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Friday, January 11, 2013

The Panergeia Project: Descendents of the Originals (DOTO) ( TAOCE )

The Panergeia Project: Descendents of the Originals (DOTO):

Descendents of the Originals (DOTO)

This is the term I have coined the ones who can relate to my story and the new path of human evolution, we are about to enter.
We are standing in front of a whole new way of seeing ourselves and what spirituality is. The things we have been taught have been full of deceit and distorted information. The truth has been manipulated and we need to find a new way of understanding what humanity is, what we are and where we are going. What is the most high path of human behavior, considering our history; what can we expect of our inner most being, the remains of the Original and what can we expect of the EM bio-field, we mostly consists of.
How do we build a strong mind-field (the merging of the EM bio-field and the remains of the Original without being connected to the APIN), stand in our own right and leadership without falling into the natural group dynamics of “being better than the others” etc. the whole postcolonial thought pattern.
It is not them against us; no matter how much deception we have been succumbed under, we have to start afresh and think in new terms. The lords of doom are gone and we are the survivors, the DOTO, of the wars and deception. We need to acknowledge that; our inner pain, how tired most of us really are, and how much we have been longing for freedom and now we have it, or at least partly have it, and we have to be very careful.
I know the human nature and I know the traps we so easily can fall into. I will do my best to be earnest about my own processes, but naturally there will be differences due to the Originals Consciousness field (OCF) in us and the different memories we bear.
The racial pattern continues, but it has nothing to do with features, religion or belief systems in general; it has to do with memories and the DNA strands imbedded in us. We are all DOTOs, alike and yet different. Some have evolved their strands and the OCF into a highly functioning mind-field and others have still a lot of merging to do. Let us help each other to evolve, how difficult this may be (I know as a Psychotherapist how difficult it is to help others to evolve) and how annoying it can be to accept the differences in us. Let us turn this into strength of equality and alikeness; we are all from the same galactic origin, despite their different starting point, densities and reality fields and despite how much each one of us remembers: the ones who remembers the most are not the “elders” or the ones in power, we just work more hard to know the truth and this inner discipline is not something we can expect from others – I know all about that and this is my weakness; I always expect the same from others, that I expect from myself, which naturally is not case – I am still driven and I will gladly take on the role of being a trailblazer or a person with insights, because this is what I have become, but what I have become is something we all can become, if you not already are; you can at all time become the highest version of yourself. If you want to put the effort into it; you can be whatever you want to be, communicate to whomever you want to and reach whatever level of wisdom, you might desire; the OCF in you provides you with that power. It is up to us how we use this ability in us.
The memories from the Originals are not ours, and yet they are. They are bound to color our perception of the Inner Galactic Communities (IGC) as well as the Interplanetary Systems (IPS), because when we regain our connection to the inner societies, by activating the OCF level in us, it is a natural thing that we are attracted, by the laws of affinity or BPR, to similar levels in the IGC and IPS, which connects to the memories of the Originals Consciousness field in us.
It is like growing up, becoming an adult of our own right and yet when we try to make things different, we discover how easily we unconsciously draw on the things we learned in our childhood, from the hidden dynamics of our parents and their problems. What I am saying, is that the problems the Original had, in us, is not our problem as I have experienced myself with the conflict between the TEP in me and the MCEO faction. These are not my issues, but stems from my Original and I you have the same traits of suspicion towards something or someone, be very clear whether they stem from your own understanding of things or your OCF memories.
We have to learn to trust ourselves. For so long we have looked to others for answers, our parents, our friends, our beloved one, God, channels, angels, guides etc. We can at all times connect to helpers in all levels of Earth, just as we always can contact officials, doctors, helpers etc. in the outer reality, but we have to work on figuring things out for ourselves as well, before we bother other with our issues, questions and energetic development.
We are not puppets on a string anymore and yet we have to learn to behave in the IPS and IGC our mind-field opens up to. We have to learn what beings we should pay respect to, what beings we should not mingle with and what beings, we can call our intergalactic friends, brothers and sisters. I have found a new sister and my friends in the Panergeia Project are a beautiful mixture of higher and lower beings, some of them are DOTOs just like I am.
We can as well visit our OC and exchange information, share our deepest love and respect, and at the same time scold them for whatever issue we think they could have done better – just like we do with our earthly parents. There is no difference whether we direct our consciousness towards outer things or inner things. The difference lies in how we use our mind-field and how well we learn to minister the energies in and around us.
Yes, this will do it for now. As a little end comment the Panergeia Psychology section will be about how we progress as DOTOs etc.