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Newsletter: Kiesha Crowther "Little Grandmother" - Wisdom Keeper - MARCH 2014

Newsletter Little Grandmother



Beautiful Tribe of Many Colors,

Dear Brothers and sisters,

this is the time of Great Change. We feel it all around us and inside of us. Finally we are starting remembering who we really are, and where we come from, from, what our great potential is for serving this planet in this time of the Great Shift. We are wakening up with great speed, and this is necessary to make the shift from ego consciousness into Love consciousness. If you were still doubting yourself what your potential might be, you can throw that doubt away. We can show you, how strong you are, and powerful you are, and that you can realize your dreams. With your energy, with your help, dearest member of the Tribe of Many Colors, with the love embedded crystals you send to Japan, you did make a change! We presents you the first results of an experiment we have done in Japan, and the results are phenomenal. It shows that with our love and intention, our prayers, installed in crystals, we can remove radiation, we can help heal our Mother Earth,and ourselves! First results of crystal project To determine if crystals have a positive effect on the removal of radiation in contaminated waters, we decided to use some of the crystals installed with prayers and healing for Mother Earth by the Tribe of Many Colors to this experiment.

First Results from Crystal Project in Japan


We got help from the OMIC Engineering in Japan to perform this test. OMIC Engineering developed a product named ENEX Ceramic. It is made by refining natural ore. This ore looks like tourmaline. It is powdered into nanometer-level particles and then shaped into a ball. The way this ENEX Ceramic Ball is used is to put it into two liters of water and boil it. The cooled-down water now works as ENEX returned water. OMIC engineering did previous tests (without our crystals) and found radiation reduction, but not to zero. The procedure of the experiment and measurement:

1. The crystals used for this experiment were stored at a depository side by side with the stock of ENEX Ceramic Balls and prayers were given to them.

2. The crystals and ENEX Ceramic Balls sat together for at least one
month period before the experiment started.

3. ENEX Ceramic return water was made out of the ENEX Ceramic Balls
out of this depository.

4. ENEX Ceramic returned water was applied to the radiation-contaminated
objects; The levels of radiation of all objects (like contaminated fruits)
before the experiment was above 130Bq/kg.



Condition: object(s) soaked in Enex Ceramic return water for two minutes.

Result of Measurement:
Radioactive Cesium 134: Not Detected
Radioactive Cesium 137: Not Detected
Radioactive Cesium 134 and 137 combined: Not Detected
“Not Detected” means the measured value is less than 10 Bq/kg.

Experiments with only ENEX Ceramic Ball (without using the Crystals send by the Tribe of Many Colors) never recorded “Not Detected”, although the radioactivity level went down to some extent. As soon as we combined the crystals installed with prayers and Love and ENEX Ceramic Balls, and they started communicating with each other in the depository, the radioactivity went to ZERO!!!

Second results from crystal project in Japan

Fukushima s radioactive water (19800bq) was mixed with Omic enex reverse water and with the crystals from the Tribe of Many Colors). After one month: no count of radiations found, green algae and water weeds started forming in this water from nowhere! This clearly shows that LIFE FORMS came back in the ex-radioactive water with the help of crystals. As soon as we started receiving crystals from the Tribe of Many Colors from all over the world, these effects on radioactive water were shown. With our love, with our intentions and prayers embedded in these crystals we can heal the world!

Global Healing Meditation A'dam and Cheltenham(UK)

I will be bringing an ancient healing crystal to Japan. It is now time for the ancient healing crystal to be placed in Mother Earth, I will be personally taking it to Japan where it will be placed in the waters. I send out a call to all who will listen to come and join me in filling this ancient crystal with all our love and prayers to help heal the catastrophic illness that radiation poured out across our Beloved Mother. I will be coming to Amsterdam and Cheltenham (UK) with the ancient crystal, where you will have the opportunity to embed this powerful crystal with your love and healing. I plead with you to come, be apart of this monumental opportunity to be the change, be the strongest of the strong, to stand firm in love to bring forth a better tomorrow. Let us remember who we are and what we are capable of! We are those we have been waiting

I will be organizing two Global Healing Meditations, in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) on the 12th of April and in Cheltenham (UK) on the 21-22 March. For people who cannot join me on these dates, please connect with us on these dates and we all join together and become one in our hearts, and send out that one message for the healing and love of our beloved Mother Earth. For more info about the Global Meditation in Amsterdam and Cheltenham:

New Website
The new website will be up in March!! We have been working so hard on this beautiful and user friendly website for the Tribe of Many Colors.

The URL is the same:

Check it out!!! It is made especially for YOU!

New meditation
A New Meditation: “I AM, THAT I AM”
Seeing life through the eyes of your own Great I AM
This beautiful and deeply heart moving message and meditation by Little Grandmother serves to bring the listener to a powerful place of remembrance to their own Great I AM and ability to change their reality on Earth.

Voice: Little Grandmother Kiesha
Native American Flutes: Michael Telepary
For Sale:

Other Events this year
- 16 March: Lotus Beurs Expo Houten,
- 21-22 March: lecture and workshop Cheltenham UK,
- 12 April: Global Healing Meditation Amsterdam,
- 19 April- 3 May: Japan Love Tour:

- 17-18 May: Become an Earthhealer, Germany:
- 23 May: The Four Elements within us: Ardennen Belgium
- 1 June: Workshop Jersey Islands,
- 6-7 June: lecture and workshop in Switserland,

Hope to see you soon!
Please share this newsletter and information with your friends.

I love you!

Little Grandmother






Other upcoming lectures and workshops in your region
- 16 March: Lecture in the Lotusbeurs Expo in Houten, the Netherlands
- 21-22 March: Lecture and workshop in Cheltenham, UK
- 12 April: Amsterdam Global Healing Meditation
- 19 april- 3 May: Japan LOVE Tour
- 17-18 May: workshop Bad Aibling, Germany
- 23 May: workshop in the Ardennen, Belgium
- 1 June: lecture Jersey Island, UK
- 6-7 June: lecture and workshop in Bern, Switserland

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