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Sunday, June 05, 2011

~ Arcturian Circle ~ Anchoring Your Energy to the Reality of the New Earth

Thanks to Jeannie.

Anchoring Your Energy to the Reality of the New Earth

June 5th, 2011, Our Return Home

So much chaos and denser energy is visible currently. Mother Earth needs to continue to clear and heal herself. Please know that this is not the apocalypse, not even a precursor to the apocalypse, It is Mother Earth healing herself. You call these types of experiences, when they happen to your physical bodies, healing crises. She is doing what is necessary to ensure her continued existence. It is healthy, and it is natural. Many of you are reflecting similar experiences. Our message for you today is one to assist you in navigating these changes and also to help you assist Mother Earth. As we have always told you, each and every person has access to great stores of energy and power. You only need to remember who you are and use the power for the highest good. That is why we are here today. Let us begin.

When you decide to go on a vacation, your first decision is about choosing where you want to go..It is always a choice, and you usually take many things into account. For example, how much time you have, how much it will cost and how you will get there. Once you’ve decided where you are going, you then begin the preparation process. But all the while, you think about that wonderful destination. We ask you, right here and right now to choose your destination where you want to go during this great shift. You do not need to be concerned about how you will get there, how much it will cost or how much time you have. You have only to choose where you want to go. Do you want to choose a beautiful and peaceful destination or something completely the opposite? You have a choice. We recommend that you choose the destination of the fifth dimensional reality of the New Earth.

Once you make your decision and you choose your destination as the New Earth, then be happy about the choice you have made. Let it go and keep yourself focused on the destination. Remember, that once you choose, nothing will keep you from going somewhere else. You are the only one that gets to choose your destination. No one else can choose it for you. Just like when you think about your dream vacation, we want you to dream about the New Earth. The more you focus your energy on the New Earth, the more real it becomes. Keep your focus and do not allow yourself to be deterred from that focus. It is very much like you buying tickets to Hawaii for your vacation and then seeing lots of advertisements for other destinations. Once you’ve made your decision and bought your tickets, you really don’t care about all the commercials and other advertisements. You know you are going to Hawaii, and you are thinking only about it.

We ask you to do the same with what is happening in your world today. Do not pay any attention to all the drama and other events that can distract you from your true destination of the new reality. This does not mean you ignore what is happening on your planet or the people that are experiencing many tragic events. You can be aware of these events, send the energy of love to them and to the people and beings participating in the events; but you must stay detached from them. We have found that it is often difficult for human beings to watch these events without being affected by them. Because of that, we suggest that you no longer watch them or immerse yourself in them. Keep yourself focused on creating a beautiful and peaceful space.

You have chosen your destination, the New Earth. You can maintain your focus on that destination by anchoring your energy into that new reality. You can do this through intention and thought. Before you get up out of bed in the morning, say to yourself, “It is my intention to connect with the New Earth. I anchor my heart with the heart center of the New Earth. It is also my intention to navigate this connection with ease.” We also suggest that you set this intention before going to sleep. Your heart centers are extremely powerful and will assist Mother Earth in her transformation with greater ease. Your heart centers are powerful magnifiers of energy, much greater then the power of the mind. By anchoring your heart centers in this way, you will amplify the energies of the new reality.

You are powerful creators in a very pivotal time on your planet. We want you to know that you can consciously choose your destination. It will not be chosen for you. What you think about and focus on is what you will create. We want you to deliberately create a beautiful, joyous and peaceful planet. But to do that, you must choose your destination and keep your thoughts and energy focused on that specific destination. Do not allow other people, events or teachers to deter you from what you choose to create. It is not too late to create a new reality. It is never too late to create a new reality. Consciously choose your destination now, pack your proverbial luggage and connect your heart centers to your intended destination.

We are watching and will see you there!

We love and honor you.

Thank you for the connection.

The Arcturian Circle.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

~ Arcturian Circle ~ How Can We Evaluate the Information Contained in the Arcturian Transmissions?

How Can We Evaluate the Information Contained in the Arcturian Transmissions?

May 3rd, 2011

Thank you so much for asking us this.  We appreciate the opportunity to provide a response to it.

There are many spiritual guides and messengers that come forth to bring information to your physical realm. Guides of all types and energetic frequencies exist in all dimensions. They can be of different levels of mastery and skill level and also at different levels in their own evolution. Where they exist or come from is really not as important as what their intent and purpose is for connecting with you. You can use the same guidance system that you use to decide if any type of information is good or not for you to determine whether the information in our transmissions will assist you or not. If it feels right and true and it expands you, then the information will most likely assist you. If you feel bad after reading a transmission or you are left feeling fearful or stressed, then it will be in your best interest to not follow our advice.

A true guide will never provide you with information or guidance that scares you or makes you feel bad. We are here to assist you and to support you. We want only the best for you, but it is up to you to choose how to proceed with your life. We may offer advice, but it is your choice to determine if it makes sense to you. A benevolent guide will never feed your ego but will be happy for you when you evolve, grow and expand. A less evolved guide may try to provide you with predictions of a disastrous future or advice on how to evolve or succeed very quickly. Their main purpose for connecting and providing you with this type of information is to feed your ego-based self. They thrive on eliciting heightened and fear-based emotion from you and leaving you with a sense of being powerless.

