Holy Emerald Order

The Emerald Order is a stream of god worlds unified field galactic consciousness existing in atonement with source This is true despite that the representatives exist in multiple stations of identity and within distinct body-intelligences in given time periods. Many individuals on the planet are aided by the councils of higher identity to serve as representatives of the Law of One. This is an embodiment process, and cannot be created through will or desire.

Among the groups of starseeds, indigos, oraphim few have regenerated an ability to review and translate the energy-information this group consciousness directly communicates to us sometimes on the planetary level and sometimes as a smaller group field or as an individual. I have had numerous encounters with this collective and so represent the consciousness of the Emerald Order and Greater Guardian Consciousness Fields of the Avatar and beyond.

This can be viewed through the lens of the ego-mind as a specialized relationship but it is no different than stating that we are all embodiments of higher consciousness and some have integrated this and become more at one with the streams of unity consciousness than others. This is not a one time event nor is a complete translation; it is a rebuilding of light fiber connections and a streaming of consciousness that systemically effects the mirroring, lens systems, energy-architecture, patterns, and identity of the personality which lifts it gradually into co-resonance with higher order of structure patterning and functioning.

Many members of the higher light councils including those of the Emerald Order have had parts of themselves stolen, cloned, and machined. The hijacked pieces and parts have resonance to alternate timelines, reality fields, and consciousness that are not a representation of Law of One principles. This theft has included memories and portions of texts from sacred manuals including morphogenetic ascension sciences. It was explained to me that knowledge when divorced from heart misleads and can easily be usurped by controlling forces. This has occurred throughout the entire spectrum of Ascension teachings. The most prominent example to my me is through the example of the fallen Melchizedek group who disseminated information of a highly technical nature which was dependent upon an intermediary to God and whose emphasis was upon higher frequency energy without adequate grounding emotional heart based development or integration. This is not an authentic Emerald Order or Krystal Star Guardian sponsored transmission stream.

Understand that negative forces constantly work to underride or subvert Emerald Order transmissions and awake representatives. We all must continue to work together to remain open, our authority aligned to our inner God Spirit and increasingly free from mental body orientation and dependency upon words, concepts, techniques, and illusions of spirituality.
Those who step up to speak must continue to question where their authority is being sourced from, and to continue on the process of removing self serving agendas and hierarchical viewpoints which do not serve the unity field.

Understanding this is no more than a reiteration that no matter who is speaking or how intelligent they appear you cannot know what they are sourcing even if they believe or convey that they know absolutely. We all must source our highest expression which is not knowledge, it is a timeless truth existing in the neutral field within the monastery of the heart where God is directly experienced.
If a teaching brings you further into your heart then that is a good result but it may not be a Christiac teaching. Your own heart has the capacity to override negative ego or false light thus we follow others until such time as we learn to embody living faith and direct communion with the forces and sources of Divinity. It is learning to trust your inner God spirit alone that will bring empowerment. All voices from the outside can, at best, serve as clear light channels to mirror the open heart of the universe to lead you to your own heart giving you the power never giving knowledge power over the heart or dividing your own relationship to yourself.

Individuals whom have assumed a representative role should become less and less self-important, less adherent to stories of grandeur because those who are on the path of the heart Know that we are all One and so stories are relevant only to the extent that they empower others toward self-liberation, healing, and wholeness.

The holographic fields are re-opening and memory is returning at a rate which is graced, guarded, and guided by your own higher consciousness in conjunction with embodiments of the One lineage of Christ-Sophia we are. There is a patience that exists that many of us have opted to disregard believing that we need to do more or be more. Nothing could be further from the truth, any action that takes you outside of self-acceptance is an action of energy-attention that exists as a rejection of your inner God Spirit. I am here now with my aeonic partner to share our individual journeys in all ways that are appropriate to help others. Between us we have worked as energy healers for over twenty years and completed several hundreds of advanced Hieros Gamos healing sessions. We host meditations weekly and have an extensive history in meditation extending beyond twenty years. This information is not meant to wow anyone it is meant to state very clearly that this is a continual process of clearing, reorienting, refining, and expanding. We approach each day with the beginner’s mind because this mind is an outer representation of the inner heart. We exists in the same place of Now, oriented only to the heart sharing whatever comes through when it does. We require nothing more and desire nothing more than this perfect place, time, and space of heart-mind. We are now beginning to widen our outreach to include ascension classes and larger field spaces.