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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Elohim,Seraphim and ET's [prepare4contact]

[prepare4contact] Re: The Elohim,Seraphim and ET's

Yes Iren, is the Higher Force of all and I feel a little selfish, (even thought there are millions of people who presently are aware of this Divine Force walking, talking, blessing, teaching and healing, among us,  on Earth) to keep this incredible knoweldge to myself. Millions others,  who are in despair and in need of hope, would love to know there is such Greatness alive, among us; they could use His blessing and healings, leelas and miracles,  and be happy to know that there is a Light at the end of this long dark tunnel.   Zeira
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Subject: [prepare4contact] Re: The Elohim,Seraphim and ET's
Date: Friday, August 20, 2010, 6:15 AM

Who can doubt there must be, is the highest force?


2010/8/20 Zeira
Yes, Iren. If the Orion Beings bow to the Source there got to be some greatness about this FORCE.  Zeira

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Subject: Re: [prepare4contact] Re: The Elohim,Seraphim and ET's
Date: Thursday, August 19, 2010, 9:31 AM

what a wonderfull dream Zeira.. isnt it so as I wrote you recently.. even  the orions are bowing before the Highest force .. the source.. and remember  there is only ONE force.. the highest... the other we created in our minds  ,  we gave them the might and they are acting ... If we KNOW  and BELIEVE there  us only ONE FORCE... and this ONE is acting then She the ONE force is  always  caring for us..


 2010/8/19 Zeira
Hi Iren. I had a dream at the beginning of this year, February 2010,
where beings of Orion came to visit me (or I though so). At first I though they came for me, after coming out of a huge spaceship, instead they passed me and went straight to somebody standing on my  right, they bowed and back they went to their spaceship, flying up to it,  the spaceship was standing in the air while all this happened. I wanted to follow them but they waved at me with one hand up, happily, without turning around to look at me, when the ship disappeared I looked at my right and guess  who I saw? The Source. Only his face, with thousand of brilliant stars around it. I wanted to bow or say somehting, but it all happened so fast!
The Source, suddenly ,  became  flat as a a picture  with the thousand of stars surrounding the  face.The picture flew into the sky,  backward, it went all the way up, then it stopped and I could only see  one little luminous point, a star, then I woke up.   Zeira

This, sometimes has happened in reality, I have seen a stars zipping  around and then going all the way up to the far sky becoming motionless, as a regular star in the sky.  Zeira

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Subject: Re: [prepare4contact] Re: The Elohim,Seraphim and ET's
Date: Wednesday, August 18, 2010, 8:37 AM

Hi zeira.. how to communicate with orion or with whom ever? I think it is easy... you simply shut eyes and concentrate on the point between your eyes and imagine them calling, after a while  you surely get answer, also when permamently thinking on someone you also get an answer.. But why Orion? Why not call the Highest Force the Creator ?.....
Love iren

2010/8/18 Zeira
Thank you kvmarcin for letting me know that some Orion beings can  be good,  I have good commmunion with them even though  throuhg the astral plane alone. I would love to learn how to communicate with them once in a while, but I dont know how. Right now I would not know if they are behind my sharing experience  with everyone or is my ego/mind that wants to tell everyone that the Orions beings  canbe good and I dream about them once in while. I miss dreaming about them, by the  way,  they are  very funny.  Zeira

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Subject: [prepare4contact] Re: The Elohim,Seraphim and ET's
Date: Tuesday, August 17, 2010, 5:11 AM

Hi Zeira,
I have a very wonderful healing team from Orion with whom I have worked on money and abundance issues (polarized belief systems). From what I have been told, our monetary/financial system here on Earth actually originated from Orion. They always tell me the truth about whatever I am facing, and  they do it in such a loving manner before we commence the healing. I have had some very powerful healings from them.
There has been civil war on Orion for a long time (reptoid incursion), and this is, I think, why the Orions have gotten a bad rap -- people erroneously associate the Orions with the reptoid factor -- but there are many  Orions of very high spiritual vibration.
If it feels to you that you have an Orion connection, I believe it  would be a blessed one. Maybe it would be a good idea for you to ask to connect  directly to a Oneness Orion team. You might meet some family members. I am actually not kidding here -- I have a couple of lovely Arcturian  friends who have been siblings in other lifetimes.


