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Freedom Teaching: The Ou Lafen and Indigo Children

The Ou Lafen and Indigo Children

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The Ou Lafen and Indigo Children

Original / Copyright: Yi Aisuo
Translation: Black Jack
The proofreading: Carlin small tower

"Oula Fen (Oraphim)" has a very special gene codes called "Double Diamond Sun (Double Diamond Sun)" or the "Emerald Sun matrix (Emerald Sun Matrix) is - double diamond with 12 of the original human chain coding beyond the time of the Ascension proficient level plus another 12 chain the Emerald class, the Higher Council of Oula Fen has additional 6 chain DNA, corresponding to three Russian card Ti matrix (Eckatic Matrix), and the origin -one before the last one Ascension proficient level.

In other systems, Oula Fen is usually called "Heaven's son (Paradise sons).

Emerald class Oula Fen from Tulane Okinawa Samuel (Turaneusiam) descent, but not only so ...... they are planting this universe the original race Yeluo He (ELOHEI) (not "Elohim Elohim", which Many Elohim "fallen"), prior to the material existence Tian Qin Race ...... This time matrix has been sowing the life of the original incarnations (Avatars).

Ascension cycle, they are only a large number of born, the the the Ascension code guardian Star Gate guardian and planetary security team, responsible for orchestrating the Ascension cycle during the necessary grid structure. Them from the pull federal (Ra Confederacy) the azurite Parliament (Azurite Council) Melchizedek (Melchizedek Cloister) family, the Priory chain management Ascended Masters of our Time Matrix Group (Ascended Masters collective).

They are responsible for the supervision of the the time matrix inside and outside other smaller Ascended Masters Group. Your little on Earth I do not have a higher encoding. Oula Fen no ego - once they awaken, they will know in here purely to serve the full one, and to perform their own tasks. Currently, the number of them on Earth 50 million (Annotation: 2000), has just started to wake up. "The Amenti secret" book a lot of mention of their situation, to as a "wake-up call of" and Oula Fen their response is ideal. Other DNA fails to activate the people can handle 4-6 dimensional data frequency is very difficult to understand the contents of the book mentioned.

Emerald class has to remember at least incarnation (Avatar) level (10-12 dimensional) contract and service contract of the nature of the world here. Return this time, into the manifest, emerald class have been skillfully proficient in all three Ascension. Most of them have the universe service contracts, not just planetary service contract. They are so far beyond being alliance here cognitive range, some of the highest consciousness following the 12-dimensional even this planet do not know who they are. "The dark side" to hate them because they bring the knowledge of freedom. Most of us are living as a "sleeper" until we awakening in the previously scheduled time and date, and then we began to remember who we are, what do you think we are.

Indigos today mestizo plan is operated by the Emerald class of the Oula Fen - Tulane Okinawa Samuel - the primordial human Presbyterian race, 550 million years ago, they had human sown here, and vowed to assist in the Earth on humans to retrieve the 12-strand DNA potential rather than 10 chain, 10 the chain A Ru-Naqi (Anunnaki) and the Dragon (Drakonian) DNA mark human 12 chain.

Indigos is Ou Lafen incarnation all (there are three different types of indigo), they are now the embodiment of this by making the race morphogenetic field (the material manifestation scalar template) to reach critical mass, to help promote the the ordinary human gene code into a higher level of activation. The the the primordial human gene chain mestizo plan being choreography to help humanity activate dormant DNA so, during a stellar activation cycle in the 2000-2017 year, the human race can have a better chance to avoid damage to the physical body and dormant genes. (Solar spectrum change will occur in this period, which will damage Earth's human race, because from ancient Sirius A Ru Naqi invasion the ordinary gene inherited code will have a malignant mutation.)

All indigo born already activated section 6 chain DNA (DNA still showed "double helix", but the times chain matrix operation additional coding), which allows them to turn on the memory of the identity of the other temporal aspects.

