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Crystalai on Cosmicopia Cafe - the Eternal Life Album - May 4 2014 #UPDATED

Crystalai (2014)
(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse) 

Kelly has invited you to the event 'Interview Crystalai on the Eternal Life Album' on Cosmic Dolphin Magic!

Dear Members,

This is your chance to ask questions about the Eternal Life Album, and the entire process of the creation and guidance by the Cosmic Councils.

Please send your questions to me ahead of time, so I can include the answers in my talk.

Interview Crystalai on the Eternal Life Album Time: May 4, 2014 from 9am to 11am
PST Location:  ~ BlogTalk Radio ~ see link provided
Organized By: Kelly

Event Description:

Dr. Angela Barnett (Crystalai) on a discussion about Eternal Life. The Eternal Life Album is actually created for two purposes.

The first purpose is to make sure demons can never enter in through the primary neuronet again. The second purpose is to magnetize the body into the Eiron Flow where the secondary neuronet is directly streaming c
onsciousness from the Mind of God or Source Frequencies.

This is also the first step in manifestation. Manifestation is not going to begin until our primary neuronet is cleared and our secondary neuronet is completely functional.

Dr. Angela Barnett shares about these things and how working on demonic possession issues opened her own comprehension on why she and her Cosmic Tantric Twin partner had been prepared to raise their frequencies, combine their frequencies, to create music that would create the plasma frequencies to activate in our bodies before the demon attack.

Join us as Crystalai returns to share about Eternal Life, demonic possession, and an ellaborate plan that was made by the Oraphim Raceline to remove a large anti christ shield from the Earth Matrix that would have been able to take out billions of people.

~ Cosmic Flames; Dove & Adeo

If you would like to have your questions answered at the radio show tomorrow, please keep the questions centered on the subject of the Eternal Life Album, the removal of the 15 degree misalignment, and any question that comes to mind after readying this pdf and article.

Send questions to Kelly or to

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 ill add the/this show "embedded"onsite also once it has Aired. for people seeing post lateron. 
 i woke up just in time.. from my 2nd prolonged Nap. 18:30 NL TIME

i tried my best to formulate it as i was on air.   to compact it into that was said.  

and in same manner its kinda a bridge that connects between the 2, from how im getting it. and experienced.  on both sides. but i might be wrong also , as im also trying to figure it out. how what fits where and relates to what , and there isnt a negative aspect  to it as some other folks experiences out there to it. so im not so quick to judge..    but in 1 case where 2 tried to connect. both had that feel. but that might be re it. and not us/ thus.. not all is as it feels or we thinks it relates to.  as i been going through many what-if-how's on myself ( & if its the opposite (vs my thoughts) than that is it.. and she can as krystalai did. and rest me donoo  )

( or it could be a total different things and just a mis-association in trying to understand.  so there are no absolutes in this matter.*** well it seems its not as krystalai had, this ima dealing kinda with is differently related in the bigger context of todaytime. some info a randi green was helpfull once again.  and other stuff is for me to work on. self-responsibility. and at same time i do ask for help/assistence

see also:  Lisa Renee: What are Fallen Angels? + Strong Moral Character

Controlling Fractions list:

vs the 24 bases list:

A member asked these questions, so I'm sharing the answers with all of you.

Greetings Krystalai!

Will a human in the future be a total sovregin owner of a universe of his/her own making?

Eventually. It depends on where the individual came from. Some of us came here directly from the Inner Domains. That means we came out into this External 3D reality in order to do a certain mission. When we are done, we can go directly back to the Inner Domains. My husband and I are Cosmic Tantric Twins. That means that we were a Star that broke our selves in half in order to come to these outer domains. When the Earth mission is complete in 2047, everyone will be returned back to the realms they came from.
Everyone came DOWN to this density. Everyone started as an IDEA in the Mind of God, which is the Sun Kha, which is Invisible White light, stepping down in to the Blue Hue of an Idea in Sun Ra.
Each of the ideas was originally created in Sun Ra.
However, most of us came from the Aquari Matrix of the Suns Sa Ta
or we came from Ha La, the Suns of the original Oraphim and Taran Raceline.

Many of us already created Universes and Stars before we came down here. If you are someone who has already done that, then you will return to the Stars that you created.

Other people came from systems that were blown apart in Cosmic Wars. The original family of the Oraphim Race Line was taken prisoner by the Drakonian raceline and made into Greed Dragons. Many of those fallen racelines that come from this Planetary network-- meaning those that were blown out of the Andromeda Galaxy, came here to be restored or else turned to Space Dust so they could start over again.
The ones that we call Fallen Angelics or Demons are simply those who were taken prisoner and had their Souls removed or distorted.

