Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Andrew's Insights: Relationships

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Most often, when people grow apart and one is more spiritual than the other, it was destined that way from the beginning. You chose a person who wasn't going to have a high volume of spirituality while you were trying to grow yours.
If you saw them not growing as you were growing, those are a set of choices that you made in the past that now directly affect your present, because that person still isn't growing, and when they're not growing, they’re not healing. This does affect the other individual's path and journey.  This is why I say it's our individual journey, and this is where so many people screw up, on the most fundamentals.  They become couples and they think their spiritual journey is shared and bonded.  It is only shared and bonded when they’re sharing a bed and sharing a dream space and there can be a common set of ethics that can be created to make sure that that is separate so when you're on your spiritual journey the love is still there as the basis and foundation for creation, but the journey into the spiritual self is an untangled, individual process.  And when the other is ready to raise their frequency you will be able to assist them through what you've learned, but don't take them on as projects.
And this is the other thing where we see people taking on unhealed people as a project.  Almost always, in any relationship, if it's a few years old, and I discover this, they took them on as a project and settled for something that they didn't really want.
When the relationship is loved based and they are truly exchanging love portals between their heart chakra centers, when you are going on your individual journey, you are allowing their love to be a background part of your footstep to footstep process into the ever moment of now, because it’s your support, their love.
  • …the journey into the spiritual self is an untangled, individual process.
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