Sunday, March 17, 2013

GaiaPortal: Rapidly transforming potentials for change at this moment

Rapidly transforming potentials for change at this moment

by ÉirePort @ 17-03-2013
Rapidly transforming potentials for change effect every organic being upon the planet at this moment. These transform potentials alter strength and frequency moment to moment. Flexibility in decisions is essential for movement into higher Dimensional realms. 

Gaia proper transmutes the last remaining dark corners of her body to Light, and clears dross connections. Planetary consciousness now supports such transmutations. 

Waves of Chaos are to be expected as transmutations proceed. Yet High Planetary consciousness enables smooth riding of these waves. 

Sudden clearings of Inner individual and group Light worker issues occur as waves of Chaos bring issues to surface. 

Nodes of Calm will be available as multiple Waves of Chaos intersect. 

We say, "Be in Joy on the ride."

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