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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Krysalai: Manifesting Through The Mind Of God--The Highest Frequency P1/2/3/4/5

Crystalai (2013)
(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse) 

Image by: FutureAgeSage

If you believe you need to create energy in order to have an experience, the experience will never happen. Experience doesn’t come from mass to mass. It only comes from God, who directly knows how it is going to happen and the flow of that information to you . As you observe the experience in the film of the Omni particles or God’s movie screen around you becoming developed through the activity of Divine Love. When you do this you are learning how to co-create through the mind of God. Now you are learning how humble one must be to conceive a concept that is out of the boundaries of ones ability to do it. And you can see God manifest it.

 The creation of the manifestation is always done in the outer band. The outer band of the music of the spheres is the sphere of the infinite unknown or God’s mind. When this frequency of Source Consciousness is woven into oneness with all of the other five spheres of dimensional consciousness energy, the manifestation is developed into the film of that Omni particle energy which is sub atomic etheric stardust particles. It is the etheric foundation that the manifest reality is painted upon. The frequencies that are recorded on the Ascension Kits and on the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM utilize the frequencies and codes of manifestation in the five spheres and place these codes within and through the body. The Individual ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM (can be purchased at
  actually activates these frequencies into the Oneness of God’s mind manifest as You. These frequencies make these Omni particles that you may begin to create your new reality from. The more you feel, inhale and exhale these frequencies, the higher your body and consciousness will rise above and beyond the old third dimensional illusions into the infinite unknown that you may now manifest as your new reality. The fundamental light bands that weave into Source Consciousness are included in all Frequency Recordings sold on

Image  for Educational/Non profit  Usage. FAIR USE!
A & A Deane, All Rights Reserved; 
 Part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series

The old reality has been programmed into the cerebellum of the brain. The amygdala gland has been recording and replaying movies of fear, control, lust, sex, violence. These old movies will continue to play until they are wrapped inside the sphere of crystal light energy. First wrap the fear ideas in a sphere of white light and then ultra violet blue light and then golden light and then melt the ideas into golden liquid light energy. When you do this you are allowing the old bands of lower frequencies in the third dimension to flip up into the mind of God or the infinite unknown frequencies. This transmutation process must be completed through out all parts of the cerebellum as well. These are all old worn out third dimensional movies. We don’t need them any more. We are dissolving these old three dimensional control channels.

The frequencies in the immortality Cd are to pour into the old brain and allow the MID BRAIN to become activated. The Mid Brain - pineal gland and pituitary gland are Frequency Specific. They think, move and create through FREQUENCIES. The Mid Brain is able to see infra red, ultra violet blue and even gamma waves. The Immortality Cd is allowing you to feel these frequency waves in order to prepare your mid brain to see these frequency bands.

The next step needed to activate your mid brain is cross your legs in the lotus position with back straight and focus on the center of a flame from a candle for at least one hour per day while listening to your immortality CD. Try to eventually work up to two or three hours. The longer you focus, the closer you become to the full utilization of your mid brain which will allow you to see all dimensional realities.

Next, after a week or two of practicing this level of focus you will be able to stare at a card and learn to see both sides of the card. In the reality of infra red frequency, the mind can see in a 360 degree angle. You can train your mind to see both sides if the card. Your mid brain already knows how to do this. When the other old brains are completely turned off and the mid brain is completely turned on, you will first gain infra red sight which will allow you to see orbs, space ships and to read a deck of cards. This will come in handy if you ever want to go pick up an extra few hundred thousand dollars at the casino.

Image  for Educational/Non profit  Usage. FAIR USE!
A & A Deane, All Rights Reserved; 
 Part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series 
(Sliders 10)

The frequencies will continue to raise the foundation of the entire body. The subconscious will become activated into the blue realm. The medulla oblongata which sits right at the top of the spine is where the subconscious sits. When you raise your frequencies into the blue frequency the sub consciousness acts as a primary healer of the body. Activate this area of the body before going to sleep and ask the god of your being to raise you into the blue body for complete healing while you sleep.

Listen to your INDIVIDUALIZED ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM while you sleep. Practice breathing in a fashion that oscillates the frequencies from the higher rings into the lower rings or frequency bands. Focus on breathing at the speed of light -- do this in your mind. Feel the body become lighter and lighter until it rises above your bed. The frequencies of your body will lighten the body into the etheric Omni particle of God consciousness.

Now, that your yellow brain- your cerebellum and amygdala glands are dissolved into the higher frequencies and your mid brain is activated and your sub conscious is aligned into the blue body, write a list of all of the things that you would like to appear in your new world. This is the world that you will be creating with the mind of God. Write the list and call on the God of your being. Ask to have the items on your list manifest through the mind of God. God only knows the infinite unknown. He doesn’t create old out dated ideas. You must be willing to have God create your hearts desire in the way that he knows is the best for you. You must become humble enough to conceive a concept that is out of the boundaries of your own ability to do it, and become willing to see God manifest it.

The Individual ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM (can be purchased at
  actually activates these frequencies into the Oneness


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ascension Whispers: Understanding More Of Source - 2-25-13


Welcome To Ascension Whispers
Please take what assists you and leave what does not.


Understanding More Of Source:

As long as a spark of Source is experiencing individuation within Source, it will remain impossible to fully understand "Unlimited Source". There is no ending or beginning to Source. Source simply is, always has been and will Be eternally.

The finite physical body can only translate as much energy as it was created to translate just like the physical heart can only only pump a specific amount of blood in a specific amount of time. Individuated expressions within Source such as the heart and brain, hold their limitations of operation based on what they were created to accomplish.

The energetic systems of life forms experiencing in a reality field, such as the Earth reality field, will always encounter any limitations that exist as part of the reality field. As a planet expands its energy system to hold more of the energy of Source it allows more individuated sparks of Source (life forms, people) on the planet to hold more of Source energy open within themselves. This process also allows "Higher Levels of Consciousness" to incarnate on the planet when the planet can support more energy. If Higher Levels of Consciousness incarnated into the reality field before the reality field could support that energy, the planet would blow up.

It can be quite challenging for your physical brain to understand such truth unless you can imagine the reality field as energy, as everything actually is. What appears as dense matter to you or solid / manifest is simply energy that holds less quantum of Source energy than the level of yourself that is viewing or looking at the reality field. When you have once again expanded to hold open within yourself all of the energy in which matter density occurs, you will no longer experience matter density.

Regardless of the level of the manifest time matrix you are experiencing from within, you will not be able to remember the fullness of what it means to be One With Source or know yourself as ALL of Source at the same time until you have returned to full At-One-Ment with Source and removed your consciousness from the time matrix structure. Even though you will continue to expand more of Source energy open to your awareness and become aware of much more of what is held within creation, within Source. This means that as long as you are experiencing as a spark of Source within Source, you will also see the illusion of boundaries when the truth is, there are no boundaries anywhere within Source. The illusion of such allows for individuated experiences.

Because of the current limitations that exists within the Earth reality, it remains quite challenging to return higher understanding, concepts and truth to the life forms of Earth. There will always be more to know, understand, rediscover about Source, the structures of creation and your personal involvement within creation. It would be wise if you chose not to set limitations for your healing and continued evolution of expansion by limiting yourself to think that once you rediscover pieces of truth that assist you, that there is no need to continue to look for more pieces. By doing so you would be blocking yourself from continuing to rediscover more truth and therefore more healing. It has never been the intention that truth returned to the planet about any piece of creation be considered all there is to know about that piece. Limitation is only limited to the degree of the energy that the planet and the life forms on the planet are able to access and translate the information which flows within the energy of Source.

It is correct to say that that "Matter - Manifest Realms of Creation" exist within a time matrix that holds 15 frequency bands of energy and 4 "Densities of Manifestation" which are surrounded by Light and Sound Fields in which densification of matter does not occur. This is exactly how the truth of your current time matrix has been returned to planet Earth.

The frequency bands in which densification of matter occurs, group together in sets of 3 to create Harmonic Universes (HU) or Density Levels in which manifest matter can occur to allow for individuated experiences to occur.

HU 1 = The Incarnate Identity and is the most dense matter of expression - (Frequency Bands 1, 2, 3)

HU 2 = The Soul Identity and is less dense in matter but still matter manifest, ghost like matter - (Frequency Bands 4, 5, 6)

HU3 = The Over Soul Identity and is even less dense in matter but still matter manifest - (Frequency Bands 7, 8 9)

HU4 = The Christos Avatar Identity and is matter in the form of liquid light. This level of the time matrix is where densification of matter begins as the energy of Source begins the process of cooling enough to allow for such - (Frequency Bands 10, 11, 12)

Frequency Bands 13, 14 and 15 of the Light and Sound Fields do not hold densification of matter. These layers of a time matrix structure hold "Collective Consciousness" of Source energy who play a role to hold the coding for what will occur within the lower levels of the time matrix so these frequency bands are not considered "Density Levels". Your Identity in this level of the time matrix is called the Rishi Identity.

This is your "immediate" structure of your multi-dimensional family of consciousness that exists within the 15 frequency band structure you are currently experiencing within. This structure applies to all the time matrices within creation in which densification of matter occurs. There are an uncountable number of such systems.

Time Matrices are "alive" as well. They are not simply constructs of energy that hang out in space connected to something above them at one location point. Time Matrices in which densification of matter occurs also have their levels of identities based on the same structure of the systems in which densification of matter occur.

What has not been previously presented is that a 15 Frequency Band Time Matrix also holds levels of frequency bands that exist as "Inner Domains". Inner Domains consist of 3 more levels of 15 Frequency Band Structures as each set of 12 Frequency Bands is surrounded by a Light and Sound field to make up the full spectrum of 15 Frequency Bands. Densification of matter does not occur within the Inner Domains.

The first Domain consists of frequency bands 13 - 24 and its Light and Sound Fields for a 15 frequency band structure. This is called the "Outer Domain".

The next Domain consists of frequency bands 25 - 36 and its Light and Sound Fields and is called the Middle Domain.

And the last Domain consists of frequency bands 37 - 48 and its Light and Sound Fields and is called the Hub Domain.

All four levels of 15 Frequency Bands are surrounded by a vast Light and Sound field of Source energy that hold the space for all to occur within which also includes larger collectives of consciousness.

The time matrix system that you currently find yourself in is considered as the Incarnate Level of the full structure. The Outer Domain is considered as the Soul Level of the full structure. The Middle Domain is considered as the Over Soul level of the full structure and the Hub Domain is considered as the Christos Avatar Level of the full structure. The larger Light and Sound Field that all of it exists within is considered as the Rishi level of the full structure.

They are called Domains as they consist of "Collective Consciousness of Races" and matter densification does not occur within them. Therefore, they are not considered Density Levels. All of these levels exist in the same space, at the same time but to reach the Domain Levels one must continue to expand Inward and these are indeed "return paths" for consciousness that expanded form those levels into the manifestation levels.

There are different levels of individuated collective life expressions that exist in all frequency bands and they do so to play their role in holding the energy of Source to allow for all levels below their location to exist.

What might a Collective Consciousness be like? It can be challenging from your current limitations to imagine such but you can get a smaller concept by thinking of things on planet Earth that exist as a collective consciousness. The birds, the grass, the trees and similar things that you consider to be a species of life forms.

When you see a flock of birds on the ground and they all seem to take flight at about the same time for no apparent reason, you are seeing a collective consciousness in action. They are all operating on the same "wave length" and when one feels the need to take flight, the rest will follow suite along that same wave length. But different "races" of birds also carry their race line morphogenetic field and is why you do not see all such birds doing the exact thing thing at the exact same time in different locations around the planet. You think of them as flocks of birds and there is are reasons why they gather in flocks yet gather with like kind. This would involve more understanding of how Source energy steps down to create "Group Shields".

All trees around your planet are in constant communication with each other. All trees know what each tree experiences regardless of their physical location on the planet. Knowing this, it should be rather easy for you to understand why trees do not care to much about communicating with the people on the planet but some will if they are in the mood.

People on the planet are also part of collective consciousness and there are many different collective consciousness incarnate on planet Earth but all people are dealing with the same energetic body issues that currently do not allow them open memory of such truth.

There really is no separation of anything within Source. All things are connected together Eternally but the mechanics of creation allow for the illusion of separation to allow Source to experience everything that Source thinks.

If you could see the reality of the creation fields within Source you would see a Sea of Spheres of energy but only if you were seeing through a level of individuation, otherwise you would not see a Sea of Spheres as there would not be the illusion to see. Creation within Source creates Height, Depth and Width. Regardless from what point of perception you might be looking from within a point of individuation, you would see creation as height, depth and width.

This is why it continues to be very challenging to return bits and pieces of structures that occur within creation to the masses of planet Earth. Things like Up, Down, Left, Right, Middle, Inner, Outer and all degrees in between are only relevant depending on the point of perception you are viewing from.

Understanding can only be shared in bits and pieces and that means smaller images that would compute through your system must find analogies to compare with. Many "image analogies" have been returned to planet Earth to try to assist you into some understanding of pieces that exist within creation "as they become important for you to become aware of". There is always more to know about any bits and pieces that image analogies can share with you.

Life forms that are coded to the frequency bands of 13 - 24 frequency bands of energy exist within the Outer Domain of your full time matrix system. Life forms that are coded to the frequency bands of 25 - 36 exist in the Middle Domain and life forms that are coded to frequency bands 37 - 48 exist within the Hub Domain.

When the Higher Races of your Manifest Time Matrix combined their gene codes to co-create a "new race of Beings" within your time matrix, the pattern for that life form already existed in the Domain levels of your system and the Higher Races still held that pattern within their gene code to specific degrees. By combing their gene codes, they could co-create a similar life expression that would carry the coding for the full manifest time matrix in their gene code but could step down into the lower density levels where distortion had occurred and take that coding with them to assist with healing the distortion that had occurred within the lower density levels by taking into those levels more undistorted energy of Source. The Higher Races could not do this themselves as their energy would be too high for those lower levels.

Combining of their gene codes also allowed an energetic system that ALL life forms who had been co-created in the lower density levels could incarnate into and regain the codes they were missing to allow healing to occur and release them from being trapped within the density levels of space, time and matter. The 12 Strand life form was created as a "healing race" that could descend into the lower density races to allow healing to occur with the intention of healing all to a critical mass level which would then reset the entire structure to the Original Expression that it Source created it to be.

As structures, planets, life forms begin to heal it allows more Higher Energy to turn on within the 12 Strand pattern this allows more of Source energy to become available for healing. As planet Earth continues to heal to hold and support more of the higher energy of Source, this allows consciousness that holds higher energy to incarnate on the planet.

This is why there are now life forms incarnated on planet Earth called the Indigo Children who carry the coding for 12 - 48 frequency bands of energy within their energetic structure. As more energy can be supported within the system and IF the personal energetic structure will allow support, more higher energy coded life forms can descend into your reality field to bring more higher energy of Source for continued healing of the whole. Because the 12 Strand life form carries coding from the 12 - 48 frequency band levels, if the life form holds a contract of agreement and maintains an energetic structure that will allow, then they can be "Upgraded" to turn on more sub-harmonics of energy within their energetic system. The last such upgrade that occurred did so in May 2012 to prepare to assist planet Earth to receive the "Gift" of the Higher Shield on December 21, 2012. There are now more Indigo 2s or Indigos who hold the coding for up to 24 frequency bands of energy, incarnate on planet Earth than there has been since the planet had previously ascended before the fall from Tara occurred and this will now continue to increase as the planet continues to heal to support more higher energy. All Indigo Races incarnate on planet via the "Walk In" method as the energetic structure expands to allow them to come in. Some of this information has already been presented to the planet and a lot of it can be found within the material offered through Azurite Press Inc.

The human prototype can only turn on up to 12 frequency bands of energy within the energetic system but once that has occurred and release from that system has occurred, the higher levels of frequency bands can turn on as the life form can ascend into the Domain Levels of the time matrix if they hold coding for those systems.

Not all humans hold coding for the Domain Systems and is whey once they have merged to their original quantum spark of energy, they can choose to leave the time matrix structure and return to At-One-Ment with Source. Regardless of the coding a life form is created to hold, once they merge to reach their original point of quantum energy, they can then choose to return to At-One-Ment with Source.

As long as you are experiencing within the realms of space, time and matter you will continue to view "planes" within creation or continue to see an horizon point in some direction. This fact allows the perception of creation existing as flat but none of creation is flat. It is all spheres within spheres. Just like you view your current reality as flat and cannot see the sphere of planet Earth unless you are viewing from beyond the planet, so too will your experiences continue to present the illusion of a plane of expression.

Nothing is simply hanging out in what you call outer space and not connected to something else all around and within it. As more healing has been able to occur for planet Earth and its life forms, you will begin to experience more the concept of "miracles" appear in your hologram and YOU will be the ones creating those seemingly miracles. No matter your current belief system or held customs, if you could simply stand together as a "Collective" in harmonic love of Source, you will not only be able to move mountains but you will regain the ability to co-create them. But before such can occur, a critical mass of the population must remember they are Source Embodied and begin their inner process of healing.

Share your message far and wide to any who will listen to you even if they are only doing so out of politeness. Plant seeds everywhere you walk as you are the Source anti-virus to allow healing to occur.

