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Friday, January 11, 2013

187 Isis Ra +++ Beyond Life & Wisdom Meditations: B.+L. & W.+M. = 14 & 35

83 :)

Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine
Meditations for A Global Paradigm Shift
W+I+S+D+O+M = 23+9+19+4+15+13 = 83 = HAN+OVER
 O+F = 15+6 = 21= 7+7+7
T+H+E = 20+8+5 = 33
S+A+C+R+E+D = 19+1+3+18+5+4 = 50
F+E+M+I+N+I+N+E = 6+5+13+9+14+5 = 75
 83+21+33+50+75 = 187+75 = 262

Blue Black Bear Claculation:
187+75 = 187+Alcyone = 187+Andromeda
353+18 = 371 = 190+181 = RA*J+88+93
353+(6+6+6)= 300+Orion= 300+Pleiades= 371 

Committee of 300:
Former British MI6 Intelligence Officer
 John Coleman's book
 "The Conspirators Hierarchy, 
the Committee of 300"  
details what Coleman claims is first-hand information and encounters with this group by the author. Another author writes that the group may also be known as the "Hidden Hand", and be headed by the Rothschild family of international financiers and based loosely around many of the top National Banking institutions and Royal Families of the world.Coleman claims the alleged group to be superior to other more well-known round table groups such as the Bilderberg Group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Coleman's book has been translated into German and Russian.
262 = 187+Isis+RA
"... easily doing 83 ...
we're high above on that
balcony ... 
Another summer night in the city, 
I thought I told you!"
~ Realm Reality feat. Prodigy "The Realness"

"... tip me on that balcony ..." 
Alicia Keys feat. Nicki Minaj "Girl On Fire (Inferno Version)"

"There is something exciting afoot these days that has been percolating for decades. This “something” is a new way of being for women and all people everywhere. For thousands of years the feminine energy has struggled to stay alive in a male dominated world. This energy has re-surged throughout history for periods of time. When it has thrived we have called it a Golden Age, for music, medicine, science, art, love and life have flourished. The old ideas of competition, might over right, private ownership, greed, domination and war virtually did not exist. Peace and prosperity reigned during these times and feminine based values of collaboration, co-creation, connection to the natural world and to each other." ~ by Luminessa Enjara
Source: 'Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine' on Facebook

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Here's The Pinkprint: Follow This 1 ~ C.M.C.

44 = H+T+P = H.T.P. = Here's The Pinkprint
 27 = F+T+1 = F.T.1 = Follow This 1
19 = C+M+C 
C.M.C. = Cyclical Mayan Calendar:
 ... & 19 = RA

... &
The Black Bear Calculation
160+7+1+2+0+1+3 = 100+Lucifer = 100+Jesus = 100+74

44+27+19 = 90 = Yunasai
Graham Hancock 
and the 
Sacred Vine 
~ London Real  ~
  ... & Graham Hancock wrote a few days ago:
"... the new year, a time for resolutions, a time for hope, a time to turn over a fresh page. Since the Mayan calendar is cyclical, it's appropriate to remember that 21 December 2012 marked the end of a great cycle of the human story -- in the Mayan view of things -- and that we are now embarked upon a new cycle or epoch. The last 13 Baktuns of the Long Count began in 3114 BC, which is 5126 years ago. It is interesting that these five millennia have seen the rise of the big centralised hierarchical state, big, centralised, hierarchical religions and gigantic global corporations. I think everyone is aware that the system based on those institutions is broken and that these vast, impersonal bureaucracies have had their day -- so in a way the Mayan calendar is right. Something new will have to emerge, something more human, something with more respect for individual sovereignty, something -- hopefully -- that will be built on love rather than on hatred, fear and suspicion. With individual sovereignty comes individual responsibility so I guess what we make of our world in the next 5126 years is very much up to us. Happy New Year!" ~ Graham Hancock
Graham Hancock's 
youTube channel 
& homepage:

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Kryst Spiral vs. Fibonacci Spiral ~ Spirit Science

Kryst Spiral
Fibonacci Spiral  
~ Spirit Science:
This info is backed by KaThaRa teachings and
 can be found in any books (Voyagers I & II & etc.
that document KaThaRa work.

