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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

See ya at the end of 2017

 post restored after he, co-killer of max spiers , contacted/emailed my gf again  after long hiatus...

This one goes out to  "Jakub Gębala"  Especially... Specifically

ok. so us tried her way, that didn't work... out. now its my way you will have to deal.

Energetic Re-retribution,,, hasn't been... nor contribution. 

just i observe old habits rising again into now time....

so OK, you don't want to be authentic , real and able and be the change.... but/and continue to play and deceive and manipulate.

yet you wanna impregnate my GF (for coding) (didn't you ask/email her...)   and tell that your GF soon wife isn't able... to give.. yet she is.. so maybe problem is you... also... not her...  only.....

so next if you cannot comply to that that is asked than and assistance hereby stops in all the ways i have a say in.. and stand.

so if no change there will be , this is my Say.
there will be nothing between us and and co-op ends here. and will not change to the end of 2017 so it be.  i know the consequences it has for some "groups"whom mission time runs out end 2017, so OK. this effects the full 15D spectrum of your being/fam. and if that's the choice so be it.

So I've been kind enough and lenient... and patient long enough  hoping for better.... yet,.....

so think very well about your next actions... as they will effect your probabilities very majorly

so if you got anything to say: email me at and im sure your english is actually well enough... to converse in.

so we will see if you again become part of the problem or solution..

Signed RhA



Update 25-09-2016

more added here i will 2, re "barones"  as it connects...