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The FIB-onacci and Golden mean lie and TRUE Sacred genome [prepare4contact]

[prepare4contact] Re: The FIB-onacci and Golden mean lie and TRUE Sacred genome

Hi Dean

Right on, friend. Thanks for all the material you submit. Much of it is part of my own
Personal knowledge history, regarding the Masters of Light, Love and Wisdom.
I so respect the Buddhist Teachings, Zen, Raja, the Yoga of work, Hatha, (If I remember rightly) but also Bhakti of devotion. The works of Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey. These have been my sources of support. And Theosophy too. I still have Annie Besant book or 2.

Blessings, V

Peace (V)
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From: Dean Sloan
Date: 10/1/2010 2:22:07 AM
Subject: [prepare4contact] Re: The FIB-onacci and Golden mean lie and TRUE
Sacred genome

Well Rick,

Human souls have been achieving ascension throughout recorded
history and we have ascended mastersin the spiritual hierarchy who
have demonstrated it to us, consequently, we have very substantive
evidence that their knowledge, wisdom & methods are sound.
Every human soul achieves ascension when its light-body³ is composed
of 80% of atomic substance (1st ether), consequently, it's just a
matter of time, which depends on the point in evolution of the egoic
lotus* and that varies tremendously. There are millions of souls who
won't achieve it in their incarnation on earth this time around, but
it's certainly no big deal, because it's an inevitable
achievement for everyone, except for the "brothers of the left hand
path" and others of like mind. A more realistic goal for many souls
is to achieve "soul-merge" or "transfiguration" as
symbolically demonstrated in the Bible story of Jesus of Nazarath, which
is achieved when the light-body is composed of 56% of atomic
substanceThose are the metaphysical facts as put forth by members
of the spiritual hierarchy, including the Tibetan, Djwhal Khul.
To refer to me as "truly pathetic" for passing on the truth
about Anna Hayes, like when she "moved suddenly to England after
ripping off members in Sarasota, Florida of an undisclosed amount of
cash," just illustrates that you have a ways to go, Rick, before
achieving soul-merge, let alone ascension.
"To incarnate on Earth offers the ultimate opportunity to evolve
quickly. Spiritual master, Sri Yukteswar, Paramahansa Yogananda's
teacher (author of the classic "Autobiography of a Yogi"), spoke
of the great astral and casual plane worlds in which peace and harmony
reigns supreme, but in which evolution is extremely slow even for the
most advanced beings who know how to work within atypal, instead of
dualistic energy expressions. But the Earth offers the most advanced,
rigorous and expeditious training because of the stark contrasts. So
many extraterrestrial races may look down upon the Earth as spiritually
and technologically inferior, but the truth is that the opportunity for
an incarnated soul on this world is that of complete universal mastery
without the reliance on any technology at all. So Earth humans start at
the bottom of the totem but all have the capacity to transcend the totem
entirely." The foregoing is an extract from "The Age of
Transformation & the New Human Species" by Angelika Sareighn
Whitecliff. Do you think Angelika is "pathetic" too, Rick, for
her perception of a "Spiritual master"?
Expressing love to all beings, right living†, raja‡ & hatha¶
yoga are the most efficacious means for speeding up one's evolution,
along with sounding the OM in meditation, which attracts atomic
substance into your aura and repels substance of a lower vibration.
Dean Sloan theosophical metaphysicist


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<rickwehrle2001@... wrote:

anyone who has taken the time to look in to Ashayana's work with an
open mind will KNOW that these posts by Dean,trying to discredit
Ashayana and her work are truly pathetic...

go to

and read this to SEE FOR YOURSELVES

and see for yourselves how comprehensive and detailed the info is
around the fibonacci lie and TRUE merkaba mechanics,among other
things...she offered many times to dicuss sacred geometry and merkaba
mechanics with Drunvalo in a public videoed meeting and he declined
every invitation...knowing full well that he is out of his league when
it comes to COMPREHENSIVE detailed knowledge...he got most of his info
from 'THOTH"...learn about "thoth" here

 DISCERNMENT is essential...

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Posted by "saintgermain":
Anna Hayes, the person behind this website appears to be fraudulent
and I would recommend the use of discernment with any of her materials.
Of particular note, is Drunvalo Melchizedek's letters to her, for posting incorrect claims about the Mer Ka Ba meditation. Drunvalo has repeatedly proven himself to be a kind, good person that backs up all of his claims with any available scientific data possible. There is also clear and concise logic in his works, where Anna Hayes provides very little proof in any of her works.

and the second letter here:
also, simply googling Keylontic provides a lot of info to show that her
works might be scientifically and factually off, a hoax, or even a scam.
Here's a quote from someone ("Crystal") on the godlike productions forum:
"Actually, Keylontic Science is a cult. founder--took off with huge money from followers in Florida. They 'preach' that anyone that isn't KS people or up and onto their teachings is considered not of the light. I met two ex-KS'ers at a holistic convention, and I was told that they use Remote Viewing techniques to wrangle in their followers. They do a lot of recruiting through lower-level followers with promises to 'bring them into the higher ranks.' There is no higher ranks, in fact; Hayes herself says she is the only human with correct teachings. Pretty stinky, if you ask me.
Hayes has gone quite techie to keep her followers this time. Many think it is outside sources out to get them, but it isn't. They work for Hayes. She bleached out her hair, lost weight and did some cosmetic changes to make sure she wasn't recognized.
Many ex-KS'ers, and from what I was told, those that were hit hard $$$ wise, and pretty angry--especially in Florida, are pretty ticked off. Some really embarrassed that they got sucked in. She is cashing in again, too. books, CD's, DVD's, seminars. She uses a weird name, weird languages, and has worked on her communication
techniques. they use classic cult techniques--isolation, no-money/money for
teachings, soft voice, keep a pious look, use fear teachings--grays/reptilians lurking all around, Archangels are demons, strange language/chants that have no real translation but to the people in charge, then they pull you away from the real world.
They are really dragging in people who are scared of 2012 and going through 'Ascension process'--which is the biggest hoax around.

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