A Little Summary:
Our entire matrix reflects the Phi ratio and the Fibonacci spiral, because those are ratios that feed off the last 2 numbers to maintain growth and are no longer connected to their center (they vampire off themselves), thus no longer plugged into source - thus they maintain their existance by vampiring off other living systems:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144...

As you can see each progression does not reflect a connection back to 0 or Source.
This is why everything observable in our universe, including plants and buildings in antiquity reflect this number. However it is not natural for our system to be this way. Our matrix should reflect the kryst spiral, which is a spiral that is always connected to its center and not only receives energy from source, but also gives back to it. It does not vampire form other living systems because it does not have to. It has a continuous transmitting and receiving energy exchange from source keeping it and all within it growing to a point of eternal life and eventual return to source. In a natural system the Kathara Grid has the 12 on top and an open spinning rod with Yan-Yun flows to communicate energy. In the “Bloom of Doom” the rod does not spin anymore, and instead of natural flows looking like a butterfly, a “Poison Apple” magnetic grid is formed by unnatural Yin-Yang flows. Yan-Yun flows are natural electromagnetic flows through Light Body and Spirit Body systems. 
Now observe the next pattern:
0, 1, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256...

It's the same system binary is on, the entire internet - the conduit which allowed for the freedom of the human race from:
I.) the lies of modern society and then 
II.) the deception of the ancient world to show what existed even before that.

It is one reasons the ancients referred to living eternally as "immortality" - immortality requires a constant energy drainage from living beings to prolongue ones own life - Thoth and many Annunaki used this method to further their lives.

We engage in vampiric energy draining every day through eating plants and animals and drinking water - if our DNA was 100% activated we would not have to sleep, as our bodies would produce all the chemicals needed to sustain us eternally and we would produce these through converting Kryst energy from the sun into these compounds.

We would also not need to sleep, as sleep is needed because our spinning conduit of energy is slowing down and it needs to be  respun. It is also one reason why Yin-Yang is not natural. It is not natural to reuse our energy. What is supposed to happen is a steady stream of fresh energy is supposed to come in the top of our Merkaba and our depleted source energy is supposed to flow out of our bottom Merkaba back to source to renew.

When you constantly recycle your energy you deplete it faster and faster. This is why we age, and our cells become less and less efficient copies of each other. It is because with each division the body has less and less source/quantum/zero-point field energy to use, because it is simply recycling the finite amount of source energy it was born with.

Thus it is a self-sustaining deception - one cannot prove the existance of the kryst spiral in nature because everyhing is distorted. Binary is the only non-distortion, because mankind artifically made it. You would have to go outside of this matrix to an actual living matrix to see it.

This is also one reason why both Drunvalo's work & Ashayana dean's work must be observed - Drunvalo's first, Ashayana's second, as Drunvalo's explain how the world is now and what laws it currently runs on (or did run on), and Ashayana's work explains how living systems work.

Our matrix has not been a living matrix for many many aeons, but has tried to be over and over, with each attempt being a failure. This is why egypt is entirely built on the Phi ratio. It was the only system on planet Earth that actually worked.

In the year 2000 though the Kryst frequencies were anchored once again into the planet (D12) which is when the Keylontic Sciences were once again attempted to be retranslated. They have been all throughout history, Jesus/Yeshua being on example of a translator in the past, but the history and the attempts have been systematically eradicated and altered by those in power at the time:
Egyptians (Annunaki & their Hybrid Bloodlines)
Romans/Greeks (Annunaki  & their Hybrid Bloodlines)
Atlanteans (eventually controlled by the Annunaki in the end)
Thus a choice was made. Does humanity follow the Kryst spiral of evolution back to atonement with source, or do they follow the current phi ratio and continue to persist in this reality that is basically on life support and fall prey to other fall scenarios. The choice is ultimately up to the individual, but no matter the info the 2012 choice is always the same - salvation through freedom of thought or damnation through collective sleep-thought.