Emerald class 48 Parliament (human visitor group - 48 is the DNA distribution, does not refer to the 48-member parliament) trained in higher dimensions (5-15 dimension above) remote observation and matrix scan. Within the dimensions of the pro-human Parliament close attention to the agenda of the actions of the visitors on Earth, in order to ensure that the planets and on unwitting human safety through the 2000-2017 cycle, and other various reasons. [Jade-class members in the past have tried to come into contact with human government, but the Secret Government Treaty the Zeta - Adeniji Lean the (Zeta Rigelians) "single world order" more interested in, and has long been in connection with the agreement. 】 Jade class on the one hand is also trying to provide protection for the human "light workers who they are subject to the risk of negative manipulation, because they have not yet remember who he is, why the incarnation of this drama, and how to protect their biological energy field.

Indigos are born already activate 6th strand DNA, and if they can lower chain fragments integrated access chain 6, it will be able to operate the onset. (This "if" depends largely on from their parents that pick up what the genetic code, and they grew up in what conditions.) All human beings have this DNA acceleration, to remember other life experiences and their potential eternal consciousness structure, They can learn their 15-dimensional anatomy and laws, through these, they distort our era this there Ah Ru Naqi DNA mutation can be reversed, because these distortions barrier through the DNA into the conscious awareness of the high-dimensional data. This is why you want to teach the 15-dimensional human anatomy and how to start treatment more of DNA to make it back to the original 12-chain potential.

Klooster - Dora - Katrina (the Cloister-Dora-Teura) a detailed description of the lost history of our race and DNA / Kundalini / Merkaba Mechanics, and Earth grid scalar mechanics multidimensional state-of-the-art science literature - through these human beings can get back their space - time - the physical experience mastership.

Dora the - Choi satisfied literature in the last on the planet to maintain accurate, did not deviate from the form of the time was 210,216 years ago. Later, in the era of Atlantis have tried to translate part of Dora - Katrina literature - which in the end when the year 9558 BC through the the Thoth emerald slate, after the original was again distorted to the Bible, the law of Moses (Torah), faith Kabbalah (Kabbalah) and Sanskrit Buddhist scriptures. In ancient times, the late Dora - Cui satisfied literature translation, edit translates Ah Ru Naqi emerald slate asked, are A Ru Naqi and reptilian visitors, and their human Illuminati (Illuminati) support those who abuse, tampering, distorted, misunderstood, and was completely damaged. But once, long ago, those who teach this basic truth and commitment to human freedom.

Emerald class Oula Fen, and now into the flesh, Indigos, they kloster - Dora - Katrina literature (CDT) the original author. As the Emerald Covenant part of the agreement, these documents are given to 248,000 years ago the Earth, the Emerald Covenant is established by the original planet human lineage interstellar vows, to assist the Department of Earth human family re-evolution, to get back their original 12-strand DNA potential. These teachings are a gift of love and knowledge of human Presbyterian race, they care about the Earth's human, and you want to to see humanity retrieve freedom, awakening and empowerment. The Emerald Covenant there are many, it explains those ridiculous set forth in our recorded history.

2000-2017 stellar activation cycle when the sunlight spectrum changes in human DNA is starting to aggravate activation, many people began to remember their incarnations in other space-time position memory. To be carrying the less Ah Ru Naqi or reptilian twist of DNA, and the recovery of memory is also faster and more. Anyone can restore emerald class professor DNA mutations technology benefit; remember is the convention of human heritage belonging to all of us - remember potential.

Indigos - Oula Fen incarnation of the flesh into the Earth for more than 100 years old, but in our population of only 500,000 strong indigo, they have begun to remember who they are, and another 150,000 in 1999 - born 2012. Indigo and the Emerald class human Presbyterian race is sponsoring a pro-human mestizo plan, trying to recover lost knowledge and multi-dimensional structure of science, and true spiritual cognition, mankind will heal DNA and began to recall. They are trying to correct the distorted abuse Klooster - Dora - Katrina literature errors, so that people can use this knowledge, and through them, the rapid evolution of their own against A Ru Naqi and reptilian manipulation. Because the the ancient jade Covenant commitment of the Earth's human promised oath, they are trying to do so, they love and cherish their elders racial sown seeds - human, and the human elders racial eager to see the Earth humans evolved them the full potential and become equal members of the interstellar community.

