Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Oracle Report: December 22 / December 23, 2012

The Oracle Report
Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Awakening


Saturday, December 22 - Sunday, December 23, 2012

12/20/2012 Audio Update

First Quarter Moon Phase - Moon in Aries/Taurus
On Saturday, Venus makes the opposition to Jupiter at the degree known as a quiver filled with arrows.  We have been following a theme this month where we are using a bow and arrows to shatter anything that presents an obstacle, barrier, or limitation (fears, mindsets, expectations, etc.) and the energy may require us to rely on or utilize that skill.  This may be harder to do today since we are experiencing what I can only describe as an "energetic hangover" that has left us a little dazed and confused.  So we need to tread a bit lightly today and keep the peace as people continue to be careless and aggressive.
There are many things that indicate Sunday's energy will be all about messages and symbolism.  It is the day to use the skill of being the "wise old owl" by going inside the tree (our inner selves) in quiet contemplation while observing what is happening outside.  The immediate physical circumstances we find ourselves in today are not permanent, so we don't need to stress about them.  The Earth, the ground of the Earth, and the grounding on Earth are strong today.  Sophia is communicating with emphasis and force.  Meanwhile, we're continuing to keep it real while tricks, fakery, and superficiality abound.

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