More info @ Keylontic Dictionary 

or for example:

Voyagers II: 

Secrets of Amenti 

Ashayana Deane (Author)

 Book Description

October 1, 2001 
Voyagers II: Secrets of AmentiThe most authoritative text available on the purposes, processes and mechanics of human evolution, preparation for the monumental events that will occur between 2000-2017, humanity’s true origins and evolutionary destiny and the hidden purposes for the New Age Movement. Detailed information on Keylontic Morphogenetic Science, time mechanics, interdimensional planetary evolution, the science of Dimensional Ascension, integration of multi-dimensional identity, DNA mechanics and accelerated biological and spiritual evolution. Introduces a comprehensive model of 15-dimensional universal physics and the corresponding 15 Primary Chakra System and 12-strand DNA Silicate Matrix gene code. Discover the secrets of humanity’s evolutionary destiny that have been hidden within our ancient, traditional and New Age sacred mystical and religious teachings.

Posted by
Dado Ra
Scrubbed.... Images Recovered: for #EG !

Sunday, December 23, 2012

UR Love Magi ~ UR+L+M+

 "Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. 
They're in each other all along."
RUMI = MI+UR = MIR+(7+7+7)
UR = 22+12+(2+0+1+2)
U+R = 21+18  = 39
21+18 = (7+7+7)+(6+6+6)
(2+2)+(1+2)+(2+0+1+2) = 12 = 3+9 = L
L. = Love
UR+L+M = 39+12+13 = 64 = 56+H

M. = Magi
1+6+2+6 = 3*5 
1+6+26+64 = 33+64 = 97

"Of course there are robots among us. 
There are also Magicians among us. 
I think we take turns playing each role, 
as a matter of fact. 
The Magician defines a reality-mesh 
and the robot lives in it. 
 ~ Robert Anton Wilson = R.A.W.

 I am Awake 
R.A.W. & The Buddha
 R+A+W+I+A = 52 
B+S = 2+19 = 21 = 7+7+7
Robert Anton Wilson on B.S.
(Belief+Systems = B+S = Bull+Shit) 
post scriptum: 
12/12/12 Return Of The White Magi 
The Covenant Of Love & Sound & Science 
12/12/12 Al Kemet Gnosis Meditation:

I checked out of the lie they try to sell us every day
& prefer to look within my inner self
& I use the internet very often to gather information
& inspirations.

The Secrets of Kurt Gödel 
The Secret History
"Life can be found only in the present moment.
The past is gone, the future is not yet here,
and if we do not go back to ourselves
in the present moment,
we cannot be in touch with life."
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

M.T.S. = Metaphysical Telepathic Shadowboxing

EXorCist N°6*2 (E+X+C+N+6*2=32+N+12=58)
@ inner self infotainment (5+8)+E+(8+8+8)=42

"Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters." ~ Albert Einstein

As Above, So Below 

As Below, So Above...
O+T=35: Occult Triangulation

"Coincidence is what you have left over when you apply a bad theory." quote - Percy Williams Bridgman (Nobel Prize Winner in Physics & Philosopher of Science)

The Men You'll Never See ~ D.I.E. ~ 3:22

“The way is not in the sky.

The way is in the heart.”
- Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama)

E.S.=Emerald Sword ~&&&~ E+S=D+A+D+O=X

Isis' Cross & R.A. = Rumi+Aya

   Artist: Alex Groseth
...You come to us
from another world,
from beyond the stars
and void of space.
Transcendent, pure,
of unimaginable beauty,
bringing with you
the essence of love.
You transform all
who are touched by you....

post scriptum:
 A+A+G = 9
Y+T+Y+R = 88
97 = 88+9
Aya "Slippin"

UR Love Magi 
~ UR+L+M+ ~

y  Dado Ra

Friday, December 21, 2012

Holy Sh...(IT) ~ Holy Shift

What the SHIFT??? 
Just EMBRACE it!!! :D 
Let Go & Flow!!!

on 14.11.2012 


Monday, December 17, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

Azure Dragon Society Nexus / 96ST Magazine - Dragon Story & EnergyLight Codes / 4 Elements&Winds&Directions / Rodin Vortex- BlueFlame....BlueRay...


