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The Blue Dragon (&) blue Crabs 2


 The Azure Dragon is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations. It represents the east and the spring season. It should not be confused with the mythological yellow dragon that is associated with the Emperor of China. It is also referred to in media, feng shui, other cultures, and in various venues as the Green Dragon and the Avalon Dragon. It is known as Qinglong in Chinese, Seiryū in Japanese, Cheongnyong in Korean, and Thanh Long in Vietnamese. It is sometimes called the Azure Dragon of the East (simplified Chinese: 东方青龙; traditional Chinese: 東方青龍; pinyin: Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng, or sometimes simplified Chinese: 东方苍龙; traditional Chinese: 東方蒼龍; pinyin: Dōng Fāng Cāng Lóng).


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Cheers Dado Ra Unseen Forces 青龍 Azure Dragon Society Nexus & The Occult

In some cultures Antares has been viewed as the heart of the Azure DragonDragon. The Chinese see Antares as the Azure Dragon with the Dragon’s tail extended to touch the Milky Way or the Path of Light. This Dragon was seen as emerging from the Milky Way and descending to Earth as a powerful guardian and symbol of majestic wisdom and abundant blessings. These are the light codes beaming to us as the Moon passes this Behenian star.
Kundalini,. well ....check..   Khundaray haha.... @this blog also. 

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96ST Magazine - Dragon Story

Uploaded on Jan 10, 2012

Dragon arranged in 12 of China's traditional lunar new year fifth, corresponds to the earthly branches are e

The Dragon is the fifth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the corresponding earthly branch is Chen

In the 12 Zodiac Dragon, is the only mythological animal,

The only mythical creature among the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac.

In myth and legend, the Dragon is a miraculous animal, with shrimp, dog noses, eyes, antlers, cow mouth catfish, lion's mane, the Snake's tail and

Fish scales, talons, nine species of animals into one of nine did not like the image.

In Chinese mythology and folklore, a dragon is regarded as a divine and celestial creature with the eyes of shrimp, mouth of a bull, nose of a dog, antlers of a deer, whiskers of a catfish, mane of a lion, tail of a snake, scales of a fish, and claws of an eagle. It thus comprised the features of nine animals.

So far, no one has to prove the existence of dragons real, relationships between humans and dragons, and history that can be traced back to thousands of years ago.

The relationship between humans and dragons stretches back thousands of years.

Nobody today can prove the existence of dragons,

For Asians, Dragon creature in the creature, is an extremely high level of worship, the ancients, Feng Lin, turtle, Dragon

Known as the "four spirits", and regard them as an auspicious, harmonious, long, noble characterization. Long even in the Chinese astronomical four images

Also has a seat, just green dragon and white tiger, rosefinch and Xuanwu.

The ancients named the unicorn, phoenix, tortoise, and dragon the 'four spiritual creatures', who had the connotations of auspiciousness, harmony, longevity, and supremacy. The dragon also appeared in the Four Symbols of the Chinese Constellation: the azure dragon, the white tiger, the vermillion bird, and the black warrior.

the vermillion bird

Legends of human ancestor Fu XI, Nu, Dragon people first (or the snake people), also known as "Dragon mother". So people claimed themselves as "descendants of the Dragon"

Nonetheless, the legend said that the forefathers of mankind, Fu Xi and Nu Wa, both took the form of a human head and a dragon body (or a human head and a snake body in an alternative version). Therefore, they are sometimes called the dragon ancestors. Owing to this, the Chinese tend to call themselves 'the descendents of the dragon'.

Chinese Emperors will also call themselves "real Dragon Emperor" for God "real" incarnate.

The ancient Chinese Emperors usually addressed themselves as 'The Son of Heaven', and assumed the title of 'Genuine Dragon'.

In VISIBER digital mysteries, it is as mysterious as the Dragon,

The wisdom encoded in VISIBER numbers study is

akin to the mystery surrounding the dragon

It was an earth-shattering force

It has the power to move the heavens

Enough to overwrite the old history, creating a new culture.

The strength to rewrite history and the force to usher in a new culture.

Everyone alive digital Dragon heart, maybe you have never seen,

Do not even know it exists, but you may also have to tame it, it would drift like the ability into full play.

Every one of us has the spirit of the Dragon alive inside us. You might not have known of its existence, but you can learn to become aware of it, tame it, and tap into its enormous power, thereby bringing yourself soaring into the clouds of success.

Digital Dragon, is sort of a spiritual symbol, or it can be a skill potential, but can also be a learning object.

The spirit of the Dragon signifies your innate talents and hidden potential. It can also provide inspiring lessons, and can serve as a blueprint to guide you on your path of life.

Digital Dragon wakes sleeping, just start at a number from your own personality.

Tap into your Character Number to awaken the Dragon inside you!

Dragon and the number 1

King of authoritative, domineering pressing, the wise King, led the most

Dragon and the number 2

Double Dragon play bead, superb interactive, can say good, communication first

Dragon and the number 3

Fierce Dragon crosses the River, the creation of new, fast win, swift

Dragon and the number 4

World, Dragon, see extensive, careful sharp, well planned

Dragon and the number 5

Five dragons, is not moving, like a mountain, holds to the doctrine, a clear direction

Dragon and the number 6

Dragons prance about, hold high the banner, tenacious talent, superior smart

Dragon and the number 7

Colorful Dragon charm stunning, strong analytical, popularity, excellent

Dragon and the number 8

Wolong nature reserve, potential energy is abundant, responsibility for

Dragon and the number 9

Yang Tianlong, unlimited creative, witty, successful extreme

Four Elements ~+~ What are the Air signs in Astrology

Dragon Energy (bringing in the light codes)

Dragon Energy ( bringing in the light codes )

What is Dragon Energy and how can it help us with an Ascension path?

Photographs Magenta Pixie/Darvex photography and Stock Xchng
Music by Kevin Macleod of IMCOMPUTEACH

Video created and edited by Magenta Pixie

she incorrect re ShumanResonance* correlation... works in different manner.. rest good vid :)

(*part of poison apple..)

dragons also and crabs* :) and ofc *AKA ISLAND's deer Shield... site background..

The Blue Dragon (Glaucus atlanticus) blue Crabs 2

The Blue Dragon (Glaucus atlanticus), one of the world’s rarest and most beautiful mollusks.
-The Aquareion Krystal River-....

Bhendi-Dur’O -ah-MA’-Jha Ute-AurorA (OOt-  ah-RO’-rA’) Aqueion (Ah-QE-on)

(Urtha-AquafarE “Blue Dragons”)

Marko Rodin VortexbasedMathemetics & Correlation to 7Rays..... DUHHH!!!

says RA~ a 2-6-7..

Consciousness Energy Path 111: Vortex Based Mathematics: 121 = 11*11 = ARC+20+UR+RaTa = Arcturus & 108 = Hristos

The Divine Path – Blue Ray Incarnations
What are the karmic implications of letting down those that were contracted to follow you and your teachings through the shift?

Can you talk about the Blue Ray individuals and what exactly is their role here at this time of Ascension?

The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine respond to these questions through their conduit Magenta Pixie

All images by Stock Xchng, motion graphics by stockfootageforfree
Music by Kevin Macleod of Incomputeach
Video edited by Catzmagick Productions


Ra Ka Isha~ = BLUE LUNAR HAND Tone 2(lunar<3) Kin #67  | 20-05-83 / Same mah 3rays.. xd 2-6-7…*

Saint Santiago 熊@saintsantiago

11 is the master. 12 is the stargate. 13 is the cosmos.

Geretweet door Ra Ka Isha

ill keep my other stuff drawings/diagrams notes .... re last ^part. haha



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