Monday, June 21, 2010

~ Arcturian Circle ~ Understanding the Present Energetic Earth Shifts

Understanding the Present Energetic Earth Shifts

June 21st, 2010

We are one in spirit and one in energy. Thank you for allowing us to be with you. Thank you for inviting us to be with you, and thank you for inviting us to be with you and opening your hearts to us.

We’d like to talk to you a bit about the energies of late. As we know you have been experiencing many, many things, and we’d like to provide additional information so that you know more about what’s going on.

Beginning some time around the end of April (2010), the solar waves, the solar flares began heading towards Earth on more of a regular basis. Some of the things that you have been experiencing in energetic form in the last two to three weeks have been due to a large solar flare that happened about three to four weeks ago. The solar flares take a bit of time before they reach Planet Earth.  Really what we want you to understand is what the energy of these solar flares is about and how they are here to assist you.

As you have known from previous experiences, we also are providing many rays of light that we are sending down upon your planet. Four and a half or five days ago, we assisted the planet itself. We sent a wave of blue-purple energy upon the Earth to assist in its ascension.

But let us back track, for we want to tell you about the magnetic wave that came from the flare of the sun. The waves will continue to increase, and they will continue to assist Planet Earth and all of its inhabitants, all of the beings and all of the humans and everybody that is included and living on this planet at this time. The wave that approached the Earth was having two effects on the living beings on the planet, those that are in physical form. We would call it a wave that is speeding things up and clearing. It really came in two pieces. The first wave came to assist in clearing out old stuff, and the second piece came to speed things up. You are probably thinking, “Oh no, do I really need things to speed up?” Let us explain a little bit more about that because it really is a good thing. The clearing happens, and that is clearing of older denser energies, things that you may not even know that exist. You are moving through a time where everyone has given their permission that these energies are ready to be cleared out, and you can see that it is happening on Mother Earth because you see her doing things like tornadoes. The hurricanes will be coming, the earthquakes, the fires. Everything that is happening now is happening for a higher purpose. There is nothing to be concerned about. Just sit back, like we have said in the past, and be in the eye of the storm. This first wave is assisting your bodies in clearing.

The second wave or the second piece of this wave, we should say, is allowing the energies to speed up. What we mean by this is that things are happening quicker. Your vibration is quickening. Here’s what may help you to understand why things have felt a little bit off or you have seen more aggravation, frustration and irritation of late. Aggravation, irritation, frustration, anger, maybe you have seen them in others, maybe you have experienced it yourselves. You may be clearing that, but when it speeds up it feels more pronounced. If you are focused on the aggravation, the irritation and any of those lower denser energies as they clear out and speed up, that which you are focused on is going to seem a bit larger and more profound. We know we have told you in the past that what you focus on expands. Well, that’s exactly what is happening now. Things are expanding, moving quicker, getting louder. All you can do to move through these changes and these energies in a softer, smoother, more relaxed way is to pivot. As we’ve explained in the past, move into a state where you can find things that make you feel better. It sounds simple and sometimes it isn’t, but these energy waves, these magnetic waves are going to continue. We are suggesting that when you can feel them happening, and how you will feel them happening is that you will experience or see more frustration, aggravation, lower denser energies moving much faster, say this to yourself. “I can see this happening, I can allow it to happen, but I do not have to be a part of it or I don’t have to participate in it.”

A lot of folks that Debbie has been around of late have been very confused about what’s going on from an energetic perspective. Things seem to be a lot more tumultuous, a lot more irritated. A lot more frustration exists, and its simply because the old is breaking away. We are coming closer to the point in which the New Earth is starting to appear. The closer we come to that, the more you will see the old world break away. You do not have to experience this. We just simply want you to see it as if its a picture, a movie. You do not have to participate in it. Just be in the eye of the storm. Feel good, be happy, be with the ones that you love, and support those that you need to support. Ask for help if you need to ask for help.

We talked about the solar flares that eventually end up as magnetic energy as they come to the Earth. There are other energies that are, we almost said, bombarding. Many humans are feeling bombarded by all sorts of energies right now, but we will tell you that everything is magnificently orchestrated and there is nothing to feel concerned about. There are many, many energies that are coming towards the planet these days. Some of these are being orchestrated or created by those Beings that are not of your planet, that are monitoring your planet, that are wanting to assist in the transmutation and the ascension of your planet. As we’ve told you before, we have done this before, but this time we sent a blue-violet light to help in the transmutation of the energies of the old 3D world. We’ve talked to you before about other colors being disseminated upon your world. We’ve sent pink. We’ve sent gold. We’ve sent many vibrations, but we chose a blue-violet light. Many of you have been experiencing this color in your dreams, and you’ve been seeing the color around the Earth in many ways. You will continue to do so. It is a color or a vibration of transmutation. That is the reason we sent it through to you. It is to assist in moving through these changes with greater ease and flow. We will continue to monitor and assist when we feel it is the right thing to do. This is to help you when you see others, and right now it seems to be everywhere, who are irritated and feeling like they do not have enough time to deal with all the three dimensional aspects of the world that is falling down or crumbling. This is going to continue for a bit longer as we’ve stated before in our messages to you. June, July and August are pivotal months. The energies will continue to sometimes feel chaotic.  If you can step back far enough, however, you will feel the divine pureness of spirit that is being created in the new realities that are starting to exist all over the planet. Many things are beginning to be created in new form, and we are very excited for that and for you.