Azure Dragon Society Nexus


96ST Magazine - Dragon Story


Dragon Energy - Light Codes


The Blue Dragon (&) blue Crabs 2


 The Azure Dragon is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations. It represents the east and the spring season. It should not be confused with the mythological yellow dragon that is associated with the Emperor of China. It is also referred to in media, feng shui, other cultures, and in various venues as the Green Dragon and the Avalon Dragon. It is known as Qinglong in Chinese, Seiryū in Japanese, Cheongnyong in Korean, and Thanh Long in Vietnamese. It is sometimes called the Azure Dragon of the East (simplified Chinese: 东方青龙; traditional Chinese: 東方青龍; pinyin: Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng, or sometimes simplified Chinese: 东方苍龙; traditional Chinese: 東方蒼龍; pinyin: Dōng Fāng Cāng Lóng).


rest of that posting see link below

Cheers Dado Ra Unseen Forces 青龍 Azure Dragon Society Nexus & The Occult

In some cultures Antares has been viewed as the heart of the Azure DragonDragon. The Chinese see Antares as the Azure Dragon with the Dragon’s tail extended to touch the Milky Way or the Path of Light. This Dragon was seen as emerging from the Milky Way and descending to Earth as a powerful guardian and symbol of majestic wisdom and abundant blessings. These are the light codes beaming to us as the Moon passes this Behenian star.
Kundalini,. well ....check..   Khundaray haha.... @this blog also. 

Image by: FutureAgeSage

96ST Magazine - Dragon Story

Uploaded on Jan 10, 2012

Dragon arranged in 12 of China's traditional lunar new year fifth, corresponds to the earthly branches are e

The Dragon is the fifth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the corresponding earthly branch is Chen

In the 12 Zodiac Dragon, is the only mythological animal,

The only mythical creature among the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac.

In myth and legend, the Dragon is a miraculous animal, with shrimp, dog noses, eyes, antlers, cow mouth catfish, lion's mane, the Snake's tail and

Fish scales, talons, nine species of animals into one of nine did not like the image.

In Chinese mythology and folklore, a dragon is regarded as a divine and celestial creature with the eyes of shrimp, mouth of a bull, nose of a dog, antlers of a deer, whiskers of a catfish, mane of a lion, tail of a snake, scales of a fish, and claws of an eagle. It thus comprised the features of nine animals.

So far, no one has to prove the existence of dragons real, relationships between humans and dragons, and history that can be traced back to thousands of years ago.

The relationship between humans and dragons stretches back thousands of years.

Nobody today can prove the existence of dragons,

For Asians, Dragon creature in the creature, is an extremely high level of worship, the ancients, Feng Lin, turtle, Dragon

Known as the "four spirits", and regard them as an auspicious, harmonious, long, noble characterization. Long even in the Chinese astronomical four images

Also has a seat, just green dragon and white tiger, rosefinch and Xuanwu.

The ancients named the unicorn, phoenix, tortoise, and dragon the 'four spiritual creatures', who had the connotations of auspiciousness, harmony, longevity, and supremacy. The dragon also appeared in the Four Symbols of the Chinese Constellation: the azure dragon, the white tiger, the vermillion bird, and the black warrior.

the vermillion bird

Legends of human ancestor Fu XI, Nu, Dragon people first (or the snake people), also known as "Dragon mother". So people claimed themselves as "descendants of the Dragon"

Nonetheless, the legend said that the forefathers of mankind, Fu Xi and Nu Wa, both took the form of a human head and a dragon body (or a human head and a snake body in an alternative version). Therefore, they are sometimes called the dragon ancestors. Owing to this, the Chinese tend to call themselves 'the descendents of the dragon'.

Chinese Emperors will also call themselves "real Dragon Emperor" for God "real" incarnate.

The ancient Chinese Emperors usually addressed themselves as 'The Son of Heaven', and assumed the title of 'Genuine Dragon'.

