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Friday, May 09, 2014

Ascension Whispers: What is the Significance of the Time Shifts Every 30 Days?
was posted 4 May 2014


Time is an illusion which is created by the energy of Source stepping down in quantum from higher to lower accretion levels and the process of experiencing the illusion of time is the process of re-accreting the energy of Source from lower to higher levels of accretion.

As long as an individuated face of Source is imbued within the polarized frequency bands of a time matrix they will experience the illusion of time as the process of experiencing from one moment to the next.
When an individual plugs into a planet to have a life experience the incarnate expression adopts the time cycle of the planet. The point of physical body location upon the planet and the condition of the personal energy system sets the internal biological clock or the personal rate of energy accretion. The rate of accretion of the planet sets the speed at which a planet spins or rotates on its axis which determines how many minutes and hours are in a day for that planet; a full rotation of the planet on its axis equals one day.

The spin speed of a planet per the rate of energy accretion is determined by the spin speed of the units of light which compose the planet. The holographic image of a planet is made of light – sound particles of Source energy.

The spin speed of a planet and the spin speed of the units of light the planet is composed of determines the “denseness” of the matter body light particles as a faster spin speed means the light particles hold more energy and are hotter than light particles that hold less energy which are considered more frozen.
The denseness of a planet sets the mass gravity and the mass gravity sets the rate of orbiting the solar sun. The rate a planets orbits the solar sun determines the length of a year or the time it takes the planet to make a complete orbit around the solar sun.

A healed planet does not have a tilt to its vertical axis and so does not experience seasons as is experienced on Earth. A planets vertical axis should be in vertical alignment with the vertical axis of the solar sun. If Earth’s vertical axis was currently in vertical alignment with the solar sun the planetary environment would become too hot to support the current biological life forms of Earth but as the planets spin speed increases and the planet increasingly becomes less dense the planetary environment will continue to creates peaks of change and then balance periods. Weather patterns will continue to change in cycles as the planet continues to accrete the higher energy of Source.

Earth is experiencing the same inner matter body temperature fluctuations that the eternal life forms on the planet are but to much larger degrees per the mass size of the planet. Each 30 day time shift occurs as the planet is able to receive another infusion of the higher energy of Source which gradually speeds up the spin rate of the light units the matter base of the system is composed of and which increases the spin rate of all previously mentioned.

The spin speed and angle of the vertical axis is crucial as it determines “what the manifest hologram will express as”, be it one of balance or imbalance. Each 30 day time shift slightly changes the inner biological clock of the eternal life forms on the planet as well the light particles that compose the matter base spinning faster and faster per accretion of higher energy. The physical body responds uniquely with each individual as the internal biological clock continues to “shift”. We could compare some of those physical body symptoms as something similar to “jet lag”.

When you move your physical body into a different time zone (energy accretion zone) around the planet quickly, as in travel by air plane, you are rapidly stepping into a slightly different accretion rate. The distance the physical body travels determines the severity of jet lag symptoms an individual may encounter. International travelers may experience the largest degree of physical body symptoms that can effect things such as the digestive system and the process of the body ridding itself of waste.

When the physical body is rapidly moved across many time zones (accretion zones) the spin speed of the light units that compose the physical body is rapidly increased to the new time zone which can take a couple of days to adjust to and for the feeling of jet lag to wear off. Such does not occur when traveling on the ground at a slower speed as the physical body adjusts much easier to the time zone shift which occurs much slower.

When quickly traveling by air to a slower time zone the physical body’s biological clock can be effected with a feeling of being hyper or feeling like you have more energy which can create a feeling of jet lag but it is the opposite effect in which the body’s spin rate remains the same while the spin rate of the time zone catches up to match the body and then balance returns. Both types of jet lag make the physical body tired because it is dealing with energy spinning at a different speed than the current speed of the internal biological clock.
Some people may become aware of physical body reactions to the next 30 day time shift before the actual date of the higher infusion of energy as there is a “quickening cycle” that begins approximately 12 days before each infusion date. The quickening cycle is a gradual spin speed increase leading into the infusion time shift date, similar to the process of water slowly heating until it reaches the boiling point.

The higher energy of Source spirals into the planet from the Solar Suns non polarized vertical star gates of 12, 9, 6 & 3 held at the core of the sun and into the non polarized planetary star gates 12, 9, 6 & 3 held within the core of the planet.