Each person inherently has an inner guidance system that will steer you to what is right and true for you. Many people call it a gut feeling. We encourage you to determine if our messages feel right and true to you. Ask yourself if the information helps you, if you are learning and expanding from it or if conversely it is limiting you in some way. We encourage you to use your own wisdom, intuition and your core truth with any guidance you receive.

Remember that true guidance comes from a place of unconditional love and the desire to help you expand and learn in the easiest and most loving way possible.

With love and light,

The Arcturian Circle.

Monday, May 02, 2011

~ Arcturian Circle ~The Impact of Connecting Our Heart Centers

The Impact of Connecting Our Heart Centers

May 2nd, 2011

Today is a very important day. We are sure that you can feel it at some level in your body, in your mind and in your heart center. We want you to know how happy we are to report this amazing and wonderful news. It is because of the vantage point from where we reside that we can see the big picture. Your physical being may be experiencing only a fragment or a portion of this huge heart opening, but at a higher level you also have this awareness.

Your planet and every being on the planet has been going through many accelerated changes, some of which can look and feel terrifying and even chaotic. But we can see the higher vision of all that is happening and want to assure you that everything is happening in perfect alignment, at the perfect time in the perfect order.

When you look around your planet you can see that so many events are taking place where people are coming together in very large groups. Some of these events are joyous and happy occasions like the royal wedding and the beatification in Rome. Other events are more dire, but nonetheless people are coming together to help one another (e.g. Japan earthquake, the tornadoes and other weather related events in the U.S.). We mention only a few events; there are so many happening in the world right now. One of the most common threads of energy that runs through all of these events is that many people are gathering together, sharing energy for a common purpose. When humans gather together in small or large groups and they share a common purpose, their heart centers link to each other and the energy is activated exponentially. This is a very natural occurrence, and it is essentially how you interact with others when you are in your non-physical, energetic state. You do not need to have intent or action for this linking of your collective heart centers. You simply must come together, physically, emotionally or mentally. It does not matter whether you are physically near each other or are joined by telephone, web cast or television. Your higher level programming knows to kick in when you are gathered together and are focused on a common purpose.

Imagine what this looks and feels like. Over a million people are gathered in person to witness a joyous occasion and even more people are linked to this joyous occasion through the Internet and television and many other means. It is a joy-filled and happy event, and the linking of your collective energies amplifies that energy greatly. The same thing happens even when a disastrous event takes places like the earthquakes or tornadoes. People all over the world want to help, they link their heart centers again and the energy amplifies. So many major events and experiences are happening at a rapid rate across your planet. You are relearning what it is like to connect your heart centers again and realizing that your energies when used together are extremely powerful. Once humanity’s heart is synchronized, you will continue to work together like this. You will understand that before action, inspired intent and joining of energies will literally help you move mountains. Remember that we explained previously that to understand the magnification process, you simply multiply the number of people who are joined together in focused intent physically or virtually by itself and then multiply that by 1000. Yes, that is correct. You can learn more about this process by reading one of our previous transmissions “Expansion and Connection to Source.”

As the heart center of your collective consciousness opens, you may have some physical experiences. We will name a few and let you know that it is perfectly normal. You may experience headaches and body aches, foot and knee pain, allergy symptoms and even a feeling of being light headed. You may need to sleep more or have trouble sleeping. These simply are usually associated with bringing more light into the body and allowing lower and denser vibrations to be released. Focus your heart on taking care of yourself and giving yourself what you need: more water, more rest or seeking the help of a medical professional. As the energies stabilize and balance, you will feel better.

Your Sun is a key energy in assisting with the shifting of the energies for all the beings on your planet and for Mother Earth herself. You can align yourself with the Sun’s energies for feeling very grateful to her for the life she brings to your planet. She will continue to bring life and light and will assist in the ascension of every living being on your planet. You can allow yourself to feel grateful for her help and simply set an intention that you will easily accept her shifting energies. How do you do this? It is very simple. Just be thankful for the energy she provides to you and appreciate her warmth and light. When you express gratitude and appreciate for the Sun, you will align your vibration to her shifting vibration. It is really that simple.

We are telling you this because we want you to see and feel the progress you are making. We want you to hear good news and to feel excited and joyous about it. We want you to move past hope into a knowing that you are making wonderful progress and are remembering what you came to remember. Please know that you can continue this progress by being together in groups of any size. Join your heart centers together and feel happiness and love. Imagine a perfect world, imagine what you want and let go of what you do not want. You can do this by yourself, with friends, acquaintances or loved ones. You can do this while in nature or while at work. It really does not matter how you do it or when you do it. Just do it!

We love and honor you.

Until next time.

The Arcturian Circle.

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Arcturian Circle ~ How We Create Our Reality

The Arcturian Circle: How We Create Our Reality

2011 April 29

by chezanni

Channeler: Debbie |

The energy that surrounds you at any given time, is always, always a reflection of what you are thinking and feeling. We know that there is so much going on in the world today that it can be difficult for you to bring yourself back to your center and recognize that all that is around is a reflection of that which is within you. Now is the perfect time for us to remind you that you can go within to create peace around you.

Everything that you see, you experience, you feel in your external world is always a reflection of what you are feeling in your inside world. You can easily experience peace and tranquility around you if you choose to focus on peace and tranquility. The single and most important thing that you can do to help Mother Earth and the people and beings of your planet is to create peace, harmony and love there. As human beings who are having a very physical experience, you tend to react in seeing all that is around you and want to change it. The more you want it to be something different than what it is, the more it becomes an even larger display of what you do not want. We can tell you without doubt that you can change the world around you, but you cannot do so from the outside. You can only do this from the inside, from the inside of you.

