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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Ra verse's -Skype- राकईश 5-Dec-2012

Twitter -update-

RA KESH ‏@RAKMEiSTER 22:54 ~RAKMEiSTER • [ Journey - Don't Stop Believin' (Wolf SPirit Radio) ]  [ 00:17 ][ 64THz|44KHz ] Andrew Bartzis

listening To Andrew Bartzis's show.he good.. he is.  #water yes even for me. Powered by self-regeneration bluelunarhand its.all.connected

Rakmeister राकईश
Day of Synchronisity Yep - now I tea. Laugh= good 2 past present future, reassess wave shock swarm EQ- Vision-quest Black Panther Grey owl Great White lion
23 minutes ago via Skype

hahah #Gif #THE HAMBURGLAR #Queue #hahaha rara

about an hour ago via Skype

0808 and black panther wakes me up2. and forgot top press enter also haha. cheers martijn xd.
about 2 hours ago via Skype

I AM the Truth that Spans the Sands of Time, I Am Prayer* #RA #SDM #XD
about 14 hours ago via Skype