We honor you for the work that you are doing and tell you that the thing that you can do to help Mother Earth, your fellow humans, the animals and all the beings on your planet is simply to vibrate at the rate of love. There really is nothing more that you need to do because when you vibrate at the rate of love, everything else falls into place. Set that intention before you go to bed, set that intention when you get up in the morning. You will see through the eyes of spirit when you vibrate at the rate of love. Your Source is always with you. If you need our assistance, simply ask us to be there. We are always connected to you. If you want our assistance or guidance, we will always be with you.

Thank you for having us tonight, and thank you for connecting to us. We remind you that we love and honor you, and we appreciate that you have connected to us. Through our connection to you, we experience expansion as well. We are very excited about the expansion that is happening on your planet. The last thing we’d like to tell you is to keep your eye on your heart centers. Remember that everything good that is coming to your planet and to you as a human being species will be created through your heart centers.

Thank you for having us here tonight, and we will open ourselves to a few questions. Would anyone like to ask a question before we leave tonight?

Question: Why does it seem like there are extra transitional vortexes happening?

Answer: Because there are. The transitional vortexes are being ramped up because of all the energies that are coming into and on the planet at this point in time. Many are choosing to transition now, and many more will also choose to transition. Every day it seems as if someone you know, one, two, three, four, several people are choosing to transition, as well as other beings such as animals. The transitional vortexes are simply here to facilitate that process.

Question: Is that what is changing all the colors around the plants and the animals and some of the people?

Answer: Some are, and there other things that are changing some of the colors. When you see the colors, you are seeing the vibrational frequencies. The vibrational frequencies are changing (audience member: they are going higher). They are going higher. The good news is that they are going higher. Even those folks, when we shall say folks we mean all beings. Even those people that are choosing not to open up to consciousness or to remember are shifting as well, simply because everyone else is shifting. You are all one. We are all one. One cannot shift without the other shifting. So the good news is that it is all shifting. The vibrations that you normally sense are changing very, very rapidly. The frequencies that are entering the Earth from the Sun, the galaxies, the universe and the Beings that are assisting you are ratcheting it up even more. So, don’t get used to anything because those things that you see today may actually be different tomorrow, and the rate of change is accelerating.

Anyone else have another question?

Question: You have said the best way to get through this is to sleep a lot, that it is our best way of dealing with this. Is sleep still helpful?

Answer: Sleep is very, very helpful. It is extremely important at this time. Probably more than it has been in the past. To provide yourself with the sleep that you need and what you were referring to, we had suggested that when some of the chaos and the tumultuous times happen and you are feeling tired during the day and you wake up tired, it is because you do need to sleep. When you sleep you are connecting to spirit. Not everyone is in the same position as they were a couple or three weeks ago, but we suggest that you give yourself enough sleep so you are able to regenerate. When you are sleeping, you are regenerating. When you are sleeping, you are connecting to Source energy.  Sometimes when the waves of chaos get a little bit harder or a little bit more pronounced and you are experiencing them, sleep is a good way to recharge your batteries.

Question: You also gave the information that people are more irritable because when they are astral traveling the energy around the planet is so much denser because of all the negative energy being released by Mother Earth, and they are not able to get through.

Answer: As you know, thought is energy, and many people on this planet are very concerned about what is happening to the planet. There are many earth changes that people have been concerned about. They will continue to happen, and they are more ramped up than they have been in the past. People are concerned about the economic structures and the governments and all the things that are happening on the planet. As people worry and are concerned about that, those thought forms are energy which are stored in Mother Earth’s body. What happens during the night when you go to sleep and you travel, you do have to go through Mother Earth’s energy body. We simply say that this is nothing to be concerned about, but it can affect you. Because you are a human being in physical form, that energy can affect you. When you go to sleep, simply set an intention that you are safe and you are protected and know that if you do make those travels you can do so easily and with flow.  When you are tapped into mass consciousness and traveling through the Earth’s energy body, the energy body is a little denser right now. By keeping your energy field in the vibration of love, that will assist Mother Earth in clearing that. So yes, it does happen, but it is not something that is necessary to put a lot of focus on, other than to understand that it can happen. Simply focus your intentions on keeping yourself centered, keeping yourself in the state of love. If you are tired and sleepy, get a little bit more sleep. We know that sounds simple, but that is really what you need to do. This too shall pass. You are going to notice in the next 7 to 11, probably more like 10 – 11 1/2 days that you are going to start feeling the energies lifting. What we mean by that is the energies raising in vibration and feeling lighter. It is cyclical, it happens, and the best thing you can do is take care of yourself. Take care of your vibration, and focus on the good things. Focus on the love in your heart and remove yourself as much as possible from that 3D world, because it is falling and it is disintegrating.

We thank you again for inviting us tonight. At this point in time we will leave, and we will talk to you again next time.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for your energy.

We send you our love and our light.

Until next time.

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