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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Solomon Host Shield and Fall of the Phim racial situation briefly #Dark-flowerering

Solomon Host Shield and Fall of the Phim racial situation briefly #Dark-flowerering

Image by: FutureAgeSage~

Solomon Host shield and Fall of the Phim racial situation briefly
Author: Paul Theriault
Translation: Black Jack
“Following E’Asha work or their people interested only in October 2012 is a critical period.
Solomon Host Shield is used to maintain a stable planetary energy structures, and in this period he was torn into two parts, mingled Kristol (or life support) energy and dirty (or Life depletion) energy.
In August 2011, the Solomon Host Shield, by a group called FatalE there (they are actually much like Alien movie xenomorphs) injection reverse purple plasma is destroyed. They attempt to get rid of the two Solomon Host Shield, four rings (the Host Shield is divided into four rings, internal blue / white ring work is involved in Open Star Gate, central green ring work to maintain the Star Gate open, purple ring ‘s job is to lead people into the Star Gate, Aurora Host Shield use has not been elucidated). Compromised the two rings is a green ring and purple ring.

The two compromised the ring has been isolated, reverse purple plasma are they internal growth. These two rings will be crushed at some point in October 2012, can be released into a Host Shield, joining the upcoming expansion of the Blue and Aurora care field, they can work together to take over the green, purple care field function and continue to ensure the stability of the Earth (as long as the Earth is to be stable).

On the positive side, the Host Shield splintered makes reverse energy is released, not to endanger the hold on the blue / white care field or aurora care field people, anti-ascension facilities will be provided on this planet resulting in pleasing impact.
During this time many people will feel quite confusing. Estimated that the best approach is to help themselves to the anchor white / blue plasma, and irreversible plasma. They are usually anchored in the carrying is called of K +8 genetic factor that. Complete travel technology, you can obtain this factor, thereby anchoring white / blue plasma assist hosted avoid yourself everywhere drag.
Take care of yourself. ‘

If you really love life, do not just look at the theory, you have to do to do that travel technology.
You can personally go and frequency must be yourself and SolomonHost Shield  holds, and help yourself now holds a stable frequency. More people with this driving technique, there is more of the irreversible plasma can be anchored in the planet, the situation will be more stable.
Also, I think that these plasma technology is indeed a physical bodily integrity through the Star Gate channel key. I think it may soon become possible. Recently E’ASha free released some information on the seminar, so I think regardless of ability to pay, and now everyone can go with their own wishes, E’ASha have been severed and Azurite Press (control taxiing by material) relationship.

[I should start from taxiing by 1, and gradually into sliding by 12, or should this series is more suitable for the part now? 】

You can start from any part you like. But before entering any other technology, the first driving technology provided above is very important, because it contains a plasma frequency helps to cope with the recent reversal. Basically, sliding 12 is closer to the current situation, however, there are some very good information in the previous seminars. Whether you want to start from where the line, not necessarily in chronological order. But the premise is that you must complete travel technology.
E'Asha mentioned that she recently working and cosMYah to work with. Cosmyah seven ultra the universe (or CosMayah), and a central core the super universe (called cosminyah) jointly certain of the Group. Has been completed there in the cosMAyahs lifecycle to go cosminyah of life (or the popular theory called Ascension).

CosMAyah generally called "external create Cosminyah generally called" internal to create ".
Center of the Cosminyah is is called Al-Uma-Un. The center seed atom the CosmYah (or cosminyah CosmAyah).

Use this travel technology is projected to enter the seed atoms. In that original garden from seed, you will get the template imprint of their own energy. Stored in that imprint will never be distorted if the original plan, you have to do.

In addition, you will receive 8 crystal, this group of crystals will be put into your body. 8 crystal can be regenerated plasma frequency, and from cosminyah core transport and plasma frequency. They also control your body at this level of the DNA template.

In the words of E'Asha, we learned Humans usually have at least a 12-stranded DNA template (double-stranded DNA, which means that 24 single-stranded).

Called indigo, most have a higher number of DNA strands (range, generally in the 24-48 chain), so that they can perform their mission to operate more energy.