In VISIBER digital mysteries, it is as mysterious as the Dragon,

The wisdom encoded in VISIBER numbers study is

akin to the mystery surrounding the dragon

It was an earth-shattering force

It has the power to move the heavens

Enough to overwrite the old history, creating a new culture.

The strength to rewrite history and the force to usher in a new culture.

Everyone alive digital Dragon heart, maybe you have never seen,

Do not even know it exists, but you may also have to tame it, it would drift like the ability into full play.

Every one of us has the spirit of the Dragon alive inside us. You might not have known of its existence, but you can learn to become aware of it, tame it, and tap into its enormous power, thereby bringing yourself soaring into the clouds of success.

Digital Dragon, is sort of a spiritual symbol, or it can be a skill potential, but can also be a learning object.

The spirit of the Dragon signifies your innate talents and hidden potential. It can also provide inspiring lessons, and can serve as a blueprint to guide you on your path of life.

Digital Dragon wakes sleeping, just start at a number from your own personality.

Tap into your Character Number to awaken the Dragon inside you!

Dragon and the number 1

King of authoritative, domineering pressing, the wise King, led the most

Dragon and the number 2

Double Dragon play bead, superb interactive, can say good, communication first

Dragon and the number 3

Fierce Dragon crosses the River, the creation of new, fast win, swift

Dragon and the number 4

World, Dragon, see extensive, careful sharp, well planned

Dragon and the number 5

Five dragons, is not moving, like a mountain, holds to the doctrine, a clear direction

Dragon and the number 6

Dragons prance about, hold high the banner, tenacious talent, superior smart

Dragon and the number 7

Colorful Dragon charm stunning, strong analytical, popularity, excellent

Dragon and the number 8

Wolong nature reserve, potential energy is abundant, responsibility for

Dragon and the number 9

Yang Tianlong, unlimited creative, witty, successful extreme

Four Elements ~+~ What are the Air signs in Astrology

Dragon Energy (bringing in the light codes)

Dragon Energy ( bringing in the light codes )

What is Dragon Energy and how can it help us with an Ascension path?

Photographs Magenta Pixie/Darvex photography and Stock Xchng
Music by Kevin Macleod of IMCOMPUTEACH

Video created and edited by Magenta Pixie

she incorrect re ShumanResonance* correlation... works in different manner.. rest good vid :)

(*part of poison apple..)

dragons also and crabs* :) and ofc *AKA ISLAND's deer Shield... site background..

The Blue Dragon (Glaucus atlanticus) blue Crabs 2

The Blue Dragon (Glaucus atlanticus), one of the world’s rarest and most beautiful mollusks.
-The Aquareion Krystal River-....

Bhendi-Dur’O -ah-MA’-Jha Ute-AurorA (OOt-  ah-RO’-rA’) Aqueion (Ah-QE-on)

(Urtha-AquafarE “Blue Dragons”)

Marko Rodin VortexbasedMathemetics & Correlation to 7Rays..... DUHHH!!!

says RA~ a 2-6-7..

Consciousness Energy Path 111: Vortex Based Mathematics: 121 = 11*11 = ARC+20+UR+RaTa = Arcturus & 108 = Hristos

The Divine Path – Blue Ray Incarnations
What are the karmic implications of letting down those that were contracted to follow you and your teachings through the shift?

Can you talk about the Blue Ray individuals and what exactly is their role here at this time of Ascension?

The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine respond to these questions through their conduit Magenta Pixie

All images by Stock Xchng, motion graphics by stockfootageforfree
Music by Kevin Macleod of Incomputeach
Video edited by Catzmagick Productions


Ra Ka Isha~ = BLUE LUNAR HAND Tone 2(lunar<3) Kin #67  | 20-05-83 / Same mah 3rays.. xd 2-6-7…*

Saint Santiago 熊@saintsantiago

11 is the master. 12 is the stargate. 13 is the cosmos.

Geretweet door Ra Ka Isha

ill keep my other stuff drawings/diagrams notes .... re last ^part. haha