The higher energy wave then steps down and circulates through the polarized plane “layers” of the planet from the inside of the planet outward following the Eternal Spiral Divine Trinity step down.The speed at which the infusion of higher energy circulates through the planet is determined by the contraction / expansion rate of the Divine Trinity which is an encrypted rate based on the condition of the planetary system and how quickly the planet is able to receive and integrate energy.

This process is extremely intricate and specifically timed per the encryption of Source original intent and ensures the system does not receive more energy than it can hold or faster than it can receive it which ensures the system is not blown up from receiving too much energy to quickly. The cycling rate of the Divine Trinity of Earth increases with an infusion of higher energy every 30 days as the system expands to be able to hold another infusion at the next 30 day time shift infusion.

This is an example of the expansion and contraction phase of the Divine Trinity numbered from the 12 point only of the Eternal Life Grid as it would take hours for me to do this for the entire grid but each non polarized vertical pillar point does the exact same thing, expanding and contracting from its step down point seat and then back into that seat and then ALL of it contracts back into the 12 pt seat and back out again. Each time the polarized points expand back out they hold 3 times as much energy as they did when they went in per the Divine Trinity quantum building process. (Please see Level 1 of the videos on the AW youtube channel for further understanding of the Divine Trinity quantum building process).

The phasing cycle of the Divine Trinity is what allows for “Eternal Life”; it IS “the fountain of youth” or the “holy grail”. The long sought after holy grail has been a search by finite life forms on planet to re-discover the exact center point location on the matter body expression of the planet that sits directly on top of the planetary core Divine Trinity.


The ancient continent of Atlantis was positioned at this point during that time period and is why it was the location that held a “crystal generator” keyed to the cycling rate of the planetary core Divine Trinity. It is what allowed for a free energy system for the people of that time period. The technology of the Atlantian time period was ran by “crystals” that were keyed to the crystal generator on the continent of Atlantis.
When the fallen ET races blew up the Atlantian crystal generator the blast instantly went directly into the planetary core and is what blew the grid connection on the planetary Eternal Life Grid at the 11.5 frequency band level disconnecting the grid from planetary star gate 12 and creating the 2/3 fall grid. A slight pole shift occurred which increased the planets axis tilt to the 23.5 axis tilt (it was already slightly tilted from previous attacks on the planet).

Of course sinking of Atlantis, islands and other land masses instantly occurred. Massive amounts of chemical toxins were released into the atmosphere and an ice age ensued. The planetary environment quickly radiated and any life forms that did not escape to the underground cave cities (Inner Earth) instantly died.
The pole shift that occurred shifted the center point of the planet on the mantel and placed that location in alignment with what became the Great Pyramid of Giza Egypt. The Great Pyramid of Giza and the Giza Pyramid Complex were built by fallen ET races exactly where it is located because it sat on top of the “holy grail” of the planetary Divine Trinity.

When the planet re-stabilized to support surface biological life the underground inner city people gradually made their way back to surface Earth to encounter the fallen ET godlets who came to Earth to take control but without memory of anything. The rapid fall of energy that occurred within the planetary system meant loss of energy for the embodied life forms and loss of energy means memory loss.

The ET godlets quickly went to work to create the pyramid network around the planet and key all of them to the Great Pyramid of Egypt which is built upon the mathematical program of the “flower of life”, later name the Fibonacci Spiral.

Each of the smaller pyramids around the planet were positioned to fill out the flower of life symbol pattern and each were keyed to suck energy that remained within the planetary grids and direct it to the Great Pyramid where it was used by the fallen ET godlets to control the masses via fear and to beam it off planet to feed the reversed, finite black hole of metatron.

There were and are different factions of competing ET godlets who came to Earth to take control, fighting over the energy stored within the planetary grids. Each faction claimed specific regions of the planet and taught the people in those locations what they wanted them to believe as truth. It was not hard to do since they had the magical power of energy that portrayed them as gods and the people were terrified of everything.

They quickly believed the godlets and all of their lies of safety and protection as well as providing the “mystical” things they required to be able to have food and survive. Control the food system and you control the planet!