When people gather together to share their love and understanding of Source, when they can put all of their differences aside and simply share the love of Source, that is when seemingly miracles occur. If you could see the increased energy of Source that is co-created in your reality field during such times then the thought of coming together with that one common goal would be something you could not hardly wait to do. This is where the concept of attending church originated from but of course that concept became distorted within the control program. You would not need to sing or chant or dance around, all you would need to do is stand together as one and Shine forth the love of Source that flows through you. One common goal of healing back into balance with Source. None of the rest of the drama of the play really matters at all and you have free will choice to make it happen or not.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Denise Lefay & 2012 & Beyond


2011 & 2012 & Beyond

by Denise

For a few months before the 11-11-11 portal I'd been sensing some partial and half-understood impressions about it multidimensionally. Months ago these 11-11-11 impressions seemed ass-backwards and mildly strange to me so I decided to wait until I was able to perceive this information a bit better before I mentioned them publicly. In all honesty, this particular information is still a bit strange sounding even to me and that should tell you something about it! But first, let's backtrack a few years for clarity and perspective because then 2012 and 2013 will be a bit easier to perceive. As you look at the number images below, be very aware that there are THREE of them in each sequential Stair Step and this has to do with our evolving out of the TWO of lower frequency, lower consciou sness 3D duality, and into the THREE of unity (triality) or High Heart consciousness and being.

The September 9, 2009 09-09-09 portal was about the ending of an intense Ascension phase with huge overtones of death and/or dying required to reach the next frequency level or Stair Step.

The October 10, 2010 10-10-10 portal was about our individually preparing to physically embody a good bit more of our Higher Selves in our current bodies, personalities, and being.

The November 11, 2011 11-11-11 portal was about our first global 5D Group Conscious C0-Creating event in the New Evolutionary Cycle of Unity because we're free of the old Evolutionary Cycle/Mayan calendar and duality.

However, as many of us unexpectedly discovered, for us to pass through the 11-11-11 Initiatic portal we first HAD to consciously be aware of, transmute and integrate ANY remaining lower frequency emotional tidbit we may still have had within ourselves first.

After continuously doing personal inner transformational Polarity Resolution work since February 1999 (the start of the Mayan calendar Eighth Wave), I assumed I had the majority of my inner junk already transmuted, and I did, except for another small past life speed-bump issue with my Mom.

[See Post October 28th & 11-11-11 Adventures]

To make sure I didn't miss this particular emotional tidbit I still contained on the morning of 11-11-11, the Dark Ones personally hand delivered the message to me via activating my Mom so that she'd trigger this old issue in me so I'd feel and see it.

How helpfully thorough of them. No I'm serious, the Dark Ones did me a favor with this one even though I wasn't feelin' the luv towards them that day at all! All I felt the morning and day of 11-11-11 was that the Dark Ones had stolen and derailed 11-11-11 for me and Mom, but because I'm stubborn and know better, I worked through that immature and incorrect lower emotional take on their actions and transmuted my past life speed-bump that the Dark Ones made sure I would not miss.

They are professionals at what they do after all. 

To pass through the 11-11-11 Initiation portal many of us unexpectedly found ourselves depressed and/or ready to quit. I've never encountered any of the previous number portals having this effect on me, my Mom, or anyone else, but the 11-11-11 portal did and this told me it was an extra important portal of change for us individually and as a Group in the New 5D Unity Cycle.

I know I've only perceived the outer edges of this complex multidimensional topic about the 11-11-11 portal, 2012, and the 12-12-12 portal, but I expect to perceive more about this topic and how it's effecting us and other-dimensions Beings over the coming weeks and months. Please understand that everything is very different now that we've completed and exited the old Mayan calendar/Evolutionary Cycle. I've been adjusting, adapting and embodying like crazy since October 28, 2011 and it's profoundly exhausting and at times painful to the point of having to remain in bed. I haven't been able to write nearly as much as I always have due to the intense transmuting and embodying that's been happening non-stop. I know many of you won't want to hear this next bit, but, many of us Starseeds will be doing massive amounts of embodying to this degree throughout 2012. Sorry, don't hate the messenger.

For most of 2011 I kept perceiving and clairvoyantly seeing the 11-11-11 portal as very Goddess-like in its energy. I don't mean total Goddess but one aspect of the Goddess seemed to be intimately involved with whatever happened multidimensionally on 11-11-11. Now here's the seemingly ass-backwards part that's been confusing to me over the months. I kept sensing the Dark Ones connected to the 11-11-11 portal and this one aspect of the Goddess energies but in a highly positive and perfect way. After some time I've been able to perceive that—and this makes total sense once you get your bearings on the other side of the end of the Mayan calendar/Evolutionary Cycle—it's also Graduation or Retirement Time for the Dark Ones and Light Ones and the missions and roles each Group has held in place (embodied) for the rest of us during the past Evolutionary Cycle in duality.

I've known that these other Beings—both Light and Dark and everything else—cannot evolve or change jobs or roles until WE had completed what WE in physicality needed to here. Once WE'D completed that, which we have on October 28, 2011, then all the other multidimensional players and participants can and will also transition into the next Evolutionary Cycle, whatever and wherever that is for each one of us. Until then however we've all been obligated and pretty much trapped in our polarized roles and missions throughout this past Evolutionary Cycle and this includes the Dark Ones as well as the Light Ones.

Evidently the 11-11-11 portal was where many important things began for all of us, including the Beings we've known in the past as the Dark Ones. Throughout 2011 increasing numbers of the Dark Ones finally understood what's happening, what's changing and why, and slowly began relinquishing their old roles and moved on. However as is still obvious, some of the non-physical, non-human Dark Ones are still clinging, hanging on and fighting, not realizing that their mission has ended because the October 28, 2011 Expiration Date has been reached and it's time for everyone to move on to the next Evolutionary Cycle and learning. I sense this final completion phase will unfold very quickly throughout 2012 no matter who or what resists this multidimensional Evolutionary Process.

I've been sensing that 2012 and the 12-12-12 portal will be for the non-physical, other dimensional Team Light players what 2011 and the 11-11-11 portal was for the non-physical, other dimensional Team Dark players. If I'm correct with what I've been perceiving so far about this unfolding completing/beginning, then the 12-12-12 portal of December 12, 2012 will be the cut-off date for Team Light to connect with an aspect of  God-like energies (this is the X shape multidimensional crossover symbol I've been seeing) and evolve into their New roles. To my awareness today, this feels like the aspects that we call "God/Goddess" are integrating their fragmented, polarized parts back into themselves and evolving into something new also . Stair Steps, always stair steps with the entire Ascension Process.

Once we complete 2012 we'll be energetically ready to enter the new Evolutionary Cycle fully. This new unity cycle exists beyond the old system of 12 and duality. The easiest way to describe this higher system of 13 is to use the old system of 12. In it the 12 apostles represented humanity within 3D physicality and linear time, while Jesus represented the 13 and a quantum connection with Source. Once we've completed all the Stair Steps coming throughout 2012, then Earth/humanity enters the conjunction alignment with the Super Galactic Center's incomprehensible energies and then we'll begin the new cycle that's like 13 with its conscious connection to Source and Higher Self.


November 26, 2011

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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Voyagers: "Recap/study-notes" from Anna Hayes' Voyager volumes I II III

"Voyagers I, The Sleeping Abductees" and "Voyagers II, The Secrets of Amenti".
Very interesting books! :)
Study Notes - Sleeping Abductees & Secrets of Amenti by Anna Hayes

Updated 12th-June

Some recently added notes/info from Anna Hayes

The Anunnaki Deception
The Big Picture behind the UFO Movement

The below are my study-notes from Anna Hayes' Voyager volumes I + II.

As I continue reading/analysing, I'll post updates/continuations, and
append this document.

The study-notes are brief and are an outline of Anna's books. If you wish
further in-depth information, I highly recommend that you buy the books.
(No..i don't hold shares)...

"Secrets of Amenti" contains alot of deep genetic-code-DNA-Strand
information which i have not brought up in my study notes.

5th World Publishers/Distributors of Anna Hayes' Books

Twiggscompany - You can buy the books from here - they gave me good fast

I also recommend you visit Dan Winter's web site which contains much
further in-depth information on DNA-Sacred-Geometry and uncovering our past
his-her-story, where we're from, why we're here and teaching us how to
self-embed and ride the hi-phi wave.

Intro-1. Sleeping Abductees-Intro+1...

Planets evolve thru fixed-multi-dimensional frequency scales that follow
certain time cycles.

Earth Time Cycle = 26,556 yrs which are broken down into six smaller cycles
of 4426 yrs each.

Thru-out the Time Cycle Earth and it's Anti-matter double change

Matter-Earth spends two successive sub-cycles with-in the
Anti-Matter-Universe & vice-versa.

The role reversal is done thru Electromagnetic role reversals & the
shifting of the Angular Rotation of particle spin.

When Matter-Earth is in the Anti-Matter-Universe cycle, any physical
creations/buildings etc are made up of Anti-Matter particles. This is
likewise for Ant-Matter-Earth when in Matter-Universe cycle, any creations
would be composed of Matter particles.

Thus when Matter-Earth moves back to the Matter-Universe cycle, most
creation activity will remain in the Anti-Matter-Universe. Usually some
remains/evidence of one planet will remain in the physical base of the
other planet.

We can only fully unearth the remains of civilization, when the Earth is
back in the Anti-Matter-Universe cycle (in which the artifacts etc were
originally created). This is approximated to occur between 2000-2017 AD.

Matter-Earth transited into Anti-Matter-Universe in 13,474 BC. Remained
there for two consecutive sub-cycles totalling 8852 yrs (2x 4426 yrs) and
returned to Matter-Universe in 4,622 BC.

Since 198O's, Zeta and Draco's joined forces with a goal/aim to claim
sovereignty over Earth.

Parallel Earth Systems are linked together via Time Portals.

Sometime Inter-Dimensional blled-thru's occur allowing for
objects/sightings to occur which maybe simply a Car/Vehicle or House from
another time/dimension.

Balls of Light/Lightening are inter-dimensional activity residual.

Types of UFO's
1. Covert Government vehicles.
2. Inter-D anomolies appearing as vessels upon interface.
3. Inter-D craft thru Time/Dimensional Portals.
4. Human/ET craft thru Time-P with-in 3-D universe.

Reptilian-like, little grey with black eyes. Different sub-species can be
Blue skinned Zeta = Zephelium = Administrators of lower Caste Zeta's.

Zeta are not very skilled at shape-shifting and may use frequency
modulation tactics to scramble brainwave patterns. Odd odours/out of
normality may indicate this activity. >>> Carbon is toxic to the Zeta
biology. <<<

Zeta have tendency to appear as Angels/Saints etc playing upon core
religious beliefs. Zeta/Draco control interior/underground government.

These are like the big version of the stick praying-Mantis insects. They
assist humans with Zeta encounters. Usually whitish or golden in colour.
They work for peace/brotherhood. Superior to Zeta's in technology and

Ranthia / Rhanthunkeana:
From Distant stars. Responsible for Crop Circles. Guardians/Protectors.
Appear as spherical light formations. Use dream or altered states to
communicate. Ranthia do not interfere, they must be invited.

2. Sleeping Abductees-2...
Not all UFO sightings imply live contact with other life forms.

Subtle contact (multi-dimensional) communications can exist with-in the
mind of the receiver (telepathy).

Keylonta = language of light, sound, symbols and energy. It is structure
upon which manifestations are built. Is the language of communicating thru
time/dimensional portals.

The codes of Time-Portals and Dimensional-Lock systems are with-in the
workings of keylonta.

Zeta & Interior Government have programmed the masses into fear and
dis-belief. Basically keep everyone in the dark and dis-empower the people.
Do not give the people knowledge that would better direct their own lives,
health and economic standing/protection.

Subconscious symbol codes are contained with-in the human DNA and these can
be manipulated/used for implant of sensual deception.

Impulse DNA codes can be manipulated and 3D realities over-laid.
Holo-graphic insert.

This can be for or against human developement/growth. Vurrently used
against us by Zeta.

During abduction, the mind-field is accelerated and molecular structure is
slowed. Thus mind and body become split.

There are 2-types of abductions
1. Abductee training/growth, usually soul agreement.
2. Study, Experimentation, genetic seeding, usually self-serving.

Humans who have a healthy connection to soul, usually do not have type-2

ET's in type-2 abduction do not usually intend harm, but also do not

Their view is that, we do not care for our own well being as well as that
of others on this planet, and we do the same to other
races/religion/countries and so they don't see any difference. (talk about

3. Sleeping Abductees-3...

Main goal of Zeta and Interior govt is to keep humans ignorant and too
busy/complicated in order to dis-empower and not allow humans to work it
out (wake-up)..

..makes things humans easier to control/manipulate.

Basically Zeta's have a problem which they are trying to work out, and
humans are one of their main
resources/commodities/soultion to their dire-circumstance.

Our biggest threat is manipulation and exploitation by forces we don't even
know exist.

Zeta have successfully interbred with human females and are cultivating
these hybrids to engage earth in 400-500 yrs in our future.

There are two types of Hybrids.
1. The Whites which are close to human biology.
2. The Blues/Browns which are dwarfs, have no real intelligence and are
just workers/ guard soldiers usually found in proximity to the White Hybrids.

The ZIONITES are a Zeta/Human/Aethien breed (with positive Zeta's) which
work in non-violation/brotherhood. They are cultivated time travellers.

The TURANEUSIAM are considered to be the first human pro-type, genetically
superior, first originated on Earth's 5th dimensional counterpart planet
called Tara about 560 millions yrs ago.

The Human-Turan's were meant to be custodian's of Tara, until a point of
de-evolution occured where Turan's started interbreeding woth other
lifeforms. SOme left Tara to join inter-stellar brothers/susters and rest
remained. Inter-breeding caused genetic fragmentation which could not carry
the higher-intelligence that was intended for the Turan's. Basically all
hell broke loose.

Before Turan's were wiped out, was decided to try another experiment on 3D
earth. This time the original 12-DNA genetic imprint would be broken down
in to 12-sub-units. Each of the 12 was polarized. (12-Tribes etc)...

The Flood is a translation/slant of the re-seeding. Sodom and Gomorrah is
translation of Atlantis/Lemuria on Tara..

..basically both sides of the battle have been involved with human
training/development. One was to evolve, the other to digress/confuse.

Zionites were involved with ancient egypt and sumerian cultures.

The Zionites went back in time and gave humans the Silicate Matrix or
Crystal Gene. This contains the full 12-DNA code.

Not all humans carry this code. For those that do, needs to be activated
(also known as junk-DNA).

The BORENDT are known as the Hybrid whites, thru fetal transplants. They
will in future serve as teachers/helpers. Have ability to link minds. Can
be trusted as will not find them working with un-enlightened Zeta.

Un-enlightened Zeta are not "evil monsters"...They act in ignorance, they
are a very fragmented race, in fear of extinction, trying to find a
solution to their demise. Earth/Humans are just a resource for the taking.


Note: bulk-majority of Zeta are enlightened, working with brotherhood
etc...only minority are in violation.

4. Sleeping Abductees-4...
Humans have 12-senses of which 5 we are aware of.

Zeta collapsed the time-portal surrounding their home planet, and are thus
cut of from the source.

They are dying and hope to re-graft themselves by utilizing us.

The interior govt is using the Zeta for it's own need/greed etc.
With-holding technology/medicine etc etc..

Main goal is to keep the humans so distracted/fragmented, stressed and
struggling with everyday life so they don't catch on as to what is really
going on. Tactics are side-tracking and de-bunking.

Holographic inserts are utilized by Zeta as well as interior govt....main
play is appearance of religious figures, saints...also plans are in for
newage themes as well..

Currently on Zeta have access to Time-portals and are with-holding it from
the interior govt who are trying to get their hands on it.

One main project being co-implemented is a frequency fence to control
mental and emotional forces.

[sounds like "The Matrix" or "Stargate"..]

Renegade Zeta wish to severe us from our connection to the Soul Matrix
source and replace it with a false matrix (can we tell the
difference?)..the Freq Fence is part of this..

Memories will get replaced by false memories...sometimes subjects have a
re-collection of covered up memories as these bleed thru. Usually they are
regarded as mentally unstable, schizo etc etc..

When a planet/system gets blown out of the grid of it's soul matrix, it
system falls into digressing finite supply of enegry and evolutionary paths..

5. Sleeping Abductees-5...

Electric Wars occurred 5million y/ago and lasted 900 yrs.

The war was over possession of earth territories.

Some for study, observation and some for exploitation.

Beings who created the Turaneusiam (1st human proto), wanted to continue
their experiments. So agreements had to be made bt forces who had the power
to reclaim earth.

Breneau = Solar Lords (G.W. brotherhood) were brought in to assist the
factions who wished earth for further development.

Two factions are Sirians and Plaedians. In order for permission from The
Breneau these factions had to agree to allow the Breneau to intervene if
they did not approve of any of the developments taking place.

So development continued and again digresses and intervention was required.
So far three re-seedings.... a nutshell there are factions that wish us to fail...for if we fail,
the Breneau/Solar lords will basically pull-out, remove their involvement.

One of the main factions are the Drakon. Draco's are known as
reptilian/human hybrid.

When we were a young developing species a freq fence was used to filter out
hi-freq codes which we were not mature neough to handle, would have fried
us...the Drakons poked a whole in this fence and created major
problems...The Zionites had to intervene to quickly accelerate our
evolution before burn out...they did this thru random injection of silicate

Dinosaurs were the Drakon's monitoring tool...The Solar Lords did a couple
of things, brought on magnetic grid shift ahead of schedule and wiped them out.

Human emotion is one of the main keys to figuring out inserts....[need to
get the book here as too much detail..] need to awaken to be
safe..keylontic / DNA / Sound genetics are a main key.

Basically themes parallel "the matrix"....wake up from the
illusion...crucial key years are 2012 to 2017.

6. Sleeping Abductees-6...

Where there are crop circles, there is ET/Inter-Dimensional Activity going on.

There are positive crop circles as well as negative crop circles.