To begin this important endeavor, we ask you to become acutely aware of what you see and feel around you. You must really see what is around you, and you must really feel what is around you. Become aware of your surroundings. Look and feel what is around you as if you are watching a play or a show. As you become aware of what is around you, what is really around you, you can then take the next step of accepting that you created all that surrounds you. This step is sometimes harder to accept and harder to comprehend. But we assure you that there is nothing that surrounds you that you did not vibrationally attract into your surroundings. All that surrounds you is there because it matches your vibration. Yes, this includes even those things that you do not like. We can actually hear you saying, “No, that cannot be right.” Oh, but it is. You are vibrational beings, living in a vibrational world, a magnetic world where those things that vibrate like each other are attracted to each other. Like attracts like, whether you like it or not (LOL).

The next step is what is truly meant by the words “conscious creator.” When you look around you and you choose to accept that all that surrounds you is there because you attracted it into your reality, you become aware. You become aware that you are consciously creating your reality. That is a big AH HA moment, and a really good one at that! Yeah! Hurray! Yippee! There are many more words that we could use to show our delight when one of our precious human friends become aware of their ability to create and they take responsibility for that which they have created. Because when you realize that you have created all that is around you, the next Ah HA moment is the one where you say, “Oh, I have created all that is around me without much effort at all. Imagine what I can do if I choose to focus my intent on what I’m creating.” This is where we say “Wooooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooo!”

Now you are seeing your surroundings for what they are, and you are aware that anything and anyone in your surroundings is there because you choose it to be. What do you do next? You begin focusing on those people, those things, those circumstances in your surrounding that you like and love. The more you focus on what you love, the more you will see things to love. This is where you begin to become very aware of thinking and feeling and putting your attention on that which you love so it can be magnified. You have an awareness that you are choosing to focus on all that you love. When you do this for yourself and for your own reality, magnetically your reality begins to change. As your reality begins to change, so do other people’s realities.

Another way to look at this is to see each person, each object, each situation around you acting as mirrors or reflective devices. They are all reflecting back to you that which they see. So if a person comes into your life and they are angry, they are simply reflecting back to you something that is within you. A person cannot reflect anger back to you if none exists within you. The same is true for love. This is also the reason that your car breaks down or you get stuck in traffic when you are already in a bad mood. You cannot attract anything into your reality that does not already exist inside of you. That is why we suggest that you become very aware of what you see in your reality and become very selective in what you choose to magnify. When you see and feel what you love, we want you to be so aware of that so you can magnify it exponentially. You see, your emotions are the fuel that magnifies your creations. Be grateful and appreciate when you see what you love in your reality. Your gratitude and appreciation will magnify it and attract more of it into your experience.

Now we want you to imagine that more people are becoming aware of their own reality. They are working from the inside and are paying attention to what they are creating. What do you think will happen on your planet? It is not necessary for every being on the planet to practice creating consciously. It only takes a small portion of the beings on the planet to begin this process. We can tell you it is already happening and many, many beings are taking responsibility for the choices they make. They have become aware. Now is the time for you to choose to create your own reality. It is what you came here to experience. Create love and happiness in your own reality. Focus on it and allow it to expand!

We love and honor you.

Thank you for sharing this connection with us.

The Arcturian Circle.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

~ Arcturian Circle ~ The Arcturians

The Arcturians

Can you tell us more about yourselves and Arcturus?  Do you have finite lives in your bodies, die and are reborn in different bodies?  If so, how often do you change bodies?  Does this happen when the energy in a particular body has expanded as much as it can and must take on another to further expand?  Do you have one specialty per body such as you who talk to Debbie and then change the specialty as you move to a different body?  If you die, what happens between lives?

Arcturus is a fifth dimensional planet. It is very beautiful and many of our brethren reside in physical form on Arcturus. Many of you, who are reading these transmissions, lived on Arcturus at one time or another and it is the place of origin for some of you.

Just like on Earth, our people are in various stages of evolution or ascension (it’s really the same). We who you are talking to and hearing from are in between physical lives, vibrating in the ninth dimension. We choose when we want to move back into physical form. You do the same. Those of us in physical form have learned that we can stay in our bodies much longer then you currently do. We usually exist in these forms for 300 – 400 of your Earth years. As we grow and expand, we make choices to grow and expand more. Any time that we choose to move from one form to the next is because we choose to do so, and it is for the purpose of expansion.

Arcturus exists in more then one place and time. In fact the occurrences of Arcturus are infinite. The same is true for your planet.

The Circle of Arcturians that you are communicating with exists purely in energetic form. We do travel in ships that are made of light, pure light. These ships are a part of who we are, not constructed or built like your cars and trucks. They are created as a part of us, and we travel in them and with them. Because we exist in energetic form and you exist in physical form, your physical bodies will not be able to exist or travel into our ships. But you can join us in and on our ships by allowing your consciousness to exist with us. Debbie does this regularly although she is not totally aware of how or when it happens. We will be providing more information on this type of exploration of consciousness at a later time.

Our fifth dimensional aspects, those of us in physical form, do travel in solid form ships, are near your planet and visit your planet. You have seen them. They use light, liquid light to travel. They look very luminescent and have a rainbow effect when seen. They travel out of the normal light spectrum and only those individuals who have trained their eyes to see this spectrum can and will see them.

