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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Duncan and Miranda: Natural Energy, Intuitive Healing - Truth Connections Radio - 4th June 2013

Duncan and Miranda: Natural Energy, Intuitive Healing - Truth Connections Radio - 4th June 2013 


Published on Jun 5, 2013
Robert Duncan O'Finioan was a programmed assassin, targeting Americans under the command of an undisclosed agency. Once training young soliders in hand-to-hand combat, psychic warfare, and sword-fighting, he is here today because he managed to overcome and overthrow his own programmed behaviours, realizing that corruption is deeply rooted, and begins, from the highest level of the control system and spreads downward like a disease. His freedoms were suspended from a young age after being sold to the Cabal, entering through Project Talent, a sub-project of the MK ULTRA program. Duncan was was trained, like thousands of other child warriors, and controlled by those with an agenda for power and global dominance.

Miranda Kelley's life has been a struggle of equal comparison. She spent countless years training to be as physically strong, quick, agile, and mentally as fearless as any other soldier controlled within classified projects. Miranda has endured exhausting training regimes, deliberate mental, physical, and psychic harm, and has also fought the uprising of alternate identities, created intentionally by the body, as a means to survive during extreme pain without incurring physical death. Miranda has seen and felt, both on a physical and a psychic level, the pain and suffering of many intelligent species. Her involvement in black operations included communicating with life in all its forms, and bearing witness to the horrors resulting from years of hybrid animal and human cloning trials and experimentation.

Since leaving the dark projects and spending a period of time separated with no memory recall, years of nightmares and synchronicities allowed them to finally piece together their pasts and reunite once again. Today they run survival seminars and workshops designed to help discover and strengthen the physical and mental abilities that each of us have, including group lectures about the brutal training processes they both endured, the torture they were forced live with on a regular basis, and the facts surrounding these covert programs still being implemented to this day.

These Twin Flames join Truth Connections for a 2nd time to bring awareness to their upcoming Energy and Healing Retreat and Workshop (, designed to focus on discovering and developing natural intuitive abilities, including how to best use the energies from the four elements, and so much more. As experiencers of mind control and psychic warfare, they will also be discussing the methods used in such attacks, and the ways in which we can strengthen and protect ourselves psychically from mind control occurring in different ways.


Featuring samples from the song titled, "Inward, Onward" by Villains Like You

Special Thanks to Thomas Voute of Time Alliance for his endless creative direction


Music by Ruben Fang | Song Title "I Take This For You"

Music by Steve Grant & Kevin Kage | Song Title "Singing In The Rain"

Music by Steve Grant | Song Title "Greetings Citizens"

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