Some crop circles are designed for accelerating/stimulating the local
inhabitants, while others are designed to scramble/desensitize..

Primary purpose of a crop circle is to ground into the location a certain
frequqncy band/pattern that affects all biological life-forms which can
span up to seveal thousand miles radius from the crop circle centre.

There is a 4D earth parallel to our 3D earth, where the interior govt has
done a deal with the Draco's..etc...much of what has been discussed, freq
fence etc has already been established...and basically the humans there
have all become programmed zombies...approx 3D year are 2976AD, but 4D is NOW!!

Main project is to disconnect this current 3D earth co-ordinates from this
4D earth time-matrix and shift this 4D earth when it kabooms will
cause major problems in our sector of the universe...and also stop 4D earth
from accessing 3D earth???

Why you ask??? well it turns out that 4D earth are planning to use the
time-portals to dispose/dump of their nuclear waste into our 3D earth...

..basically our nuclear reactors will
melt-down/overload/chain-reaction.....our scientists won't understand, will
be confused as to what is going on as the amount of waste coming out of our
reactors won't add up relatively to the amount of power-output or source

[ note this book was published Jan99...has this happened recently, yep i
think several countries have experienced problems with their reactors...]

This pretty much wraps it up for Vol.1....I may or may not make study notes
of Vol.2. "Secrets of Amenti" it appears to be very involved/detailed
with 3-times as many pages. I have left out some info as some of it may
depress you...they hope we wake up in time from our rose-coloured delussions..

In order to continue with study-notes from Anna Hayes Vol.2. "Secrets of
Amenti" there is some further understanding I need to make you aware of in
order for you to understand some of the structure.

Some Notes from "Sleeping Abductees" as a pre-cursor to "Secrets of
Amenti" you can understand some of the ideas.....

The Mind/Entity Matrix is structered into 15-Dimensions which are grouped
into 5-Harmonic Universes. (3-Dimensions per

Harmonic Universe Matrix
Dimension Encompassed
Type of Mind for Respective Dimension
Mind Representation

1. Incarnate Matrix (Tauren)
Individual Mind (Personal Logos)

2. Soul Matrix (Dora)
Race Mind (Super-Consciousness / Collective Logos)

3. Oversoul Matrix (Teura)
Planetary Mind/Logos

4. Dolar Matrix (Avatar)
Galactic Mind (Solar Logos)

5. Reshi Matrix (Solar)
Universal Mind/Logos

Dimensions-16 and above are free from Space-Time and are known as One
Mind-Creative Core or Cosmic Mind/Logos. It is also known as Geomancy
(Yunasai) Matrix.

Ascension/Awakening = Concious Recognition = Integration of
SuperConsciousness (D4-5-6) with
HU-1 (D1-2-3)

D1 = SubConscious = Data Storage
D2 = Instinct = Data Relay
D3 = Reasoning = Data Assimilation / Translation / Manifestation

D4-D5-D6 = SuperConsciousness = Creative Intelligence behind the Experience
Templates and Manifestation of Identities in HU-1 (D1-D2-D3).

Harmonic Universe-1 (HU-1) indentities have free will and can overide
impulses/signals sent to it by HU-2 SuperConscousness which are for the
HU-1 identity's greatest fulfillment.

From Anna Hayes Voyager-Vol.2. "Secrets of Amenti"

1. AMENTI-1...

Guardian Alliance (GA) = immense group of beings who reside in a myriad of
locations in the Time Matrix. They are a member of the Interdimensional
Assoc of Free Worlds..(IAFW)

AIFW Members consist of Biological (below 7D), Etheric (7D-9D) and Light
(10D-15D) beings.

Administratorrs of IAFW & GA are beings of pure immense, meta-maths
consciousness. Guardians of the Cosmic Matrix.

Cosmic Matrix = Energy Matrix + Time Matrix.

Geomantic Entities (16D and above) reside in the Energy Matrix. These
entities viewed from 3D would appear as geometric shapes made of living light.

*The Fall*
Earth is in HU-1
Tara is in HU-2
Gaia is in HU-3

560 MYA Project Turaneusiam-1 (T-1) begins.

Many ET + Meta-ET's created a master race to serve as guardians of Planet Tara.

Founders of project T-1 = Meta-ET from HU-4 & HU-5
Lyrans HU-3 = Seed Race of T-1
Sirian Council HU-2 = Directors/Overseers of T-1
Elohim HU-3 = race of beings created by Lyrans to oversee Sirian races in HU-2.

T-1 was made up of 12-subraces (genetics from 12 ET races).

12-subraces are;
Bra-ha-man, Dhr-ah-men, Atoni, Trin-iten, Azurtan, Celtos, Addami,
Yutarans, Cerrasz, Nexack-tai, Melchizedakz.

Manipulation/Interbreeding by UNRELATED ET races caused major

T-1 split into two main strains;
i) Alanians (Beli-Kudyem)
ii) Lumians (Adami-Kudmon)

Alanians sought control over Luminians - experimented with power generation
thru Tara's core - Lumians asked for assistance from Sirian Counil HU-2 and
Elohim HU-3.

Lumians set up "Council of Mu", moved large numbers across ocean to small
continent with tiny/simple/unorginised culture - Continent named "MU".

[comment: i wonder if Australia/Aboriginals or UK/stonehenge/grooveware

Elohim HU-3 interbred with Lumians (Cerrasz strain) to purify genes - new
strain called Ceres/Seres - Seres went on to become Priesthood of Mu.

Alanians = Templar Solar Initiates - combines forces with Sirian Anunnaki
and refused to listen to Sirian Council.

Sirian Anunnaki = opposed / anti-Sirian Council.

Group of Alanians not happy woth TempSolar defected to Mu.

Ceres + Lumians interbred with these Alanians - new breed known as
Priesthood of Ur.

Sirian Rebellion War - p/hood of Ur lost battle to TempSolar and retreated

Impending Tara Grid implosion - many evaced to other star systems.

550 MYA Alanian deep u/ground power crystals exploded - Tara grd blown
apart - Tara detached from morphegentic grid.

Tara now missing portions of it's grid - could not continue
evolution/ascension to HU-3 to merge with Gaia D7 - frozen in time-tracks
until repaired.

2. AMENTI-2...

The fragments of the grid that fell apart, fell in vibration, got sucked
thru a black-hole at the centre of Tara's sun and re-emerged in a galaxy HU-1.

These fragments broke up into 12-pieces, which densified into planets in HU-1.

550 MYA Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Maldek (imploded) Jupiter, Saturn,
Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Nibiru (has very long orbit) and the Sun (which was
a HU-2 planet that fused with a HU-1 star).

This event is interwoven with other earth events/,,Fall of Adam,

The Fallen souls of Alania became trapped in HU-1 and a rescue mission was

Rescue mission was formulated by the Ceres, which the priests of Ur would

Assistance was provided by Sirians, Pleiadans, Elohim, Lyran, Lumians,
Alanians, Ceres.

This consortium was known as the Covenant of Palaidor, working thru the
HU-5 Breneau Rishi and further assistance by the Metagalactic core/gestalt
known as the RA Confederacy.

Of the 12 RA sub-groups, only 4 approved the rescue mission (Azurites,
Aton-A, Amonites, Brigihidelt).

The Brigi are currently incarnating into earth as members of the ascended
master family of Vairigi.

Several other sub-groups also assisting are Azar-Azara of HU-2 ET race
known as the Zhar Confederacy.

The Ur-Tarranates time travelled to Earth HU-1 after the fall of Tara and
with help of the Sirian Council...transmuted into pure energy becoming
one-consciousness, serving as the Morph field for the 12-DNA T-1 race
prototype on Earth.

The Morph-field of conciousness is known as the Sphere of Amenti.

Amenti = part of Tara's core cennected to portals on MU....placed on Earth
would link back to Tara's pre-fall time-cycles.

When grids blow apart they lose portions of history stored in genetic
cellular memory. With out this the planet can not evolve/asscend into the
next HU.

250-550 MYA many species where seeded by HU-1 ET's (plants, animals,
insects)....Also some ether beings spent time here....

There were wars were fought by races who did not want this rescue mission
to succeed.

Once Earth was secured the Ur-Turranates of the Sphere of Amenti began
birthing on Earth.

This was known as the T-2 experiment...the 12-tribe seeding.

5-Cloister races emerged known as the Palaidorians. These races were less
dense and did not possess gender, their bodies contained 8-DNA strands
(active). Theywere the guardians for DNA evolution.

The five Cloister Races were;
Ur-Antrians (brown skin, DNA Strand-2)
Breanoua (Red skin, DNA#3)
Hibiru (White skin, DNA#4)
Melchizedeks (Yellow skin, DNA#5)
Yunaseti (Black, DNA#6)

These cloistered races left no remains on earth, as they were here during
an Anti-particle universe cycle..(pls see notes in Sleeping Abductees)

Sphere of Amenti = Hall of Records (Time/Portal)

Each planet in our solar system holds a part of Tara's HU-2 Morphagenetic

Tara HU-2 can not ascend to become Gaia HU-3 unless all these planets in
our HU-1 solar system complete the full manifestation of these morph-fields.

The pattern of the Morph-field appears as a standing wave of blue colour
with a pale shade of green. This Blue flame is earth's portion of Tara
(Staff of Amenti)

Earth's own flame is Orange-Gold.
Tara's own flame is Blue-Green (known as the Gates of Ivory, Pearly gates)
Gaia's own flame is Violet-Gold
Metagalactic Core's own flame White-Gold

1st Seeding of the 3rd World (25 MYA to 5.5 MYA)

5x C/Races entered earth in different locations. Each race physically
created 6M+6F adult humans who bred to seed the earth population at the
time. (all up 60 humans)

1st emerged was the 3rd root race, Lumanians.
Lumanians = Brown = Ur-Antrians = 15MYA = DNA#2

2nd emerged was the 4th root race, Alanians.
Alanians = Red = Breanoua = 9MYA = DNA#3.

5.5MYA interbreeding with HU-1 ET' caused genetic digression, thus loss of
immortality and not able to transmute/ascend.

Members of the Sirian-Anunnaki HU-2 and other ET + Meta-ET's wanted to
stop/halt earth's evolution (T2/12-tribe experiment) due to the fact they
did not want the digressive elements of humans returning/ascending to Tara.

Other's had alterior reasons, as they wanted earth for themselves.

Basically all hell broke lose - electric wars of pure energy fought in
local galaxy and atmosphere.

Those humans remaining ascended to Tara, and those with the digressive gene
could not/perished.

Earth was almost a goner until HU-5 Breneau intervened.

After the Electric wars, the 3rd+4th root races had to be re-seeded but
this time carrying the seal of amenti within their genes.

This seal of Amenti stopped humans with digressed gene form accessing the
Sphere/Hall of Amenti.
The 6th sub-frequency-tone of Dimension-1 was removed from DNA strand-1

Thus stopping humans incarnates from plugging/accessing into the 7th DNA
strand. thus could not assemble all strands in order to ascend/transmute
(pass the Blue-Flame).

When the body reached full gene capacity it would diminish/die and go thru
a cycle of re-incarnation. (7th strand DNA blue-flame allowed unlimited
energy-renewal of the body).

The idea was to re-birth 3-times, once thru the root races which were RR3 +
RR4...and then have to wait for Root race5 to be seeded/emerge before one
could incarnate as a RR5 human to collect DNA strands 5-6-7 (strand-7
released/shed the seal of amenti) in order to ascend/access-codes to HU-2
[sound like monopoly...go to bank, collect $200, bypass jail ;o)]

Uh..Oh..opps..was discovered due to electric wars a more serious problem
had occured..

3. AMENTI-3...

5MYA shift in earth grid occurred causing a quick freeze. After this shift
the earth vibration dropped and could no longer safely hold the sphere of

In order to avoid destruction, the Elohim HU-3 removed the S.O.A to a safe
place in 4D.

Due to this Root Races 3 and 4 could no longer assemble their 4th DNA strand.

The burden/responsibility for assimilating the fragments of RR3 and 4 was
put upon Root Race-5 (Aeiran/Aryan) of the Hibiru cloister.

Human evolution was stunted 5.5MYA until Sirius-B came along to the party.

An artificial portal bridge was constructed between ttthe core of Sirius-B,
the S.O.A. in D4 and Earth's core in D2.

Some souls of the 2nd seeding merged with Sirius-B and hybrid strain of
conciousness was created called the Kantarians.

This 2nd seeding portal-bridge was known as the Hall of Amorea in the 3rd

During Atlantis it was known as the 3rd Eye of Horus.

4MYA human hybrids who found exile in the HU-1 pleaidian star system were
known as the Europherites. They interbred with the Kantarians to be known
as the Dagos (dark brown skin).

4MYA Dagos brought to earth to re-seed.
3.7MYA Ur-Antrian cloister3 (DNA1-2 + 7-12)
3MYA Lumarians Root Race3 (DNA1-2)
3MYA Breanoua cloister4 (DNA1-2-3 + 7-12)
2.5MYA Alanians RR4 (DNA1-2-3)
1.5MYA Hibiru cloister5 (DNA1-2-3-4 + 7-12)
1.27MYA Ayrians RR5 (DNA1-2-3-4)
65000YA Melchizedeks Cloister6 (DNA1-2-3-4-5 + 7-12)
Current Muvarians RR6 (DNA1-2-3-4-5)
Future Yunaseti Cloister7 (Full 12-strand)
Future+ Euanjhechi (Paradisians) DNA1-5 + code6-12)

Melchizedeks are free form the DNA filters/Seals of Amenti+Palaidor. They
established the Essene brotherhood and priesthood of Melchizedeks.

10,000YA Hibiru and Melchi Cloisters mixed to become known as the Hebrew Race.

They retreated underground after fall of atlantis, known as the speakers of
the blue flame. (guardians)....also P/Hood of Ur/Tara.

These undergorund sub-lands are knowns as Ar-Ratoth / Agratath / Agartha.

More seals/filters known as the Templat-Axoim-Seal were placed on DNA due
to stuffing about by a breakaway faction of the Melchizedek p/hood. [
many times can you seal a jar???]

This Templar/Axoim seal still affects the majority of prestent day
population. It is also known as the "666" Seal [ number of man, placed on
each i figured..Revelations maybe past-tense not
future]....this was originally applied to HU-2 Sirian-Anunnaki who assisted
the building of the great pyramid (encoded with 666)..

Interbreeding with the Melchizedeks Cloister and Sirian-Anunnaki created
the Nephilim and Anu Human race.

Administration of the Templar-Axion Seal was done by the Arcturians..

Soul essence must now pass thru
i. Plaeidian
ii. Arcturus
iii. Andromeda
iv. Tara (rebirth)
v. Earth (return until merger with Tara)

The templar-axiom seal also known as the soul harverst/judgement
day...[interesting another RA channelled material discusses this at length
/David Wilcocks also does a summary of this material]

Earth Tara grid to merge in 3-4 generations after the year2012.
1st wave ascension 2012-2072
2nd wave scheduled for AD.4230

Humans who can assemble 4th DNA can ascend in 1st wave (escape
re-incarnation cycle).

7th R/Race and 7th Cloister will emerge after Tara/Earth grids merge...this
is known as the 5th world of the native american indians..

At present 6th r/race is just beginning the 3rd wave

The 7th race cycle will assemble DNA#6.

7th R/race do not die, nor physically breed..and can travel time..

Many ET visitors are 7th race relative (from Tara/future)

4. AMENTI-4...

The Elohim HU-3 favoured the 5th root race Ayrian / Hibiru race-cloister
who were not contaminated by mixed breeding. It was hoped that thru them
they could get earth back on track in order to re-enter the sphere of
amenti in earth's core.

Approx 1MYA the Drakon from HU-2Orion system came to earth and tampered
with gene codes.

Drakon = dragon/lizard like, sentient, aggressive, expert scientists, had
poor relations with HU-1 galactic council..

The Drakon created a hybrid called "Dracos" (human body but Drakon facial

Due to these superior Dracos and their havoc breeding program, many
cultures retreated product from their breeding was
Phalzants (Chupacabras) were combined aninal strains with Drakon/Earth strains.

Phalzants and Drakons currently are assisting the Zeta with detrimental
earthly agendas.

Because the Dracos have human genes they believe that they have rights to
earth as much as we do.

The Drakon became a menace, so with some help with Sirian-Anunnaki was
decided to destroy Drakon underground habitats. This plan backfired causing
crustal explosion, flooding , axis tilt etc..

Most Drakon left earth or destroyed.
Most humans retreated underground.

Due to human gene digression, other ET races used this opportunity to
experiment. From this came primitive forms of man/apes. (Human lineage did
not emerge from these)

Atlanian 2nd-seeding (evolved om Mars) were influenced by Sirian-Anunnaki
HU-2. The anunnaki added sexist slants - women were sub-servants / breeding
slaves. They also made out that they were our gods.

The Nephilim (950,000YA) were the children of the Anunnaki thru
interbreeding. They were advanced/superior and dominated humans.

The Lamanian culture were not affected/infiltrated and had retreated

The elohim and Ra confederacy in order to put things back online/path
disabled certain gene codes (junk DNA)..

The HU-2 Seres/Ceres interbred with members of the Atlanian & Ayrian races
to created a superior human race knowns as the Serres/Egytians.

Egyptians carry the most diversified genetic codes.

900,000 YA the elohim & sirian council re-entered th sphere of amenti into
earth's core.

The anunnaki were upset at the elohim for interfering with their nephilim
race/children and decided to attempt to destroy the sphere of amenti and
utilize humans as slaves to harvest gold.