There is no such thing as a finite life. We all live on forever, but when we are in form our bodies do not exist forever. We choose when to move into physical form and when to move out of physical form. You do this as well although for you it is done at a deeper level and you are not aware of these choices. We have total awareness of these choices. This is a part of the remembering process we spoke about in our earlier transmissions. You are closely approaching this state as well.

Yes, we do choose to change our form and our life experience when it is time to further expand. When we feel that we’ve experienced and learned all we can about our current focus, then we move onto another. It is always a celebration of life expansion. We do not suffer or feel sad about the shedding of our physical suits or what you call death. There is no such thing as death, only expansion.

Because we are all One, it is natural to feel fear when a part of the one is leaving. Only your mind prevents you from knowing and understanding that you are never alone, you can never be away from the ones you love and you are always connected. That is why we are here. We want to help you learn this, but even more then that, we want to help you remember this and know absolutely that this is true. Because you feel so separate from each other, it is quite a challenge to know and feel connected. We are here to help you with this.

We think we have deviated from the original question. Let us get back on track.

Yes, you can say that each one of us has a specialty. The specialty does not depend upon whether we are in a body or are in energetic form. It is just a choice that we make for expansion purposes. We have guides, older and wiser beings that help us decide. As you are never alone, neither are we.

Yes, we are confirming that we are currently residing in a vibrational space that you refer to as the ninth dimension. Debbie questioned this, and we are answering this question. She wants to know why those of us from the ninth dimension are in contact with you. We are here to help you through the changes of 2012 and beyond. We will be with you before, during and after. We are so very excited and feel privileged to be present for these times. Thank you for opening to our connection and hearing our voices. For as you expand, so do we.

Do Arcturians have families, live in family groups, and raise new energetically created Arcturians?  Does your civilization live in buildings, have responsibilities limited to Arcturus rather than travelling to other dimensions and civilizations to help and protect them?  If so, please tell us about life on Arcturus and what kind of animals and other things are there.  What is the topography like?  You have said it is very beautiful and has water.  Is earth patterned after it as far as earth’s physical appearance?

Yes Earth is patterned after Arcturus. Arcturus was a model for the creation of Earth. Of course it is not exactly the same.

For purposes of this question, we will talk about the fifth dimensional Arcturus. This is the planet that resides in the Bootes constellation. It is so very beautiful. It is a blue planet and there is lots of water.

The Arcturians live in structures that are more organic then your buildings. The buildings are very beautiful too. They are made out of a white crystalline material, and they glow and sparkle in the sun light. The energy we use is light and crystals help us use the light for whatever power needs that we have. We do have families, but they are different then the family structures you have. We also have functions or jobs, but because we do not have a monetary system we exchange services and products based on our functions. Our civilization functions very seamlessly. Whenever someone needs something; there is always someone there to fulfill that need.

Our families come together for the purpose of creating a shared experience. Our young ones or children are created in the eighth dimension. There are Arcturians that have a purpose of creating our children, raising and teaching them. These Arcturians have energy the color of violet. This is a very esteemed purpose and we have high regard for these Arcturians and their purpose. For you see, bringing new life into our society and our world is the highest of creations. These new little ones (as you would call them) are the beings that help us to expand even further. I would say that this is the most important function on our planet.

Every function that is carried out is very important and every Arcturian is grateful for the work of every other Arcturian. We function almost symbiotically. This does not mean that we do not have issues or problems, but we’ve learned to deal with them as a whole. When someone needs help or assistance, the Arcturians that are best equipped to help do so. When a larger problem arises, then we have a council of elders that convenes. It really is a beautiful and simple process. This is what you miss the most. I can feel it deeply.

Some of the fifth-dimensional Arcturians have functions off-planet as we described in the last question.

We use light and energy to heal ourselves. Yes, and color is part of the equation as well. The energy of sound and the energy of color are all very important components of living on our planet. You can tell our primary designations by the color of our energy. We are born into our physical form with an intended purpose already known. Based on that purpose, our energy vibrates a particular color. The same is true for the ninth dimensional Arcturians. Their primary color designates their primary purpose. It can change easily as is necessary, but usually returns to the primary designated color. There are some Arcturians whose purpose is to “change purposes” or to have more then one purpose. They will have multi-colored energy or energy that changes color. It sounds fairly complicated, but it is not. People of Earth are finding this to be very similar. You call your energy fields auras. Some people have learned to see these auras and specific colors denote specific things. You are not as clear about the meanings of these colors yet, and not everyone can see them. But in time, you will learn that seeing the auras or energy fields will assist in healing, helping and understanding. The “See Energy” tool can help you see another person’s aura.

Animals on our planet are quite different from animals on your planet. We do have many wonderful species of beings on our planet. We are so very fortunate to have such infinite diversity when it comes to the variety of species that exist on Arcturus. All beings on Arcturus live in harmony. One species does not own another. You have pets, we do not. We co-exist with other species, but we do not consider them our pets. Some of these species do not have the same level of intelligence, but they are all sentient beings and we love and protect each other. There are species that live on land and others that live in water. Some of these other species travel with us when we explore and visit other planets and places.

The topography of our planet is similar to Earth. We have lots of lush green plant and trees. We have a lot more water on the planet, many oceans teaming with life. We also have dolphins and whales. We have lots of greenery, plants and trees, many botanicals that you would call flowers. We have beings that fly like your birds, and many other species of living beings. It truly is a beautiful place. It is Home.

