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On timetravel and cellular changes


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On timetravel and cellular changes

I had hoped I was done for the day, but apparently this is not the case. Yesterday and today I have been hit by new upgrading waves of energy/HM-SCOC encodings and as a new sensation, the waves are not coming from above and into my head as they use to – that is through the top of the incarnational unit in the 7th dimension and therefore transmitted through the Gaian grid as light codes. Instead the sensations came from within my body all over as a sort of new level of cellular energy; I feel the energetic expansion as a new level of my wave aspect, the HM-SCOC, stemming from the template itself and into my particle system, transforming the solid cells into more flexible units of mixed particle/wave features.
Of course I could be deceiving myself, as always, but the sensations are really strong and the presence of her was not as an outside or above my head sensation; it was the feeling of having her inside of me, integrating herself into my body and mind from within or from the deepest levels of my body.
This means that my mind-field is not rejecting her any longer or considers her consciousness-field as something foreign to my being. I have opened myself up to her, in the process of understanding her relationship to my body, i.e. being two different aspects of the same entity, which made me more calm and hence the easiness for her to get closer into my/her HM-PCOE. It´s all about trust and respect of where I am in the process; nothing is forced on me – I am the one asking for more all the time.
The integration resembles the same effect as if I chose to integrate my present consciousness into a memory of myself when I was younger, visualizing the event and timeline in my mind-field and from here decide to integrate my present state of mind into the earlier state of me, using my memory-body and the energy signature to enter that specific timeline, reviving the faint picture of myself into a vivid and living organism, becoming alive again at that exact moment in time, but not as my former self. I would use the younger form and energies of me in that reality field and the blending would take some adjustment, upgrading the younger mind into a more evolved state of my present mind, mixing the younger energies with the more evolved, which naturally would take some time and had to be done carefully, taking the consent from the previous me into account due to the fact, that this former self in some ways exist in that timeline and in that reality field as an energetic imprint and my entering into this blueprint would interrupt and alter the life of the younger me; changing everything and in some ways steal the life of the younger version of me. This is what happened to me in 2010, when she, my future self; the HM-SCOC, entered my BEM system.

I have once mentioned why I do not think the idea of time travel through wormholes, or an Einstein-Rosenberg bridge, is the way to do this, and the above explanation covers the whole theory behind true time travel. The following reasons are as well:
1) The original event or local event in time and space cannot connect to itself although space-time could bend into itself, and be placed as a parallel reality field.
2) The bending reality field does not equal the presence and the past as two possible lines of events that could meet on opposite sides of the U-field.
3) Because any event in time and space has dynamic properties, i.e. progressive consciousness, it changes all the time and the present is never on the same frequency as the past, making the parallel meeting impossible due to the non-communicative frequencies.
4) In other words: There is no timeline or progressing energy that can be bend into an Einstein-Rosenberg bridge due to the dynamic and changing properties of any event in space-time. Space and time themselves consists of dynamic changing forces and have a progressive or degressive pull in themselves which is not consistent with the mind-field, or BEMs, that wishes to travel in space-time (making the notion of hyperspace a fantasy as well).
5) Any human experienced event in space-time (the holographic universe, based on primarily quantum dynamics) changes the possibility-fields of that person´s future, hence the past is situated on another frequency and locality in time-space and therefore has different properties of existence compared to the frequencies in the present state of the person.
6) When a situation or conscious inner or outer action has occurred, the whole template of space-time/the holographic reality changes on quantum levels arising multiple timelines and possibility-fields; not just two event- or timelines of the past and the present.
7) Only due to our rigid structure of mind and matter, and our continued choices of same reality, thought patterns and actions, the reality fields we experience are the same any given moment in space-time. The truth is that we can change space-time at any given moment if only we changed our perception or what is possible or not.

This was an excurse of what I am trying to put into words, and have been trying to all day, but obviously there is a lot of information in my head I have to put into words.
The changes in the cells happen, because the HM-SCOC is crossing the barriers in the quantum field, entering the particle aspect or the BEMs starting to process the creation of “virtual particles” on higher levels of earthly energies. The new particles are not within the usual electromagnetic spectrum, ranging into the frequencies, I, for now, call “supersonic waves of consciousness”. The reason for this term is that the energies I am encountering do not have the properties of light, but resembles sound waves or brain waves in structure, being all invisible, biological and electrical in nature and only recognizable to the human mind through sensors in the brain, respectively the inner ear registering vibration and pressure, which is why I call them supersonic (above sound) waves, but still having the same properties of vibration and pressure, that is being able to move particles, whereas light do not have such features on the higher scales.
Our understandings of waves have to expand from just being light that is energy as photons, and sound, i.e. phonons. Waves can assume any form in other reality fields different from the earthly holographic particle reality, where each and every particle reflects the mathematical codes of the universe; the holographic set-up.
The supersonic wave spectrum has very little to do with photons, or ionized matter, but everything to do with sound or the higher levels of sound waves. These are unknown to science yet, but when integrated into the BEMs the emission from the body will rise into new levels drawing the BEMs into new and different reality fields, changing the holographic codes into new mathematical formulas. The state of supersonic wave frequencies, altering the structure in the cell, is therefore more consistent with stem cells and their basic capability to process energetic information, like the neurons, and turn into any cell in the body, all depending on the coding of the stem cell from the DNA - apart from the fact that the cells are not going to process energetic information from the holographic particle reality, but from the innerholotropic fields of true Earth.
The transformational process of changing the in-build structures of the cell into “supersonic wave cell structure” (the correct word will turn up eventually) is bound to have some side effects on both body and mind, and it is in this area of experimenting on myself, I will collect my information, being totally non-scientific in modern terms, returning to the early forms of science, where the new ideas grew out of one person´s mind and experiences.

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