War (1000 years) broke out between the nephilim vs Serres (local) and
elohim vs Anunnaki (inter-galactic).

Earth races sought exile on other planets and most nephilim relocated to
Sirius-A and then Nibiru.

Again the Breneau of HU-5 intervened and negotiated a treaty between the
warring factions.

"Treaty of El-Annu" agreed that the nephilim would not return to earth and
that another Anunnaki-Human hybrid would be allowed to be created called

This treaty also created many divisions with-in the Anunnaki

on one side we have the Law of One followers - Sirian-Blue (Sirius-A) and
the Kantarians (Sirius-B) and the Sirian Council HU-2...

on the otherside we have the Anunnaki resistance, the Dracos (Sirius-A) and
the Drakon who were hell bent on destroying the Sphere of Amenti.

In order to regulate things a little the RA confederacy & Sirian Council
applied the "666" Templar-Axion Seal on the Dracos abs well as the Anunnaki
resistance meaning neither could succesfully interbreed with any other
species other than their own.

So now the anunnaki-resistance's only hope of keeping their foot in the
door and getting back into earth was thru the new anuunaki hybrid program
"children of Annu" which the Treaty allowed the Anunnaki.

5. AMENTI-5...

849,000 YA the sphere of amenti was removed from earth's core and placed in
a secure location to be protected by Arcturus and Pleiadian. The Sphere was
hidden in the Andromedan star system.
Andromedans did not agree to military involvement as they did not support
the Treaty of El-Annu.

A portal bridge between earth D-2 core and the S.O.A in the Andromedan
galaxy was constructed to allow/assist re-seeding on earth.

This portal bridge was called the Arch of the Covenenat of Palaidor also
known as the arc of the covenant.

A 5-D seal was placed on the arc-cov, making it a one-way door, where souls
could descend to earth but could not return, unless they had the 5-D
gene-coding. (known as the shield of the Arc).

The 6th R/race Muvarians [ sounds like Gardner's Merovingian Kings] and
their Melchizedek cloister held the 5-D gene code, meaning also that the
Annu hybrids also held the key as they were to be seeded thru the
Melchizedek cloister.

Those who held the key/shield became guardians.

The shiuld would be released once 8% of the living population had assembled
the 5th DNA strand.

The earth-grid frequency would rise, igniting/activating the S.of.A to
release/descend back to earth's core taking approx 2000yrs.

Once this had occured the blue flame of amenti would be released (approx
12yr process) to merge with the core/S.of.A.

Once this was achieved the ascension portals to Tara would be opened.

Upon returning to earth for the 3rd seeding was discovered some survivors
from 2nd seeding (Lamanians and Ur-Antrian).

The Serres-Egyptians interbred with the Lamanians. The new race known as
the Urtites (800,000 YA) known as P/Hood of Ur.

All five cloister races birthed their line of race thru the Urtites
(750,000 - 75,000 YA)

75000 YA Ur-Antrian Cloister
73000 YA Lamanian/Lemurian - Pacific Ocean and Andes mountains.

72000 YA Breanoua Cloister
70000 YA Atlantians - Atlantic ocean & egypt.

68000 YA Hibiru Cloister
65000 YA Aryans - Black Sea & Carpathian mountains.

The Annu were seeded into the Atlantian root-race. They kept in touch with
their Sirian-Anunnaki fore-fathers.

[note: in general up to now, the Anunnaki were with the law of one except
for a small faction known as the Anunnaki resistance/rebellion who were the
trouble makers]

Technological gifts were given/allowed by other Stellar races eg.
crystalline power generators.

Arc of Covenant was located within the atlantian landmass.

55000 YA the Anunnaki resistance infiltrated, things digressed, Atlantis
nearly ended. With the help of the Drakons and Dracos, the Annu were
infiltrated, interbreeding between the two occured.

Because the Anunnaki resistance carried the Templar-Axion seal, this was
passed/mixed in with the Annu genes.

52000 YA the Templar-Annu (resistance infiltrated) allowed the forbidden
Dracos to return to earth to assist with infiltration of the Lemurian
continent of Muarivhi in exchange for a permanent home-base on earth.

As previously noted, the crystal generators were used by humans in an
attempt to rid the underground Dracos, but plan backfired.

The Stability of the Arc of the Covenant was breached and was moved to
Egypt (51750 YA). The Serres-Egyptians would now share guardianship.

In order to show force/strength scare of the Anunnaki resistance, the
Sirian-Anunnaki council did a show of force thingy, by mounting an outpost
on mars and by visiting egypt/atantis en-mass.

The Sirian Council built pyramid structures all over earth directly over
portal regions!!!!

The Pyramid structure was Sirian Anunnaki trademark. The Giza pyramid
(48000 YA) was built over the Arc of the Covenant to protect it from rebels.

The Sphinx (body of a Leonine and head of Anunnaki Warrior) was built over
an inner earth entrance/portal/library/storage as a symbol tribute to the
Leonines. It also served to protect/cover the 5-D UHF energy devices
(anti-gravity) known as the "Ankh" which were used to help build the pyramids.

These Ankh's became to be known as the Arc of the Covenant and the true
identity of the Arc as a portal-bridge was lost.

Leonine were a race of beings from HU-2, early founders of the Anunnaki.

[note: Sphinx was built first then the Great Pyramid]

The great Pyramid was re-constructed several times (12550 and 11000YA)

It served also as interstellar teleportation centre. [Alan Alford, states
that the pyramid was a power generator as well as a radar-control-like
tower guiding in the craft. The landing port/runaway was actually Sinia

The pyramid allowed the Sirian council quick entry/intervention should the
A.C come under Anunnaki rebel attack/control.

The spot on which the Pyramid was built and the A.C placed was known as
Earth's heart chakra.

The pyramid was lined up with Sirius-B but a after some grid-shifts/tilt
was re-position to line up with Alcyone/Pleiades. Due to this shift,
visitation by the Sirian council became harder to accomplish and less frequent.

The Anunnaki rebels tried to use the atlantis crystal gemerator to teardown
the electromagnetic barriers securing the inner earth portals and in the
processed failed destroying Atlantis which broke up into 3-pieces. This
caused the flooding and axis tilt.

From this the rebels lost their stronghold of atlantis. Angered by this
they launched an aggressive attack on the Mars Sirian outpost destroying
it. The Sirian Council Allies drove the rebel fleet from earth to the
distant planet of Nibiru, but were to o late as the pyramid and sphinx and
other culture centres were destroyed.

9500 YA the Templar-Annu regained control of atlantis, whilst the
Sirian-Council-Anunakki, the Annu-Melchizedeks and Serres-Egyptians
re-built Egypt.

6. AMENTI-6...

[Note: whilst reading section-6 consider the following by notes from
Laurence Gardner...

Akhenaton = Moses
Aaron = Smenkhkare = son of Aye
Moses = Akhenaten
Nefertiti = wife of Moses
Amenhotep-III = father of Moses
Tiye (Queen) = mother of Moses
Tey = mother of Smenkhkare
Aye = father of Smenkhkare Yusuf-Yuya the Vizier = grandfather of Smenkhkare
Aaron (Smenkhkare) = father of Princess Scota]

After 28000 BC. the Atlantis explosion reduced Atlantis to 3 small islands.
(Bermuda Islands)
Visitors used the Egypt-Pyramid-Alcyone Spiral/Portal to access earth.

Anunnaki Resistance & Drakon not permitted to use portals.

9558 BC the rebels attempted to destroy the sphere of amenti using the
atlantis crystal core power generators.

The S.O.A reflected the power EM pulse beam back onto the crystal
generator. This caused major chain-reaction explosions.

Sirian Council found out too late. The council order Sirian blue race to
remove all crystal core generators from earth.

Further security seals placed on the Arc of the Covenant. Prior sealing two
rods-cylinder-staff were charged to allow/assist egyptians to enter inner
earth portals.

The EM pluse beam activated the S.O.A, but earth was not at correct
frequency to accept the SOA and thus the grid would explode.

9540 BC following the deluge, the RA confederacy + Elohim + others altered
earth's morph-field creating a natural frequency fence which did not allow
4D to plug into 3D.

Also all interstellar portals were de-activated. All ET's were put on a
hands off, non-interference, and earth was quarantined.

The frequency fence allowed the elohim to favour their own kind (Hibiru
Cloister race and Serres-Egyptian).

3rd DNA strand manifested without 7-12 basetones resulting in genetic
mutation. These gaps in DNA caused memory loss between concious awareness
and astral awareness causing distortion/loss in dream re-call.

The ego (5 senses) and the higherself (10-12 overtone frequency) were now

We lost all direct assistance/relationship with multi-dimensional galactic

Concious recall of higher dimensions requires 4th DNA strand.
[there is too much DNA info here to summarise...get the book]

Egyptian-Serres + Annu-Melchizedek + hebrew peoples were now guardians of
the arc and and had custody of the rods/staff and their connection to inner
earth portals remained.

Somewhere amongst this saga the Zephilium (Zeta Reticuli) genetically mixed
with the Templar-Annu in the hope of reversing their mutating genes and
creating a hybrid for themselves to embody that was more suitable to earth.

12-DNA strand package is the highest genetic imprint ina HU-1 and HU-2 and
when fully activated canembody a 12-D oversoul.

Currently all races have been intered in ot the S.O.A.

2409BC - the SOA was released from D4 by the Elohim.

1398BC - an avatar from HU-2 (pure anunnaki - sirian council) carrying 9-D
frequencies was born thru Annu-Melchizedek in Thebes Egypt.

His name was Amenophis-IV (changed his name to Akhenaton in 1366BC. His
father was Amenophis-III (serres-egyptian) and mother was Queen Tiy

1374BC - Halls of Amenti were opened.

At age 28 he was taken to inner earth for and trained for ascension.

1367BC - relocated to Tel-El-Amarna. At the time Giza pyramid was still
under control of Amonist priests of serres-egyptian lineage.

Along the way Akhenaton became a little twisted in his ways and showed
favouritism only towards the Annu peoples and would not allow any other
race to ascend thru halls of amenti.

An alternative plan was devised without Akhenaton's knowledge by Priests of
Ur and Elohim to allow other (non-Annu) races to ascend.

This plan was carried out by his 200 Blue-Flame Melchizedek support staff.

Keepers of the flame was headed by;

Primary Flame Holder = Phaelopea High Priestess
Inner Circle Flame keepers = General haremhab (army general), Sabatoth
(physician and half-brother) and Ankhi (Kiya) his 4th wife.

1362BC - Akhenaton found out what was going on, went crazy, and sentenced
Ankhi and Sabatoth to death but they escaped to Giza. Haremhab was not
found out but this was short lived when Akhenaton found him and some other
blueflame keepers in the portals.

Basically a little scuffle broke out, Akhenaton tried to close the halls of
amenti, his staff/rod beam was redirected by a flame holder in which a part
of the S.O.A. collapsed allowing chaotic D-1 and D-2 souls (underworld) to
be released.

The elohim intervened, resealed the SOA and wiped everyones memory of the
whole incident and returned them back to their homes.

[Things from here become messy and complicated but will do my best (pls do
get the books)].

Because SOA was broken in two...anyone trying to ascend thru it would
become soul fragmented.

Akhenaton took this warning as some sort of trick/conspiracy against him
and the Annu. So he did not listen and proceeded to ascend people thru.

Sabatoth found this out and thought the same that must be something funny
going on..if he can do can i..and so proceeded to send souls thru
not realizing their fate.

Elohim intervened again..deactivated the rods/staff and sealed of the halls
of amenti.

From here comnspiracy brewed to assasinate Akhenaton by his uncle (younger
bro of Amenophis-III) and his 1stwife Nefereti.

Ankhi (4th wife) and 2yr old son were 1st assasinated and then in 1353BC
Akhenaton the same.

Smenkhare took throne, Sabatoth was imprisoned and then executed in 1344BC.

Sabatoth left behind a son to wife Ihopetohelep. Child was named Tutankhaton.

Tutankhaton married Ankhesenpaaton (3rd daughter of Akhenaton)

Smenkhare was assasinated and Tutankhaton took the throne.

To please the Serres priesthood his name was changed to Tutankhamon. He
became a puppet to Haremhab who was starting to favour the Serres-Egyptians
and moved away from the Keepers of the Blue-Flame.

Tutankhamon resisted this, but at age 17 was poisoned.

Aya an old counciler priest and friend of Haremhab was appointed to the throne.

After Aya died, Haremhab appointed himself and went about destroying any
evidence of his affilations with the blue-flame keepers and the Aton movement.

Guardianship of the Arc of Cov was now transferred to the Hibiru Cloister

Due to Akhenatons big fiasco, there was major rifts/divisiosn among the
ranks of the Elohim HU-3, the Sirian Council of HU-2 and the Ra Confederacy.

Elohim abandoned their attention to the human race (as thought we were
losers) save the Annu-Melchizedek and Hebrew peoples.

From here things get more messy.

Elohim decided the only way to ensure pure genetic breeding was to become
pro-male dominated, thus controlling the women for breeding purposes. (how

Finally an appeal was made to the RA confederacy.

1240BC - The Azurites and the Elohim established the Essene B/hood.

Again the Elohim took things into their own hands with various
interbreeding agendas.

Due to this, the priests of Ur decided to disassociate themselves from the
main essene b/hood, save a few select essene families.

1979BC - An ET Nephilim from the 2nd seeding was brought to earth, his name
Melchizedek, King of Salem (later Salem became JeruSalem).

Melchizedek and Hebrew Essenes were known as the TEMPLAR-MELCHIZEDEK.

The other Essenes who worked with the Priests of Ur and Azurite council
were known as the BLUE FLAME MELCHIZEDEK.

In order to re-align the SOA and re-unite the Essene factions a 12-D level
Avatar was brought in.

12BC - this 12D avatar was born outside of Bethlehem. Mother was Jeudi and
father was Joehius, both descendants of the house of Solomon. He was taken
into custody by the priests of Ur.
This child's soul essence was born of HU-4 avatar Sananda. Child's name was
Jesheua-Melchizedek (Jesheua-12)

7BC - The elohim decided to bring in a 9-level avatar, this child was named
Jeshewua-9 and parents were Mary/Jospeh as per bible.

Jeshewua-9 and mother Mary were born of ET Nephilim conception. This ET
connection was covered up as the immaculant conception as did not want
peopel to know of ET intervention.

In the bible the lives of these two avatars became consolidated as one Jesus.

Thru the birth of Jesheua-12 the Hebrew and Melchizedek morph-field of
Alcyone was re-integrated. The SOA was repaired and the thus becoming known
as the saviour of the races.

At age20 (8AD) after studying in persia and india was taken to Giza by
priests of Ur. Here he assisted many groups to ascend thru the Halls of Amenti.

From here the BLUE FLAME MELCHIZEDEK Essenes as well as the Melchizedek and
Hibiru Cloisters were appointed by the Azurites of Ra to share gaurdianship
over the Arc of the Covenant.

It was these groups chosen in 1972AD to receive full 12DNA alignment by the
time-traveling hybrid Zionite race.

This 12DNA silicate matrix is randomly nowaday distributed thru-out all
races. The greatest concentration can be found in Hebrew, Melchizedek,
Aryan, East Indian and Tibet.

During Jesheua-12 8AD to 21AD period, Jeshewua-9 became popular amongs the
TEMPLAR MELCHIZEDEKS who were not aware nor interested in Jesheua-12.

Jeshewua-9 had travelled thruout Nepal, greece, Syria, Persia and Tibet.

Jesheua-12's teaching were more eastern and became hidden/secret mystery
school within Egypt Giza.

Jeshewua-9's teachings became more well known and thus more persecution
from Roman influence and also from within his own Templat-Melchizedek's.

At age 32 (25AD) Jeshewua-9 with his wife Mary Magdalene and their
3-children exiled to France.

Another man by the name of Arihabi (Hebrew-Annu-Melchi) was led by Elohim
thru visions to believe he was Jeshewua-9...we all know the rest,
crucifixion and all.
[anyone seen the movie, the last temptation of christ]

The resurrection of the body of christ was a Holographic insert by the Elohim.
[Lysa Royal as well as Seth-Jane Roberts had stated this yonks ago]

Arihabi was brought back to life although not an avatar by the Elohom in
return for his services for diverting attention away from Jeshewua-9. After
this he spent the remining 30yrs of his life in India.

Jeshewua-9 and Templar Melchizedeks became primary foundations for Jewish
and Christian Faiths.

6-Women of various races were chosen to carry Jesheua-12 seed to perpetuate
the 12-strand DNA.

The descendants of these children were spread out amongst French
Aristocrats, other with in Celtic, Egyptian and African lines.

Of the 6 children birthed, 5 survived to bring forth 12-DNA lineage. One
line now resides in the USA.

Jeshewua-9 and his 3-children prospered also..

J-9 went to Tibet and with the help of the Elohim he ascended out of Matter
in 47AD to HU-3. This actually required 10-DNA but due to Elohim assistance
was allowed for J-9.

J-12 ascended earth thru Arc of Covenant at age 39 in 27AD.

Both J-12 and J-9's teachings have been corrupted, twisted to suit those in
need of power etc..

It was J-12 that restored the Hebrew, but did not get the credit.

Due to J-12 and J-9 efforts all races have been restored in the SOA and the
first wave mass ascension of 2017 AD is back on schedule.

7. AMENTI-7...

Energetic imprint of DNA is carried within the personal morphogenetic
field, thus making it important to pay attention to the frequency fields
contained with-in the physical DNA.

Human body was designed to be immortal. To break the death/rebirth cycle,
to transcend and transmute a physical body above HU-1 an identity must
posses a 5th level conciousness / have fully assembled the 5th DNA strand.