Friday, December 10, 2010

~ Arcturian Circle ~ Q&A’s Holding Negative Energy Permanently

Q&A’s – Holding Negative Energy Permanently

December 10th, 2010

Question: Can anything on this planet hold negative energy permanently?  (willingly or unwillingly)

Answer: Well, this is a multi-layered question and answer, but we will state the over-riding answer first, “No.” At this point in time on your planet, nothing can hold negative, or lower, denser vibrations forever; including Mother Earth herself. This is a very timely question as the planet and all of the life on the planet and within her are moving through the process of ascension.   Or, better said; your are dramatically shifting and raising your vibrational frequencies. Through the raising of frequencies, the lower, denser vibrations are being released and even transmuted. This is happening to everyone and every being, for everyone has chosen this experience whether they have conscious knowledge of that choice or not.

You came to this place and time to experience contrast, and through contrast you have learned and are continuing to learn that you have a choice. Through finding out what you don’t want, you know what you do want. You may categorize these experiences as good, bad, positive or negative. However, from our vantage point, we simply see these experiences as different vibrational frequencies. You are now moving into a space where contrast will no longer exist, and you are understanding that it is just a matter of maintaining balance.

We’d like to also talk about the idea of permanence. This is truly an important point, because if you understand that there truly is nothing that is permanent except the existence of your energy; then you can see this question potentially in a different light. Everything is always changing and evolving—thus nothing is permanent. Perhaps we can assist you in telling you that what you define as negative energy can be infused or stuck in something for a very long time; but it will never stay there permanently. And you probably wonder what we mean by “a very long time” (laughter). That can be five minutes to 500 years. But energy, you are energy, the Earth is energy; is in a constant state of evolution, expansion and change and is always looking to raise its vibration.

Let us now circle back to your question and tell you that right now on your planet the lower, denser vibrations of people, systems, paradigms, etc. are crumbling and being replaced with higher vibrations. Simply from your perspective, more positive energy is flooding onto the planet and negative energy is being released. This may appear to be in the form of chaos, but we can assure you that it is all in perfect alignment.

Question: Why are humans who are supposed to be the custodians of the Earth destroying so many of the other living things that share this planet with us into extinction? Even the sacred White Lions are being killed off….Why? Why? Why? And is anything being done to stop this?

Answer: We know that it is very difficult to see what is happening to so many lifeforms on your planet. Please know that each and every one of these life forms have made a choice before coming into physical form to participate in this process. The energy that exists within humans, plants and animals is all the same or perhaps we should say that it is all a part of the same Oneness. Humans came to this planet to experience contrast so that they are able to choose for themselves. Creating the new Earth would not be possible without seeing and experiencing the opposite or contrasting experience. And by that we mean, you choose to create a higher vibrating reality when you see that which you do not want. The contrast is what provides you with what you need to know about what you truly want. These wonderful beings have chosen the reality that they are currently experiencing and have chosen to raise the vibration of your beautiful planet by participating in the way you describe.

Now we also want you to know that even though these beautiful creatures are leaving the Planet Earth that you presently experiencing; they are not gone forever. They simply have chosen to create a very dramatic and uncomfortable experience for those humans that do exist in this reality and help them to shift their consciousness. Many humans are choosing to do the same. These wonderful beings, including the sacred White Lions, the Dolphins, the Whales, the Bees and many more are now existing in and creating the New Earth in the fifth dimension.

Thank you for asking this questions and for connecting to us. We offer you are love and respect.

The Arcturian Circle.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

~ Arcturian Circle ~ Using Your Vibration and Thoughts to Create Flow Plus Q&A

Using Your Vibration and Thoughts to Create Flow Plus Q&A

September 9th, 2010


Listen to the recording.

View Part 1 on YouTube

View Part 2 on YouTube

We would like to begin with some information that we hope will provide you with greater clarity as the days move forward. As we have explained to you in the past, there is absolutely nothing to fear. There is nothing for you to do but enjoy your lives and connect to your higher purpose, connect to each other, connect to the planet and move forward in love. But at the same time we know that you are physical beings, and you have much experience in physical form that you do not remember from times past. However, many of you are beginning to remember many things. We are here to shake that up a little bit and  help you connect to who you truly are. There are two lines of energy or two lines of information that we’d really like to talk to you about and they are very connected. We are going to talk about vibration and thought. We also want to talk to you about why so many of you have been experiencing things that feel so difficult, so tough, and just plain hard to deal with these days.

But let us start with the aforementioned which is vibration and thought. Although we know that you know this, we are just going to talk a little bit about it so we can hopefully help you fine tune yourselves and help you recognize that there are some very subtle things that you can do to help to make your days and minutes and seconds easier. So let us start with thoughts and vibrations. You know we’ve talked to you so much about the power of your vibration, the power of your thoughts, how thoughts are energy, and how thoughts help you attract things. Well, let us shift that focus to your vibration because you’ve reached a point in your lives that you must realize that vibration is what really attracts the things that you want and the things that you do not want. Thought does not come before vibration. Thought is a factor that happens because of your vibration. How you are vibrating is what you attract. So that’s why when you feel very, very happy and you are feeling very, very good things seems to come to you very easily. When you are having days that aren’t quite as good and you are not feeling as happy, things do not come to you as easily. We know that we’ve talked much about how thought can provide you with the things that you want, but what we want to explain to you is that what really brings things to you is your vibration. Your thought really cannot change your vibration or your thoughts can’t change your vibration. Let us say that again. Your thoughts are not what changes your vibration. Your thoughts come from what you are vibrating.

