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Monday, September 23, 2013

Some types of attack on you

- Some types of attack on you -

    The Dark use a black magic instrument called a construct, very tiny very difficult to pick up by even the best of the Highest beings. Because so many of the biggest Lights that is the Light Bringers, not necessarily Light Bearers, have one or other, maybe even both parents being Dark, and they have plenty of time, via the Dark Master possessing them, to put any number of these constructs into us without us being suspicious. These "things" are set off to come into action, by certain words, feelings, or accidentally triggering one, when someone comes into you.

    No one is immune from them, we found many of them in both of us.

    Links, are something like the ones used in the Internet. Someone very open, will be the first the be visited in the psychic realms, and have some of these links put in. They are very hard to find, so when in meditation, ask your Higher Self, to send the first available True Archangel, to come to remove them. Their availablity is total to you, when asked for such an important search as this. Most now are well informed, but the first sign of anti- trust issues, will let you know to search for these. Ropable behaviour is more of a construct issue, and the fears of all kinds, will be the work of some one endlessly trying to get in and feed from you.

    If you are not sure, you should ask to get help from Mother Deep, because she felt so angry (and that's not allowed for a God), so she allowed herself to be lifted into some one else's body, when it was noticed on TOT, just how many of the members were being attacked. This resulted in tens of thousands of critters being eliminated by our two Spirit Cats, who in Spirit are noble felines, one a cosmic sized snow leopard, the other same sized jaguar, so we hope no Insectoids, still exist, but if you find any ask for Snowy to come to torment them, and so lift them off you, as he scares them silly, (he thinks its a game). You might be ganglier than usual for awhile, because invisible links were on top of you, which allowed them to feed at any time they wanted to, and you couldn't live endlessly, as they visit you till you have no life force left.

    To stop think of the I'm not to be violated piece I will put in now.

    This is most important wording for how to stop attacks on you for all time.

    My name is ....................... I hereby state that never again will I step into webs

    of iniquity that will have me lose Sovereignty with Self Hood.

    I now state that my body is not to be harmed in any way.

    I am now inviolate*to spirits or Entities who wish me harm.

    Then ask your Higher Self to "lock" this in for all/every life from now on.

    It would probably be best to have those links taken out first.

    I give you my blessing to pass this on to any forum or Facebook, etc that you might go to.

    (Thanks for your help here Ria)
Cearna shared <3 on forum ~
yep thanks Ria. from avalon past ,into TOT~ nowtime <3
also the Andrew post 2nd audio- goes into same thing also, and a Declaration/Revocation it contains thats a good tool/guideline ~

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cobra: Reboot of the Grid Successful!

Cobra: Reboot of the Grid Successful!

Stephen – Cobra has just announced what we have all been ‘feeling’ deep down. Yippee!

Although, based on what our sources have been saying for some time, I’m not sure I agree with the line: “This has prevented some quite strong earthquakes that would happen otherwise”.

Nevertheless, the big picture “grid reboot success” is definitely sensational news!

By Cobral, Portal 2012 – May 22, 2012

Our mass effort was a great success. The critical mass has been achieved. Although not everybody was doing the exact meditation that was given, enough people were synchronizing their consciousness stream to allow the Light forces to put a computer virus into the artificial intelligence Matrix program on the etheric and astral planes.

This means that fuzzy logic program of the Matrix is now being busy within a closed loop, unable to repair itself and fill the cracks of clear space/time structure in the distorted etheric/astral Matrix electromagnetic field.

Those cracks were created with our conscious effort on May 20th. They will never be closed again and Light will always shine through.

The Matrix will now slowly start disintegrating. There will be less and less dark entities on the etheric and astral planes and Light will shine through more and more.

The positive etheric leyline grid around the planet has been reactivated at the Reboot. This has prevented some quite strong earthquakes that would happen otherwise. It has also allowed an acceleration of the transformation process for this planet to reach a higher vibrational frequency.

The exact moment of the Reboot has initialized a timeline of events that will ultimately lead towards Disclosure and First Contact.