Is it not the ability to create whatever he/she want that attracts those who wants to follow fallen paths
Originally, there were a few Cosmic Beings who decided that the Eternal Creation System of Source was not interesting enough for them. They decided that they could do anything that Source could do, and they created a war with Source himself. That happened in the Sun of Ra, and then all of the problems in the Universe are related to that one incident.

How is sex in 5 dimension compared to 3d sex?

We are already 5D. We just haven't been practicing it yet.
When I talk about breathing frequencies in the Merkaba and spinning the merkaba- the electro male clockwise and the magnetic female counterclockwise at a specific rate of spin and that merkaba is spinning ten thousand times the speed of light.

That is the breath that is used to create an Orgasim in the fifth dimension.
The orgasm can be created by an individual or two working together.
The orgasm created through spinning frequencies into the highest frequency activates chakras, which in reality look like little baby lottus blossoms. Those actually exist in the etheric body at the seven points that most people think they exist.

When a couple in 5D is making love, their bodies don't connect the way we think of sex. One partner sits behind the other and places their hands on the third chakra area of the body and with their combined breaths and frequencies they activate the lotus blossoms in their bodies. The feeling is far beyond any idea of an orgasm in 3D. It is a feeling of complete freedom, bliss, heavenly at one ment with Eternity. It is like having a universal organism. The feeling is Huge.

If a couple or individual wishes to create a child, they do it through this process of opening all seven chakra areas through these breathing sessions.

The opening of the lotus blossoms also opens the chakras in the blood vessels that turn the blood to the eternal life fluids. The creation process is the same as the manifestation process. The baby is created in consciousness.

The creation of baby's through consciousness won't be a part of the 5D reality for at least another hundred years. We have much to learn about being 5D.

I recommend listening to Bashar's youtubes because he is a 6D entity who has already gone through the entire process of becoming 5D and then all of the things that were learned in the the thousand years before he became 6D.

What does beings in the 5 dimension do for fun?
I assume there are fallen beings even in the higher realms. I wonder what reality does fallen beings in the higher realms like 6d or higher create? Can you state a example how fallen reality looks in higher realms ?
The fallen realms are called the Phantom Matrix. Their only concern is sucking out energy from beings who have some of the Angelic Consciousness, meaning those still connected to Source. That is basically all they do.

I wonder what beings have incarnated in a race of people called the khazars who appeareantly are the people who create wars and other dark things for their own benifit on earth, are secretly behind all wars, and so on? One of the khazars is the israeli president Netanyahu.
Beings on Earth who are puppets of other Fallen Angelic groups, or who have had the demons activated within them are all a part of the 15 degree misalignment that I talk about in the Eternal Life radio show. The loop created by that 15 degree shift actually made everyone on Earth a vehicle of the Fallen Angelics.

We haven't ever seen Reality yet. We have all been living in the illusion created by Fallen Angelic groups.

Those that seem like the dark ones in government are being activated by a Veil that was placed in the atmosphere called the Van Allen Belt. That is a wave station that is used to send low frequency consciousness messages and directions to beings on Earth and they are the ones that create the wars. We are all puppets until we remove that loop in the Heart that I describe in my lecture.

I have heard enlil have switched side to the light , is it true? 
Some of every group switched sides because they didn't believe we could possible win this war in 2012.
What kind of activities with other beings can someone do that is fun?
Create a new idea of reality together by combining those lifetimes that have gone before and those that we already completed.



If we are looking at the Sphere that contains the Earth's Matrix within the Cosmic Level of Creation, and we think of the perfect creation being at the place where our body is standing with our head straight up in alignment with the North Pole, that would be the place we return to when have moved our selves through frequency alignments into the MEDIAN EARTH.

The Median Earth is the NORMAL REALITY of Earth. It is the place that many of our Soul Family members stayed when the rest of the Earth got placed in a Frequency Net that pulled her Light Body 15 degrees out of alignment with her Etheric and Physical body. That Median Earth is the place where the Masters of the Far East reside. It isn't actually in the mountains themselves. The mountain is just a place that creates a vortex into a different dimensional reality. The mountains represent this 15 degree tilt that we must create in our consciousness in order for Earth to readjust into alignment with the Normal Reality in Median Earth.