So let us give you a for instance. You are having a day where things just aren’t going your way. You’re frustrated, your aggravated, you don’t feel so good; you have a headache, your stomach hurts and everything that you are doing seems to be going in the opposite direction from what you want. You are not feeling good, you are frustrated and every single time something happens you think to yourself, “If I could just change the way that I’m thinking, I could make this better.” Then you start thinking more about changing your thoughts, and you realize you don’t know how to get out of the place you are in. “I don’t feel good, my head hurts, my stomach hurts and I just want to feel better, but I don’t know how to do it.” And then you get more aggravated with yourself because you can’t change the way that you are feeling. So you think “Let me do some affirmations” and “if I just think enough positive thoughts, I know I can make myself feel better.” What we say to you is that trying to change the way you are thinking when you are not feeling good or when you are feeling bad is a bit like trying to get all the way across the United States, from the East coast to the West coast, very quickly. We would suggest that it is much easier to get from the bottom of the East coast to the top of the East coast than it is to go clear across the United States. So what we mean by that is, just try to find something that feels better. Your feelings and your emotions are key indicators of how you are vibrating. If you are feeling sad, your vibration is equal to that. If you are upset and angry, if you are fearful, that is what you are vibrating. If you are thinking that all you are going to do is think positive thoughts and that’s going to change your vibration (I’m sitting in a place of worry, I’m sitting in a place of sadness, I’m sitting in a place of fear and I’m thinking those thoughts; I want to change this thing in my life, I want my health to be better) you are simply going to ramp up or increase the vibrations that you already have. When you are sitting in a place of fear or you are sitting in a place of sadness, what you can do to move yourself out of that place is to find a way to feel better. Whatever it is. It can be a teeny, tiny little thing. We say don’t spend your time trying to change your thoughts or think yourself out of the way you are feeling; try to find a way to feel better, whether that’s taking a walk, taking a nap, taking a bubble bath. Whatever you do, find a way to feel better. You can not think yourself into a better feeling. You must change your vibration in order to feel better. The reason we want to tell you this is because we have talked so much about how powerful your thoughts are and how powerful you are as a manifestor. You are, but the key to manifesting is your vibration. We will tell you that when you are in the flow, you are in a state of allowance, you are feeling wonderful and you are feeling happy. That is the time to say your affirmations. That is the time to think how you want things to go. When you are not in the flow and you are not feeling well, your thoughts will only amplify what you are feeling. So when you are not in the flow, find a way to feel better. Use your feeling and your emotions to navigate yourself out of that place.

Now we would also like to talk to you about why things seem so dramatic lately. Many of you have been experiencing things where it is very difficult for you to be in the 3D world, the old reality, the old Earth, the old paradigms, the old states. Many of you are feeling them grow more dramatic. You are seeing them more often. It feels as though they are encroaching on where you are and where you live. The good news is that when you have raised your vibration and are going through a shift, you are more in the flow than you have been in the past. Things of contrast will seem bigger because you are growing and you are further away from where you were before. Things that didn’t bother you in the past may all of a sudden start bothering you, such as noise or some music or just people talking or being in a public place, a grocery store, the energies that seemed okay last week or the week before or the month before. When you have gone through an energetic shift, your vibration has changed and you are in a different place than you used to be, and the things that used to feel so right before may not feel so right now. When you have moved to this place, the things that were opposite to you before may be even more opposite now. We simply say to you, see them, observe them, but you do not have to be in them. It is simply a choice.

The other thing that will happen when you are going through a shift is that all of a sudden it will seem like the clock has slowed down dramatically. An hour is taking what seems like four hours. A minute is taking a long time. A day is taking a long time, even a half-day. When time seems like it is dragging and just going very, very slowly, we can assure you this is a key to knowing that you are going through a very large energetic shift. As your vibration speeds up, time slows down. At some point it will feel like the clock goes back to normal time, whatever normal time is right now, but that’s another key indicator that your vibration is shifting.

Would anyone like to ask a question now?

Question: Why do we feel right now that there is less time in a day than there was before?

Answer: Time is changing. Time is compressing. In a 24 hour period now, you are able to get less done than you did a year ago or two years ago. It seems as though many more things are happening, and time is absolutely compressing because we are moving into the space and time of the now moment. As we get closer to existing in the fourth dimensional time which is more in the now, as we move into the fifth dimension, it is being in present time where all dimensions exist at the same time. It does feel that way, and it will continue to feel that way as if there is less time in each day. That is just happening all around us, and many people are feeling it. The segment we talked about earlier where time feels like it has slowed down substantially is when you are going through a vibrational shift. The other thing that may happen when you are shifting vibrationally is you may experience the need to sleep for a long period of time. You get up, you have breakfast, you have your cup of coffee and you think to yourself, “Oh my goodness I’m still tired, I’m going back to bed,” and then you sleep the whole day. Many people sleep through it, and many people feel the time slowing down. We wanted to let you know this information because it will help you know and identify when you are going through a vibrational shift. When you are going through a vibrational shift, things seem more dramatic. The outside world will seem a little bit louder, you may feel more emotional. There are lots of things that happen to you when you are going through a vibrational shift, but those are two key indicators that you are at the tail end of a vibrational shift.

