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Monday, March 24, 2014

Oracle Report: Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014
Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, realign, responsibility
Moon in Capricorn

Focus, forgiveness, fellowship, and freedom are the themes today. Information, insight, and illumination comes our way to set us straight.


FOCUS - We keep an unwavering focus - the gaze of the wise owl - on matters. Look around at people, places, and things that are wavering. Have tenacity if something is trying to take you out of what you feel is right for you. Issues that developed over the weekend related to boundaries and setting limits gave clues about where we need to be in relation to others. Don't sway from your course. Envision yourself with the deep roots of an oak tree, firmly grounded with Gaia Sophia and let things take their course.

FORGIVENESS - Resolution of matters comes when we surrender the need to control a specific outcome. This action loosens situations so that they begin to move freely once again. It removes great burdens - emotional freight. When we let go, the pieces can come together in a natural way.

FELLOWSHIP - Natural world order (life in line with the principle of freedom - freedom of mind, body, and spirit; freedom of experience) comes about through clear aim that is unchallenged by indecisiveness. All of the good things in the world have come about from this, not through struggle and strife. It may appear that struggle and strife (as in the struggle and strife of the American Revolution) enabled things to happen, but this is not the case. Aim is what makes things happen. To prevent this, an agenda of "divide and conquer" is often set up. We see above and beyond that. Inclusivity is the keyword today. Include everyone you can.

FREEDOM - The mechanics of the stars are timed. If presented with an opportunity, the energy favors it. Changes are underway to bring a happier, more natural way of life. Freeing ourselves from what constricts us is part of this. If something is keeping you "down," look to what you need in the situation.

This is bold energy. Both Uranus and Jupiter will move to new degrees today, beginning energy that will be imprinted at the New Moon this Sunday. It's a transformative kind of day that is complex in what it produces, but simple in nature. It's really about a renewed dedication to spirit.

With the New Moon in Aries, the aim at the Oracle Report will be to provide a daily guide to maintaining focus on the sharpening of natural world order while the dissolution of the new world order - the archontic control matrix - occurs. Wise owls have work to do.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Oracle Report – Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment, February 20, 2013

First Quarter Moon Phase - Moon in Gemini

The skills of an acrobat will facilitate navigation of today’s energy.  This implies that we will need to move fluidly between situations, changing and adapting to things as the day goes on.  If you are locked in place with something - locked in a mindset, belief, habit, etc. – consider unlocking because rigidity will cause strife today.

The Moon made its monthly conjunction with the Black Moon earlier today, so the themes of the Black Moon in Gemini are stronger.  The core fear of the Black Moon in Gemini is the fear of rejection, disapproval, and disappointment.  We tend to try really hard to win acceptance from others when this energy is present.  But this is the wrong way to go about things.  The focus should be on what we want/need to do, not what others want/need us to do.  We need to make things according to our own satisfaction.  If you do face a rejection, disapproval, or disappointment today, look to see if you failed to look out or take care of yourself in some way.  The Moon conjunct the Black Moon in Gemini always shows where we are lacking in our own self-esteem.  So keep yourself in the equation today.  Don’t hide your light out of fear.

I have not talked about this month’s ruling dakini because it is not a Mahavidya; the ruler is Nairatmya, a Diamond Sky Dakini.  Others may disagree, which is of course their perogative.  Since I have only been instructed by the Mahavidyas and have not followed Nairatmya’s energy long enough to be able to comment, we are learning about her together.  I can tell you that she is quintessentially Piscean.  By the Disseminating Moon phase we will have a better understanding of her, so watch closely and learn, and let’s share what we have found at Disseminating.

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