The godlets fed the people all kinds of lies via fear and torture and is why the people offered sacrificial offerings to the godlets to appease the godlets least they rain down fire, destruction and death upon them.
But the ET godlets could not remain on planet for any length of time as the 1/3 energy of Source still held within the planetary core made them sick and would kill there matter form if they stayed too long. The giants reported in ancient history and of which many skeletons have been discovered around the world but quickly hidden by the controlling factions never to be spoken of again, were fallen ET life forms sent to Earth to control the planet when the ET godlets were not around.

The mission of the fallen ET giants was to do genetic manipulation via laboratory experiments to create a mutated matter body form that could support the virus consumed finite ET godlets to allow them to incarnate into the Earth hologram. It took the fallen ET life forms some time to create a mutated gene code and DNA structure that would allow the virus to live within it.

There were many experiments done with the human DNA gene code and animals alive on planet at that time. There were many strange creatures created that were either different parts of animals or part animal and part human DNA gene code. But of course the powers of today desire us to believe all of those stories were simply myths and those creatures did not really exist.

The reported lineage of the human population being said to be via the ape is a result of previous DNA genetic manipulation of trying to create a mutated matter form they could exist within on planet. The Eternal life form already existed prior to the genetically created ape / human gene code. The Eternal life forms of Earth did not evolve through ape ancestry but did live along side of them for awhile on planet. The millions of years of genetic manipulation that has been carried out on planet Earth is the result of the modern day human DNA gene code.

Well, they are doing the same thing again today in their laboratories, combining the DNA of different species of animals as well as combining the human DNA with different species of animals but the little bit that the public is allowed to hear about falls under the heading of “medical research”. Those mutated creatures quickly died out as the matter body could not survive within an environment that still held 1/3 of Source energy. Female humans from different tribes were captured and taken into the ET labs for genetic experiments and gene code manipulation until they finally created a mutated gene code that would allow for a matter body form to house both the distorted human gene code and the virus. Failed experiments meant immediate death for the females involved but to them death was a blessing.

The male population were used as slave laborers and forced to work in mines to harvest minerals from the planet that the fallen ET races wanted to take unto their fallen systems. Once a mutated DNA sequence was accomplished, artificial insemination began on the female population with many females still dying because they could not carry for any length of term the distorted fetus.

Continued genetic manipulation was performed until a sequence was perfected that the human female body would carry for a long enough term to grow the mutated matter body form. The female could not naturally give birth to these first mutated life forms and the fetus was removed from the body before full term was reached which of course the females then died.

The mutated human – ET hybrid life form is the leviathan race and when there became males that could bread naturally with the female Earth population the command from the godlets was to “go forth and multiply”. It was not a matter of wooing the human females, they had no choice in the situation but over time the controlled hybrid race was instilled into all tribes on the planet and is why there is no pure Eternal Life DNA gene code sequence existing on planet at this time.

But the DNA gene code sequence for the Eternal Life Form is held in what science calls junk DNA and it is indeed being re-activated now that the higher energy of Source is once again able to come back into the planetary system. However, the current mutated DNA gene code “cannot” be healed or activated to run the higher energy of Source. It is a process of turning on more of the higher energy of Source and “trans-mutating” the mutated DNA gene code and the only thing that can do that is the higher energy of Source.
The “Chosen Ones” of the leviathan races were appointed kings and rulers over the planet and the people of Earth and were given hidden, sacred reversed knowledge from their ET creators to support their mission of controlling Earth.

ALL structures of this false reality field; math, science, astrology, medicine, religion, language, writing, economics and politics are built upon the flower of life – Fibonacci spiral which is reversed – distorted technology designed to suck the energy out of the system.

The kings and later queens have always known these truths as well as the roman catholic church and is why there is a strict creed to “keep the race line pure” even if it means incest to do so because they know that to continue to receive the “riches of Earth” and the promise of immortality they must do as their ET godlets decree which they are fine with because they thrive on power and control.

The “chosen ones” know the planet is heating up and they know why and they are fighting a race against time to create a new mutated biology that will continue to host them as the Eternal Human biology is quickly transmuting back to its Divine Expression. They also know the planet is not going to support them very much longer and is why there is a race to find another Earth like planet. Remember, they are all of the conscious collective of the virus metatron and a virus cannot exist unless it has a biological host.

