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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Self Sovereignty-Spring Equinox

Self Sovereignty-Spring Equinox


It is time to fully embrace that what is going on for us  humans on this planet.  I am writing this blog  not only for myself to get it out there onto virtual paper as a diary of sorts  if nothing else- but also particularly to share my experiment with  fellow disillusioned light worker brothers and sisters as well.  

So I came to understand some stuff alright this past several years in spiritual pursuit……I know for sure it is time to recognize that we are  finally coming of age in this evolution process.  We must pass the graduation test.   We must pass over in consciousness to our former, Highest Self.  Yes,  either graduating to our Self Sovereignty and dominion or we give up and fall into the abyss. 

We are ready to stand  up to the powers that are running this earth and unite together to speak our truth- to instill personal power into the  Sacred Self and finally have world peace and rights for all human beings.  Why has it taken so long?  What is in the way of this coming to pass….I ask?
For the past 7 years I have been in my own personal experiment- a  form of the Eastern Yogic ‘renunciate’ lifestyle.   This  was about letting go of  my entire lifetime of  personal material desires and pursuits in order to move into my True Self.   It was time and my innerself  knew it had to be so….. To awaken the third Eye, to bring the Kundalini up the spine……  It required being focused on the  innerlife, thru meditation, yoga, breathing, eating raw foods, doing juice fasts, taking Sacred Plant medicine to see deeper in….. connecting and surrendering to the ‘Whole….offering my ego, personality and separate self to the oneness striving for the quiet, humble and ‘spiritual’ side.  For myself to become more of  the sacred “Me’ in take charge mode  of this body vehicle and reality I find myself part of here. 

Did the experiment really work?

Sometimes it is too much to bear being so  disciplined to a lifestyle and pious, and at times I was not doing so well with my experiment, and other times I was really doing it-so totally happening! ‘ Right on’ the mark I’d say.  After it all…..Well,   I feel a sublime connection to God, Universal Consciousness whatever one chooses to call it.  No doubt about it.  This I do know as my truth.  Do I feel as if I have progressed at being a better human?  Am I awakened fully?   Well, not really….I am still the same person I always was, except more aware of my heart and the difference between the head, the heart and the ego…. I’d say this awareness is what I got out of it. 

More seeing of  everything false going on around me and in me.  And at times, honestly, I just don’t care about this old reality anymore.  

I did what I could to hold the higher vision….to be the Light and stay true to Source.   To this I kept to myself as most of my friends and family just don’t understand.  I tried to stay private about it, just easier than trying to explain what I have been experiencing in the ‘Innerworld’, the purification, the awakening….it is difficult to explain offering the personality to Sacred Self.   well ….Ya  gotta be there, I have never been good at putting it into words!

For sure I am holding the Highest Vision for our Earth and staying in God consciousness as much as possible  and to be aware regarding the truth I know. 

As well as the real truth about this illusion, the dream we are awakening from.  The truth of our heritage, DNA and genetics…and truth about the goings  on in this 3-d life as we currently are seeing it in the outer reality….. The church, the government, our science, the twisted tale we think of as our history….the Powers of the Dark Cabal the light and the dark all of it. However, with all this said, the only real focus is on serving the Highest Divine Plan, being in the present moment and surrendering all of it.  

From what I was seeing out there last year, and even more so this year….. many so called ‘spiritual’ and conscious people- good people  that have become ‘duped’ by the ego and these powers that have overtaken the human collective mind through enticements beyond our control. This has made me feel very sad.  I am very human after all….this is all part of being in a body. 

My innerworld focus on my Soul Self  has occupied my focus so I  was not to give a whole lot of attention or take much notice to the ‘earthly’ dark situation, as I became insular and hermitized.
Yet the darkness is still here in 3-d  no matter how much I meditate or turn from it.    I know in my heart that there is a Divine Plan in play.  It will all work out.  

Yes, it did eventually come directly in my space, no matter how my practices were about rising above the illusion…..the dark side of all this spiritual trip slapped me in the face.   We  all have the shadow side, myself included of course.  The ego/personality- the pain/body.  We all have our humanity to deal with here. Last year I faced some dark energies residing in some real people I considered friends.  Is that a mirror for me I asked?  yes, obviously we are all a part of it, as ‘good’ as I try to be, it was in my face big time.  I mostly would  just turn away from it, and focus elsewhere, but this time it got to me. 

Personal Disillusionment

Because I personally had such a disillusionment  this life, particularly in this past year of 2012  working with and for so called ‘spiritual people’ and their organizations I couldn’t help but be privy to the infiltration of the dark energies in these groups.  This was evident  even in some friends, ‘ Sisters in the Light’  I call them, because i know them personally…….Fellow ‘good’ humans that claim to be enlightened conscious people or even Spiritual Teachers and  Leaders.  It truly saddened  my heart deeply, yet I know still this is all part of the Divine plan. My heart goes out to US all in the illusion still.  Being human I got to see it all up close and personal.  The ego trip  in action in the spiritual arena. 

I have been a part of many spiritual organizations online,  and have taken too many classes off line to count,  as well, been part of  a 5 million dollar Goddess retreat, various yoga centers, many other spiritual groups and even an ashram or 2…… but I found them….well honestly?  Lacking the quality I was seeking.   Of course this is my personal experience,  I wish it was or had been different for me.  I found them all  mostly clicky groups,  run as a business model…. I found most of the leaders self serving,  in a spiritual ego driven way…… and seemingly as much as I could tell- caught in  a narrow, limited belief system, and most of these spiritual people not walking their talk at all.  If I could put it into  one description…Deceptive Self Service.  I had to be  willing to look within my own self in the mirror, I had to do this of course.