A Ru Naqi - Pleiades - Ni Bi Ru destruction before the real file has been distorted mess Bible, it was a decent book, it is trying to translational Klooster - Dora - Katrina literature orthodox knowledge part original translation Atlantis emerald slate (Thoth them before tampering with its own agenda), the Bible, the law of Moses, the Kabbalah, Buddhist scriptures were all unified - all these teachings From the kloster - Dora - Katrina, but they have been distorted to the extent unrecognizable.

Hidden period of 210,216 years ago, when the reptilian invasion and take over our vast temple complex was blown up, we try to protect the Dora - Katrina holographic message disk. After 22,000 years BC, jade class incarnation again in an attempt to prevent the abuse of the human genetic code A Ru-Naqi, they have done much - when we try to re-sent to the Dora - Cui satisfied freedom by the original emerald slate teaching, and monitor A Ru Naqi - Zeta. Adeniji Lean. Thoth, he has been the appointment of jade class literature translate, but he was opposed to the Emerald class and tampering teach in favor of A Ru Naqi mestizo agenda. In biblical times, the emerald class again try to restore A Ru Naqi human mestizo the Illuminati human family and their visitors colleagues "fallen Elohim and take the non-profit (the Nephilim) dismembered distort the true teachings.
Voyager observes magnetic field fluctuations in heliosheath October 29, 2012 As they near the outer reaches of the solar system, for the past several years the two Voyager spacecraft have been sending back observations that challenge scientists' views of the physics at the edge of the heliosphere, the bubble created by charged particles flowing outward from the Sun. A new study looks at magnetic field fluctuations and cosmic ray intensity observed by Voyager I. In 2004, Voyager I crossed the termination shock, the region where the solar wind begins to slow as it interacts with the interstellar medium. Just outside the termination shock is the heliosheath, where the solar wind continues to slow, reaching a stagnation region where solar wind speed drops to zero. Burlaga and Ness studied the magnetic field observed by Voyager I during 2010, when the spacecraft was moving through this stagnation region. Their analysis shows that magnetic field fluctuations outside the termination shock were primarily compressive fluctuations in field strength along the direction of the motion of the planets around the Sun. The fluctuations were observed on time scales of several hours. They also observe that the intensity of high-energy cosmic rays (above 70 megaelectron volts per nucleon) tend to increase with increasing magnetic field strength and increasing magnetic fluctuations. This is contrary to expectations, as theories predict that charged cosmic rays would be scattered by fluctuations in the magnetic field. The authors suggest that compressive fluctuations of the magnetic field may play a role in accelerating energetic particles in the heliosheath. More information: Journal of Geophysical Research–Space Physics, doi:10.1029/2012JA017894, 2012

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The entire LoA series: Changelings and prophecy detailing the forbidden history of Atlantis.

The entire LoA series. Changelings and prophecy detailing the forbidden history of Atlantis.


Above: The entire LoA series. Changelings and prophecy detailing the forbidden history of Atlantis. For the most part very accurate but expect some biased misinformation. (Ashtar/Galactic Federation of Light deceptive teachings)


( The Arthurian Roundtables / The Lemurian & Atlantian Legacies   DVD-series )
( Download:Torrent  /

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Third in the Series – The Arthurian Roundtables – Masters Templar Mechanics, Merkaba Dynamics and the Nibiruian Checkerboard Deception. 7/2001 Dublin, Ireland Workshop:Comprehensive coverage of: the Grail Line Races, ET’s, Angels & Archangels, Genetic Ascendancy of Angelic Humans, Maji Holy Grail Line Flame Keepers, the Azurites, Indigo’s and the Palaidia Empires, the Riddle of the Roundtable, Merkaba Fields, Star Gates & the 7 Primary Vortices of the Planetary Templar, Shields & Signets of the Planetary Templar, the 12 Tribes & the Roundtables, the 12 Tribe names & Sacred Psonns, Tribal Shield Dynamics, De-mystifying the Merkaba Vehicle: Merkaba Phases, DNA & Kundalini, the Atlantean Conspiracy & Roundtables, King Arthur & the Knights of the Roundtable, Forbidden History England-Ireland, Genetic Mutations & Kathara Grid Distortions, Chemical DNA, the Sub-strand template, Merkaba & the Celestaline Wave, the Super-Luminal Element Celesma, the Nibiruians, Egypt, “Star Dust Blue” & “Celestron Gold Powder”, the Sacred Salutations & Healing, the Arthurian Maji Grail King Lineage & Contemporary Indigo Children, Melchizedek Priesthood‘s, DNA Template Activation, Monadic Reversal & the Rite of the Rainbow Roundtable, the Nibiruian Planetary Merkaba reversal & “Wormwood”, the Nibiruian Diodic Crystal Grid, Stonehenge & the Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network, the Checkerboard Matrix Frequency Fence, Earth’s grid Lines, Templar Sites and Checkerboard Matrix Map.

