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Fist Of The White Lotus – Wu-Tang

Fist Of The White Lotus – Wu-Tang

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Solomon Childs – Money and Power – Fist Of The White Lotus

Ol Dirty Bastard Ft. Boy Jones – Dirt’s The Boogie - Fist Of The White Lotus

Majestic White lotus flower

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1.Dj Gallo – Fist of the White Lotus Intro
2.Solomon Childs – Money and Power
3.Wu Tang Clan – Six Directions of Boxing
4.Styles P – Araab Styles
5.Nature – Magic
6.Son of Saturn & Rook Da Rukus – Metamorphosis
7.St. Laz – Lebanon Laz
8.Ol Dirty Bastard Ft. Boy Jones – Dirt’s The Boogie
9.Emilio Rojas – IceCream 2k12
10.The Wu-Tang Clan Ft. Kool G Rap – River
11.Method Man Ft. Freddie Gibbs StreetLife – Built for This
12.9th Prince – Concrete Jungle
13.GunPlay – Guillotine Freestyle
14.Rza – Blowin in the Wind
15.Dark Energy Ft. Rook da Rukus, Shinobi Kush & Seven – Acid Rain
16.Vinnie Paz Ft. R.A. Rugged Man – Razor Gloves
17.Wu-Tang Clan – Shame On A Nigga
18.Pusha T, Raekwon & Joell Ortiz – Tic Toc
19.Solomon Childs – Buss My Gun
20.Boy Jones – Son (Ol Dirty Bastards Son)
21.9th Prince Ft. Masta Killa & Cappadonna – Back to the 36
22.Big Leto – Left in the Ghetto
23.Solomon Childs – N.Y.P.D.
Wu Tang Clan – Six Directions of Boxing
Wu Tang Clan – Six Directions of Boxing
Wu Tang Clan – Six Directions of Boxing
Wu Tang Clan – Six Directions of Boxing
Wu Tang Clan Six Directions of Boxing Fist Of The White Lotus Rza, Method Man, Solomon Childs, Wu Tang, DJ Gallo, Cappadonna, St. Laz, Boy Jones, Styles P, Nature, Vinnie Paz Mixtape, Music, song, new ,2012

Fist of the “White Lotus” – Wu-Tang – #MiXTAPE Petals MTFérs Bithes….. …

Majestic White lotus flower / Petrals also.. choice2. Blue “Aurora”~ Amoraea Wave – TrinityWaveRa ~ Hon-a-til-E-’a Azurite Water – Amoraea fountain
MTFérs Bithes….. …


The Alternative Media Disinfo: Game Over #formerwhitehat #PC

Randy Maugans·
The blogger known as “Former White Hat Operative” is exposed. Khris Neal posted the definitive exposé on the identity of this noxious puke. The proofs are all posted here:
Opinions expressed in this video are my own. We welcome any evidence to the contrary—or any additional corroboration. Comments may be made at the website:
Now, go DO something and stop smoking the pipe of poisonous opiate.
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Rapid Movement through Energetic Upgrades – 8 – Dec #Gaiaportal

8 Dec 2012
Movement of Hue-manity through energetic upgrades process is taking place as each Hue-person lives increasingly in the moment to moment. Release of prior levels is encouraged more and more strongly by the incoming 12-12-12 through 12-21-12 period.
Formerly used paradigms are being released and Higher D multiple paradigms are being embraced.
Smooth running on smooth seas is supported.
humanity (small “h”) not-fully-awakened are not assisted in their sleep desires. And cannot stay with smooth waters. Such may awaken as Tsunamis of Awakening Energy enter the planet during the 12-12-12 through 12-21-12.
Hue-manity given opportunities for assistance of humanity (small “h”), with primary intention of Gaia-full-awakening.
Planetary 3D preparation nears completion for accommodation of not-fully-awakened humanity (small “h”) during next galactic cycle.


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