Tuesday, March 19, 2013

KOKIA - Where to Go My Love #Music #CD #JP

                 Artist: KOKIA
                 Title: Where To Go My Love?

              This is the singer-songwriter's 1st album
              in 1 year and 10 months and marks her
              15th year as a singer in Japan.  This
              album is all about love and peace.

              "One by one, Day by day (The 5th season
              concert ver.)" is a bonus track only on
              this limited first edition.

             NR. TRACK                                   TIME.

             01~ Dance with the wind                     04:37
             02~ Ai wa Kodama Suru                       06:19
             03~ You Are Not Alone                       04:45
             04~ liar liar ~romantic waltz               05:03
             05~ something blue & something red          06:17
             06~ Hito no Naka ni Aru mono                05:03
             07~ Hohoemi o Wasurenai You ni              05:21
             08~ Yume no Tochu                           04:41
             09~ Eiga no You na Koi Deshita              04:39
             10~ Where to go my love (Piano ver.)        05:19
             11~ One by one, Day by day                  04:33
                 (The 5th season concert ver.)

Release Date Mar 20, 2013
Artist Kokia
Genre J-Pop
Version  Japan
PAX-Code PAX0004937888
Catalog No.  VICL-64012
Item Code  4988002644964



This blog is dedicated to KOKIA (Akiko Yoshida), a singer-songwriter from Japan. Mostly known for her work for anime/game soundtracks, she's also very active in releasing original work. This is a fan-created, unofficial blog. Feel free to ask or submit! 


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