The First in the Series – The Lemurian & Atlantian Legacies…the Secrets of the Arthurian “Round Tables.  Lecture and two full day workshops filmed in NYC, Easter 2001.   Introduces and explains the Great Atlantean conspiracy, the Grail Quest Wars, the Luciferian Covenant, the continuing battles to control Gate 11, the meaning of the Arthurian Legend and the Maji (Indigo/Eieyani) Grail Lines, the genealogy of the Human Angelic Race Line, the significance, meaning and purpose of the Flamekeepers, the 12 Tribes and the contracts they are called to serve now.  The workshop reveals the significance and detail of the “Cycles of the Rounds,” the contents of the major, suppressed, “Books of Maps & Keys, the secret of the Tribal Shield Rainbow Round Table and relationship to the Angelic Human’s original Sacred Mission as well as the nature, composition and interface with the Earth’s Planetary Divine Blueprint.  The 12 Cycles, simultaneous incarnation and relationship to human DNA is detailed, and the relationship to accelerated, personal, spiritual actualization is explained.  Techniques for fastest activation of the personal 12 strand DNA are given, including: Tribal Shield Activation, Emerald & Amethyst Awakenings, the Crystal Temple meditation, Cue Zone creation (safe zone/interdimensional interface) together with the original Anuhazi language Tribal Keys (Psonns) – the sound programs used to correctly activate the DNA and Primal Life Force Currents.  The materials from this workshop (and extended further in Kauai May 2001) form the foundations for full understanding and involvement with the Christos Re-alignment Mission occurring on all dimensions at this “time.”  This is the first detailed briefing and action plan for the awake Angelic Human released by the Guardian alliance – massively emphasizing the significance of our participation in divine Right Action and how it must be achieved!  