 --- In
Among all the stars in the sky I love to watch the Orion constellation.  It is possible tha I am connected with them?  I know some people dont trust the Orion beings but this is what I get from dreams,  some times, I see the Orion Constellation, especially around January or February time,   and later I dream about some beings with huge heads. They seem  friendly and funny , super busy. Sometimes they come out of their  cigar spaceships or circulatr black crafts, as huge aliens,  some time as big tall or large people, wise funny  guys,  like the blues brothers type. I hate to wake up and being left alone, that means  they were not mean to me, or God knows..  Also in all my Egyptian books and Atlanteans ancient stories  I read  Egypt has a special conntection with  the Orions and that makes me feel they, the beings, should not be that bad  after all. Or maybe not all of them.  In the past,  I have seen lights running in the sky, at night,  which after a good while of wondering back and forth they will run straight  to the Orion cluster  and stand still, like another star next to the Orion.  I really dont care whom I am connected with, as long as I am able to go home  some day and be among my loved ones. If home is the Orion's home, letit be it.  I dont  like Earth, I cant breathe in here and there is no clean clear sky anymore,  from where I can watch my loving stars.    Zeira

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Subject: [prepare4contact] Re: The Elohim,Seraphim and ET's
Date: Saturday, August 14, 2010, 6:19 PM

Hi Phil,
Maybe it's in my incarnational contract, but it has always been very easy for me to receive healings from my ET friends. I have also set up ET healing teams for others.

Here is what I do:
I connect to my Higher Self.   I ask to connect to my guidance team.   I ask to connect to a particular ET healing team (such as the Arcturians, Lyrans, Andromedans, Erra, etc., depending on what kind of healing I am  requesting). I do this both out loud and telepathically. Because we are  operating within the limitations and severe densities of the third  dimensional realm, it is easier to connect by saying this out loud.  When the connection is made (it may take a couple of minutesI), I then describe the particular problem I'm having. I am clairaudient and telepathic, so I am able to receive answers in that way, but if these abilities are not fully developed for you yet, you can set up a systemwith them whereby you can receive signals in the form of yes or no answers. That is how I started -- in the beginning, before my clairaudient faculties were developed well, the energy would rise in my body for yes, and go down for no.   Along with the Arcturians, the Lyrans, Andromedans and Erra are  exceptionally fine doctors. The Lyrans, particularly, are able to helpwith teeth and eye issues. I have also worked frequently with Pleiadianhealing teams -- their expertise is in helping with emotional problems. Occasionally, I will ask for more than one healing team if the issue is especially complicated (for example, I am healing issues from other lifetimes in other dimensions that seem to be very stuck in my energyfiel).


--- In
 "Contactee" ,


I sprained my thumb real bad a few years ago and at any moment would just throb in severe pain.  I started thinking the ets could heal it. I kept thinking how easy it would be for them with their technology to probably use a laser light on it without surgery.  Within about a monthof focusing on that happening, one morning I woke and as always anything has been done to me by the ets during the night I look right at it and onthat thumb were three red dots spaced out over the affected area about 1/8 of an inch in diameter.  My thumb has felt fine every since :)  I suspect they did use a laser pen on it but as usual I don't remember anything happening during the night.

--- In

I've been working with the Arcturians for over 20 years and havehad many wonderful healings from them over the years. To give but oneexample, I broke my ankle about six years ago. I had no medical insurance and could not get an X-ray, but it was a severe injury -- my ankle was dangling at anodd angle, a bone jutted out, and needless to say, I was completely unable to walk on it. I had a three hour healing session with the Arcturians(painful, but bearable), who used light and laser technologies to heal it. I was advised not to walk on it for three days. After three days elapsed, I had no  problems walking at all, and, in fact, tne injured ankle was then  even stronger than my other ankle. The Arcturians are wonderful medical doctors, and they are also extremely adept at healing spiritual, mental andemotional issues. They express the utmost in kindness and love.

Re: [prepare4contact] Re: The Elohim,Seraphim and ET's

Hi Phil
I am in telepathic contact with the Arcturians. They tell me - they can takeany form they need to or desire to. It depends on the situation. They tell ME, we look like you.
The group that is in touch with me, call themselves the "Elders" - their purpose with me is healing and protection. They are the most patient, compassionate, kind and loving Beings I have ever had the privilege of contact. Far superior in true spirituality - than any human I have ever met I have never been abducted or frightened or treated unkindly, by their energy. V

Re: [prepare4contact] Re: The Elohim,Seraphim and ET's
Reply to Phil
In reading your report on an Arcturian wearing a hooded robe - I asked the ones that are with me - is that real or true? Their response was: "We have many groups in our system as you do, Whatever the occasion calls for is how we respond" V

Peace BE in Light and Love, V

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From: Contactee
Date: 8/9/2010 10:14:15 PM
Subject: [prepare4contact] Re: The Elohim,Seraphim and ET's

All you have to do is ask the Arcturians to help you. Then hang on because they will. You have to mean it, they sense that. I saw one once in '07 and it wore a hooded robe and was about 3 feet tall. I didn't know it was an Arcturian until this year when I read a description about them. It is said they are like Angels, the good ones.

