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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ascension Whispers: "The Walls That Bind" Next layer of Emotional Body Healing

Understanding more of creation and your relationship to it.


The planet has now entered into a next, deeper layer of Emotional Body Healing which means that all life forms on the planet have as well and will feel and experience it to the degree their energetic system will allow.

When a life forms has experienced a deep enough level of Mental Body integration and began the process of Emotional Body healing, which allows mental awareness that they are indeed Source embodied, the next phase is healing to “Become” Source embodied. Which means it is now time to allow yourself to begin the process of expressing through your every moment with the “knowing” that you are Source embodied.

What does it mean to “know” one’s self as Source? Do you stop every few moments of your day and think about yourself as yourself; most likely not. You are simply yourself and you know yourself as yourself. Do you stop to think if you can breathe before you take your next breath? Unless you have physical challenges that hinder your ability to breathe, you do not. You simply breathe in and out automatically. It is the exact same feeling to simply know one’s self as Source.

When you know you are Source embodied it then allows you the ability to apply that knowing into every moment of every experience and doing so can allow you to make higher choices and instantly know how to shift the energy of any situation you encounter. It also allows you greater awareness of appreciation for all life forms and become better skilled in finding ways to gift the love of Source to other life forms. For every gift of Source that you give away in love, you receive at least three times that amount back.

Being “mentally aware” that you are Source and “feeling” in your every moment through your Emotional Body that you are Source are two completely different things. Because your Emotional / Physical Body cannot yet remember that it is Source and through the distorted, lower thoughts that are currently embedded within your Emotional Body, you continue to feel any degree of anything that does not feel like Source Embodied.

If you desire, you can certainly pretend that you are fully aware that you are Source embodied but until your Emotional body knows this as well, you will continue to be limited within the confines of what your Emotional body believes.

If you have read previous sharing, then you are more than aware of the importance of healing the Emotional Body. That will not be repeated in this message as it is already here for you to discover, if you have not already.

The layers of embedded, lower, compacting, light blocking thoughts that are currently held within the Emotional Body have occurred over eons of time and they must be transmuted and cleared in layers as you could not withstand clearing them all at once and it would not be possible within the confines of the distortion you are currently immersed within.

Some layers can be cleared simply be sparking them with higher energy and transmuting with each spark. Other layers will require more assistance simply because of what they hold.

In order for your Emotional Body to heal to remember that it too is Source, it will require more of Source energy or more of Source light to be able to shine through your Emotional Body and the many layers of lower, distorted thought patterns block the energy of Source from shining within and through. When Source energy cannot shine through, it creates the darkness and this in turn creates all things that hold distortions within the darkness. If you choose, it is now time for you to turn on more of Source light within yourself.

It had not been previously possible to begin transmuting this next layer of distortions that are held in your Emotional Body simply because there had not been enough of the energy of Source available to transmute this layer safely and effectively. It is now possible to begin healing this layer of your Emotional Body and Planet Earth has now begun the process so you may already be starting to feel it unfolding within your hologram but may not be aware of what it is about.
The next layer you can now begin healing of your Emotional Body is called a “Walled Layer”. This layer holds so many walled up emotions that it pretty much looks like a fortress with no entry or exit point. This Walled Layer holds all of the emotions that you have stuffed in this life time simply because you did not know what else to do with them.
Here is a short list of examples of things that have been stuffed within this layer;
  • Grief from losing a loved one to the physical death process.
  • Fear of rejection or sadness from being rejected.
  • Fear of letting go of anything.
  • All of the emotions that have ever been encountered in a battle for energy with another.
  • Fear that comes from being in a life threatening accident or of someone you love being in such.
  • Fear of dying or taking off the physical body.
  • Fear of being attacked, physically, emotionally or mentally harmed by another. Many of these types of emotions are so extreme that people will block the experience from memory recall completely.
  • Fear of failure.
  • Fear of change.
  • Previous history with relationships separating and all of the chaos that went with it.
  • Childhood trauma which can include parental abuse, sexual abuse, being bullied or excluded.
  • Experiencing death of a parent during childhood.
  • Feelings of being a failure as a parent.
  • Feelings of being the black sheep of the family.
  • False Guilt.
And the list could go on and on. When you encounter these types of emotions many around you most likely tried to assist you to the best of their ability and offer you comfort and love and you had no choice but to manage to get through it somehow and keep on keeping on.

You did have a choice but very few on the planet are aware of this and what that choice might be. The choice is to make a stronger connection with Source and send it ALL to Source in the moment to transmute right then and there but even so, the other layers of distortions held within the Emotional Body act as a magnet to draw things in.

This layer that you are now able to access and begin healing holds any number of lower thought patterns, memories of emotional traumas and experiences that you most likely do not want to remember, talk about or even think about and certainly do not want to re-experience.
Simply because they have been so extreme for your Emotional Body to endure, your Emotional Body has built walls around all of these emotions. If you could see them with your physical eyes, they would look like brick walls to you but they are actually made out of crystal; walls that will not allow anything in or anything to get out.

As you now begin to become aware of this layer of your Emotional Body you most likely feel your emotions starting to cringe or your attention to turn away and not want to even think about it. That is your Inner Child rebelling and preferring denial about any such thing.


Your Inner Child is terrified to even be reminded about the layer of Walls least they have to experience all of that all over again. Take a deep breath and allow yourself comfort in knowing you do not have to experience any of those things again. They can be transmuted, released and healed from your Emotional Body without you even having to remember what is buried there. They can be healed through Source energy without having to bring down any of the walls and letting loose anything that is held within them. They must be if you desire to continue your goal of healing back into balance with Source.

The process of healing this layer of your Emotional Body has already begun and this is why many are already starting to feel the effects of such healing. You may be experiencing people whom you thought was out of your life for good or at least out of your awareness, stepping back in to show their selves again. You may be experiencing old thoughts and memories coming up to your awareness that reminds you of grief and pain.

You may be feeling unusually exhausted, as if your physical body simply wants to sleep and forget about anything else. You may be encountering the prospect of trying out something new and feeling terror if you even try yet you have no idea why you would feel such.

You do not have to experience any of those lower thoughts and feelings stuffed within this walled layer of your Emotional Body and can choose to co-create healing for them by working with Source energy before the healing process becomes so strong the crystal walls begin to shatter to allow Source energy to enter and heal these things.

You can do this by co-creating spheres of Source energy around every single wall that exists there and allowing Source energy to “expand inward” to heal the wall and everything that is held within and transmute and release them from your Emotional Body.

Releasing what is currently trapped within the walls of this layer of your Emotional Body will allow more of Source light to shine within and through you and in turn, will make it that much easier for you to simply “know” you are Source and continue on with your desires for healing back into balance with Source.

Here you will find an exercise to assist you in beginning to heal this walled layer of your Emotional Body – White Light Spheres Of Source