Azurite Press:  approx. 15 hours running time Below:
Long term problems and Immediate Solutions
  • The Sacred Science Mechanics by which the Planetary Christos Realignment can be fulfilled have long been hidden within the Legends of King Arthur and the “Knights of the Roundtable.”
  • The “Roundtable” of Arthurian Legend referred to Signet Councils. The word “Signet” refers to “Star Gates.” In the ancient knowledge of the Paladia Urtite-Cloister races, the Signet Councils were the specific groups of Angelic Humans that assembled to run the corrected Fire Letter Sequences into Earth’s Planetary Shields during SACs (Stellar Activation Cycles,) to prevent pole shift and progressively restore Earth’s D-12 Christos Divine Blueprint (the Shield of Aramatena).
  • The “Roundtable” of Arthurian Legend referred to the “Rainbow Roundtable” (RRT). The RRTs are groups of Angelic Humans assembled  in the 4 Evolutionary Rounds who are commissioned to run the “Rainbow Ray” or “Khundaray” Primal Sound Current from beyond the 15-Dimensional Time Matrix, into Earth’s Planetary Shields during SACs. Running of the Rianbow Ray during SACs enables the planet to retain its natural electromagnetic balances to avert pole shift and restores the organic D-12 Planetary Christos Alignment.
  • Since the 9558 BC Atlantian Flood, knowledge of the RRTs has been intentionally hidden from the Angelic Human races of contemporary Earth, by Human Illuminati and Fallen Angelic races that desire to create pole shift during the long-anticipated 2000-2017 SAC. They hope to use the the 2000-2017 SAC to finally fulfill their plan of “clearing Earth’s real estate” of Angelic Human races to later resettle their hybrid races on Earth, “after the dust settles,” under a “One World Order” Anti-Christiac Agenda of totalitarian exploitation and dominion.
  • The Fallen Angelic/Illuminati Human Anti-Christiac Agenda gained a stronghold on Earth in 25,500 BC when Nibiruian Marduke-Anunnaki (Anunnaki + Omicron Drakonian) seized control of Nibiru and Earth’s D-4 Universal Solar Star Gate-4, in an event known as the “Lucifer Rebellion”.
  • The name “Lucifer” comes from a hybrid Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki Race that emerged through combining the Density-2 Nibiruian ‘Lulitan’ family of the Thoth-Enki-Zephelium (Zeta) Anunnaki lineage with the ‘Satain’ family of the Marduke-Anunnaki line and the D-11 Necromiton (“Beetle-reptile”) Fallen Seraphim race of Andromeda (most contemporary “Andromie” channels are these). From this hybridization the Pleiadian Samjase-Luciferian Anunnaki and Marduke-Necromiton-Luciferian Anunnaki races of Sirius B, Nibiru and Alpha and Omega Centauri emerged. This collective of Anunnaki Races promoting an Anti-Christiac dominion agenda became known historically as the “Luciferians,” and were occasionally joined by other Anunnaki and Illuminati Human race lines in their “Quest for the Holy Grail.”
  • The “Holy Grail” is a term used in reference to the 12 Universal Signet Star Gates of the Universal Templar Complex, to which the Angelic Human Race holds the Sacred Commission of “Guardian.” The “Grail Quest” began long before Angelic Humans were seeded on Earth and it has been the primary theme of motivation behind all of the Forbidden and recorded-distorted human history.
  • The Grail Quest for Earth’s Planetary Templar Star Gates continued into Angelic Human 12-Tribes Seeding-3, following destruction of Seedings-1 and 2 via Grail Quest Wars with Anunnaki and Drakonian Fallen Angelic Legions. During the 25,500 BC Lucifer Rebellion, Anunnaki Luciferians gained partial control over Earth’s Templar through a device called the Nibiruian Diodic Crystal (NDC Grid), which is still in operation today and serves a key role in the potential outcome of the 2000-2017 SAC.
  • In 22,326 BC the Luciferian Anunnaki races decimated guardian races attempting to intervene in an event known as the Eieyani Massacre, which took place on the remnants of the Lemurian Continent now known as Kauai, Hawaii. In 21,900 BC they collapsed the Firmament Hydro-suspension Fields of Lohas, northeast Atlantis in the Lohas-Celtec-Druidec Freeze Out, in an attempt to destroy the Maji Angelic Human Grail Kings in exile there; this event gave us our last major glacial period of 21,900 BC -14,000 BC. In 20,000 BC they staged the Vicherus-Sacheon Invasion of Russia. In 10,500 BC the next phase of the Luciferian dominion plan unfolded in an event called the Luciferian Conquest, at which time the Atlantean Islands of Nohasa and Bruah fell to Annu-Melchizedek Anunnaki-Human hybrid and Fallen Jehovian and Luciferian Anunnaki control.
  • The Anti-Christic Agenda of the Luciferian Anunnaki Races (not all Anunnaki are in the “Luciferian” category; some run competing dominion agendas) was formerly mandated in Bruah Atlantis in 9560 BC under an Agreement called the Luciferian Covenant. The Luciferian Covenant is part of 3 competing One World Order dominion agendas collectively referred to as the Atlantian Conspiracy. The Anunnaki Races of the Luciferian Covenant orchestrated the “Atlantian Flood” in 9558 BC and the intentional “re-writing” of human history since this time. Forbidden History reveals a long-term plot within which the Anti-Christiac Agendas of the Atlantian Conspiracy emerged after the flood into the present day.