--- In, Zeira@... wrote:
How do we know who is who, from other stars and planets,‚ while‚ living in  a human body?  Where do the‚ good Arcturians live while on earth?‚ Are‚ these‚ high quality Beings, ‚ ‚ working for the benefit‚ of our‚ planet,‚ living‚ in‚ USA too? I‚ would like to meet‚ one of these spiritual scientist ‚ aliens‚ while I am still alive, face to face, with proof, like Thor  proved himself.‚ ‚ Zeira

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Subject: Re: [prepare4contact] The Elohim,Seraphim and ET's
Date: Monday, August 9, 2010, 11:35 PM

What about the souls who were created in OTHER systems such as the  Pleiadians and the Arcturians. I am a Pleiadian soul, but have incarnated on earth several times. Just as the Arcturian souls have done the same. There  are hundreds if not millions of Pleiadians and Arcturians on earth today, to serve for the final Cleansing - for the next 7th Golden Age for Earth.  There are also Sirians and Lyrans on earth too.‚ Humanity at this time on earth is a mixture of races.‚


Peace BE in Light and Love, V
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From: rickwehrle2001
Date: 8/9/2010 1:23:34 PM
Subject: [prepare4contact] The Elohim,Seraphim and ET's

"The Annunaki agendas are not all bad.‚ The Annunaki are not a "bad" Race ¦ no  Race is really "bad", it's just the agenda they're holding.‚ The Annunaki  are actually related indirectly to Humans.‚ ‚ ‚ Because Humans came out of in  Density-5, I mentioned this in the lecture, a group called the Elohei.‚ They were Density-5 Beings¦it's a collective of consciousness before form is even  taken.

A part of the Elohei family shifted its coding and lost some of its coding it became what was called `fallen'.‚ In terms of the morphogenetic field  imprint they became a fallen race.‚ And part of that fallen race were called  the Elohim.‚ The Elohim aren't all bad either¦some of them re-evolved and  re-generated their coding so they became `Elohei' again¦it's a little hard  to explain sometimes.‚ So Elohei was the original, pure imprint that Humans  came out of.

Elohim was an imprint that was part of a fallen Elohei, that was originally  part of what the Human imprints were.‚ But the Elohim created a race just  like the Elohei created a race.‚ When the Elohei created Humans, the Elohim  created Annunaki.

And the Annunaki evolved under the Elohim direction, which was a control agenda for a very long period of time, for many millions of years.‚ They  were actually created before the Turaneusiam Human lineage.‚ They were  created at the same time as the Founder Race, the Anuhazi¦the Sirian-Anuhazi  that were the Founder Race of the Humans; the Elohei-Anuhazi.

So there is an ancient, ancient history involved with these agendas here  that each one of us are a part of.‚ Every person on this planet is incarnate out of either the Elohei Matrix, the Elohim Matrix of consciousness, or the Matrix of consciousness that the Drakonian races came out of.  The Matrix of consciousness in Density-5 that the Drakonian races came out of is not a bad Matrix, it's not a negative Matrix; it's a Matrix called the Seraphei that in biblical terms came down as the "Seraphim".‚ They created reptilian and avian bird-like strains of life and those kind of things.‚ The Seraphei were a very high order of Beings.‚ But one family of them, just  like one family of the Elohei, ended up losing its coding. ////"

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The FIB-onacci and Golden mean lie and TRUE Sacred genome [prepare4contact]

[prepare4contact] Re: The FIB-onacci and Golden mean lie and TRUE Sacred genome

Hi Dean

Right on, friend. Thanks for all the material you submit. Much of it is part of my own
Personal knowledge history, regarding the Masters of Light, Love and Wisdom.
I so respect the Buddhist Teachings, Zen, Raja, the Yoga of work, Hatha, (If I remember rightly) but also Bhakti of devotion. The works of Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey. These have been my sources of support. And Theosophy too. I still have Annie Besant book or 2.

Blessings, V

Peace (V)
-------Original Message-------

From: Dean Sloan
Date: 10/1/2010 2:22:07 AM
Subject: [prepare4contact] Re: The FIB-onacci and Golden mean lie and TRUE
Sacred genome