6th Cloister Melchizedek race hold the 5th DNA strand.

The more souls that can assemble the 5th DNA strand, the quicker the earth
grid begins transmitting 5-D frequencies into the bio energetic fields of
the planet.

Pollution and natural environment abuse makes it hard for a soul essence to
sustain hi-frequency on this planet and for the S.O.A to be held in the
earth core.

At certain points (twice) with in the 26556 year cycle the grid reaches a
vibration high enough to allow 5-D frequency infussion. At these points,
the earth can accommodate hi-freq souls.

As explained before the 26556 yr cycle is broken up into 6x 4426 yr cycles.
The two points where the earth reaches high enough rate is at the half-way
points of the 1st-4426 yr cycle and the last-4426yr cycle.

At these points there is a 5-yr transition period where earth and tara
morph fields merge. Durung this period certain anomolies occur such as
double-moon, prolonged periods of darkness and light. Also
electric/magnetic devices may have difficulty functioning.

[note: this is interesting as St.Germain (Azena) mentioned back in 1988
that there would be a point in time where the earth's magnetic fields would
reverse causing all our electronic devices not to function and that the we
would have to reverse the polarities on our devices to make them work. He
also mentioned that we would know we are getting close to what he termed
ascension point when planes would start falling out of the sky and that it
would become so bad that all plane flights would become grounded. When
asked for a time-frame, he said that future events were fluid but he put
his finger on 10yrs as of then (1998-99)].

At the halfway-point of this cycle all harmonic time cycles sychronise thru
all 5-HU opening up a time-warp-portal all the way from Metagalactic core
D-8 down to HU-1 where a holographic Beam of energy that feeds and sustains
all dimensional systems. This beam enters our solar system thru the core
(blackhole) of our sun.

Alcyone, central sun of Pleiadian system is the primary sun of our Solar
System making our system a Binary Star/Sun system. Our sun is the 8th star
of the Pleidain System [note: it has been stated by many scientific
thoughts that intelligent life exists where there are binary star/sun systems.]

5yrs prior and after the half-way point, the 5th DNA imprint is made
available to all giving everyone the opportunity to ascend to Tara. Thos
who can assemble the 5th DNA strand can take their physical bodies with
them to Tara. Those who can only assemble 4th DNA strand may choose to die
(not suicide) eg disasters they do not have to incarnate again and
can go to next level as a soul essence. Those who can not assemble will
remain stuck in a re-incarnation pattern until the next opportunity 22 13
years later.

Ascension cycle began 2194YA (196 BC). Half-way point is 2017AD.

In 1906 an asteroid was heading towards earth, the azurite council, Elohim
and Ra allowed permission for non-direct intervention. The asteroid was
broken up by the guardians, only some fragments entered earth atmosphere [
note: maybe Tungusta-Russia].

2nd time this occured was in 1982, again it was broken up.

In 1926 Zeta/Zephilium from planet Apaxein-Lau began interacting with
certain factions of several earth govts.

Several projects by Zeta/Draco were intent on destroying earths grid
vibration rate to stop us from evolving ascending. The Zeta were involved
with atlantis and for a time with colonization of mars.

Zeta setup a frequency fence in 1748. This fence blocks dream/astral/OOB
recall. In 1986, 8% of earth population re-aligned their 4th DNA strand
thus further breaking up the Zeta frequency fence which is meant to keep us
at 3rd DNA strand level. Since then the zeta/draco are getting desparate to
stop us/earth from evolving.

In 1943 the zeta offered the US. Navy a technology to make objects appear
invisible (Philadelphia Experiment. The Zeta had an alterior motive. They
knew that a manufactured merkaba field would distrupt earth's natural
merkaba fields causing a rip in space-time. Thru this tear/hole the zeta
brought in undetected their ships from which they fired EM pulses at the
sun, distrupting the merkaba field of the sun causing them to reverse
becoming electrical rather than magnetic.

This caused the sun to behave abnormally (massive solar winds) between the
years 1949-1972 and if the guardians had not intervened there would have
been a major polar shift in the 70's/80's.

The goal of the Zeta was to mis-align the grids to enforce a frequency
fence to stop earth/humans from ascending. In order for us to ascend, the
S.O.A. had to be in place by 1/1/1988 and activated by 2000AD.

In the early 70's the guardians placed a 11:11/12:12 frequency fence to
stabilise the damage caused by the zeta. This freq-fence began to lift on
11th Jan 1992.

By 1982-1984 most zeta/draco gave up and made treaties/agreements with the
guardian races except for a few resistance factions who still desired to
control/own earth. The agreement included re-loaction of all zeta/draco
hybrids to a D-4 planetary system and dismantling of their freq-fence.

The Primary zeta that refused to give up were Zeta Greys from the star
Rigel (orion system), known as the Rigelians or Futchzi. This group caused
another major disruption via the Montauk project.

Abductions continued to happen (symptoms = babies born prior 7months
gestation period), in which the guardians would locate, re-abduct to
disable the zeta/draco genetic codes.

The Guardians have setup a bridge-zone project (which the zeta/draco
resistance are aware of) to further protect earth from any more disruptions.

Before continuing on to part-8 re: the bridge-zone project some info
regarding the mechanics of merkaba fields wouldn't go astray.

All planetary spheres contain a set of counter-rotating electro-magnetic

eg. D-1 contains 12-base-tone frequency spirals/patterns which are magnetic
and rotate anti-clockwise. Also is contain and electrical spiral pattern
clockwise which has 12-base-overtone frequencies.

The two spiral energy fields forms a star-tetrahedron known as a merkaba-field.

Earth's D-1 Merkaba Field resides within earth's core as a tiny crystal
encased in elemental iron which grounds morphagentic field in HU-1.

D-2 Merkaba surrounds the D-1 merkaba which hold the morph imprint.
D-3 merkaba is 444,000 miles in space which holds the atmosphere.
D-4 merkaba is a crystal encased in gold located within a blackhole in the
centre of the sun.
D-5 merkaba surrounds the D-4 sun.

Metagalactic merkaba field is constructed of 15 inverted anti-clockwise and
15 upright clockwise electrical fields.

The merkaba fields holographically create the perceptual/experiential
illusions of matter,space,time thru refraction of energy particles.

Movement of particles is an illusion when conciousness views itself thru
layered prisms of mult-dimensional order.

All dimensions exist in the same space but operate differently due to
particle pulse rates created by degrees of angular rotation.

One universe = 15-dimensions = 5-harmonic-universes.
One harmonic universe = 3-dimensions.

There are 90-degree opposing shifts per dimension.

Between every harmonic-universe there is a 45degree opposing shift.

eg. D1,D2,D3 = HU-1
+90-90+90-45 degrees = a shift of +45degrees

[note: this is very interesting as Bruce Cathie discovered an antenna from
photographs back in the 60's from a ship "etaltin" of an antenna placed to
deep under the ocean for any technology of the time to have put it there.
He used this antenna grid location to further map the energy grid. But what
i find interesting is that this antenna was made up off 6-crossbars...with
the angle between the crossbars being 15degrees!!...may not be related but
the above info just caused me to flash-back to this Bruce Cathie bit...6x
15 = 90degrees]

Between one harmonic-universe and the next the 45degree reverse angular
rotation of spin which creates a void/magentic repulsion zone which
separates the reality fields (to us appears like never ending space/galaxies.

[note: maybe then this HU-1 universe never ends as far as distance/physical
boundaries and the only way to the next Universe is thru frequency

8. AMENTI-8...

Guardian's original plan was to send transmissions via the artificial D4
christ conciousness grid to raise the earth vibration.

Earth vibration would rise in;
Oct-1986 - 1st spark the Arc of the Covenant
1988 - SOA would complete 14 month descent
June-1998 - 2nd spark of the A.C beginning 12yr descent of the Blue Flame.
2004 - Re-align earth grid, 4th vortex heart chakra at Giza with the
Alcyone Holographic Beam.
2012 - Open the Halls of Amenti.

Between 1988 and 2017 Earth's 7-natural seals / primary vortex points would
open as the dimensional morphogenetic fields and stellar spirals blended
with each other.

Due to 1943 Philedelphia Experiment by the Zeta, and the imposed
11:11/12:12 frequency fences of 1972, which had to be lifted by no later
than Jan 1996.

Once the SOA was opened, if the D4 frequency could not enter earth's core
by Jan 2000, the morphogenetic fields of Tara which are stored at the
centre of our sun would explode, taking out with it the 10-planets in this
solar system, but also setting up a chain reaction in the pleiadian star
system of which our Sun is a part of.

From here it gets tricky.

The Zeta/Draco implemented a plan to re-setup their frequency fence/Zeat
Seal in 2003. The main purpose of this is to keep us under and subdued and
not make our ascension progression.

What to do? If things were not handled correctly, earth's population would
be dwindled by mass earth changes between 2012-2017.

Another option was to stop the SOA from activating thus trapping humanity
in HU-1/3D for another 26556years before they could attempt ascending again.

A confrontation between the guardians and the zeta/draco would destroy the
earth and surrounding planets from the wages of war. So confrontation was
not the answer.

In any case if the ascension plans were aborted or sobataged and earth came
under draco/zeta would still meet an untimely destruction
by 2976AD due to abuse etc by Draco/Zeta.

The solution was the bridge-zone project.

In a nutshell, without getting to technical and into the mechanics of it,
the BZP was this.

Since the draco/zeta could not be moved out of the way, the guardians would
move earth in it's totallity out of the way, out of the HU-1 time cycle.

This would have naturally occured in 4230AD but now had to be forced ahead
of schedule for the year 2017AD.

The zeta had made calculations from the 1943 philadelphia experiment, of
how to inject EM pulses into the earth grid to setup their frequency fence.

The guardians by increasing the merkaba field frequencies from HU1/D3 to
3.5 would make the zeta/draco calculations useless.
Since their Em pulse would not reach the new earth grid speed, they would
not have time to re-calculate. [I wonder if HAARP
is zeta/draco experiment, in an attempt to recalculate as they know what
the guardians BZP is]

To be able to shift to the BZ the population would have to assemble 4.5
strands of DNA. 8% of the population would need 5-strands and 144,000 need
6-strand DNA.

This time-shifting of planets procedure is very complex and requires full
direct intervention and thus full approval and rarely ever implemented.
Normally people and planets are left alone to evolve according to the
choices they make. BUT where there are consequences involving numerous
planets, star systems, intervention is required.



[note: this little bit is pretty important especially to those who are into
manifesting or changing their lives etc..but first will get the maths out
of the way]

Linear time is an illusion created through the pulsation rate of particles

4426years = one time continuum
26556years = one harmonic universe cycle
4426 x 6 = 26556

Each dimension = 2x time continuum = 8852years of time

Out of the 6 x 4426 time cycles, 4 are forward moving and 2 are counter
rotating tracks of time.

One time continuum = a 45degree shift on angular rotation.

One dimension = 2x time-continuum = 2x 45deg = 90deg.

One HU = 90deg shift (90-90+90 = 90) Jump from one HU to the next HU =
45degshift counter rotating. = 90-90+90-45 = 45degshift.

Multiple reality fields take place in the same point in space but remain
invisible to each other due to angular rotation of particles.

Time does not move...Conciousness moves itself thru unified field of the
time matrix.

Re-incarnation is simply a fragmented soul-group/family simulteanously
existing/evolving in the six time continuums/cycles.

A soul identity/group/family incarnates into 6-pairs of male/female soul
fragments, one pair per time cycle. These pairs are known as twin-flames,
not to be confused with the more romantic soul-mates.

HU3 OverSoul/Group/Family incarnates 12-fragments into HU2

Each of these HU2 fragments further incarnates into another 12 fragments
into HU1

So in HU1 you have a 144 soul fragments that belong to one soulgroup/family

Conciousness resides in the dimension above it's field of reality
perception. We exist in 4D but percieve but our reality focus is 3D and below

Your other soul-fragments appear as past incarnations, whilst for those HU2
appear as future incarnations.

You DNA has within it encoded EM imprints of the other living portions of
your soul identity.

By assembling your DNA, expansion occurs where you tap into other
space-time co-ords of other time-cycles and regain more concious awareness
of your sould ID.


Thought patterns from past/otherselves if slow/dense pulsating manifest
themselves in your cellular structure/DNA manifest program. This is known
as Karmic imprint.

You can change this program by going back/forward to re-design past
undesired events.

Thoughts held at one dimension become programmed into the corresponding
DNA/Cellular memory/Body Cells.

Increasing frequency infusion into DNA gives off illusion of the passing of

DNA serves as a reality projector of data stored in cellular memory into
physical manifest.

Reprogram past events to shift thing in the present-now.

Use the chakra system to accelerate DNA strand assembly. Get to know your
bodies and systems with-in and understand how they work, as you do this you
will master better control of your life manifest and DNA assembly.

First you must learn to de-manifest skills before manifest skills as if not
properly controlled can unleash chaos in ones present moment a you release
slow-pulsating cellular karmic blocks.

[Anna Hayes in Secrets of Amenti provides an in-depth 6-7 pages excercise
to learn these manifest/de-manifest skills correctly, moving forward/back
etc. There are also other excercies for other things i will get to later. I
highly recommend if interested that you buy the book(s) I would have
to verbatim type out word for word the excercise for it to be of any use to
anyone. Anna has given expressed permission to make study notes, and i do
not wish to breach that trust by copying verbatim chunks out of the book.
The books are not that expensive, especially if you are in america. So if
this material is of any interest to you, it would behoove you to buy the
books. pls see top of this

9. AMENTI-9...

The Bridge Zone Project will accelerate earth to a midpoint between D3 &
D4. Particle spin will be shifted by 22.5degrees. In order for the BZP to
be a success 8% of the earth's population have to assemble the 5th DNA strand.

If earth can not raise it's frequency high enough, it will not make the
BridgeZone and by 2004 the Draco/Zeta freq-fence (matrix) will be in
place...if this happens, parts of the earth grid will drop-speed/freq and
start to fragment....massive earth changes/movements..

Argartha is loated half-way in a freq zone between earth and earth's double
in the parallel universe (antiparticle earth)...antiparticle earth vibrates
one-dimension higher than particle earth..

Earth D2 frequency = parallel Earth D1 frequency.
Earth D3 freq = par Earth D2
Earth D4 freq = par Earth D3

Between D3 and D4 is a 45degree angular rotation of particle spin which is
known as the repulsion zone which gives the illusion of never ending space
between star systems..

All things perceived outside of yourself, including earth etc , exist at
the centre of the sun, at varying rates of pulsation..

Due to BZP, earth's freq will be raised one dimension during 2012-2017,
then brought back down half-dimension, merging earth with
earth will become argartha...

It is critical that the mass humans reach 4.5 level by 2012, if not, no one
will make it to the BZ and the Halls of Amenti will not

If the above scenario happens, the guardians will rescue those who have
assemble or part assembled their 5th DNA strand...guardians can not
transport those, who have not assembled, their 5th DNA strand as they would
not be able to withstand the high-frequency and would die..

Those who have assembled only part of the 5th DNA strand, can not pass thru
the halls of amenti in any case.....they will be guided to transport
locations upon inter-dimensional craft.

Those who have managed to assemble part of their 5th DNA, but have been
hindered by birth defects, accidents, ilnesses and/or ET manipulation, will
have their conciousness moved to a clone body/replica.

The Draco/Zeta are planning to stage a mass landing in 2001, pretending to
be the guardian group. The guardian group will not land at mass
televised/media landings what so ever..this is their only way to protect
their mission, so as to not get caught up in any dis-info/bag guys
syndrome...yes they will eventually land....but not until earth is back to
it's true self and no longer under any manipulation by covert groups/ET...

NOTE: if the mass landing does not occur, it means that the
draco/zeta/interior government have failed to get the freq-fence up....and
will continue to subdue/hide the truth and dis-info...anti ET/UFO agenda make the masses turn away from UFO/ET and the like etc..

Earth was measured in 1998 and looked to be on schedule and promisinf for
the BZP.

As earth approaches 2012, subtle divisions will start to appear on earth
between hi/lo-freq groups.....dark/light forces.......will occur around the
earth/chakra vortices. Small scale wars will break out...motivated by the
Anunnaki resistance who enter orbit in D4 in 1997. They do not work with
the Zeta/Draco....they only simply wish to purge earth and the universe of
humans who they regard as a cosmic virus....they will not directly
intervene, interfere, as they would suffer great punishment by the Sirian
Anunnaki Council.

1. painted desert, Arizona USA
2. jerusalem, israel
3. Himalayan Mountains, Asia
4. Giza, Egypt
5. Machu Picchu, Peru
6. Caucasus Mountains, USSR
7. Andes Mountains, Sth America

these portals open and close at different times.....the above are in
chronological order of open/shut times..

They are currently attempting to decode the D4 protective frequency seal.
So they can enter into D3....if they do.....the andromedans will not be
able to hold them back and they will need to rely on lightworkers to
balance/protect the portals...

Many religious organizations will be used by zeta/draco as dis-info
movement. Also much distraction tactis will be employed to divert the
masses from the true issues at war. economic, famine etc and fear
bases crisis to keep the masses struggling and subdued...

For those that make it to the BZ...during 2017 will experience a 3-day
period of tension/sensation of atmospheric pressure....also will appear to
have a moon with two halos ......known as night of the two moons...

10. AMENTI-10...

1988-2017, Earths 7 Primary chakras/vortices will will open as 6-stellar
spirals align with the earth's merkaba fields.

1/1/2000, planetary ascension into D-4 time cycle begins.

Between 1992-5/5/2012, six silent avatars will be born.