  • The Luciferian Covenant continued after the 9558 BC flood in the 8,900 BC “Larsa King” Sumerian Invasion, the 8400 BC “Scarab King” Egyptian Invasion, and the 7500 BC Kinghts Templar Invasion. The infiltration continued with the 5,900 BC Centaurian War, when the Sirius B Maharaji (Blue Human Guardians) intervened directly with air raids to prevent Drakonian and Luciferian Forces from claiming world dominion. This event is partially documented in the ancient Hindu text of the Mahabharata.
  • In 3,650 BC the Nibiruian Luciferians orcehstrated the Mayan Raids, and in 3470 BC the “Babble-On” Massacre was waged, in which Pleiadian-Niburian legions, Galactic Federation and the Annu-Melchizedek Human Illuminati gained temporary control over the Maji Grail Kings’ “Arc of the Covenant Gold Box,” which contain the “Rod and the Staff” star gate tools. In conjunction with the Nibiruian-Diodic-Crystal-Grid at Stonehenge, England, the Arc Tools were used in Babylon to cause temporary collapse of Earth’s magnetic grids and to set portions of the Fire Letter Sequences in Earth’s Planetary Shields into reverse sequence.
  • Planetary Shield distortions of the 3470 BC “Babble-On” Massacre caused mutation in the human DNA Template that shortened human life span, blocked Higher Sensory Perception, caused loss of Race Memory and “scrambling” of our original language patterns, which are built upon DNA Template Fire Letter Sequencing. Our race has been amnesiac, dying young and “babbling on” in rhetorical conflict ever since. This historical event was recorded as the Biblical “Tower of Babel” story.
  • Following the Babble-On Massacre of 3470 BC, Fallen Angelics selected “Chosen Ones,” Annu-Melchizedek hybrid descendants, for minimal DNA Template repair and implantation, through which the Luciferians and competing Jehovian-Anunnaki and Drakonian legions could begin their progressive infiltration of human spiritual and political systems. Through the technology of remote “channeling” conducted through unnatural DNA Template implantation, the “Chosen Ones”  have been progressively  fed Anunnaki History and distorted patriarchal “War God” spiritual teachings, in a strategic and intentional replacement of the Angelic Human heritage. They are once again “channeling” to us and visiting today as the dominant force in the New Age and UFO Movements.
  • “D-12 Maharic Sealed Channels” can create protection from interdimensional manipulation of their natural bio-neurological communication lines.
  • Following from their 2668 BC Djoser Invasion of Egypt, Galactic Federation continued their previous alliance with the Anunnaki of the Luciferian Covenant, temporarily stealing the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and Tools in 2024 BC. At this time they launched an attempted world dominion assault called the Dead Sea Conquest, beginning with Babylonia and Sumerian Cities in the areas of the Dead Sea; the Biblical stories of the destruction of “Sodom and Gomorrah” referred to this event. “God” did NOT destroy these ancient cities any more than “God” orchestrated the scrambling of the languages in the 3470 BC Babble-On Massacre; God is NOT a Fallen Angelic-ET. If the Maji Grail King Angelic Human Races had not retrieved the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box ad Tools in 2024 BC, the Jehovian and Luciferian Anunnaki Races of the Galactic Federation would dominate the world by now.
  • Since the time of the 9558 BC Atlantian flood, human history has been a progressive advancement of the Atlantian Conspiracy and Luciferian Covenant Anti-Christos Agendas. The story of Noah, Abraham, Moses, the Hyksos Kings and the “3 Christs” are key pieces to the Atlantian Conspiracy drama. At the center of this drama are the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box, its star gate tools and the core objective of the ancient Fallen Angelic/Illuminati Human Grail Quest.
  • Competing Jehovian-Anunnaki, Luciferian Anunnaki and Omicron, Odedicron and Zephelium (Zeta) Drakonian/Reptilian Fallen Angelics and their Annu-Melchizedek Illuminati Human hybrid race descendants (*Known as the Leviathan Anti-Christiac King lines) share one objective – dominion of Earth, in order to claim Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star Gates.
  • If the Fallen Angelic races can gain dominion of Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star Gates, they intend to use the Amenti Star Gates to destroy Universal Star Gate-12 in Density-4. Destruction of Universal Star Gate-12 would effectively seal off from Density-5 Founders Race protection, 11-dimensions of our 15-Dimensional Time Matrix. The manifest life field would become “imprisoned in time” for Fallen Angelic exploitation and dominion, unable to fulfill the natural evolutionary process of ascension. This is the core motivation behind the Fallen Angelics’ continuing Grail Quest. Prevention of this Anti-Christos Agenda is the purpose for which the Angelic Human Race was created 560million years ago.