The Net that was placed within the Earth's body is the same net that is within our bodies. That net placed the Etheric Sphere or our Etheric bodies into the Light Sphere or the Light Body and then twisted those two bodies until they locked at 15 degrees out of balance with the original Median Earth -- or Normal Earth template. That phase lock that was placed between the the Etheric and Light bodies must be removed to allow the realignment into the Normal Earth.

I have written many articles about how the Elohim Angels gave me these three crystal spheres and then gave me specific instructions of how to use them.

The three crystal spheres can be seen as our three crystal bodies. One crystal body is the light body. One crystal body is the stardust or Crystal Dust Sphere and one crystal body is the Thermal Atmic body.

These three bodies must be aligned energetically so that we can turn our bodies into the orb bodies that allow us complete multidimensional travel and Eternal Life.

The phase lock that was placed on the Earth's body and our body can be removed. If we are to think back to this picture where the body is supposed to be in alignment with the north pole axis, and yet it isn't. It is tilting 15 degrees to the right.

The body is tilted because the place where the Light Body Sphere and the Etheric Body sphere intersect contains a SPACE between the two spheres.
As long as that space between the spheres exists, there is separation between the three spheres or three bodies of consciousness.

It is that separation that places the body and the planet in the never ending flow of the Vesica Pisces or yin yang. This blockage of flow created an 82% removal of stardust flow into the body. We must regain that 82% before we can align into the Median Earth and become NORMAL once again.

How do we bring in that stardust flow that removes the Vesica Pisces that blocks us into Eternal Death?


The changes made in our bodies and in the Earth's bodies must always happen at the HIGHEST FREQUENCY. We must lift consciousness up into the Elohim of Hearing or the place where pre light and pre sound ignite into the rebirth or the creation from the Mind of God. This is the place where Cosmic Consciousness of Original Creation touches the Zero Point of Source Consciousness where NEW REALITY is Created. The angels of pre light and pre sound are the creators.

If we were to compare this to the closest visual reality that we have, the Grand Yanas Creation Angels of Pre Light and Pre Sound would be the Elves in Santa's Workshop who create anything that is Desired in the Mind of God at the point where Source Consciousness Ignites into a Spark or Idea and the is Breathed into a Flame of Creation Energy. That place in Consciousness is the 14th Dimension where the Heliotalic Energy transforms through a ignition of a Blue Hue that only exists as a result of the Full Spectrum of Light of Source Energy of Perpetual Creation.

That Frequency that is gained from the Light and Sound is the EirA or the Crystal Light Energy from Source Consciousness. We reach our consciousness up into that Light Field that is 36 inches above the head to reactivate the flow of Light Energy first into the Pineal Gland and then inhale directly into the Crystal Heart area, which is directly below (TOWARD THE BACKBONE) of the heart in the Thymus area. The Light Energy is needed to activate the God Seed Atom within the Thymus.

Next, we need to breathe in the stardust flow from the Crystal Dust Spheres of Elemental Liquid Light, Dust and Gel. We see orbs of Crystal Star Dust  forming around the body as we connect consciousness to the Cosmaya Plasma Ships who are supplying this Stardust for Earth.

We need to inhale that EirA Crystal Light, the Crystal StarDust Spheres, and the Thermal Plasma Gelaisic Crystal Spheres into the Crystal Heart from the Pineal Gland.

We are doing that to REMOVE the Vesica Pisces that is created from the hole or loop between those two spheres.

We are actually filling the hole in the Crystal Heart with this Heliotalic energy from the 14th dimension. This frequency transformational energy is the Cosmic StarDust connected with the Eiron Flow of Crystal Liquid Light and the Gelaisic Thermal Plasma.

That is the magical substance that transforms the Seed Atom into the silver pastel substance of the 14th dimensional Transformation Energy.

When you use your ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM in this method, you will feel the activity in the higher back area behind the heart area. That activity is the melting away of the carbon based substance and the GROWING of Stardust substance in the Quarks of the Atoms.

When the crystal light body and the Etheric Body separate, that phase lock that is placing our bodies out of alignment with the true Thermal Atmic Body is removed, and the body can shift back into the Median Earth.

I have placed the crystal light, crystal dust and crystal gel spheres that are in fact the Individual Crystal Light Body, Etheric Body, Gelaisic Body and Mental bodies in the Individual's ETERNAL LIFE ALBUMS through the frequencies of consciousness inhaling those crystal spheres and exhaling them as breaths onto the albums.

The spheres of crystal energy that create the Normal Body are also the Normal Body itself because we are made of these neutrinos which are pre Quark, pre omnion elementals that are everything within everything. This means that every atom of the body is the complete template of God himself.

