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~ Arcturian Circle ~ Q&A’s Holding Negative Energy Permanently

Q&A’s – Holding Negative Energy Permanently

December 10th, 2010

Question: Can anything on this planet hold negative energy permanently?  (willingly or unwillingly)

Answer: Well, this is a multi-layered question and answer, but we will state the over-riding answer first, “No.” At this point in time on your planet, nothing can hold negative, or lower, denser vibrations forever; including Mother Earth herself. This is a very timely question as the planet and all of the life on the planet and within her are moving through the process of ascension.   Or, better said; your are dramatically shifting and raising your vibrational frequencies. Through the raising of frequencies, the lower, denser vibrations are being released and even transmuted. This is happening to everyone and every being, for everyone has chosen this experience whether they have conscious knowledge of that choice or not.

You came to this place and time to experience contrast, and through contrast you have learned and are continuing to learn that you have a choice. Through finding out what you don’t want, you know what you do want. You may categorize these experiences as good, bad, positive or negative. However, from our vantage point, we simply see these experiences as different vibrational frequencies. You are now moving into a space where contrast will no longer exist, and you are understanding that it is just a matter of maintaining balance.

We’d like to also talk about the idea of permanence. This is truly an important point, because if you understand that there truly is nothing that is permanent except the existence of your energy; then you can see this question potentially in a different light. Everything is always changing and evolving—thus nothing is permanent. Perhaps we can assist you in telling you that what you define as negative energy can be infused or stuck in something for a very long time; but it will never stay there permanently. And you probably wonder what we mean by “a very long time” (laughter). That can be five minutes to 500 years. But energy, you are energy, the Earth is energy; is in a constant state of evolution, expansion and change and is always looking to raise its vibration.

Let us now circle back to your question and tell you that right now on your planet the lower, denser vibrations of people, systems, paradigms, etc. are crumbling and being replaced with higher vibrations. Simply from your perspective, more positive energy is flooding onto the planet and negative energy is being released. This may appear to be in the form of chaos, but we can assure you that it is all in perfect alignment.

Question: Why are humans who are supposed to be the custodians of the Earth destroying so many of the other living things that share this planet with us into extinction? Even the sacred White Lions are being killed off….Why? Why? Why? And is anything being done to stop this?

Answer: We know that it is very difficult to see what is happening to so many lifeforms on your planet. Please know that each and every one of these life forms have made a choice before coming into physical form to participate in this process. The energy that exists within humans, plants and animals is all the same or perhaps we should say that it is all a part of the same Oneness. Humans came to this planet to experience contrast so that they are able to choose for themselves. Creating the new Earth would not be possible without seeing and experiencing the opposite or contrasting experience. And by that we mean, you choose to create a higher vibrating reality when you see that which you do not want. The contrast is what provides you with what you need to know about what you truly want. These wonderful beings have chosen the reality that they are currently experiencing and have chosen to raise the vibration of your beautiful planet by participating in the way you describe.

Now we also want you to know that even though these beautiful creatures are leaving the Planet Earth that you presently experiencing; they are not gone forever. They simply have chosen to create a very dramatic and uncomfortable experience for those humans that do exist in this reality and help them to shift their consciousness. Many humans are choosing to do the same. These wonderful beings, including the sacred White Lions, the Dolphins, the Whales, the Bees and many more are now existing in and creating the New Earth in the fifth dimension.

Thank you for asking this questions and for connecting to us. We offer you are love and respect.

The Arcturian Circle.

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