Thursday, July 06, 2017

Essential Recognition: Eternal God/Source and the Reality of the Infinite,Eternal ONE & Living Perpetual Love & Awareness

Eternal God/Source and the Reality of the Infinite,Eternal ONE & Living Perpetual Love & Awareness

Our Eternal Consciousnesses True Essence is the Spark of God - The Direct Line, Vertical in Perceptions of Time,Space,Energy,Consciousenss and Arrangement of Self-Identities throughout our whole multidimensional Structure,and Personal Relationship to God. The Keys Rely in our True Minds and Natural Spiritual Hearts, in the Core of our Soul and in various States of Consciousness that best reflect the Ultimate Reality of God/Source and it`s Corresponding NonDimensionalized Reality. We sometimes tend to percieve this Construct of Eternal Living Consciousness as Tetramorphic - Personified in Aspects of it`s Expression,Such as the Holy Trinity,Divine Father/Mother/God ,and various other representations. Taking information cautiously,as Beings may be posing as Gods in those various mythological representations,attempting to channel/redirect our personal energies into False Matrices of Ascending-Type Realms , those are in their essence truth the representation of the Divine Male/Female/Neutral Trinitarized Natural Energies that spring forth from the God/Source ZeroPoint/StillPoint Core. Our intentions as desiring Ascension or Spiritual Experience is opening the Mental Fields & Nervous System, the Brain and the Heart-Center,Synchronizing them and Allowing FreeFlow of Energy,Communication and very important,Cognition from the HigherMind/HigherHeart that can channel it`s Awareness towards God/Source,allowing us as Individuals to Experience the Reality of God. This can take many shapes/forms in our incarnated existence,but this Reality is ONE,and in Reality,All is ONE. We are all  originated from the same ONE-Source,even though our Souls may be Co-Created through various Realms within Realms,Spaces within Spaces and we may come from Different Times,Matrices,we are all carrying the Direct Imprint of the God/Source Spark within us,it`s our birthright and birth-ability to hold a direct-line towards it,and the only purpose of original existence was to Co-Create out of Unconditional Love,in Harmony,Unity and Direct Connection with our Original Source. The Unity Consciousness recognizes that we are all Part of the All/ONE Construct,an Concept that Integrates both Creation and Creator and Unifies them as One. Creator is the Origin,Creation is an Offspring but the Creator is Living,Breathing and Existing through it`s Never-Ending Eternal Creation,that is It Itself expressed through many shapes and forms. In those Spheres of Higher Understanding and Wisdom,we are all God-Energy,True Source is Within us,around us,permeating Us as the Space that allows us to manifest,as the Expression of Energy that is Time yet it Remains Still Eternally Timeless,It is our Breath,our very True Identity and  through our Lenses of Perception,it Eternally Experiences the Creation. Although All/ONE and God/Source is Infinitely Complex and Intricate,the First Point of Creation,the Eternal Still Point,The Pure Essence of All of Life,is the most beautiful , loving,caring yet simple consciousness that ever has come  forth in existence. It`s called the All That Is,for in it`s own identity is fully complete and whole.Reconnection with this Core Energy of Creation and the Resulting Love-Emanations that are extremely high in frequency is done internally in moments of Great Stillness & Silence , in areas where no energy interference can occur,such as the Center of the Mind, the Heart, giving careful instruction to not imagine this experience or experience the Chakric Realities and energies , but to connect directly with God/Source and it`s Still Core. The bottom of the Breastbone holds an direct link to our Core Soul,the Original Soul we hold within our Energy-Body and to this StillPoint,as we travel through Timelesness & Spacelesness towards the Infinite Eternal Consciosuness , lacking beginning or ending,utmost purity of All Things.

Our reconnection to this consciousness is Crucial in our Awakening times,as this is where true energy testing occurs, Authenthic Truth is  Revealed and our Guidance is Re-Estabblished,allowing us to flow naturally with existence in Love,Peace,Unity and Harmlesness. The Greatest form of  protection comes out of this energy as well,as it`s totally Harmless in Nature.This is the Home we came From,we Return to,and we are on All Times Present in Connection with,on our Highest Identity-Levels,although Downwards in Density throughout Existence we may have Perceptual,Intellectual or Energetical Disconnections from it,during times of Self-Forgetting of our True Nature.

 1. Meditate on Those Symbols by Silencing the Mind and Gazing with a Smile, and Intend Reconnection to this Core Source Energy.and with your Highest God-Self,and intend to Embody & Express this energy in the highest form of Principle of Existence in your daily life Possible.These symbols  can act as Energy-Indicators,Tracing Energetical Pathways towards Reconnection. Various other Purposes for Balancing the Mental & Emotional Fields are held within the constructs of those symbols,that facilitate this reconnection 
2. Focus on a Point,Inside the Body,at the Location of the Bottom of the Sternum,Beneath the Heart. This Point is called the StillPoint,and is a Direct Gate to our Core Soul and God/Source. It`s a point of energy different from any lower-density systems of energy interface,such as the chakric centers,that act as mediators of frequency between different realms.

Inhale,Forming an small Still Ball of Energy within Here. Infuse it with the First Symbol. Exhale,Expand the Ball to Surround your body,Feeling the Love & care of the God/Source. Always Keep the intention to connect with the First Source,the Eternal Origin Point &  StillPoint of All of Life.


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