Question: Is multitasking good for us?

Answer: Probably not. Multitasking is trying to do multiple things at the same time. It takes you away from experiencing the present or the now moment. If you are multitasking and you feel happy, then we say multitasking is fine. We say that multitasking can cause you to feel scattered and prohibits you from enjoying the thing that you want to enjoy. So it is taking away your joy. If it takes away your joy, then it is probably not good for you.

Thank you for inviting us in tonight. We respect and honor you.

With much love,
The Arcturian Circle

Monday, June 21, 2010

~ Arcturian Circle ~ Understanding the Present Energetic Earth Shifts

Understanding the Present Energetic Earth Shifts

June 21st, 2010

We are one in spirit and one in energy. Thank you for allowing us to be with you. Thank you for inviting us to be with you, and thank you for inviting us to be with you and opening your hearts to us.

We’d like to talk to you a bit about the energies of late. As we know you have been experiencing many, many things, and we’d like to provide additional information so that you know more about what’s going on.

Beginning some time around the end of April (2010), the solar waves, the solar flares began heading towards Earth on more of a regular basis. Some of the things that you have been experiencing in energetic form in the last two to three weeks have been due to a large solar flare that happened about three to four weeks ago. The solar flares take a bit of time before they reach Planet Earth.  Really what we want you to understand is what the energy of these solar flares is about and how they are here to assist you.

As you have known from previous experiences, we also are providing many rays of light that we are sending down upon your planet. Four and a half or five days ago, we assisted the planet itself. We sent a wave of blue-purple energy upon the Earth to assist in its ascension.

But let us back track, for we want to tell you about the magnetic wave that came from the flare of the sun. The waves will continue to increase, and they will continue to assist Planet Earth and all of its inhabitants, all of the beings and all of the humans and everybody that is included and living on this planet at this time. The wave that approached the Earth was having two effects on the living beings on the planet, those that are in physical form. We would call it a wave that is speeding things up and clearing. It really came in two pieces. The first wave came to assist in clearing out old stuff, and the second piece came to speed things up. You are probably thinking, “Oh no, do I really need things to speed up?” Let us explain a little bit more about that because it really is a good thing. The clearing happens, and that is clearing of older denser energies, things that you may not even know that exist. You are moving through a time where everyone has given their permission that these energies are ready to be cleared out, and you can see that it is happening on Mother Earth because you see her doing things like tornadoes. The hurricanes will be coming, the earthquakes, the fires. Everything that is happening now is happening for a higher purpose. There is nothing to be concerned about. Just sit back, like we have said in the past, and be in the eye of the storm. This first wave is assisting your bodies in clearing.

The second wave or the second piece of this wave, we should say, is allowing the energies to speed up. What we mean by this is that things are happening quicker. Your vibration is quickening. Here’s what may help you to understand why things have felt a little bit off or you have seen more aggravation, frustration and irritation of late. Aggravation, irritation, frustration, anger, maybe you have seen them in others, maybe you have experienced it yourselves. You may be clearing that, but when it speeds up it feels more pronounced. If you are focused on the aggravation, the irritation and any of those lower denser energies as they clear out and speed up, that which you are focused on is going to seem a bit larger and more profound. We know we have told you in the past that what you focus on expands. Well, that’s exactly what is happening now. Things are expanding, moving quicker, getting louder. All you can do to move through these changes and these energies in a softer, smoother, more relaxed way is to pivot. As we’ve explained in the past, move into a state where you can find things that make you feel better. It sounds simple and sometimes it isn’t, but these energy waves, these magnetic waves are going to continue. We are suggesting that when you can feel them happening, and how you will feel them happening is that you will experience or see more frustration, aggravation, lower denser energies moving much faster, say this to yourself. “I can see this happening, I can allow it to happen, but I do not have to be a part of it or I don’t have to participate in it.”

A lot of folks that Debbie has been around of late have been very confused about what’s going on from an energetic perspective. Things seem to be a lot more tumultuous, a lot more irritated. A lot more frustration exists, and its simply because the old is breaking away. We are coming closer to the point in which the New Earth is starting to appear. The closer we come to that, the more you will see the old world break away. You do not have to experience this. We just simply want you to see it as if its a picture, a movie. You do not have to participate in it. Just be in the eye of the storm. Feel good, be happy, be with the ones that you love, and support those that you need to support. Ask for help if you need to ask for help.

We talked about the solar flares that eventually end up as magnetic energy as they come to the Earth. There are other energies that are, we almost said, bombarding. Many humans are feeling bombarded by all sorts of energies right now, but we will tell you that everything is magnificently orchestrated and there is nothing to feel concerned about. There are many, many energies that are coming towards the planet these days. Some of these are being orchestrated or created by those Beings that are not of your planet, that are monitoring your planet, that are wanting to assist in the transmutation and the ascension of your planet. As we’ve told you before, we have done this before, but this time we sent a blue-violet light to help in the transmutation of the energies of the old 3D world. We’ve talked to you before about other colors being disseminated upon your world. We’ve sent pink. We’ve sent gold. We’ve sent many vibrations, but we chose a blue-violet light. Many of you have been experiencing this color in your dreams, and you’ve been seeing the color around the Earth in many ways. You will continue to do so. It is a color or a vibration of transmutation. That is the reason we sent it through to you. It is to assist in moving through these changes with greater ease and flow. We will continue to monitor and assist when we feel it is the right thing to do. This is to help you when you see others, and right now it seems to be everywhere, who are irritated and feeling like they do not have enough time to deal with all the three dimensional aspects of the world that is falling down or crumbling. This is going to continue for a bit longer as we’ve stated before in our messages to you. June, July and August are pivotal months. The energies will continue to sometimes feel chaotic.  If you can step back far enough, however, you will feel the divine pureness of spirit that is being created in the new realities that are starting to exist all over the planet. Many things are beginning to be created in new form, and we are very excited for that and for you.