1999-2017, 150,000 Indigo children will birth, to carry activated 6th DNA

7x Dimensional Merkaba fields would open in HU-1 (Earth), HU-2 (Tara), HU-3
(Gaia) as they become aligned with the holographic beam for 3-days in 2017.

Sept 17/2001 - HOR in Giza would begin opening.
May 5/2012 - HOR Fully activated.
Dec 21/2012 - HOR begins to transmit data thru the earths grid allowing
inter-dimensional memory to become available to the populace.

Anunnaki Resistance are currently manipulating the populace thru the
primary vortex in Jersualem and one of the secondary vortex in Manhattan,
of which the have decoded the access codes.

Indigo Children are D-6 souls embodied, (6-D freq = indigo colour). They
carry activated 5th strand DNA and can activate 6th strand.

Indigo children are also known as sirian-blues They come from the 7th root
race "Evanjhechi" and their cloister race Yunaseti, collectivelly kno as
the Paradisians.

Stellar Spiral Alignments/Activations.

D4- Solar (Blue Wave) - 5/5/2000 to June/2004. Solar Spiral aligns with
Earth's Merkaba Field.

D5 - Pleiadian (Violet) - 6/2004 to 6/2008. Alcyone aligns with Solar MF.

D6 - Sirian (Gold) - 6/2008 to 1/1/2012. Sirian aligns with Alcyone MF.

D7 - Arcturian (Silver) - 2017 day1. Arcturian aligns with Sirian.

D8 - Orion (Blue-Black) - 2017 day2. Meta-Galactic core aligns with Arcturus.

D9 - Andromeda (Silver-Black) - 2017 day3. Galactic Core aligns with Orion.

Jan1/2000 - Earth 4th vortex opens at Giza.

May5/2000 - D4 spiral aligns with earth D1 - Iron Core allowing
multi-Dimensional indentities available to the masses.

Sept17/2001 - Giza pyramid and Alcyone alignment complete. This will open
the HOR beneath the sphinx. This will allow the planetary akashic records
to be available to those who can tap into the hi-freq.

2001 - Draco/Zeta will stage a public landing.

Aug12/2003 - Draco/Zeta trying to get the interior govt to activate on
experiment along the lines of the 1943 PE and the 1983 Montauk Proj.

Spring/2004 - Draco/Zeta will begin EM pulses thru the grid, which will be
hard to detect and will pump thru the electricty grid and into all
appliances that are powered of the electricty grid. Also inc radio and TV
which they will utilize light to brainwash. An organic compound will be put
into the water which will stop the immune system from reacting/detecting to
the EM pulses. (the human immune system is capable of responding to EM
fields and changes to EM fields).[this is along the lines of "the
pleiadians" channeled by Barbara M.]

By 2006 they will begin holographic inserts. [anyone seen the matrix]

11. AMENTI-11...Jeff Rense (Sightings) Interview

Fetal/Soul Integration does not occur at conception. Before it can the
embryo has to ramp up in speed/frequency/vibration before the conciousness
soul can embody it, otherwise it would destroy the embryo.

Fetal integration occurs approx after 33-52 days. Most do not occur before

If intergration has begun, and the fetus is aborted, problems on many
levels occur due to the conciousness having to step down in frequency to
embody the fetus, and when aborted it can not raise it frequency once
stepped down unless thru a physical body .... in general it gets trapped in
mother bio-energetic field, drains energy and other problems thru the
mother's life....

Greys are worker class, the Zephelium are the head of the group.

They've been here from the onset of our evolution. We've been here for
500+million years.

Our gene code was sabotaged, by anunnaki, zeta and draco. They are
frightened of the human potential. Within in us, in our DNA in dormant
form, is the silicate matrix, highest gene code created. If fully
actualized, we would become embodied multi-dimensional/functional beings,
something which they can not do.

We are like the crown jewels of those that originally created us. But since
...our DNA has been hacked apart.

Corungara, Nephidin, Nephilim, Draco on a planet nibiru, used us as slaves,
changed our genetics.

Cro-magnon, Neanderthal came after the original (us). Not before us as
Darwin evolution has it. They were a mutated/experiment species.

Nibiru has a reverse orbit, path is between Sirius and our milky-way
system, its orbit is 3600 yrs. There is a plot going on...the planet that
is coming back is not Nibiru which is not due back for another 1000+
yrs....the planet coming back is a piece of hardware camouflaged as a planet.

USA govt had contact with ET (bad guys) since 1930's..there was a deal...
they provided technology of which one was the atomic bomb.

Many doom and gloom ET's expecting poleshift in approx 2003. The guardians
say that it does not have to happen. We are entering stellar star gate
cycles, these poleshifts can happen, but not necessary. The last stellar
star gate activation was 210-216,000 YA.

When stargates open, it allows ET's to easily access the planet. Battles
for stargates occur as who controls them, controls evolutions. In the last
cycle, the negatives took control and changed/hid the truth from us.

The first ET's to make themselves public, are the bad guys making
themselves to be the good guys.

Original religious teachings were very good/educational/spiritual but got
corrupted along the way.

400,000 ET groups visiting, different agenda's / interest.

Interest in earth is due to human silicate DNA matrix as well as a stargate
which sits at the centre of our planet.

Our genetic code is limited/programmed to only view time as linear.

Our morphogenetic fields (templates) are created from sound/light.

Pyramids were built via utilising sound-harmonics.

Sound is key to time-travel.

Stargate/ascension cycles commence 1/1/2000 (opening of the seven seals)

Guardians (higher dimensional beings use) time is calculated from rising
and falling of cycles

June-17 2000, timeshift begins

via HAARP and Mauntauk Project the earth grid is being de-stabilised by
covert ET/governments.

geo-areas/groups...hybrids since last stargate cycle have been here....

Anuhazi (founders of sirian/lyrian race)...anunnaki are a limited
form...they lost some DNA code and lost access to higher dimensions.....

Human lineage is of the Melchizedek cosmic family strain. Melchizedek is a
tonal signature.

Reptilians (avatar level, associated with Nibiru) in draconian
matrix which is a higher dimension of existance which we can not see. They
do shape shift via taking control of a person from the 4th level, push
aside the personality. Once they have done this they can begin to
shapeshift. Note: just because a being exists in a higher
dimension/frequency than us.....does not mean they are good, they can be

Morphogenetic fields are the scalar grids that hold our conciousness in
time/space. Learn to understand master these fields / chakra systems.

Humans have part reptilian genetic DNA codes.

Original re-incarnation plan when our DNA was filly active was to do 24x
re-incarnations. But due to our DNA been corrupted/mutated, we've been
stuck re-incarnating hundreds of thousands of times.

12. AMENTI-12...What Anna Hayes and the Guardians are all about.

Below is an outline of what Anna and the Guardians cover. If you have the
opportunity to attend any of Anna's workshops or obtain any of the
information, do make an effort. What is presented is unique and in depth
and you won't come across it much anywhere else.

The original human imprint was indeed based upon 12 strands, not 10; the
10-strand mechanics apply to the Black Sun Drakonian Matrix. In our data
the connection between the 15-dimensional morphogenetic field, the
dimensional correspondances to the 12-strand pattern and the mechanics by
which they fit into the ascension process are clearly demonstrated. As each
strand in the 12-strand package activates it progressively merges via
fusion and reciprocal fission, adding encoding to the double helix strand.
The 12 strands exist in the morphogenetic field and as they active they become
layered encodings in the identifiable double helix, but the encodings are
composed of multi-dimensional wave spectra that has yet to be identified by
modern science. 12 dimensions manifest in the DNA when it is activated.

The 2000-2017 opening of the "Seven Seals", earth's 7 Primary Vortices
(chakras), the phenomenon of the 2000-2017 Stellar Activations Cycle and
"Stellar Bridge of Frequency" to ground at Giza on 1/1/2000 and how this
new inter-dimensional wave spectra, which has not come to the planet in
210,216 years, will create spontaneous activation of the dormant Silicate
Matrix Crystal Gene in the DNA and could possibly create geological issues
of tectonic cracking. Presentation geared toward using Keylontic
Morphogenetic Science technique to prepare the body and assist the planet
so 2000-2017 does not have to be traumatic.

Earth grid mechanics and the morphogenetic "shields" (scalar grids) that
control the planetary Ley Lines and Vortices, advanced infromation on the
electro-magnetic formation of Merkaba Fields, creating Merkaba within the
bio-energetic field to move through the electro-magnetic changes of the
2000-2017 Stellar Activations Cycle and the bio-energetic reality of the
condition called "Christ Consciousness" and the mechanics by which it is

Creation Dynamic, the formation of 15-dimensional gestalt identity, the
"lie of karma" and imposition of death, the immortality of the 12-strand
Silicate Matrix DNA encoding, the formation of the Ilumminati, Drakonian
Matrix and their 10-strand "Black Sun" DNA Sub-Strand Matrix, and the Belil
Sun and Diamond Sun DNA Sub-Strand Matrices contained within the human gene
code. Also the reality of Melchizedek Ultra-terrestrial family lines, their
involvement in human seeding on earth, their
ancient teachings of "ascension" (cellular transmutation through frequency
accretion creating the result of dimensional ascension and transmigration
of space-time location).

Substance of Partiki, Partika and Particum, Partiki Grids and Crystalline
Keylon Codes that serve as the template for matter. (Keylontic
Morphogenetic Science) and how this substance is structured within sets of
15-dimensional scales to create the literal multi-dimensional anatomy of
the human form and identity. Mechanics of integrating the Multi-dimensional
scalar grids of our 15- dimensional anatomy to activate the 12-strand
Silicate Matrix in the DNA and begin the process of dimensional
ascension through higher identity integation, which progressively creates
cellular transmutation and the ability of transmigration.

Realities of the parallel universes and the anti-particle double. We have
also received extensive information on the nature of the Illuminati and
Drakonian Matrix, their stellar and human family lines, and the origins of
the "Christ/Anti-Christ Paradigm. All of our work is based upon a
comprehensive model of 15-dimensional physics (sets of 15 dimensions, not
just 15 dimensions total) and Keylontic Morphogenetic Science. The
information is supplied by an interdimensional group of human, Et,
Meta-terrestrial and Ultra-terrestrial contacts (who I have encountered
physically), based in the year 6520 AD on Tara (time is simultaneous,
linear time is a holographic construction).

Many people think the Hall of Records is a room filled with ancient books
or records, that is located in the Sphinx. It is not a room, it is an
electro-magnetic phenomenon of digital information download from the higher
dimensional fields that "opens" to release the data download into the
electro-magnetic fields of earth. Once opened, humans with sufficient
Silicate Matrix DNA activation can transduce the data through their
bio-energetic fields for conscious translation. The access point for
releasing the
electro-magneitc seals (seals work like a computer pass word) is under the
Sphinx and is easily accessed via projection from the Kings Chamber in the
Great Pyramid. The ancients knew all of this, and used it well. Thought you
might be interested in this information.

The 9 day trip to Giza-Egypt scheduled for March 2000. We have been asked
to use Keylontic Science encoding to begin releasing the Geomatic Light
Code Seals on the Halls of Amenti time portals and the Hall of Records
"crystalline morphogenetic planetary memory banks". If you are going to be
in Egypt in March 2000 or wish to attend, send an email to keylonta@...
or visit the Keylontic Website

13. The Anunnaki Deception

There has been alot of info flinging back/forth about our beginnings, who
made us etc etc and where we are heading/going... As the info is great
there can also be alot of mis-information. Nearly where ever you go you
will see some info from Anunnaki/nephilim sources saying they are our
friends etc and it was they who originally made us ... etc etc but barely
any info from non-Anunnaki sources ... Also brings up the issue of Enki ...
be it as it may ... that Enki may have had a lot of input into our
genetics, society, our protector from Enlil as well as teaching us maths,
perhaps setting up/messing around with the earth grids and what have you
... the question to ask is ... did Enki do it for our own good ... or did
he have another agenda and what was that agenda ?? .... and did the info he
gave us really empowered us or was false to lead us off the path? Just
because Enki had a biff with his brother Enlil, does not mean he was
Pro-Human and Enlil against Humans ... might have been just another power
struggle and we were pawns caught in the middle.

Always ask questions.

Below is some more recent info from Anna Hayes re: this subject matter. It
gives us another look .. another angle at the cosmic power struggles at
hand. Another view from the otherside. - Raphiem.


The Anunnaki/Draco try to make it look like Earth was formed from Maldak
(the Nibiru BATTLESTAR was formed from it, not Earth.

They try to make it look like they did us a favor by taking cave men and
making them human. [Neanderthal etc came after the original Humans not
before as evolution would have it]. A total lie aimed at hiding the TRUE
human heritage of the 12-strand Turaneusiam. They have 10-strand DNA and DO
NOT want us to realize we have the 12 potential superior to theirs.

What they DID do was mutate the human Cloister strains, tainting the race
pool and hybridizing the Low Belil and Black Sun human gene codes into the
lineage, which was NOT a part of the intended human evolution plan. Sharks
in Sheeps Clothing.

They are trying to make it look like the Anunnaki were the Original Lyrans,
when in fact the Sirian Anuhazi and their human-hybrids Oraphim Emerald
Order were the pure Lyran strains, the Anunnaki were "fallen" Anuhazi that
crossed with Drakonian from Orion and were mutated into the 10-strand
reptillian imprint.

The Anunnaki DID exploit here and elsewhere for gold, but the pure strain
Lyrans did not have to, as they had immortal bodies and full mastery of the
densities at will. Only the mutated Anunnaki, their hybrids and the races
of the Drakonian nations needed gold and other things to sustain
manifestation, as they lacked the 8th and 12th DNA strands and have monadic
reversal and couldn't draw perpetual energies directly from Source.

This is another song and dance from the middle council fallen Elohim, the
Nibiru Anunnaki, Nephilim, Kurrendara and Dracos. The hidden agenda is not
as bad as the Nephedem and pure Drakonian Black Sun Strains who desire
human exploitation to extinction, but it is a sinister agenda none the
less. These guys seek to "befriend" us as our long lost progenators. They
then desire to hybridize with our Diamond Suns to get their missing coding,
while mutating the 12-strand potential OUT of our gene
pool through code saturation and monadic reversal.

They want to "help us evolve" only into the D-4 frequencies where they can
interact with Earth more directly, then "cap" our evolution so we never
actualize the 12-strand ... as this would place us at a higher evolution
and greater power than they are. Their agenda is pro-Anunnaki, Dracos and
Beli-Kudyem evolution and anti-Adami-Kudmon Turaneusiam original 12-strand
evolution. With friends like this we don't need enemies!

The Nibiruian Councils and the Fallen Elohim matrices that are behind a lot
of false angelic contacts and who run the "Galactic Federation" con.
Guardian Alliance knows these guys, because whenever the Galactic
Federation gets into trouble with the lizard big guns from Drakonian Orion
(D-11 avatars and their Nephedem and Drakonian family lines), they come
crawling to Guardian Alliance and Emerald Order Melchizedek Councils for
protection and to "make deals"... Guardian Alliance will deal with them
occasionally and protect them here or there, if they can do something in
exchange to assist the pro-all peaceful evolution agendas of the Guardian
Alliance. Guardian Alliance doesn't trust them as far as they can see them
because whenever deals are made these guys back out on their end as soon as
they got what they wanted (usually localized protection from a Drakonian
"hot spot").

They are now, and always have been, interested in hi-jacking human
evolution to keep humans as their subservient pawns, and they hold a One
World Order mind-control agenda toward earth humans, just as does the Orion
Drakonian crew. Part of this programming is the false and twisted history,
to hide our true lineage and the fact that they have abused, mutated and
exploited our race for hundreds of thousands of years. The Anunnaki and
their manipulations were responsible for the original "fall of
man". The Turaneusiam cataclysm 550 million years ago on Tara. They were
jealous of our race and its extended potentials of the 12-strand code, and
so did their best to mutate it. The earth humans are descendants of the
Adami-Kudmon Turaneusiam, those whose 12-strand coding was restored after
the Anunnaki mutated it on Tara. The Beli-Kudyem were the mutated Anunnaki
strains that were never restored.

In Earth history the Anunnaki have tried to wipe out the Adami strains
while enhancing the Anunnaki and Beli-Kudyem strains through exploitation
of other races.

The Anunnaki were not always Blonds ... the true Nordic Blonds were
Lyran-Pleiadians who migrated from Lyran, to the Pleiades to Procyone eons
ago. The Anunnaki invaded and hybridized Procyone to gain more of the Lyran
coding and literally mutated the original Lyran-Pleiadian-Procyone Blonds
out of they hope to do with the Adami races. Thats how
the primarily black-haired tan skinned Anunnaki adoped the more appealing
Nordic appearance in some of their strains (esp. the Nibiruians).

In their history of lies they always try to make it look like WE started
out as the "cave men", but in truth those pathetic hominid forms were
Anunnaki mutation experiments made from distorting the original human DNA
imprint. THEY ARE LYING.... the Nibiruian-Anunnaki-fallen Elohim covert
mind-control human hi-jacking nonsense. Guardian Alliance usually just take
a stance of non-interference, allowing them to misguide the portions of the
human populations that carry their Belil and Black Sun DNA mutations. The
Guardian Alliance helps "refugees" from this group- Nephilim, Anunnaki,
Kurendara and their human hybrids- who want out of this control matrix,
offering them Host Matrix transplants and non-violating hybridization
programs to advance their evolution, as long as they fully adopt pro-human
12-strand evolution agendas.