  • To accomplish their objective of claiming Earth and the Amenti Star Gates, Fallen Angelics need to possess the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and star gate tools, and to achieve critical mass population of their hybrid-human races, whose DNA Templates carry reverse sequenced Fire Letters. During a Stellar Activation Cycle, the Arc Tools, the still-functioning Nibiruian-Diodic-Crystal Grid (from 25,500 BC), Nibiruian controlled Solar Star-Gate-4 and the false-planet Battlestar Nibiru can be used to create intentional pole shift on Earth to “clear the real estate.”
  • If they can successfully exterminate Angelic Human Races from Earth, the Luciferian and Jehovian Anunnaki Races intend to return their “Chosen Ones” Annu-Melchizedek descendant humans to Earth during the SAC. The “Chosen Ones” will be used to run critical mass reversed Fire Letter Sequences into Earth’s Planetary Shields and the Amenti Star Gates in fulfillment of the Anunnaki Anti-Christos Grail-Quest Agenda. This plan was formalized in the 9560 BC Luciferian Covenant and has been progressively unfolding. Since 9560 BC the anticipated date for the Final Conflict and intended, orchestrated pole shift has been the 2000-2017 SAC. Now.
  • Many times throughout the advancement of the Atlantian Conspiracy, Guardian Races of the Emerald Covenant have repeatedly intervened. Guardians races have kept the Angelic Human and Maji Grail Line DNA Templates alive within the human gene pool, so Angelic Humans could rise together during the 2000-2017 BC Final Conflict drama, to fulfill the Christos Realignment Mission and prevent further advancement of the Atlantian Conspiracy.
  • During the Christ Drama of 12 BC-27 AD the Founders’ Emerald Covenant CDT-Plate teachings were translated by the 3 Maji Grail Line Speakers, Jesheua Melchizedek (aka Jesus Christ), John the Baptist and Miriam, to prepare humanity for the 2000-2017 Final Conflict.
  • The heart of the 12 BC-27 AD Christ Drama was not only CDT-Plate teachings; Jesheua, John, Miriam and a group of Maji Grail Line Angelic Humans were on a Emerald Covenant Grail Quest Mission to secure Earth’s Star Gate-11 from Anunnaki and Drakonian Race infiltration. Both Luciferian and Jehovian Anunnaki Races, and their Annu-Melchizedek Illuminati descendants seek to claim the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and star gate tools to take control of Earth’s Star Gate-11, for use in imploding Universal Star Gate-12 during the 2000-2017 BC Stellar Activations Cycle. This plan was known since the success of the 25,500 BC Lucifer Rebellion.
  • Jesheua and his Universal Templar Security Team intended to use the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box star gate tools (“Rod and Staff”) to release Anunnaki Nibiruian Diodic Crystal Grid control over Earth’s Templar and Solar Star Gate-4. The mission of Jesheua, John , Miriam and the Maji was intended to prepare the Angelic Humans of Earth to fulfill the Christos Realignment Mission during the anticipated 2000-2017 SAC. In 23 AD Jesheua and his Maji were attacked by the Annu-Melchizedek Hyksos and Hassa Leviathan King races, in an event called the Eseene Divide, which rendered them unable to fully complete their intended journey to the lands previously known as northern Lohas Atlantis, the location of Earth’s Star Gate-11.
  • To protect the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and star gate tools, John and Miriam completed part of the journey to Lohas, burying the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and tools in the area now known as the Vale of Pewsey, S. England. Jesheua and his group of Maji served as a Signet Council, a group of Angelic Human Maji commissioned to “Run the RRTs” preparing Earth’s Planetary Shields for the 2000-2017 SAC.
  • The CDT-Plate teachings of these 3 Essene Emerald Covenant Speakers contained the Planetary Templar Mechanics by which the Planetary Christos Realignment could be achieved in the 2000-2017 SAC. These teachings were later stolen, edited and falisfied into a Religious Control Dogma in 325 AD, by the Council of Nicaea and the Drakonian Infiltrated Church of Rome; the falsified CDT-Plate teachings of Jesheua, John and Miriam were interwoven with Annu-Melchizedek Leviathan King Anunnaki history to create the Canonized Bible.
  • The Mission of Jesheua, John and Miriam later resumed between 559-608 AD, when the “Quest for the Holy Grail,” the Atlantian Conspiracy and the hunt for the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and star gate tools continued in the drama of King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable.
To Be Continued…