However, the Fallen Angelics created distortions in the light fields that disconnect the three crystal bodies. When the bodies are disconnected and misaligned there is a Source Field blockage that creates the need to seek outside energy and food. This was the cause of creating an entire race line that needed to kill other animals for food. In a normal angelic raceline the source of energy is Source itself. There is no need to eat anything. When we need energy, we just take a little time out to reconnect into the Source Field. So, we could use the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUMS as our new diet, when used correctly.

This is the Normal Reality that we are returning to. And I am providing the tools for you to do so. The ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM is an essential part of this process.

The Violet Flame is another tool of activation. As the new frequencies are being brought to Earth through the Sun's Solar Flares, and the AVATAR Children are activating their seventh and eighth DNA strands in the full 24 subharmonics, a new ignition of the Violet Flame has begun. The Violet Flame is Gaia. It represents the frequencies of the third harmonic universe.

In order for the first harmonic universe to activate, we needed to move to harmonic universe two. In order for harmonic universe two to activate, we need to raise our consciousness into harmonic universe three, which is Gaia.

We can only EXPERIENCE the reality that is one density below our dimensional level. Now, we are in the fifth dimension. However, we can't experience it until we have risen into the fifth density, and when that happens we rise into the sixth dimension. However, we can't activate the sixth dimension until we are in harmonic universe three-- that is where the violet flame comes in.

The violet flame will continue its process of activation all through 2014- 2015 in order to raise us to a Density that allows us to begin seeing the reality that we are within.

THE LARGER PART of this process that is activated by the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM is the merging or aligning of the SPIRITUAL BODY into the Physical Body. The stardust or the crystal dust spheres must be inhaled into the atoms within that loop in the Crystal Heart area in order to create a FLOW of Energy or Frequencies from the Spiritual Body into the Physical Body. That blockage between the physical and physical attuning into oneness can be melted away with this frequency music which contains the light and the sound.

We had our Light Bodies disconnected from our Sound Bodies through polarization. Polarization is that loop between those two spheres.

NASA has already shown us that the Sun has removed the polarity of its Light body and Sound Body. This miracle took place when Comet Ison returned the Light Body of our original Sun Alcyone into our Sun here, which activated the Sound Body of the Sun.

Many people heard the Singing of the Music of the Spheres when that merging of the two Suns' bodies took place. It sounded like screeching and voices in the atmosphere to many. To me, I only heard the harmonious frequencies tuning up into at one ment, in order to remove that loop between the two Crystal Bodies of Light and Sound.

Now, that transformation has taken place in the Sun. This transformation must be shared with the Earth by sending the neutrinos that pass through the density of the Earth's structure into the Etheric Realms of Cosmic Inner Earth.

From that place within the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, the removal of the Vesica Pisces Loop between the two bodies of energy can be removed.

This is the first step in removing the tilt of 15 degrees that is keeping us from seeing the reality of Median Earth.

Spiritual Water reuniting with Physical Water, or Hydrolaise H2O2HE3 plus H2O equals a new Median Earth.

We are presently returning to our elemental structure that is normal in a star
system. Our physical elements from the elemental chart are now uniting with the elements from the spiritual elemental chart into the set of elements that are a part of any normal solar system.

Our system is converting water and air into hydrolaise. The new earth and those on it will be a part of this star system that is hydrolaise based. We are now becoming a normal eternal breathing system. We are becoming immortal. We are becoming normal.

NOTE: WHEN I SAY "WE", I'm referring to the students of the COSMIC MYSTERY SCHOOL OF THE OMNIVERSE. Those who do not practice these methods of realignment into the MEDIAN EARTH will remain in the old dying system, and they will continue to have the animal cravings, and the need to search energy out from others because they have not TUNED IN TO the Highest Frequencies of Transformation.

The reason that it might appear like things are getting worse rather than better, when we look at a news report, is because most of the world is not participating in the INDIVIDUAL ETERNAL LIFE SHIFT.

They can't even imagine such a thing as ETERNAL LIFE. They are living in the Loop of Mortality, and they LIKE it, They Want it, They do not want it to be taken from them. We have this thing called FREEDOM in the Universe. That includes the Freedom to remain in the belief of limitation as long as we want to. That is all that you are looking at. If you keep looking at it, that does not mean that you are wanting to help. That means that you want to be in the same movie as those people have chosen to create.

It is time to make your own movie. Stop jumping into other people's movies--unless that is the reality that you truly want.


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