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OVNI con extraño halo en Chelyabinsk, Rusia - 2013 +addon

A strange object in the sky with what looks like a halo has covered the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia on 2013, the same city where the past February 15 meteorite fell. The information Fernando Correa.

 vid @^2:20 also used in this vid

The Arcturians Ships

image drawn while ago& posted @GLP

diffrent place time source,

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Robbert Nijenhuis: "Crystal Current"

" Crystal Current "

by Robbert Nijenhuis ©©
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Titel:  Crystal Current

Michael Tellinger: Presentation at BEM 2012 discovering 200,000 Year Old Anunnaki Cities

From Earth-Matters

 Publisher and producer Michael Tellinger discussed his study of ancient ruins at the southern tip of Africa, which he believes were associated with a vanished civilization that ET visitors, the Annunaki, brought together over 200,000 years ago, when they came here to mine gold. The ruins, which he's investigated along with Johan Heine, consist of thousands of stone structures over a large area. The structures show evidence of their extreme antiquity through erosion and patina growth, he detailed. One of the most important ruins he referred to as "Adam's Calendar," a monolithic stone calendar that could mark time out by the day.

The Annunaki tinkered with human genetics to make their mine workers, Tellinger said, referencing the work of Zecharia Sitchin. Among the ruins are hexagonal shapes clustered together like honeycombs, which he speculated could have been used as cloning tanks. Further, he suggested that many of the structures, made out of stones that contain quartz, were used as energy devices to power the large settlements.

By studying the area using aerial maps, Tellinger determined there were three great cities, some 60 x 60 miles each, one of which included Great Zimbabwe. Among the ruins, the first pyramids can be found, and details carved into some of the rocks include the Ankh symbol-- thousands of years before the Egyptian civilization used it, he reported.


Michael Tellinger is a scientist in the true sense of the word, never shying away from controversial issues and scrutinizing every clue meticulously. After a 30-year long obsession with the origins of humankind and the genetic anomalies of our species, he wrote Slave Species of God. When Johan Heine exposed the mystery of the stone ruins of South Africa to Michael in 2007, they began an irreversible process of research that led Michael to some startling scientific conclusions and the completion of two more books, Adam's Calendar and Temples of the African Gods.

The Anunnaki (also transcribed as: Anunna, Anunnaku, Ananaki and other variations) are a group of deities in ancient Mesopotamian cultures (i.e., Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian). The name is variously written "da-nuna", "da-nuna-ke4-ne", or "da-nun-na", meaning something to the effect of "those of royal blood" or 'princely offspring'. Their relation to the group of gods known as the Igigi is unclear — at times the names are used synonymously but in the Atra-Hasis flood myth the Igigi are the sixth generation of the Gods who have to work for the Anunnaki, rebelling after 40 days and replaced by the creation of humans.

According to later Assyrian and Babylonian myth, the Anunnaki were the children of Anu and Ki, brother and sister gods, themselves the children of Anshar and Kishar (Skypivot and Earthpivot, the Celestial poles), who in turn were the children of Lahamu and Lahmu ("the muddy ones"), names given to the gatekeepers of the Abzu temple at Eridu, the site at which the creation was thought to have occurred. Finally, Lahamu and Lahmu were the children of Tiamat (Goddess of the Ocean) and Abzu (God of Fresh Water).

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Michael did a presentation at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (BEM) conference in 2012. In this session, he describes free energy system from ancient civilisations, and finishes off with his model for a society based on contributionism, or UBUNTU.

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Julien Wells Update 7-2-13 (with Chris Hales & Andrew Bartzis)… Current Energies…

I have yet to listen to this, but here are the notes Chris supplied to me in an email.
Today’s update with Julien is unique in that we are talking not
just with Julien but two members of his soul family being Larry Buzzel,
whom he met in Shasta and Andrew Bartzis, aka the Galactic Historian,
whom Julien also physically met for the first time on Mount Shasta.

The unusual aspect is that they were both physically in the room with
Julien, not just on Skype so the energy in the conversation
is noticeably higher than the usual multi-person Skype session.
The first part of the update is mostly just with Julien covering

the usual topics of energetic levels, patterns and how that plays
into 3D geopolitics, Pleadian update etc.
The second part is mostly a discussion of soul families and how they

work, with many references to their soul family gathering in Shasta,
although Larry diverted at one point into a description of how he
applies his consciousness practices in his professional fishing business.
An amazing fishing story…
Note that we are going to publish the next update as a video

to see how that goes.
cheers, Chris Hales

MP3s (30 min., 7 MB, each) (minus 2 minutes from beginning)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Complete show (88 min.; 19 MB)

my own minor note, as i started listening. 
note:1 -  biggest type of 11 months nope. 
#1 M1.5 
rest B/C class. no Xflare/CME neither 
M5.1= Listing:( )

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Gaiaportal: New Portals for Assistance in the “humanity to Hue-manity” Conversion Process have Opened

  ÉirePort - 6 Jul gaia_energy1
New portals for assistance in the “humanity to Hue-manity” conversion process have opened during the 7-3 to 7-5 period. Such are aligned with new Higher Light influxes currently ongoing.

Current portals also enable more facile communication with Inner Earth beings. No longer are such exchange portals limited to a few limited locations, eg., Shasta. Communication exchanges with Inner Earth beings will now occur readily, and often.

Fabricated “Light Work” is being exposed for what it is, and that “purity of intent” is lacking in such. Following Higher Light Guidance in Self is the norm at this time point.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

GaiaPortal: Elevated hydrogen combinations with Higher Elements creates fusion energies…

Elevated hydrogen combinations with Higher Elements creates fusion energies…

by ÉirePort
Elevated hydrogen combinations with Higher Elements creates fusion energies sufficient to displace and transform dark intended thoughts. New Paradigm Hydrogen Energetics are designed to connect with New Paradigm Elementals. 

Fusion fires may appear suddenly, then disappear as old paradigm elements transmute.
Simplicity of execution aligns with New Paradigm.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Oracle Report: Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Oracle Report – Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Third Quarter Moon Phase- Moon in Taurus
Ruling Mahavidya:  Bagalamukhi

The massive weight of the Sun-Pluto opposition lightens considerably today and is most welcome.  Did you find yourself amazed at the sheer intensity of people's reactions and words?  Those who responded to the energy in this manner cannot face the fact that systems are breaking down around them.  They have not moved into the changes with Sophia and they are detached from their true nature.  These are the people who will struggle the most over the next year, the final year of Sophia's correction (see for more information on Sophia's correction).

One of the good things about Mercury retrograde is how we re-evaluate or take a closer look at ourselves or our lives.  If you found the past few days' energy to be almost unmanageable, you are right in line with the natural order of things.  We can empathize with Sabaoth (the Sun) who was locked in a battle of wills with Pluto, trying to keep things from descending into the underworld, never to be heard from again.  Whatever is left "standing" is empowered to move forward.

The signature of Sophia is strongly present in messages from nature today.  Pay careful attention to unusual encounters with animals, as these teachers will bring us answers.
Nice work, wise owls!  Now let's enjoy the lightness of being.