The flower of life is an encrypted reversed code that begins with a phase locked Divine Trinity symbol; it is phase locked because it is disconnected from the energy of Source via the Unified Field – Consciousness Highway and will never be an Eternal expression.

The beginning point of the flower of life symbol shows us at which point in the phasing cycle of the Divine Trinity it was disconnected from the Eternal Life Grid (#3 in above sequence). This is the point in the phasing cycle the Divine Trinity was at when the Atlantian attack occurred.

The flower of life grows one sphere of energy at a time and not via energy quantum building of the Divine Trinity; it grows via sucking and eating energy from the planet. Well it did, it can no longer do that now.
The “re-legion” belief system surrounding this symbol says it represents the days it took God to create all of creation and that creation story was written differently when it was meshed into the roman catholic church but all re-legions around the planet hold a similar creation story all coded to the phased locked flower of life.

1 eats 1 to become 2
2 eats 1 to become 3
3 eats 2 to become 5
5 eats 3 to become 8
  8 eats 5 to become 13
   13 eats 8 to become 21
      21 eats 13 to become 34

And then of course we are at day 7 when god rested. Source does not rest, Source does not need to rest, Source is eternal, the phasing sequence of the Divine Trinity is eternal and could be thought of as the heart beat and lungs of Source.

The metatron spiral continued eating energy from the planet as fast as it could over the last 26,000 years with a goal to be reached by the time December 21, 2012 rolled around.

Of course at the same time the Eternal faces of Source continued to incarnate into the planetary system bringing the birth quantum of energy they could into the planet so it has been a battle for energy and who was going to be the strongest in energy when the 2012 date rolled around.

The fast pace eating of the metatron spiral translated into this. 100% – 34% = 66% eaten which equals the 2/3 drop of energy and 2/3 energy loss translates as this 2 ÷ 3 = .666 which of course is the mark of the beast but there is much more to know about that and will require a future video share to explain it.

The Atlantian attack and rapid loss of energy created “stale mate” as the virus could not consume the planet because it still held to much of Source energy within it and it would take 26,000 years of Eternal faces of Source incarnating into the system and bringing the energy of Source to reach a point where the Eternal Spiral was strong enough to stop the eating spiral.

The goal of the virus was to eat the next sequence of energy to reach the 55 point which would be over half,  34 eats 21 to become 55. This is why this spiral can be found “within nature” because it was implanted into the planetary system to drain the planet of its energy and since it has “always been there” it is thought to be organic. It is not organic and the only way it can continue to expand is if it has energy to feed off of as that is what a virus requires to continue to exist.

But it is not the only reversed mathematical symbol program that has been implanted into the planetary system. That is what the crop circles are about, different factions of fallen ET life forms fighting over and claiming control of different regions.

The people of those “ancient times” believed in the fallen ET godlets and they believed the lies that the godlets came down to Earth from heaven. They believed their kings and queens who told them the way to become immortal gods was via the secret divine power of the pyramids and the many ancient sites that still exist above and below the mantel of the planet were created to worship the godlets via sacrifices and many other offerings to try to ensure a safe spot in heaven among the gods.

As the energy of Source continued to accrete within the planetary system, grain of sand by grain of sand of the Eternal life forms incarnating and bringing it back unto the planet, the people began to “think” and wonder more about their environment and rebel against the godlet kings and queens. They began to become harder to control and via the roman control and the teachings of the one called Jesus offered a means of creating an easier method of control.

As the many different re-legion belief systems fought it out over whose god was the true god the roman empire decided to mesh all of the different beliefs together, keeping what suited their purpose of creating a belief system that would control. Of course this did not sit well with the population so it became necessary to use force, fear, torture and brain washing of the “fear of god” to get the people to come to their senses and play along as they were told.

The historical religious wars speak for their self but they have never stopped, it is just that many people have been led to believe they have stopped via the controlling factions “allowing” them more liberties.
As stated at the beginning of this article, the accretion of energy or the amount of energy a planet holds determines its spin speed. Completely being able to reverse the spin direction of a planet, creating pole shift and snapping the planetary axis in half first requires slowing the spin speed to a low enough level and then blasting the planet with a high enough blast of energy to force it to spin in the opposite direction.

