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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Ra Verse - 4-12-2012 Check Check Pre ☑™ Skype ~Message/Non Verse~ oF Tha Day ~®Ⓐ

4-12-2012 Check Check Pre ☑™ Skype ~Message/Non Verse~ oF Tha Day ~®Ⓐ~

So ima wake up to get that part ON AIR aired/told spoken. keywords received. frequency reality check check no pre check ✘  try cycle again.....

Rakmeister राकईश

just had to wake up to hear you go on off others... 1 in particular and laugh it away. kugh kugh reallity check. nope fail. try again. recycle your cycle end cycle. #care #your #work
about a minute ago via Skype

sure justine go dark on dawnjah on air,. your issues still justine you still havent learned, cali bunch. you not realizing it do you but but but but look in the mirror yes and respons-Able for your actins and speak it out, dont hide .. choice stupid nut. still stuck in polarity
23 minutes ago via Skype

maybe you need a frequency reset in ya brain selfenflicted realtime nowtime. and means being respons-Able for your past doings, cant hide simple as that. call it a frequency !stick slap self. lack of spin spend splice dice. vaporize not cig but magic greeen w33d. share realll. fake dissolves. funny.
20 minutes ago via Skype

what comes around goes around, karma is a bitch. laugh it away doesnt make it not there, so keep laughing at everyone and blamegame . mirror look into it some more. so where ya at. yet most so lost not looking....
13 minutes ago via Skype

10:13 @NL

next one/show...after roundtable  went Mad on Dr Barbara Young. Yep. who;s next   ask   Brainiac Steve Travesty

#RR choices...

So much Manipulation.......      Whoa!..       Cyber-Psychos