This travel 8 crystal controlled 144 plasma DNA strand DNA strand template. It will overwrite your template, however, many of your DNA chain (regardless of whether they have a much distortion) will be corrected, and these chains will be activated in linking up your potential ability to network.
So in fact, this travel technology is a significant starting point of all 144 chain.
This travel needs through a long list of Al-Hum-Bhra channel from internal Cosminyah core even the edge to external CosmAyah most.

I would also like to add that every chain is said here each double helix DNA chain. Some of the fall of the agenda to a more cunning scam claiming to activate the 12-stranded DNA is activated six double-stranded DNA, rather than the 12 double-stranded DNA. In general, only 6 DNA is usually very easy to have a the 11.5 chain (23 single-stranded) DNA Anunnaki control is activated. They often become permanent.

[I would like to learn more about these being features, Solomon Host Shield]
First, Solomon Host Shield is actually energy disk, keep the planet stable between now inject good energy and dirty energy, not torn.

Secondly, reminding FatalE background may be appropriate.
Some there has passed the Ascension, the return of divine origin.
This part there choose to remain individualized, you can live in a universe different, and our local super-center of the universe. The this place called cosminyah, the paper generally called the DHA-Ya-the TEI the (pronunciation day-yah-teeee) planes area.
To do so there is called the Phim race. The most Phim happily living in cosminyah. Other incarnation to Jin the external creation (CosMAYaH) to life, to help the problems encountered beings here. Have come to assist the current drama.

Phim basic energy called plasma. Although lower their total number in all life, but Phim body good operation of a very high level of high-frequency plasma, and it can anchor into the border planets and regions to help stabilize them in critical situations.

There is one instance of a group called the Aquari The Phim enter this local universe begin their work, and to deal with the negative impact of the neighboring Fall. This fall of a very bad situation, full of endless misery and suffering that is encroaching from the fall of the system (if interested can look Bourgha fall of) groups in this area.

In this case, two things happened. To explain it, you need to account for more background information about Phim.

Phim biological field already has such a high level of energy, even if they just touch the edge of the external creation systems, they can also make an explosion. So they own the energy is divided into two life called Aden and Yoshi. These two life incarnation of the same system, to find each other, then common to introduce them to the rest of the quantum energy exchange process, these quantum is stored in the the DHA-Ya-TEI planes (reference glide 12-1 detailed description) .
Thus, in this condition of the outer field, two things happened.

First: A the called the Uby of Bourgha there began sneaking into Phim. On Earth, Uby common name nightmares Incubi and Succubi Succubi or kinky demon sex demons.
There are posing Phim partner, energy exchange with them, for the introduction the Uby of all quantum …

Anyway, because Uby energy exchange distorted quantum energy flow, and then contaminated their Phim partner plasma, lead the Phim error activated and anchor into distortion plasma. So then twisted Phim infection distortion plasma will there toward the fall of, rather than help them from healing.
Finally, these issues are more complicated. Sometimes, the system Aquari part of their fall to work together. They know what happened, admit defeat, and decided to follow Kristal’s River Host where the rest of the time allocated to them live.

Then the second thing happened. Our local universe, there is a group there called Annu (contemporary New Age movement called the Anunnaki) began to attack them.
Regardless Annu now is how to describe their own (thothians, enochians, jehovians, pleidians, sirians, etc.), in which case their behavior is extremely despicable system of torture, cruel persecution and killing many there are. Fall of Aquari, Although the fall, but still see themselves as leaders and regulators in this system, so they tried to help in the forefront of this attack, because they can. This allows them to become the target. Many of them have been captured, killed, and abuse.
In this case, the fall of Aquari outbreak. They have lost faith in the divine origin began surprised why such terrible things are allowed to happen. They believe that under the distortion this creates is flawed, and they decided to implement the original goal of Bourgha to rebuild a “perfect” new creatures in their thoughts, this is starting to look very good.

Fall of Aquari join the war, and driven Annu returned home (matrix). They decided to rebuild the creatures, and dominate all other species they encounter, because those other species can assist their goals. Moreover, because the The Annu treat their behavior, so that had a huge hatred the fall of Aquari of Annu. In their own words, they are determined to “completely destroyed the virus called Anunnaki from all existence.