We honor you for the work that you are doing and tell you that the thing that you can do to help Mother Earth, your fellow humans, the animals and all the beings on your planet is simply to vibrate at the rate of love. There really is nothing more that you need to do because when you vibrate at the rate of love, everything else falls into place. Set that intention before you go to bed, set that intention when you get up in the morning. You will see through the eyes of spirit when you vibrate at the rate of love. Your Source is always with you. If you need our assistance, simply ask us to be there. We are always connected to you. If you want our assistance or guidance, we will always be with you.

Thank you for having us tonight, and thank you for connecting to us. We remind you that we love and honor you, and we appreciate that you have connected to us. Through our connection to you, we experience expansion as well. We are very excited about the expansion that is happening on your planet. The last thing we’d like to tell you is to keep your eye on your heart centers. Remember that everything good that is coming to your planet and to you as a human being species will be created through your heart centers.

Thank you for having us here tonight, and we will open ourselves to a few questions. Would anyone like to ask a question before we leave tonight?

Question: Why does it seem like there are extra transitional vortexes happening?

Answer: Because there are. The transitional vortexes are being ramped up because of all the energies that are coming into and on the planet at this point in time. Many are choosing to transition now, and many more will also choose to transition. Every day it seems as if someone you know, one, two, three, four, several people are choosing to transition, as well as other beings such as animals. The transitional vortexes are simply here to facilitate that process.

Question: Is that what is changing all the colors around the plants and the animals and some of the people?

Answer: Some are, and there other things that are changing some of the colors. When you see the colors, you are seeing the vibrational frequencies. The vibrational frequencies are changing (audience member: they are going higher). They are going higher. The good news is that they are going higher. Even those folks, when we shall say folks we mean all beings. Even those people that are choosing not to open up to consciousness or to remember are shifting as well, simply because everyone else is shifting. You are all one. We are all one. One cannot shift without the other shifting. So the good news is that it is all shifting. The vibrations that you normally sense are changing very, very rapidly. The frequencies that are entering the Earth from the Sun, the galaxies, the universe and the Beings that are assisting you are ratcheting it up even more. So, don’t get used to anything because those things that you see today may actually be different tomorrow, and the rate of change is accelerating.

Anyone else have another question?

Question: You have said the best way to get through this is to sleep a lot, that it is our best way of dealing with this. Is sleep still helpful?

Answer: Sleep is very, very helpful. It is extremely important at this time. Probably more than it has been in the past. To provide yourself with the sleep that you need and what you were referring to, we had suggested that when some of the chaos and the tumultuous times happen and you are feeling tired during the day and you wake up tired, it is because you do need to sleep. When you sleep you are connecting to spirit. Not everyone is in the same position as they were a couple or three weeks ago, but we suggest that you give yourself enough sleep so you are able to regenerate. When you are sleeping, you are regenerating. When you are sleeping, you are connecting to Source energy.  Sometimes when the waves of chaos get a little bit harder or a little bit more pronounced and you are experiencing them, sleep is a good way to recharge your batteries.

Question: You also gave the information that people are more irritable because when they are astral traveling the energy around the planet is so much denser because of all the negative energy being released by Mother Earth, and they are not able to get through.

Answer: As you know, thought is energy, and many people on this planet are very concerned about what is happening to the planet. There are many earth changes that people have been concerned about. They will continue to happen, and they are more ramped up than they have been in the past. People are concerned about the economic structures and the governments and all the things that are happening on the planet. As people worry and are concerned about that, those thought forms are energy which are stored in Mother Earth’s body. What happens during the night when you go to sleep and you travel, you do have to go through Mother Earth’s energy body. We simply say that this is nothing to be concerned about, but it can affect you. Because you are a human being in physical form, that energy can affect you. When you go to sleep, simply set an intention that you are safe and you are protected and know that if you do make those travels you can do so easily and with flow.  When you are tapped into mass consciousness and traveling through the Earth’s energy body, the energy body is a little denser right now. By keeping your energy field in the vibration of love, that will assist Mother Earth in clearing that. So yes, it does happen, but it is not something that is necessary to put a lot of focus on, other than to understand that it can happen. Simply focus your intentions on keeping yourself centered, keeping yourself in the state of love. If you are tired and sleepy, get a little bit more sleep. We know that sounds simple, but that is really what you need to do. This too shall pass. You are going to notice in the next 7 to 11, probably more like 10 – 11 1/2 days that you are going to start feeling the energies lifting. What we mean by that is the energies raising in vibration and feeling lighter. It is cyclical, it happens, and the best thing you can do is take care of yourself. Take care of your vibration, and focus on the good things. Focus on the love in your heart and remove yourself as much as possible from that 3D world, because it is falling and it is disintegrating.

We thank you again for inviting us tonight. At this point in time we will leave, and we will talk to you again next time.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for your energy.

We send you our love and our light.

Until next time.