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Friday, January 03, 2014

EXOPOLITICS: Daughter of Edward VIII: WW2 manipulated by Illuminati Windsors, Hitler, Rothschilds, Anunnaki ETs?

Daughter of King Edward VIII: WW2 manipulated by Illuminati Windsors (including Windsor Adolph Hitler), Rothschilds & Anunnaki ETs?

VANCOUVER, BC -- In an interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre on ExopoliticsTV, research Emily E. Windsor-Cragg reveals the long-hidden story of how World War 2 was manipulated by the Illuminati Windsors, Rothschilds and the illegitimate Windsor, Adolph Hitler, great grandchild of Queen Victoria, as well as negative Anunnaki extraterrestrials. Ms. Windsor-Cragg, the author of a forthcoming book on the subject, also reveals her personal story as the possible daughter of King Edward VIII, the U.K. monarch who was forced from the UK Throne in 1936 so the Illuminati WW2 false flag operation could go forward after less than a year as the only non-Illuminati UK Monarch between Queen Victoria (Monarch 1837-1901) and Queen Elizabeth II (Monarch 1952-present).

NOTE: This interview contains unedited footage.

Reference -- Books by Emily E. Windsor-Cragg

Daughter of King Edward VIII: WW2 manipulated by Illuminati Windsors (including Windsor Adolph Hitler), Rothschilds & Anunnaki ETs?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Bases 30 Mind Control in Britain Cathi Morgan Part One

Published on Aug 22, 2013
Cathi Morgan gives an update on her work, and mentions T Stokes

see also~ above video has the 3rd one listed here below also in it "content"
    • AMMACH Cathi Morgan Mind Control in UK

      The AMMACH Conference Cathi Morgan presentation on Mind Control in the UK. Cathi gives a highly detailed follow up to her AMMACH interview from 2011. This factual and Personal account is a detailed briefing. This illustrates the shocking state of institutional mind control over a hundred years in the UK. Features MK-Ultra and other programs running in the UK
      (apology for poor PA system)

  • Thumbnail

    AMMACH Cathi Morgan Alien Pod Fastblast

    Introducing Cathi's AMMACH Conference presentation on Mind Control in the UK. She was met by a man from Project OakTree at Nottingham train station. One of her grandchildren later reported an Alien Pod had landed at the primary school.
    Features SKYNET, the UK secret satellite program.
    This fast blast features this and how she came to AMMACH. Her full presentation is on YT. (If the continual blocking of its upload can be overcome)
    A brightness change in this is NOT in the original and is some kind of YouTube error. This took about 5 attempts at upload, as did the full conference presentation.
    Cathi is a researcher and victim of MKUltra type programs

    Mind Control in the UK by Cathi Morgan

    Thumbnailpart of the AMMACH Witnesses statements program:- In Their own words:-
    See her AMMACH Conference presentations, Alien Pod fast blast about English primary schools and the alien pod.

    Cathi has survived MK Ultra and Oaktree related her trauma by getting down to serious research, and in this revealing discussion she really gets to the bottom of so many issues with British UK based Mind Control.
    This is a good researcher's source box for many web based mind control sources.
    Involving John Lennon, running from a danger in the UK to NY and his murder. The fundamentals in the origins of the cyborgization of Man.
    Early work as far back as the 19th Century. How Pop Culture and the music connect with subtle mind control. Connects with The Montauk project, James Casbolt and his trauma. Cathi has really done good work here, and is now publishing her research. Involves Rudolf Hess, Project Monarch, MK Ultra, The Montaulk Project and subliminal mind control in music and video, from Laurel Canyon

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bases 29 Nina MK Ultra and SSS Part 1/2/3 + Ammash Analysis

Nina on Mind Control in the UK, and her background. The Ammach project controversy is visited at the end. Nina's back ground and the initial steps in the UK Mind Control programs, in the mid 20th century.

Bases 29 Nina MK Ultra and SSS Part 2

Bases 29 Nina MK Ultra and SSS Part 3

Bases 29 Ammash Analysis