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Monday, October 27, 2014



The Reuche, the Eternal Life Krist Cross, at the Eckasha’s center the
Heart of the God Seed 
is the most powerful of all Geomancies/ Ascension 
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recently returned
to humanity…


Reuche Light on Starry Sky





Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lisa Renee: Spiritual Maturity - July 2013 - #Energetic Synthesis

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July 2013
Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

As we travel the spiritual ascension pathway and undergo the sequences of initiation into higher frequencies, the focus of our consciousness energy changes therefore changing the focus of our mind, thoughts and emotions. Our world perception and sense of identity dramatically shifts leaving us feeling isolated or sequestered. We begin to search for the meaning or purpose behind that which is aligning us to a change into new value systems. Many of us will run the entire gamut of thoughts and emotions; from questioning our sanity to feeling lost or depressed, to moments of ecstatic feelings and deep spiritual connection. During the spiritual expansion and the integration phases of higher consciousness this state of mental and emotional fluctuation is frequently common. This process helps us to identify unhealthy or destructive patterns (because we do not want to suffer anymore) and transform them into more healthy patterns. Ultimately the path of consciousness growth (spiritual ascension) leads the person to experience more peace, love and heart based fulfillment with life. Conversely, when consciousness is stunted or suppressed, the person will experience deep pain and suffering. The more traumatized the soul body (the heart and real emotional body) the more pain a person will feel, many times from being unable to understand why they feel this way. The more disconnected from spiritual consciousness (heart energy) the more pain, disease or disassociation will be experienced by that person.
As we expand our consciousness awareness through self-inquiry we discover what the priorities are in our life. What is running us? Where do we have pain? Thus we are open to explore and are exposed to greater levels of life experiences of which create resistance in order to gain knowledge. Sometimes to find out where the destructive pattern is hiding inside the human being, the soul guides a wide array of intensely painful and polarizing life experiences. We are not able to heal inside us what we do not recognize or identify first as a painful destructive pattern. The more destructive we are, the more spiritually weakened, and this invites satanic (anti-life) forces for manipulation or possession. As we identify the destructive elements inside us, we can invite healing and loving spiritual forces to help us evolve through our heart. We are unable to evolve when the heart is shut down. 
However, this process of identifying the destructive pattern and being willing to change or heal that pattern requires Spiritual Maturity. This is very common on earth now during the end of the ascension cycle, as the soul-heart is here to evolve beyond deception and learn self-knowledge within an array of opposing world forces. This is the final stages of resolution and completion of the last dark consciousness learning cycle. This defines the evolutionary model of which consciousness (energy) is based, and is a governing energetic law that all human beings are subjected to while on the earth. All things such as a species, entities or beings energetically evolve, transform or digress to die off. There is no stopping the natural laws of evolution, (referred to here as the Natural Laws of God, not Darwinism) only temporary manipulation of those energetic laws in order to achieve instant gratification which ultimately does not last. When we repeatedly go against the Natural Laws and do not make correction (anti-life reversals), the result is genetic deterioration, mental sickness and possible extinction in the longer term.