Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Ascension Whispers: December 2013 Quickening

Understanding more of creation and your relationship to it.


December 2013 Quickening

The Quickening leading up to the time shift on December 12, 2013 is now underway full strength. You may be feeling out of sorts at this time.

Noticed Symptoms:
  • Pre-existing body issues amplified.
  • Feeling like a cold coming on one moment and completely gone the next moment.
  • Electrical energy intense right now, can create inside body chills followed by heat; this is due to the base electrical particles of frequency band 2 heating up or electrifying the base magnetic particles of frequency band 1. This will be talked about more in Level 2 on the youtube channel soon. Hot bath suggested to get through the chills.
  • Brain fog and hard to concentrate heightened.
  • A feeling of not wanting to do or care about anything.
  • Eyes blurring and watering from any type of outside light. When higher energy is flowing through the physical body it can temporarily affect the eyes because the body is drawing in light energy when they are open and it can be too much energy in the moment. Subdued lighting or almost dark can offer some relief but of course keeping the eyes closed works too.
  • Possible to feel like the body only wants organic foods right now and not much of them. Lemon water to drink seems to assist a bit.
  • Heightened nervous tension as if there is only one nerve left in your entire body and everything and nothing is jumping up and down on it. Suggested to try to remove as much stress as possible and pamper your body softly. Focused slow breathing can assist this a bit. You may even notice the muscles in your body start pumping as if you just completed a long run. The hot bath should help that as well.
A Loving someone pointed out to me that there is a date missing in the time shift schedule on previous post. That is what I get for trying to work with numbers even though I used Microsoft Excel to try to get it right. LOL

I will go through and figure it out later and hopefully fix it and repost it but at this time there is no way I can even look at numbers, inside or out.

More amazing information is opening up now that will be included in upcoming videos on the youtube channel about the time matrix galaxy and solar system. Just when I thought that material was ready to put it together more comes blasting its way through but it is all simply amazing and can’t wait to share it with you.

Onward and Upward we climb!

Loving Joy to All,

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