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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why do I use selenite instead of quartz crystals? #TAOCE

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why do I use selenite instead of quartz crystals?

I am using selenite because they are easier to encode, having a higher range of energies to work with and due to the fact that they consists of the prime material of true Earth;  whereas quartz crystal are much more complex.

I love quartz crystals and the old entities in them, devas I call them. The quartz crystals are usually being used as incarnational bodies for specific complexes of consciousness from e.g. Tara which in old times chose Venus and Mercury as their reality field of evolution. When those planets were closed down, in our reality field, into what they are today, that is dust and gasses, the devas – pure beings of light and consciousness, agreed to continue their evolution in forms of crystal structures on Earth, incl. crystal rocks etc. being a part of the grid that uphold the wave spectrum in NETE. Therefore, in my opinion, we should not encode them – violating their original path and structure when doing so. On the contrary we should offer them a home, offer them help to get out and help to release them from their crystalline features in stones, plants etc. by either offering our bodies as a new home or call for the “sweepers” and helpers which are here to help them get out – when they all have left, NETE will dissolve.

The energies and consciousness behind the selenite crystals are evolving through light codes and symbols, which in essence is different from the old beings in crystals. They are newer on the hierarchy of energy and consciousness which enables them to range higher on the scale of galactic symbols. When NETE dissolves, all beings that have been part of our reality, will leave as we do. So the difference lies within the purpose of the beings behind selenite respectively quartz crystals; the former having done their job and the selenite just starting their purpose of the new levels to come.