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Friday, February 03, 2017

KS Reality Talks: 2-1-17 Pat Barkman

INTRO: 'River Of Time' -Bill Miller
OUTRO: 'Peaceful Storm' -Anonymous Native American Flutist

Pat introduces herself and explains her "patient zero" experiences of being warmly welcomed only to be shunned by virtually all of the most recognizable factions in Melchizedek (including Templars, Metatron, Enoch, Masters of the Crystal Skulls, and the modern day Hyksos line). She shares specific details of how she was then also shunned by all the splinter groups of the contemporary mission. She goes on to explain the historical context for shunning and how it may serve a main objective of "the virus" which has been to drive separation between incarnates, harness their freewill choice and then use it to assimilate. Pat shares her discoveries in KS demonstrating that 'virus' has been active in this matrix for hundreds of billions of years. According to Pat, this is not a new concept. She goes on to point out that this 'virus' concept has been used to amplify karmic fear patterns that have been prominent in the Turaneusiam race. 

Pat explains the way she learned her understanding of down-stepping that demonstrates how not everyone in the outer worlds has their point of individuation in the inner worlds. From Pat's perspective, the vast majority of people on this planet individuate in the Melchizedek God seed. Pat shares her own unique perspective of how this mission can finally succeed. Using the Teachings to heal.

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