{Source: ~ Voyagers: Secrets of Amenti, Volume II, Expanded Second Edition~  by Ashayana Deane.
“Information transcribed from the Guardian Alliance regarding the 200 to 2017 Time Continuum Shift , Humanity’s True Origins and Hidden Evolutionary Destiny, the Arc of the Covenant, the Halls of Amenti, Keylontic Science, and the Process of Entering Higher Evolution.}

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Ra Sha La - Amplified - Restored - Tech7 - K1/2 Prerequisite

Ra Sha La - Amplified - Restored - Tech7 - K1/2 Prerequisite - Ra-sha-pa-ta-Ur to the AzurA  Pa-Ta Um-Eir’-A to the E-umbi - Pa-Ta RE-Hah-yah to the Rajhna -  Um-shaddhi State  - Incl Remote....

28th will be busy day, good good rite#10 also. ..12 Allready re-ordered... DONE. rest in progress.

So once again here we are, see it unfold.  even those that cannot see. haha will be.. something. choice2 is related as its.all.connecte & differenciation is key.   do you have the Key?

look inside your innerinnerheartquantum thing and you will know get your Key to unlock the YOU. yet some wont, so i wont. even with the Untold being related to allness in oneness.



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"Be humble for you are made of earth.
Be noble for you are made of stars."
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RA verse’s ✴ #KEY #BE #KNOW #CONTRACTS ✴ 27-11-2012 thing thing

Ra Sha La - Amplified - Restored - Tech7 - K1/2 Prerequisite - Ra-sha-pa-ta-Ur to the AzurA  Pa-Ta Um-Eir’-A to the E-umbi - Pa-Ta RE-Hah-yah to the Rajhna -  Um-shaddhi State  - Incl Remote....

28th will be busy day, good good rite#10 also. ..12 Allready re-ordered... DONE. rest in progress.

So once again here we are, see it unfold.  even those that cannot see. haha will be.. something. choice2 is related as its.all.connecte & differenciation is key.   do you have the Key?

look inside your innerinnerheartquantum thing and you will know get your Key to unlock the YOU. yet some wont, so i wont. even with the Untold being related to allness in oneness.

yep RA~2012

RA ‏@RAKMEiSTER Seems i need to see how to make a trip to Japan.... AKA ISLAND. yep #RA aka-island-shimajiri-gun #2013 TimewaveRa

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 ”To the wicked, everything serves as pretext.” -Voltaire -



“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.”


“Already things are changing; it´s starting with small shit but oh it´s starting, the change, the irrevocable, impossible change.” TimewaveRa unfold~


"Be humble for you are made of earth.
Be noble for you are made of stars."
~ Serbian Proverb "Ми смо та екипа"

Friday, November 23, 2012

Over The Rainbow Infinite Love Is The Only Truth & Everything Else Is Illusion

  Rainbow Warrior Mandala

 "When birds fall from the sky and the animals are dying, 
a new tribe of people shall come unto the Earth
 from many colors, classes, creeds, 
who by their actions and deeds 
shall make the earth green again.
 They will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow."
~ Hopi Prophecy

"At the Heart of Creation 
is the Center 
and at the Center of Creation 
is the Heart" 
~ X
"Now, the word warrior originally meant

'one who is not afraid of being himself',
not 'one who slashes and cuts',
as we think it means today."
~ Alex Collier
"The soul would have no rainbow

if the eyes had no tears."
~ Hopi Tribe
"Believing that only one source 

contains all truth 
is simply contradictory to reality."
~ Cassiopaean Transcripts

Eva Cassidy

 somewhere over the rainbow

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Magenta Pixie – The Crystal Palace Within Hyperspace (Ascension Gateways 12/12/12 And 21/12/12) – 18 th November2012

Magenta Pixie – The Crystal Palace Within Hyperspace (Ascension Gateways 12/12/12 And 21/12/12) – 18 th November2012

Uploaded on 17 November 2012 by The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine speak through Magenta Pixie – The Crystal Palace Within Hyperspace ( Ascension Gateways 12/12/12 and 21/12/12 )
Music by Kevin Macleod of Incomputeach All images by Stock Xchng
Video edited by Catzmagick Productions

Ra's says. but you need to do YOUR work. Response-Able @Self