The Guardian Alliance brings in the undistorted history and DNA mechanics
etc, for any humans who will listen. Usually only the Diamond Suns or
Oraphim respond to the true history, as the mutated Belil's and Black Suns
have DNA and a consciousness that is "tuned" to the Nibiruian or Orion
Drakonian mind-control matrices. Even the races that are NOW Black and
Belil Suns were once upon a time Diamond Suns, so the option of evolving
back to wholeness exists for them if they don't buy into the Anunnaki bull.

Even the Anunnaki can reverse-mutate their Drakonian contaminated 10-strand
pattern to re-evolve into the Anuhazi-Lyran-Sirian Imprint out of which
they originally came. But most of them , like the Drakonian Dark Avatars,
do not want to operate via the Law of One fairness, and so refuse
reconnection to their original Monadic families of consciousness through
which they could reverse-mutate their coding and reunite with their Rishi

It is simply the nature of the polarity game as it manifests in the lower 3
harmonics. There are hidden alterior motives of evolutionay hi-jacking.
They are using the LIE thay have used with our race for 200,000+ years,
that they made us from animals and are thus are our forefathers and "gods".


The "Oraphim" have very special gene codes called "Double Diamond Sun" or
the "Emerald Sun Matrix"- Double Diamond has the 12-strand coding of the
original human, plus another 12 pertaining to the ascended mastery levels
beyond time, and the Emerald's, the high council of the Oraphim, have an
additional 6 strands that correspond to the Level-3 Eckatic Matrix, last
level of ascended mastery before At-one-ment with source.

The Oraphim are often called in other teachings the "Paradise Sons"
(supposed to be "Suns" the bio-field holds the full spherical
configuration, which appears as flaming balls of light from the lower

The Emerald Order Oraphim began the Turaneusiam lineage but more...they
were the original ELOHEI (not "Elohim", many of which are "fallen") who
seeded the universal common Lyran Pre-matter races...the original avatars
that seeded life in this time matrix.

They birth in in numbers only during ascension cycles. They are the Keepers
of the Ascension Codes, the Star Gate Keepers and the Planetary Security
Team, responsible for orchestrating the necessary grid mechanics during the
cycle. They are a Melchizedek Cloister family line out of the Azurite
Council of the Ra Confederacy, the governing Ascended Masters collective of
our time matrix.

They oversee the OTHER, smaller Ascended Masters Collectives in and beyond
time. On earth you don't get higher coded beings. But the O's don't have
ego - once they awaken they know they are here in pure service to the ONE
and do their job. There are 500,000 here now, just beginning to awaken. The
Amenti book was written mostly for them, as the "wake up call:", and the
Oraphim's are responding quite nicely. It's others who don't have the DNA
activation to process the D-4 through D-6 frequency of the data that have a
hard time with it.

Emerald Order have contracts to awaken to at least the Avatar level (D-10
through D-12)and are here for world service contracts of various natures.
All Emerald Order have experienced full ascension to Level-3 Ascended
Mastery before returning to embodiment in time. Most have universal service
contracts, not just planetary. They are of a league of beings so far beyond
the scope of awareness here, that even some of the highest consciousness on
planet and below D-12 have no idea who they
are. The "Dark Side" hates them because they bring the knowledge of
freedom. Most of us live as "sleepers" until the pre-scheduled time of our
awakening, then we start to remember who we are and what we came to do.

The contemporary Indigo Children hybridization program is run by the
Emerald Order Oraphim-Turaneusiam- the original Elder Human Race who seeded
humans here 550 million years ago, and who vowed to assist us in reaching
our 12-strand DNA potential on earth and not 10-strand, that is the
Anunnaki and Drakonian DNA signature, HUMAN is 12-strand.

The Indigo Children are all incarnations of the Oraphim (there a 3
different types of Indigo's), and they are incarnating now to help
stimulate the general human gene code into a higher level of activation via
reaching critical mass within the race morphogenetic field (scalar-template
for matter manifestation). This hybridization with the original Human gene
lines is being orchestrated to help humanity activate dormant DNA so the
race can have a better chance of averting physical and genetic damage
during the 2000-2017 Stellar Activations Cycle. (Changes in the Solar Light
spectra that will occur in this period pose harm to the earth-human races
because of present mutations in the general gene code that were passed on
from ancient intrusion by the Sirian Anunnaki).

All Indigos are born with the 6th DNA strand activated - the DNA still
appears as a "double helix, but there are additional encodings operational
within the Sub-strand Matrices), which allowed for open memory of other
space-time identity aspects.

The Emerald Order Council of 48 (a HUMAN visitor group-48 refers to DNA
issues, not the number of people on the council), trained in higher
dimensional (D-5-15+) remote viewing and matrix scan. This council of
pro-human interdimensionals keeps an eye on the visitor agendas as they are
running on earth, for various reasons that involve making sure the planet
and its unsuspecting people pass through the 2000-2017 period
safely.(Emerald Order members have tried in the past to make contact
with human governments, but the interior government people were more
interested in the "One World Order" treaties they had already made with the
Zeta Rigalians). One aspect of the Emerald Order efforts is to lend
protection to human "light workers" who are in danger of negative
manipualtion because they have yet to remember who they are, why they
incarnated into this drama and how to protect their bio-energetic fields.

Indigo Children birth in with 6th-strand activation, which becomes
functionally operational IF they can assemble the lower strand fragments to
"plug in" the 6th strand.(This "IF" depends a lot on what they picked up
from the parent's gene code and what kind of environment they are raised
in). All humans have the potential of this DNA acceleration, to remember
their other life experiences, and the mechanics of their eternal
consciousness IF they can learn of their 15-dimensional anatomy and the
methods by which they can reverse mutate the Annunaki DNA distortions
inherent to our times, which block out higher dimensional data from
processing through the DNA into conscious awareness. THAT is why I teach of
the 15-dimensional human anatomy and how to begin healing the DNA back to
its original 12-strand potential.

The Cloister Dora-Teura texts detailed the lost history of our races and
the interdimensional advanced sciences of DNA/Kundalin/Merkaba
Mechanics-and Earth Grid scalar mechanics- through which humans can reclaim
their mastery of the space-time-matter experience.

The Dora-Teura texts were last on the planet in true, undistorted form
210,216 years ago. Later attempts at translating some of the Dora-Teura
texts were made in the Atlantian period -ended in 9558BC - through the
Emerald Tablets of Toth, and later again through the ORIGINAL texts of what
became the Bible, Torah, Kabbalah and Sanskrit Sutras. ALL of the later
translations of the Dora-Teura texts, including the edited Anunnaki
renditions of the Emerald Tablets, were preverted, edited,
distorted, twisted and utterly compromised by the Anunnaki and reptilian
race visitors, and their human Illuminati cohorts, in ancient times. But
once, long ago, there was an underlying truth and promise of human freedom
within those teachings.

The Emerald Order Oraphim, who are now incarnating in flesh as the Indigo
Children, were the original authors of the Cloister Dora-Teura texts. These
texts were given on earth 248,000 years ago as part of an agreement called
the Emerald Covenant- an interstellar promise made by the Original stellar
human lineage, to assist the earth-human lineage to re-evolve back into
their original 12-strand DNA potential. These teachings were a gift of love
and knowledge from Elder Race humans who CARED about earth humanity and who
wanted to see humans regain their freedom, awareness and power. There is
MUCH more to the Emerald Covenant, which explains the nonsense of what has
become our recorded history interpretation.

Many people are beginning to awaken to thier memories of incarnations in
other space-time locations, and this is because human DNA is presently
beginning to activate higher due to the Solar Light spectra changes of the
2000-2017 Stellar Activations cycle. People with the least amount of
Anunnaki or reptilian distortion in the DNA will regain more memory faster.
Anyone can benefit by the DNA reverse-mutation technologies being taught by
the Emerald Order; remembering is the promise
of human heritage- the potential of remembering belongs to us ALL.

The Indigo Children-Oraphim incarnates, who have been entering incarnation
on earth for over 100 years, are presently only 500,000 strong within our
populations, they are beginning to remember who they are, and there are
another 150,000 birthing in between 1999-2012. The purpose of the Indigo's
and the Elder Race Emerald Order Humans who launched this pro-human
hybridization plan, is an attempt to TRY to restore the lost knowledge and
mechanics of interdimensional science and true
spiritual cognition that will allow humanity to heal its DNA and begin
Remembering. They are TRYING to set the records straight as far as the
preversions of the Cloister Dora-Teura texts, so people can have access to
the knowledge through which they can rapidly evolve and set themselves free
from Anunnaki and reptilian manipulation. They are trying to do this
because of the ancient promise of the Emerald Covenant, a promise made to
earth-humans because they were loved and valued by their Elder Race Seed-
and those of the Elder Race humans desired to see earth-humans evolve to
their full potentials as EQUALS, within the interstellar communities.

The DISTORTED mess of what has BECOME the Bible, for what was ONCE a decent
book that ATTEMPTED to translate part of the legitimate knowledge of the
Cloister Dora-Teura texts, before the Anunnaki-Pleiadian-Nibiruians gutted
the real documents that were once a unified Bible, Torah, Kabbalah, Sutra
translation of the ORIGINAL Atlantian Emerald Tablets (before Toth edited
them for his own agendas)- all of these teachings came out of the Cloister
Dora-Teura, and all of them were
THEN distorted to the point of non-recognition from what they had once

In the Cloister period 210,216 years ago, when we worked hard to preserve
the Dora-Teura holographic plates when the reptile races came in and took
over,and our massive temple complexes were bombed into the ground. Later in
22,000 BC when the Emerald Order again incarnated to try and stop the
Anunnaki from perverting the human gene code more than they already had-
when we tried to re-enter the Dora-Teura freedom teachings via the ORIGINAL
Emerald Tablets, and watched as the Anunnaki-Zeta Rigilaian Thoth, who had
been commissioned by the Emerald Order to create a translation of the
texts, turned on the Emerald order and edited the teachings to support the
Anunnaki hybridization agendas. In the Biblical periods, where again the
Emerald Order tried to restore the true teachings only to watch them be
disected and twisted by the human-Annunaki hybrid Illuminati families and
their visitor friends "fallen Elohim and Nephilim".


The reality of interdimensional physics is one of POLARITY from D-12
through D-1. It is through the natural dynamics of SCALAR-polarity that the
hologram of space-time-matter is experientially manifest. In terms of
consciousness, these natural laws of energy translate into expressions of
"dark" and "light" mentality.....forces that create "negative" experience
and the "chaos" of non-order, and counter-forces that create "positive"
experience and serve the intrinsic ordering of the universe.

aspects of the Law of One.At D-12 frequency polarity unites in terms of
physics, and consciousness transcends the value-judgements of "good" and
"bad" experience, a state of KNOWING in which all is known as being in
"Divine Right Order" . While in the polarity/aka manifest creation drama,
when a person refuses to acknowledge the existence of either polarity they
are not holding a balanced or unified
"Unity Consciousness" view.

If you refuse knowledge of how your interdimensional bio-fields work,
because you choose to IGNORE THE GREATER RACE AND PLANETARY DRAMA of which
your own personal experience is a part, you are not yet demonstrating
awareness of the greater realities of this creation drama, realities that
will effect you whatever you decide to believe. Like gravity, the mass
drama, which includes the less desirable aspects of the control agendas,
WILL effect you, UNLESS you
comprehend yourself and the dynamics of your 15-dimensional anatomy enough
to alter your bio-fields to TRANSCEND THE EFFECTS of this influence.

Yes, our thoughts create our reality, BUT SO DO OUR SUBCONSCIOUS IMPRINTS
TEMPLATE. You can "wish away" any aspect of the negative polarity that you
desire, and indeed, it may leave your 3-D conscious attention-BUT, IT WILL
STILL EFFECT and INFLUENCE YOU from behind the scenes, IF you have not
cleared the karmic/sub-consciousness imprint, which manifests as distortion
in the DNA. There is much more to the art, science and spirituality of
thought-manifestation than simply "wishful thinking" from the D-3 ego alone.

Accuratelly manifesting the thought-realities you desire requires knowledge
as well as good intention. Your thoughts AND subconscious karmic/miasmic
imprint are scalar-wave templates that directly affect the DNA and cellular
imprint, and YES thought is the way to transcending the influence of the
negative polarity. Appropriately applied thought. If you are foolish enough
to think that you will be "safe from all harm" JUST by intending "White
Light" (D-12 frequency) around you, without having the knowledge of how to
anchor that frequency into the DNA and bio-field, you may be in for a rude
awakening to the value of knowledge.

If you refuse to acknowledge the present conditions of DNA distortion,
over-amplification of the karmic pattern and covert control agenda nonsense
that is part of ALL of this earth's reality right now, you may find it hard
to understand why certain things that you did not intend have the nerve of
incroaching upon your experience.

True light work involves learning to "HOLD YOUR OWN LIGHT"-(handling your
bio-fields, consciousness, body, DNA, kundalini appropriately so as to
embody the frequencies of higher dimensional light/energy/consciousness)
through which PROTECTION is no longer a personal issue- you know you can
create personal safety because you understand and use the dynamics by which
you can master your own hologram. THEN there is the reality of the mass
hologram to deal with. As long as you are in incarnate form your DNA
template/ the template through which the 3-D hologram manifests, will
retain the imprint of the race and plantary karma.

This MEANS that in order to attain true mastery and freedom from polarity
yourself, you must also help the greater plan of healing race and planetary
karmic distortion. That distortion is encoded in your own DNA template as
you pass through the race and planetary morphogenetic field
(scalar-template) into fetal integration, moving into association with the
new body hologram prior to physical birth. Can't you yet understand that
the people who are creating the greatest healing influence on the planet
are those that are actively involved with helping to heal the
lower-frequency polarity, by bringing it into the light. Those willing to
face the negative holograms, address them without fear and then employ
effective means of helping those negatives to evolve into wholeness, are
the ones showing the least fear and offering the greatest influence in
restoring Unity Consciousness and helping the planetary energy grids to
transmute to a higher dimensional level.


The Pleiadians ... yes they DO state in the books that they desire to "use
us as living libraries"...AKA use our bio-field grids and DNA to ACCESS the
planetary grid, cellular memory banks and the Hall of Records crystalline
memory download when it opens in 2012.

They represent the Beli-Kudyem- the mutated strains of the original
Turaneusim race from Tara 560,000 million years . The original Turaneusiam
race had portions of its origial members genetically mutated with the
Drakonian-reptilian codes carried by the Sirian Anunnaki (the Anunnaki are
reptilian mutants of the original Lyran-Sirian Anuhazi pure strains). The
Anunnaki and their Beli-Kudyem human mutants, who were the dominent force
in the Templar Solar Initiates, were responsible for the original "fall of
man drama" on Tara 550 million years ago.

(The earth human strains were seeded by the reverse-mutated and once again
pure strains of Turaneusiam, who are called the Adami-Kudmon.) The
Beli-Kudyem since evolved in numerous sytems, particularly the Pleiades.
Some work with guardian groups, most with the Nibiru/ Middle Council
"fallen Elohim" teams with repress human evolution agendas. The Beli's call
themselves the Pleiadians to hide their real identity, are associated with
the Galactic Federation and its agendas, which are co-operative with those
of Nibiru.

Pro-Sirian-strain evolution, repress-but-use-human-12-strand evolution.
Again, as with the Nibiru crew, with friends like this we don't need
enemies. These guys work independently from the Nibiruians, and are most
interested in "latching onto" human bio-energetic field from the D-4 level,
to access the coing of the 8th and 12th DNA strands which they lack. They
desire to link into Kundalini energies of DNA activating humans so they can
covertly and without permission host matrix into our bio-fields to pick up
missing coding and gain access to the Amenti Star Gates.

In general they don't mean to do us direct harm, but rather to exploit us
gently while pretending to help us. They are intending to help themselves.
Like most higher dimension ET groups, they represent portions of our own
families of consciousness. One of the most misguided things they are
teaching is for humans to indescriminently open to sexual encounter - they
KNOW this leaves humans vulnerable to DNA contamination and "body
snatching" by Black Sun DNA groups and the Nibiruian and Orion
intruders. They need rapid kundalini activation in humans to secure their
own agendas, and promoting promiscuity serves this objective.

If they cared really about human safety they would not endorse this
activity. They have some "deals" with the Nibiru crew who are involved with
the One World Order Earth agenda, and work closely with numerous renegade
Zeta groups. The "deals" involve setting humans up via increasing
vulnerability to DNA contamination (which they need to do anyway for their
own agendas), which assists the Nibiruians in their DNA repression-mutation
to 10-strand plan, and in return for the "favor" the
Pleiadian Beli-Kudyem will get Galactic Federation and Nibiruian protection
should the big nasties Drakonians from Orion and their Nephedem hybrids try
to over-run their Pleiadian holds. Though their motivation is not a
sinister as the Nibiruians or the Orionites, they are still exploiting
humans under the guise of being our friends and setting us up for
potentially dangerous manipulation from the Nibiruians and Drakonians.

The Big Picture Behind the UFO Movement: The Three Primary Agendas and The
Vision of the Diamond Sun DNA Part I of an Article by Rev. Anna Hayes
Gruber, Ekr. MC

The following appeared in the 5/2000 issue of UFOCUS, The Newsletter of the
Institute for UFO Research, plus or minus a few typos...

My work in Consciousness and Ufological Studies frequently leads me to ask
my personal spiritual center "How can I best serve people with the
information presently available to me?" When I recently asked this
question, the following words came to me:" Explain the BIG PICTURE: show
the framework into which the many smaller pieces fit." Behind the UFO
movement there is, indeed, a "Big Picture" and underlying purpose, which
most often remains unseen beneath the glamour, intrigue and contradiction
the UFO phenomenon implies. Through over 25 years of personal involvement
with physical contact phenomena, I have gained access to "behind the
scenes" information through which the realities of the Big Picture become
more distinct and apparent, yet I am always faced with the dilemma of "How
much are people REALLY prepared to KNOW?"

