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The Galactic History Show 05/06 Dec 2013 -&- 28/29 Nov 2013

The Galactic History Show 05/06 Dec 2013 

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The Galactic Historian retrospective
Walking in Energy Show 20th May 2103

Todays show returns us to the first time I met Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis on 20th May this year. This was a lifetime ago and flagged the beginning of a new phase of understanding for myself and many others who have been absorbing Andrew's information from the Akashic ever since.

If you haven't heard this show before grab some popcorn and settle in to observe my discovery in this interview that a well of infinite information had swung into view and that a wild ride had begun!

Chris Hales and Scott Bartle travel to Mount Shasta...

My prepartions for the return trip to Mount Shasta to work on the Fix the World - World Harmony Foundation crowd funding campaign continue apace. Scott Bartle and I are travelling together early next week and Hope Girl from Fix the World has mounted a small crowd funding campaign on our behalf to help cover travelling expenses.

Scott and I have been working together for nearly a year now on all manner of projects. I have been entirely self funded thus far and Scott receives a small amount of direct donations. If you appreciate our work and feel moved to donate as an equitable energy exchange for the purpose of facilitating our new work on abundance and sovereignty, please exchange at:

We will be broadcasting all the usual One People Oneness Radio shows from Shasta including the Galactic History Show. Please join us as we lead up to the Dec 21 Sovereignty Solstice of 2013

Thank you for your support! - Chris Hales


The Galactic History Show 28/29 Nov 2013

The Galactic Historian is back!

After a six week hiatus Andrew Bartzis is back on the air. This first show will feature three pre recorded sessions. 1. Our enslavement by "time". The role of the gregorian calendar and the working week in this matrix. 2. Factions Part 1: One of the most damaging aspects of separation and division is the deliberately introduced social meme of factions. 3. Factions Part 2: Hope Girl joins us to discuss how factionism in the alternative community has been one of the major things holding us back. Time for Unity Consciousness!.  --

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