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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Freedom Teachings: Engaging The God Languages

Engaging The God Languages

Discover the languages of creation and how to use them to embody your God-Self. Join us as we learn more about the God Languages of Light/Color, Symbol/Form, Sound, and Movement. Gain a more thorough understanding how they all interconnect in helping us increase frequency and expand consciousness to allow safe transit through the star gates. We’ll understand more about activating very specific portions of the personal Divine Blueprint and how these languages can serve to help us evolve or impede this process. We’ll touch on Symbol Codes, Geomancies, Fire Letters and Fire Codes. Cue Zones, LTR Grids, Music and Songs of the Spheres, Color and Light, the Flames of Consciousness, the Capstone Rays, Scalar Wave Shape-Shifting, the Sacred Secret Psonn, Sensing the Energy Signatures Beneath Language, Salutations, Merkaba, Singing through the Star Gates, and much, much more. This is definitely a “must see” for those both new to the teachings and the more advanced students.

this is the manual/handbook that goes along with it