To share what I know about the "Big Picture" requires identifying the
structure of the paradigm within which the Big Picture takes place.
Understanding the true nature of the UFO experience necessitates an
expansion of perspective from the usual framework of reference to which we
are accustomed. The UFO experience is a phenomenon whose mechanics,
dynamics, purposes and implications cannot be fully explained within the
limited conceptual frameworks that are currently offered by conventional
science or religion. Traditional frameworks need to be expanded into new
frontiers of understanding regarding the natural law of physics, space,
time and matter and the nature of perception and consciousness itself. UFO
Sightings and Contact Phenomena are in truth a natural and anticipated
stepping stone in our evolution of biology and consciousness. The "Big
Picture" of the UFO experience cannot be fully explained unless we evolve
old definitions and paradigms. We will not understand the nature of our
"visitors from the stars," nor the reality of their existence among us, if
we attempt to define them through our standard 3-dimensional conceptuality,
for the visitors and the places from which they come exist within reality
fields of a multi-dimensional spectrum. The first step in understanding the
phenomena of UFOs is to acknowledge and investigate the framework of
multi-dimensional reality. In my speaking presentations I begin with
introducing the basics of a paradigm built upon 15-dimensional structure
and scalar field mechanics, and the corresponding levels of matter density
and biological orientation associated with this multi-dimensional scale. It
is a "paradigm of the future," taught to me during my many years of contact
experience. If we want to see the Big Picture, we need to understand the
basic framework in which this picture takes place. Understanding this
framework assists the mind to grasp the reality and validity of the UFO
experience, making its often
surrealistic qualities comprehensible within an expanded frame of logic.

The Irony of Disinformation

Nowhere within our scientific, psychological, historical or religious
models have we been provided with factual information to prepare us for
rational interaction with Visitors from Otherworlds. Presently, due to
human "illuminati" factions working covertly within world governments ,
main-stream populations are intentionally kept in the dark, Visitor
contactees are "debunked," intimidated and humiliated into silence whenever
possible, physical evidence of Visitor presence quickly disappears and life
goes on, just like in a scene of "Leave it to Beaver." The first irony is,
"Beaver," and the life orientation he stood for, were never really real,
but rather creatively contrived illusions manufactured for our
entertainment and distraction. Real-life, in the time of "Beaver Cleaver"
(late 1950s), involved secret treaties with Visitor races - treaties that
were active since the 1930s, progressive development of ET technologies
based upon the advances of Visitor science that have been continually and
covertly filtered through multi-national corporation fronts for production,
and a progressively building infiltration, intimidation, disinformation and
propaganda program intentionally orchestrated by the Zeta Reticuli Visitor
races and their cohorts within the leagues of human illuminati faction.
That is and has been the reality behind our sugar-coated illusion for the
past 70 years of our history. You won't
find this information written down in the books for "Contemporary History

We observe such covert ET-conspiracy scenarios unfold in the creative epics
of the "Sci-FI" channel, or on the movie screen, comforted by a belief that
such things are not real. Here the second irony of the drama appears, as
many of the agendas woven into our fiction stories are modeled upon the
real-life dramas now taking place just beyond our mainstream view. We are
being taught, covertly and intentionally, to perceive our contact reality
as fiction and to view the contrived fiction of non-contact
propaganda as reality. The sad part is, most of us are buying it. Why?
Primarily because it is safer to believe we are walking around in "Leave it
to Beaver" than to admit we are held captive in a progressively unfolding
real-life "X-Files" episode. But, like gravity, the influence of Visitor
contact is here and will continue to affect us, whether or not we choose to
believe it is real. Many people already know the reality of contact, for
they have had first-hand experience with the phenomenon. Should those of
main-stream view hope to retain their freedom of thought and deed, they had
better begin to pay attention. Beaver is Busted; this is not a fiction
story that will disappear when we turn off the TV. We all have a simple
choice: to ignore it, or to deal with it. And to deal with this reality
effectively, we must rapidly expand our paradigms, our conceptual filters
and our ideological frame of reference into the multi-dimensional spectrum.

The Inter-dimensional Spectrum and Reality Re-interpretation

As long as we continue to "buy into" and accept without question the
traditional models and paradigms of science, religion, history, psychiatry
and reality interpretation that we are being and have been fed through
mainstream view, we remain dis-empowered to form rational, accurate
judgments about the nature of extra-ordinary reality as it presently
unfolds around us. If empowerment and effective action are what we seek, if
we really desire to "see the Big Picture," we must make a choice to allow
our paradigms of interpretation to expand - and quickly. The Big Picture is
not for those who feel most secure when hiding their heads in the sand.
Once you KNOW what is going on, there is no turning back; the illusions of
denial are forever shattered, and there is nowhere to go but forward.
Moving forward begins with becoming receptive to comprehension of the
existence, structure and mechanics of the inter-dimensional spectrum. For
now, validation of the new science paradigms emerging through Visitor
contact must be taken of faith that builds through Visitor contact itself,
for there is no time left to wait for our traditional science communities
to validate these highly advanced paradigms for us. The urgent
socio-political implication of the contact phenomena, and the hidden
agendas behind contact that are now at play, require immediate paradigm
expansion and effective, decisive action. Effective action cannot be
discerned through use of traditional 3-Dimensional paradigms alone.

Within the paradigm of multi-dimensional / inter-time mechanics ( a
paradigm vindicated by its functional use by a multiplicity of this Visitor
races), we can begin to understand the true nature of UFO phenomena, but
more than this, we will also begin to further comprehend the true nature of
ourselves and the mysteries of our personal and race evolution. Through
expansion into the awareness of multi-dimensionality we will also begin to
question our previous interpretations regarding the nature and mechanics of
our biology, psychology, spirituality and consciousness. Furthermore,
traditional interpretations of the historical evolution of our lineage will
likewise cry out for review. In the multi-dimensional paradigm, suddenly
the records of ancient civilizations, with their "mythological" dramas of
gods, angels and demons, are presented with a new framework of potential
evaluation. Suddenly, the dividing line between ETs and Angels, alien
communication and revelations of God, messengers from
Heaven and Visitors from the Stars and the polarity between scientific and
religious dictum begins to blur, and our previously accepted definitions of
reality begin to appear much less solid and reassuring. Through
multi-dimensional reality view, we also find a place of rationale within
which such oddities are the Nazca Lines, crop circles, cave drawings of
space ships, Renaissance religious paintings with UFOs, Sanskrit texts
describing domed craft and aerial wars, paranormal events, NDSS, OBE, ESP,
channeling mediumship, ghosts, reincarnation and a plethora or other
"unexplainable" isms, including UFO sightings and alien abductions, can
logically come together. Quite simply, the emerging scientific framework of
multi-dimensionality offers opportunity for a higher order of logic,
through which mind and matter, biology and spirit, and objective and
subjective experience come together, revealing a more dynamic picture of
true reality.

If we re-perceive the past in light of the advanced scientific perspective
of multi-dimensional reality, we discover that records and artifacts from
our ancient civilizations can be easily and rationally interpreted in terms
of active Visitor contact, just as they are being presently misinterpreted
in terms of the follies of the "primitive mind." In re-perceiving what we
think we know of history, we will have to face the startling realization
that evidence of UFO phenomena and Visitor contact has been part of our
history and heritage all along. When we realize that Visitors emerge here
through the inter-time dynamics of multi-dimensional reality mechanics, and
that varying degrees of matter density, diversity of biological form, and a
greater mastery over the known laws of nature and characteristic to the
inter-dimensional spectrum, we begin to see the holes in the
contact-negation rationale that has been promoted through our popular and
carefully, covertly contrived, conventional views. The recorded historical
evidence of contact from ancient times, coupled with a growing compilation
of contemporary witness testimony, photographic and video records, together
form a base of observable data that casts more than the possibility of
"reasonable doubt" upon our previous UFO-debunking reality interpretations.
If we can suspend old cultural belief programming long enough to
objectively view the evidence supportive of past and contemporary Visitor
contact, we will begin to observe that our previous "traditional"
explanations, definitions and interpretations of reality more closely
resemble the "follies of a primitive mind" than accurately depict what is,
or has been, really going on with reality. If we want to begin
understanding the Big Picture, we need to begin reassessing our value
judgments concerning the pieces of that picture that are already evident.
We might want to ask "What influenced us to adopt these short-sighted
reality interpretations in the first place?" Chaos, Confusion and the Real

Once we get past the issues of truth vs. fiction regarding the existence of
and contact by, Visitors from Other-worlds, and rebalance ourselves from
the inevitable shock that occurs when we realize contact has been part of
our history all along, we can then position ourselves to deal with the real
issues presently at hand. WHO ARE THEY AND WHAT DO THEY WANT WITH US NOW?
Our ability to take effective action as individuals and as a people will be
determined by how accurately,
precisely and swiftly we can answer these questions. And it is in the face
of these questions that all chaos breaks loose, because those of us who
venture to accept the reality of contact have incomplete and conflicting
data as to the nature of, and agendas and true intentions behind, Visitors
initiating contact. Furthermore, it is commonly assumed that only one or
two races of Visitors are presently involved in our drama, when nothing
could be further from the truth. Presently, there are over 400,000
different inter-stellar / inter-time / inter-dimensional races involved
with our civilizations to some degree, and each has a particular interest
in and agenda regarding interaction with the human race. The current
Visitor agendas regarding humanity can be traced back to the long and
presently hidden history of their involvement with our evolution. Without
access to or understanding of this history, we will be unable to identify
the Visitors' present motives for interacting with us, Visitor interest in
humans is nothing new, and the reemergence of contact in our contemporary
times is motivated by their awareness that we have recently crossed a
threshold in our race and planetary evolution, a threshold having more to
do with the details of our biological or consciousness evolution.

The core, intrinsic motivation behind past and contemporary Visitor
involvement with Earth is hidden within the Secrets of Amenti, the
mechanics of the ancient Halls of Amenti Star Gates that sleep in Earth's
core, and within the inter-stellar agreements made long ago, through the
ancient Covenant of Palaidor (550 million years ago) and the more recent
Emerald Covenant (248 million years ago). Presently, there are 3 Primary
Agendas taking place on Earth, all contemporary renditions of the primary
agendas that have influenced our evolution since pre-ancient times. The 3
Primary Agendas can be categorized as follows: 1.The Black Sun Agenda ( not
a racial color association ) of ancient human-illuminati races, 2.The Belil
Sun Agenda of our ancient "evolutionary hi-jackers," and 3.The Diamond Sun
Agenda of those upholding the pro-human Emerald and Palaidorian Covenants.
All of these agendas revolve around the Secrets of Amenti, and all have
direct bearing upon the course that human genetic and consciousness
evolution will take from this point forth. In this clash of the polarity
agendas, which agenda becomes the dominant force within our contemporary
global culture will literally determine the destiny of our race and
planetary evolution for many millennia to come. These are the REAL ISSUES
at the core of the Big Picture behind the contemporary UFO Movement. Ready
or not.Believe it or's happening NOW, just as it has happened on
numerous occasions during our long and misplaced history.

The last massive confrontation between these agendas took place over
200,000 years ago in the Cloister Race (elongated skulls.) "Temple Wars"
Period, during the last opening of the Amenti Star Gates. During this time,
those of Black and Belil Sun Agendas gained dominance over Earth
territories and redirected the intended course of human evolution through
hybridization, deception, infiltration and repression. These pre-ancient
events set in motion the long and troubled "lost history" of cataclysm
and war (mainly between those of Belil and Black Sun Agendas) that emerged
since then as the foundations of human culture. Records of our true history
were "lost," they were intentionally hidden and later (last time around
22,000 BC) remnants were rewritten and edited, negating awareness of the
Emerald Covenant and our true heritage, to serve the objectives of similar
races following the Belil Sun Agenda. The culmination of this chaos can now
be witnessed in our contemporary "galactic quarantine," mass confusion,
inter-racial conflict and ignorance to our true origins and purposes for
being. If our cultures knew the truth of history, humanity would realize
how very foolish it would be to ignore the reality and significance of our
present Visitor drama.

In knowing the hidden history we can understand that during the next 12
years we have the long-awaited opportunity to set our evolution back on its
intended course of inter-dimensional mastery, inter-stellar reunion and
reclamation of our heritage and our planet. This will be an opportunity for
us only if we can become aware of what is really going on, and to do so
requires that we rapidly retrieve our sanity from over 200,000 years of
inter-stellar mind control; mind control that has been subtly,
intentionally and repeatedly orchestrated through cultural
belief-programming. DNA mutation and covert inter-stellar manipulation.
Those who are able to face these REAL ISSUES, who are willing to learn the
new paradigms necessary for choosing effective action, and who can rapidly
overcome the culture-shock re-orientation the realities of these issues
imply, can directly make a difference in the outcome of this drama as it
unfolds over the next 12 years.


Though my present work, and over 28 years of physical and communicative
contact and training with Guardian Alliance members of the Emerald Covenant
has many facets - (from the evolution of the scientific paradigm into the
advanced inter-time, multi-dimensional spectrum, advanced planetary grid,
time travel and Star Gate mechanics and transcription of the Lost History,
to master's level Merkaba, DNA and kundalini mechanics associated with the
evolution of consciousness, spiritual actualization
and transmutative dimensional ascension) - the aspect of the work that is
of greatest priority at this time, and to which I will devote needed
attention, is offering those who are ready to learn a glimpse of the Big
Picture, as I have come to understand it. Once establishing the basic 15-
dimensional framework within which this picture takes place, the next most
important step is creating an awareness of the 3 Primary Agendas now at
plat behind the UFO / Visitor Contact Movement Awareness of these three
agendas, which are now actively in motion on our planet, will allow us
opportunity to cut through the denial, chaos and confusion that presently
leave us vulnerable, divided and disempowered, so that we can get to the
point of the matter: That is REALLY going on here? What does this imply?
And What can we DO about it?" The Big Picture is much, much bigger than we
presently assume, and the consequences of our choices over the next 12
years, individually and en masse, are much more
far reaching than we can presently imagine. Of primary importance now is
learning to identify the 3 core agendas, to differentiate between the
Visitor representatives of each motivation and to learn basic methods of
advanced scalar-wave and bio-field mechanics, and bio-spiritual
consciousness expansion through which we can create biological and
psychological immunity to inter-dimensional, EMP and scalar manipulation
tactics now in use by those of Black and Belil Sun Agendas. Once we create
our personal safety and reclaim our power through rapid reeducation and
paradigm expansion, we can the begin to embrace the joyous opportunities
for accelerated Bio-Spiritual ( genetic and consciousness) Evolution that
are now available to us, due to changing environmental conditions that will
occur during the 2000-2017 period. This time period represents a rare
"Window of Evolutionary Opportunity" for those who can rally themselves to
embrace it.

Facing the Big Picture, and embracing this opportunity of rapid evolution
and awakening will allow us to become powerful, effective and loving
members of the pro-human / pro-all evolution Diamond Sun Agenda. In doing
so, we can reclaim the promise of our original genetic heritage as decreed
within the Emerald and Palaidorian Covenants to reassert the position of
our original design as planetary Guardians of Earth.

In achieving these objectives we may then graduate from the ranks of Lower
Evolution to enter the frontiers of Higher Evolution, becoming a force of
healing within the inter-dimensional / inter-time / inter-galactic
communities of Middle Evolution, who remain divided within the conflicts of
polarity - survivalist consciousness. In sharing the information provided
through my contact with the Guardian Alliance, I will begin to bring more
of what I understand about the Big Picture into public focus, providing
more detailed information on the 3 Primary Agendas and Visitor Race
affiliations. As more information is provided, I will share more news on
the Emerald Covenant and the evolving saga of our once-forbidden history.
As this body of information builds, we will unravel and unveil much more
data on the Secrets of the Amenti Star Gates, as they are understood within
the Diamond Sun Agenda. An through this revelation, the lost, forgotten,
hidden and forbidden truths of our history, our origins and the original
purposes for our evolution may be progressively revealed. It is understood
that very few among our contemporary earthly populations will have the
courage, conceptual flexibility or expansive vision need to embrace the
revelations of the Emerald Covenant and all they will imply. It is for
those willing to carry this higher vision of the Diamond Sun Agenda that
the Guardian Alliance of the Emerald Order will continue to provide
educational programs, for within the Diamond Sun Vision lives
the promise and potential of the original human heritage, the 12 strand

Silicate Matrix "Diamond Sun" DNA. It is a vision worthy of keeping alive,

regardless of which agenda becomes the core dominating force and influence

within global culture over the months and years to come. If some of us do

not rapidly awaken, the Vision of the Diamond Sun and humanity's 12-strand

DNA (Silicate Matrix) evolutionary potential that it promises, will become

hidden and forbidden once again, lost beneath the

influence, distortion and control mechanisms employed within the Belil and

Black Sun Agendas. Our destiny is in our hands.

How much are we really prepared to KNOW? What we choose to KNOW.and REFUSE

to know.over the next 12 years will literally determine the course of our

race's future evolution. No joke. It is THAT serious. As we explore the

reality and staggering implications of the Big Picture, let us choose

well.and choose the opportunity to do so remains available for

many generations to come.

~~ Rev. Anna Hayes Gruber Ekr. MC., Azurite Temple of the Melchizedek

Cloister, Inc. Author of the Voyagers Series Books, Tangible Structure of

the Soul- Accelerated Bio-Spiritual Evolution Program and the Kathara

Bio-Spiritual Healing System.

©1999-2000. ANNA HAYES.