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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Adashi Order: Meditative Space

March 25, 2016

Setting your intent
Your mind is full, as is mine, so prior to beginning any meditative act you ought to prepare yourself.

Preparation for meditation is most traditions is quite ritualistic but the essence of the actions are quite effectual. Essentially you want to take a deep breath and say something like, “I am here to listen and to understand myself and the harmonious interconnectivity, the living unity of creation.” Then exhale.
On your next slow inhale concentrate your attention inside of your pineal gland and on the next slow exhale move down your central vertical column traveling within the silver cord all the way down to the earth core. You don’t have to try, just take as many breaths as you need to reach the center of the earth, when you arrive you will know, as you will feel the earth acknowledging you and sending you a subtle return frequency which will give you a sensation of stability, grounding, and connection.

Now fill the energy body or alternate sense of self that you are down in the earth by abiding in the peace of the internal planetary body. As you begin to create a stronger frequency interaction with the planetary body you may notice that your physical body goes through a range of shifting sensations as your connection lines are brought into alignment. Be there in the planet sharing in the kinship with the earth and all her creatures, plants, and minerals. Ask for an expansion of your energy frequency, consciousness stream, and lightbody. Allow the Earth to open the conduits of higher dimensionality and breath the honorable and pure intentions you have to share in this process to aid yourself individual and the planet collectively. When sufficient energy has been drawn into your energy body or “imagined sense of self” draw this concentrated quantum light back up the central vertical column into your physical body.

Continue draw in in the energy up your silver core and chakra column until your chakras have opened and their spin rates have been adjusted. When this occurs draw your attention to your feet and breathe in the earth energy and imagine or watch the pale gold blue magenta frequencies unfold beneath your feet activating and suffusing your 12th dimensional frequency shield. Once this frequency center has been invigorated and infused with life force then begin breathing that energy (mixed with the platinum white energy coming from the earth) drawing it upward through your chakra column up the ida and pingala current lines. Repeat this step until your kundalini currents have been saturated with the 3-fold living frequencies of higher consciousness. Then create a copy of your 12th dimensional frequency center and send it upward above your head a few feet. Establish a resonance between the upper and lower frequency shields by creating a swirling column of platinum infused energy.

Next draw your silver cord current of energy upward from the planet core and project it to Andromeda on a soft but forceful exhale(s) until you feel connection with the higher consciousness of your original system or universal home. This will often times be experienced as a scintillating platinum blue sapphire light stream or a white gold current of energy. When this energy has been contacted suffused your auric field and individuals chakras with it by drawing the inhale in to the chakra you are filling and then allowing your exhale to diffuse the frequency out of the front and back chakra cones.

Once that has been done you are ready to meditate. You are protected and infused with all the higher consciousness frequency you require to voyage or work on your personal body or the planetary body and beyond.

This example is one way to properly shield yourself and harmonize your mind for meditation or gridwork. The key to continuing a successful practice is partly about technique but more about generating clear intentions and abiding in the initial waveform of understanding that enlightened cosmic nature is inherent to all of existence. This recognition will immediately create a mind state of lightedness, a mixture of respect, love, joy, peace, clarity, & kindness.

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Chakra Depolarizing

In Meditation, Technique by admin
Chakra Depolarization infuse the 12d shield center 1 foot below you with your breath-energy & intend to fuse available elements of polarized embodied consciousness. casually join the energies you’ve chosen to work on in clear platinum space. Set a CCW spin spiral and breath your 12d platinum pillar into manifest reality. breathe a few times further connecting your energy intent …

Sun Fire. 8th dimensional chakra infusion.

In Meditation, Technique by admin
8D Chakra Infusion; Sun Fire Technique visualize a sphere of clockwise CW rotating platinum light between the third and fourth chakras within the center of the central vertical energy column CVC. on inhale enter the visualised spherical architecture & on the exhale add your awareness and breath-energy to the enhance the spin, speeding it up and concentrating energy within. next …


Thursday, January 03, 2013

Protection Shield #Spies Prayer #XD

repost: "Om Love"
mewow...this is the most fabulous protection shield i have ever heard.... i did pray for similar stuffs happen to me... thank you James Rink for this brilliant prayer... ♥ :3 ♥


I ask the cosmic beings and angels to come forth creating a veil of invisibility around you, your computer, your IPS address, web site, all your face book information, computer groups you belong to and any computer activism you are doing. I ask that your work is now invisible to the dark side yet seen by all the light workers and awakened spiritual beings.

I ask that all spies short out every time they try and mess with you, your face book page or your computer…Or record anything of yours which will automatically become invisible. May all spies have lots of computer crashes, mold infections, virus infections, magnets placed on all spies hard drives creating crashes with all information lost; imagine lots of tiny insects of all kinds including termites infesting all their telecommunication equipment as well as all their buildings becoming rat and mice infested that love to chew on all their wires creating many shorts and fires. See sand, dust and water getting into all their telecommunications equipment .We ask that all spies now go dyslexic ever time they go into their places of work making lots or errors in everything they do as well as much infighting which creates much distrust from within . Let all veils be removed from all face book spies so they become visible and obvious to all. Let the administrators be divinely guided to remove them and block them from the group.

See these spies reconnecting to the creator, becoming conscious awakened beings so unhappy with their jobs that they all quit and their guardian angels guide them to constructive jobs that will help humanity.

I ask all the teachers, guides, masters, cosmic beings and angels that are now helping you, join their energies together combining them as one that will create a shield around you, your computer and face book page that will deflect all that is not of light elevating your energy so you are no longer effected by any dark energy directed at you. Let these Divine beings create a shield that also blocks out microwave energy.

I ask everyone be conscious of the friends that are surrounding you and on any face book group you are a member in. I ask all these people around you have all cloaking veils removed revealing themselves to you so you may be aware of who your friends are. If it is not a mutually beneficial relationship (where you each give to each other pretty equally) you are guided as how to move them out of your inner circle making them acquaintances or blocking them from your face book page.. I see you becoming magnets for people that resonate with you that help you create a huge support net of protection around all.

We imagine that all super computer information gathering stations are infected with red ants, snakes, spiders, killer bees, wasps, mice, rats, mold, dust, bats, termites, beetles, magnets on all their equipment and back up equipment. Spies hear nothing but white noise. We ask that Ganesha put obstacles up so everything they do is difficult for all face book (and twitter) spies.
Never the less not our will but thy will be done.

SO BE IT!!! ~ Anonymous