Thus they become Equari – the fall of Phim race. Because their original biological structure, so they are called White Dragon.

Phim still capable to use plasma. So in the end, they created a able to collect the organic plasma machinery, recombinant these ions, and then use them as fuel to create an artificial universe. This the universe needs through to engulf other natural universe development. This is their attempt this planet Earth.

They are extremely successful conquest of the other species. Original who Bourgha aquaintances the Thetans and Draconians race, there are some other race are E-quari take over, out of fear for their and their reconstruction creation agenda.
Over time, some of the most powerful Equari and earliest causing them to fall Uby mestizo race (the Annotation: formation FatalE). Uby can actually convert the form of a little, but their original form look like insects.

Dragon + insects = Alien Xenomorph (this is just my personal describe others I have not seen it that way).
Binding ability through sexual, Phim race fallen very high coding can be operated reverse plasma energy flow, suppress external creation of any other energy flow and through ontological binding and chakras binding.

This binding allows them to spread to all beings reverse plasma, and stimulation of living beings plasma system, a way sentient beings dragged into the fall of the creation of the universe. This process is termed dark flower in full bloom.

70% of the When the dark flower repression there (one being energy system probably has dark flower in full bloom) FatalE actually can have sex with their victims combined slowly into FatalE.
If you go to pay attention, you can see this phenomenon. Currently it has happened a lot since. This is a strange fusion process, originally there not be closed, this happens usually encroachment;, but was taken over and possessed of consciousness fusion. The occupation in the eyes of others, like change a person.

This is definitely not a movie plot, believe me.
However, in order to avoid panic reactions, a plasma will not be FatalE reversed. It is called the the 8 solar plasma, through the eight crystal to transfer it anchored in the body, you can travel to get eight crystals by performing I provided above. Travel will send to K +8 factors, it is anchored to the genetic code of the plasma.

All information from E’Asha. I agree with the direction of her work, and think that this is correct.
This travel technology is free of charge, has posted above. You can voluntarily choose whether to use it, but I think this is valuable in some cases.

Explained skater 12-2.
Destruction of Solomon nursing field is reverse purple plasma, it is actually fall Equari Phim reversible plasma glide 12-1 mentioned in a reversal of the density of 2 purple plasma version.
Huge across time reversal purple plasma in a the called brente de-Leu’ra plasma generator matrix mechanical reorganization and change, and built an artificial green and blue plasma ray, a man of 14 ties, and a set of forged God sexual planes (and DHA-ya-TEi planes compared).

August 8, 2011, the nursing field is from the Brenta generator massive injection of purple plasma destruction. And this process is not only happened once. In August, E’Asha mentioned this process in detail, some chart illustrates glide by 12-2 inside. Actually in Andorra in May 2011, when we introduced for the first time to evacuate the aircraft (taxiing, 7), reverse plasma began anchoring Metatron seed crystal atoms. The situation began to deteriorate, then Rayas security it is necessary, E’Asha preparation began in February 2011. Then in March 2011, false 12:3:3:3 BPR broadcast by Solomon nursing field. In June of the same year, guard towers and emergency distress signal anchor Reverse violet rays, last August 8 in the same year, purple care field is pierced, purple care dark flower of the field began to bloom, Then the Aerhanbona contract is activated. This security contracts thoroughly anchored, began to prepare activated. During this period, been implicated in of India (Demonfest that) the Green nursing field, dark flower in full bloom.

Dark flower of plasma waves glide by 12-1 when activated slowed. Glide by 12-2 and 3:00, green, purple care field is isolated, began to generate reverse frequency, so that they will be over in October upload and crushed.

The dark flower can be reversed, but only at the critical point. Less than 30%, can be completely healed. 30-70%, can not be reversed, but it can be managed. There are more than 70% of the general does not want to help, but if they are willing to still be able to help, although they will always struggle with their Equari overlord.

The dark flower can be spread in many ways, such as treatment modalities like Reiki or Kathara granted St. Contact or any close energy. It can also be sexually spread very effectively, though this is not only spread. It can also be a large area spread through the group or group care field