 So very many ‘self’ serving False Prophets out there.  That was all  so disheartening for me.   These people, of course mean well….I think. But for me it has been a big disappointment,  even though I know better then to have expectations.  I am just as guilty for being led into the drama of it all.  So I just walked away from the entire spiritual trip this past years end.  

I have rested and recouped over the winter from the depression of all of that, still keeping connection to the ‘GodSelf’ Team I am a part of in the Higher Realm, yet less often,  as I had to find balance in being in the outer world.  I admit it….. I have been  less motivated to meditate and  to make the effort to carry on…..yet I know my Band of Angel Helpers are here beside me— showing me, propping me up to take that step forward.

I am still not fully sure what it is I came here to accomplish, in this earth plane…..certainly not to be focusing on making money as I have had to resolve myself too over these past few months.  A spiritual renunciate is not much use in the Western World  I found out, without a few bucks to feed and cloth oneself with.

So focusing on that aspect of being human has certainly taken the energy off the Spiritual work for the time being, and yet something still moves in me, prompting me to continue on into the trenches again.  I have tried to avoid getting too hung up in the illusion of 3-d, but here it is in my face once again.  With the New Pope, the secret governments, and  the New World order trying to put all their pieces into play, it is time to do more then meditate and pray I am feeling guided to say.
This Spring Equinox is about the return of the Light, about the return of Self Sovereignty, and the beginning of a new cycle for mankind many feel.

How can we as “Spiritual Light Beings”  take a stand to our inner truth without being wimps and being stomped all over by the  more power hungry mongers among us?  How can we be our own Gandhi’s in this situation?  How can we Occupy without falling prey to the mind control of the Power Elite running this planet?

I hope everyone knows by now  that the Global Elite has there head in Rome, in the Vatican…and is that the earthly plan  of the Elite is to eliminate masses?   That the Vatican rules and the Blue-blood families, the Rockafellers, the Bilderbergers, the Skull and Bones are all part of a HUGE World Order that is doing it’s utmost to control and takeover.  The time for the Illuminati  to act is NOW.   So for us as ‘Spiritual Seekers’ to just keep quiet and not say or do anything is very passe and resigning don’t you think? We must too jump into Ninja Action, the Spiritual Warriors that we are! ;-)

But, to make a big statement and become an activist or  an alarmist, another Alex Jones or David Icke…..that cannot be the answer either. (yet, I am glad they are doing it)   So what is it that you and I can do right now to stand up for our Self Sovereign rights as Humans?

So now I ask the Higher Self, the lower self, the lover self and all Selves…….what is to be done as we go into this return of the Light?  Will we be pacifists and allow the World Leaders to rule or will we all join our hearts together and somehow supersede this egoic power that rules this planet earth? But how?

What’s the Answer?

The answer I receive from the Higher Beings- This is what I have always known and have been waiting for my entire lifetime.  The answer is WE will give up and surrender separation, WE will return to the Monad- finally and it is all happening now. The ego is grasping for it’s last major performance before the end of the show!   It is  the personality and the ego  that must go…..and the one that  cannot stand this thought.  This is what the ego has been fighting for  to remain separate.  Personal Power, Personal Money, Personal recognition and fame! This ego is in each and everyone of us.  No one is free of it…..quite yet.  Can we still remain in the human condition and live without ego and personality?  This is to be seen….

The surrender to Oneness is the name of the game that is happening quietly within each of us.  Letting go of self service and serving the Whole is what the end result will be.  Many will go down screaming, fighting this tooth and nail.  Even the most so called ‘Evolved Souls’ amoungst us will come to realize they have been serving the ego all along.  

We must and will return  to the *Monad State.  To our Soul we are one of many becoming part of the One again: we are like a child of many, in fact.  Soul is our energy essence, which takes us under its wing, many selves to nurture and care for. These many separate selves (us) are various aspects of the one Soul, so there exists a direct connection between each self within that group Soul Monad of Oneness. The state of being in the consciousness of totality. 

So, in this long winded blog… after the experiment of the past 7 years……the story still remains…….We are all One. Once we drop the  Ego, personality and all separation we will remember the truth.  Time to return to the Soul Essence we came from.    WE are  One Sovereign Soul.  The God Self.  The Divine Within.  This is the “Awakening”, what we are awakening to,  as most of us already know.   The sooner we come to recognize it, the sooner this illusion will evolve into the next level of Being.   How will we merge?   How does it happen at last?   This is all part of the great Mystery isn’t it?  

This Spring Equinox, this return to the light,  let us all focus on this merger into our True Self.  Visualize it.  The becoming – the Awakening – The upgrade, our evolution back to the Soul Monad.

This is a good time to assess ourselves…ask our self who am I serving?  Be willing to surrender the old  separate self  to the Oneness of Truth and be ready for a miracle that cannot be stopped at this point by any dark powers or ego trippers on this planet.  All  that is going bye bye, when the time finally comes-   the dark energy is a dying breed anyway so let it have it’s last hooray.  So say goodbye to all that was the negative self serving ego trip and say hello to the ‘Sacred Sovereign Self‘ this Spring!  

Hope you had a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and do enjoy the Vernal Equinox on Wednesday!
 Jewel Rhajarani ~ March 17, 2013

*The term monad comes from the Greek feminine noun monas (nominative singular, μονάς), “one unit,”   In some gnostic systems the Supreme Being is known as the Monad, the One, The Absolute.
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