Dueling Spirals

The fallen life forms truly believed they would be able to suck the energy from the planet to reach the 55 point by December 21, 2012 and if they had their long prophesied screams of the End Time Drama would have occurred. But, they do not have the ability to know the power of Source as they are not connected to the Eternal Life Grid.

It is because there were enough Eternal faces of Source incarnate on planet that they were not successful in their end time drama plans. The Eternal faces of Source incarnate on planet in May of 2012 collectively held enough of the energy of Source to hold the Eternal Spiral and this point in time was a point called the “Dueling Spirals”; a point when the fallens were doing everything they could think of to get to that 55 point, even trying to use people of Earth to work with them unaware via body snatching, possession, channeling and reversed energy exercises to assist sucking the energy from the planet.

The “New Age Movement” was created specifically to be in place for this time period for that exact reason. It did not work!!! Source always wins!!! There is no energy stronger than the energy of Source but finite life forms cannot know that.

The Eternal Spiral held and quickly passed the accretion level of the distorted spiral by December 21, 2012. At this time the planet was able to receive the inter-stellar higher burst of Source energy through the 13th Pillar, which just happens to be the 6, 6, 6 connection because the incarnate Eternal faces of Source were able to receive and anchor the 13th Pillar ray of energy into the planetary system.
This instantly spread out through the planetary grids creating the “new, higher planetary shield”. (More will be presented at a later time in a video about pillars and shields). This began a process of rapid accretion into the new 13th Pillar shield and by December 12, 2013 the Eternal Life Grid was able to be plugged back into planetary star gate 12. The rest is history in the making!

The planet and her Eternal life forms are rapidly re-accreting the 2/3 (34) amount of energy it lost and the finite life forms are rapidly dropping in energy which can make them go insane if they live long enough. But the planet and her life forms are not just re-accreting the energy of the planetary system in the next 86 years before the planet shifts back into her healed expression; they are re-accreting the energy of the “entire solar system” which will require a later video to explain.

So, what are the 30 day time shifts about? How is the Eternal Life Grid different from the flower of life grid, the 2/3 fall grid and the tree of life grid? Hopefully you have a greater understanding now to be able to answer that question for yourself. Of course, more bits of information will continue to be offered over “time” that explain more details.

The spin speed of the units of light that compose a matter from determine the Ray of light or flow of energy those units of light can merge with. The increasing spin speed of the planet is what will allow her to “shift” back into her healed expression. It can be helpful to remember the Joy of this destination as our mutated physical body form continues to deal with the effects of “jet lag”.

When the matter body form has reached its limit we will step out of it and finally be released from the distortion. The time shifts that will continue to gradually but rapidly speed up the spin speed of the units of light of this hologram will allow for “time travel” of shifting into a higher energy time cycle where the healed expression of the solar system exists.

It exists right here in this very same space but is spinning at a much faster rate of speed and the incarnate life forms that ride the adventure with the planet will continue to increase in light unit spin speed as well.

It is not something that can be visibly noticed at this time although many of us are feeling the effects of it on the physical body but there will come a point when the day and night time cycles will show the increased spin effect. How is the planet going to heal itself of the virus? By becoming hotter and spinning much faster.
The first 30 years of time shifts every 30 days will decrease the current 60 minutes in an hour to 52 minutes in an hour.

The next 30 years of time shifts every 30 days will decrease the current 60 minutes in a hour to 48 minutes in a hour.

The next 30 years of time shifts every 30 days will decrease the current 60 minutes in an hour to 36 minutes in an hour.

The last 10 years of time shifts every 30 days will decrease the current 60 minutes in an hour to 30 minutes in an hour.

Of course this is based on the way that we currently perceive the passage of time which is based on the spin speed of the planet and how long it takes for one day to be accreted

There are some very interesting things you can discover from this formula if you desire to do the math. Not my strong point anyway you look at it but I will note this; IF my calculations are correct and they could very well NOT be, that means the Earth that is now spinning at roughly 1000 miles per hour will be spinning at 1030 miles per hour when the shift occurs.

Wow! I bet you did not even know you were time traveling right now.

The next time shift date is May 16, 2014. Have fun and hold onto your knickers! You can see the animations for the Eternal Life Grid within the AW facebook group. All are welcome to come join us and play and I offer answers to questions time allowing and if I know the answer.

Loving Joy Blessings,



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