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Elenin Comet : A Camelot Roundtable Video Conference. 2011-6-24

Elenin Comet : A Camelot Roundtable Video Conference. 2011-6-24

Name:    Elenin Comet : A Camelot Roundtable Video Conference. 2011-6-24


This conference lasted nearly 5 hours and is ground breaking in the exchange of high level information and the sharing and interchange among the speakers in such a virtual roundtable as has not been done before on the web in a public forum.The time has come to gain a better understanding of what is really happening with Comet Elenin, which is a smokescreen cover for an approaching brown dwarf that has a larger mass than Jupiter with multiple orbiting moons.
March 4th, 2011 marks the day that the brown dwarf breaks through the ecliptic plane into the northern hemisphere to begin influencing the Earth.

March 15, 2011 is the first of three conjunctions where the earth is caught in the gravitational gradient lines-or the trough-that binds the sun and brown dwarf together. The sun will be pulling one way and the brown dwarf the other way and the predicted pole shift event will take place. The interesting thing about this particular day is that Saturn, the brown dwarf, the Earth and the Sun and Mars and Jupiter and Uranus are all in alignment. This gravity trough is going to be the mother of all where the planets are lined up for a game of Tug of War. This is the reason why so many people are giving out warnings concerning the conjunction and pole shift on March 15, 2011 (?). The brown dwarf crosses the Mars orbit on June 30, 2011. Keep your eye on the earth and sun distances as we continue.August 3, 2011 marks the time that the earth passes through the brown dwarf perigee position, while the brown dwarf is crossing the earth orbit location. About two weeks pass and on August 18 the brown dwarf crosses the Venus orbit some 67 million miles form the sun. Then 24 days pass to the magical moment when the brown dwarf reaches the nearest point to the sun at 44.73 million miles. This right here is the reason that the Rothschild/Rockefeller Banksters and the Globalist New World Order Elites used Bush and company to plan and carry out the 9/11 inside job attacks on 9/11/2001 exactly ten years to the day. The banksters and their bought-and-paid-for corrupt politicians and lying media moguls are planning to hide themselves in underground bunkers all around the world and let the peasants fend for themselves.

September 25, 2011 marks the time that the earth passes through the second conjunction with the sun, brown dwarf, Mercury, Saturn, the Sun and Uranus in line for another Tug of War. The sun, brown dwarf, Mercury and Saturn are pulling the earth towards the sun in an event that will bring the earth nearer to the sun than at any time in the last 3600 years. There are 14 days between the brown dwarf reaching perigee position and this conjunction with the earth and sun being equidistant to the dwarf on the 7th day. Look down in the lower left hand corner of the Sept. 25 diagram to see the brown dwarf is now nearer the earth than the sun at only 38 million miles.October 2 is the day that the brown dwarf crosses Venus' orbit again to begin treking in the direction of earth. Our planet is still being pulled towards the sun, but by this time we are also being pulled forward into the massive gravity well. Two weeks go by and the brown dwarf crossed the earth orbit line to pass directly in front of our planet at just 22.3 million miles away, which is the nearest point in our encounter. The brown dwarf crosses the Mars orbit line on November 14, 2011 on way to the third conjunction on November 22 where the earth passes directly between the two once again like on March 15.
The NOAA National Geophysical Data Center maintains a data set of annual magnetic north pole coordinates going back to the year 1590, derived from early measurements from ships logs to modern day techniques.

Noting that there has been lots of reporting of pole shift lately, to the point where the phenomenon is actually causing real-world issues such as temporary from the NOAA Geo Data Center, configuring it to fit in an Excel spreadsheet, adding a complicated formula to determine exact distance between 2 sets of latitude-longitude coordinates, applying the formula to each data point in the series, and then finally plotting it all in a visual graph, it is alarming to discover the amount of magnetic pole shift – just over the past 10 to 20 years.

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    June 25, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

    Well, by now some of you may be aware that I have had an epiphany of sorts of just yesterday, regarding the woeful state of alternative research and its “community”. What started out as an attempt to bring some sanity and analysis into the whole Comet Elenin matter became…what? Well, for one thing, introductions are supposed to be, well, introductions, not endless excursions through the tulips of nine-terraced pyramids at Tikal, which are by a process of reasoning that remain obscure to me, each examples of evolution at the biological, political, social, and cosmic scales, then from there into resonance effects and a deluge of numbers and calculations barely visible on my screen, to something about brown dwarf stars, Zechariah Sitchin, and how hydrogen bombs cause resonance effects.

    Having trouble following all that? Well, if so, join the club.

    What I’m referring to is a video conference I was asked to participate in the other day. Now, mind you, I don’t begrudge the invitation, but what gave me increasingly stupefied pause as I listened to most of the other speakers was how far afield they ranged from the actual topic of discussion, which was supposed to be the Comet Elenin and all the media-internet hype associated with it. As I listened to the other speakers, I kept thinking to myself “Why am I here? What has any of my research to do with this?”

    Again, what was supposed to be a kind of analytical stage to parse various scenarios became a jarring Picasso-esque experiment in video cubism, with so many dissonant perspectives that what emerged was a clanging confusion and no real analysis at all, and certainly no picture(s), at least, not any I felt really comfortable in identifying with. In fact, to refer to it as a kind of video cubism is to do an injustice to Picasso, for even his paintings retain some semblance of the objective and order. What this was turned out to be more like a video experiment cousin to Jackson Pollock. There was little moderation of any effective sort, no attempt to blend a good mix of panelists with their backgrounds. And on questions that I had little or no interest (or even knowledge), it was of course at that juncture the moderator asked me for commentary…

    … Frankly, I sat there, stunned… unable to form a clear thought because there was – with a couple of exceptions – so little of it taking place. It reinforced, however, my conviction that the video and audio media are, for the most part, incapable of communicating detail that is best communicated in books, and that the alternative community is less about research than it is about agendas and divas each singing to a different libretto. To say that I was frustrated with the whole course of events would be to put it very mildly. The relaxed atmosphere of radio, an extended conversation, I do not mind, but I shall be more mindful in the future of conferences and so on, if only to avoid the impression of endorsing ideas I do not endorse. Only one other panelist took care to state that when one is trying to “read the tea leaves,” or proposing a scenario, that one isn’t holding it as some sort of dogma. I tried to inject, initially, some sanity into the proceedings but realized it was a lost cause. So….never again!

    One person put it to me best, referring to the interview my co-author on Grid of the Gods, Dr. Scott D. deHart’s eleven-year-old son Bennett, did with me as the talking rubber ball Mike Flanchered, and which I posted elsewhere on this site: Mike Flanchered did a better interview, was more to the point, and took far less time to do it, than did this experience. I agree.