Well Rick,

Human souls have been achieving ascension throughout recorded
history and we have ascended mastersin the spiritual hierarchy who
have demonstrated it to us, consequently, we have very substantive
evidence that their knowledge, wisdom & methods are sound.
Every human soul achieves ascension when its light-body³ is composed
of 80% of atomic substance (1st ether), consequently, it's just a
matter of time, which depends on the point in evolution of the egoic
lotus* and that varies tremendously. There are millions of souls who
won't achieve it in their incarnation on earth this time around, but
it's certainly no big deal, because it's an inevitable
achievement for everyone, except for the "brothers of the left hand
path" and others of like mind. A more realistic goal for many souls
is to achieve "soul-merge" or "transfiguration" as
symbolically demonstrated in the Bible story of Jesus of Nazarath, which
is achieved when the light-body is composed of 56% of atomic
substanceThose are the metaphysical facts as put forth by members
of the spiritual hierarchy, including the Tibetan, Djwhal Khul.
To refer to me as "truly pathetic" for passing on the truth
about Anna Hayes, like when she "moved suddenly to England after
ripping off members in Sarasota, Florida of an undisclosed amount of
cash," just illustrates that you have a ways to go, Rick, before
achieving soul-merge, let alone ascension.
"To incarnate on Earth offers the ultimate opportunity to evolve
quickly. Spiritual master, Sri Yukteswar, Paramahansa Yogananda's
teacher (author of the classic "Autobiography of a Yogi"), spoke
of the great astral and casual plane worlds in which peace and harmony
reigns supreme, but in which evolution is extremely slow even for the
most advanced beings who know how to work within atypal, instead of
dualistic energy expressions. But the Earth offers the most advanced,
rigorous and expeditious training because of the stark contrasts. So
many extraterrestrial races may look down upon the Earth as spiritually
and technologically inferior, but the truth is that the opportunity for
an incarnated soul on this world is that of complete universal mastery
without the reliance on any technology at all. So Earth humans start at
the bottom of the totem but all have the capacity to transcend the totem
entirely." The foregoing is an extract from "The Age of
Transformation & the New Human Species" by Angelika Sareighn
Whitecliff. Do you think Angelika is "pathetic" too, Rick, for
her perception of a "Spiritual master"?
Expressing love to all beings, right living†, raja‡ & hatha¶
yoga are the most efficacious means for speeding up one's evolution,
along with sounding the OM in meditation, which attracts atomic
substance into your aura and repels substance of a lower vibration.
Dean Sloan theosophical metaphysicist


--- In, "rickwehrle2001"
<rickwehrle2001@... wrote:

anyone who has taken the time to look in to Ashayana's work with an
open mind will KNOW that these posts by Dean,trying to discredit
Ashayana and her work are truly pathetic...

go to

and read this to SEE FOR YOURSELVES

and see for yourselves how comprehensive and detailed the info is
around the fibonacci lie and TRUE merkaba mechanics,among other
things...she offered many times to dicuss sacred geometry and merkaba
mechanics with Drunvalo in a public videoed meeting and he declined
every invitation...knowing full well that he is out of his league when
it comes to COMPREHENSIVE detailed knowledge...he got most of his info
from 'THOTH"...learn about "thoth" here

 DISCERNMENT is essential...

 --- In, "Dean Sloan" jdsloan1@ wrote:

Posted by "saintgermain":
Anna Hayes, the person behind this website appears to be fraudulent
and I would recommend the use of discernment with any of her materials.
Of particular note, is Drunvalo Melchizedek's letters to her, for posting incorrect claims about the Mer Ka Ba meditation. Drunvalo has repeatedly proven himself to be a kind, good person that backs up all of his claims with any available scientific data possible. There is also clear and concise logic in his works, where Anna Hayes provides very little proof in any of her works.

and the second letter here:
also, simply googling Keylontic provides a lot of info to show that her
works might be scientifically and factually off, a hoax, or even a scam.
Here's a quote from someone ("Crystal") on the godlike productions forum:
"Actually, Keylontic Science is a cult. founder--took off with huge money from followers in Florida. They 'preach' that anyone that isn't KS people or up and onto their teachings is considered not of the light. I met two ex-KS'ers at a holistic convention, and I was told that they use Remote Viewing techniques to wrangle in their followers. They do a lot of recruiting through lower-level followers with promises to 'bring them into the higher ranks.' There is no higher ranks, in fact; Hayes herself says she is the only human with correct teachings. Pretty stinky, if you ask me.
Hayes has gone quite techie to keep her followers this time. Many think it is outside sources out to get them, but it isn't. They work for Hayes. She bleached out her hair, lost weight and did some cosmetic changes to make sure she wasn't recognized.
Many ex-KS'ers, and from what I was told, those that were hit hard $$$ wise, and pretty angry--especially in Florida, are pretty ticked off. Some really embarrassed that they got sucked in. She is cashing in again, too. books, CD's, DVD's, seminars. She uses a weird name, weird languages, and has worked on her communication
techniques. they use classic cult techniques--isolation, no-money/money for
teachings, soft voice, keep a pious look, use fear teachings--grays/reptilians lurking all around, Archangels are demons, strange language/chants that have no real translation but to the people in charge, then they pull you away from the real world.
They are really dragging in people who are scared of 2012 and going through 'Ascension process'--which is the biggest hoax around.

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