to come.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path! Be Gentle with your hearts and each other.

Love Always, Lisa

© 2011, Lisa Renee

Cheers Ahmad Weston.....