Friday, December 21, 2012

The Oracle Report - December 20, 2012

The Oracle Report
Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Awakening

Thursday, December 20, 2012

First Quarter Moon Phase - Moon in Aries
What will you do on the eve of a great party?  While the mass mind of the collective is pre-occupied with death fantasies and apocalyptic scenarios (even if just entertaining the notions in one’s mind), we know that tomorrow is a day for celebrating the real story – that the planet is fully awake and interacting directly with us as we play our lives.  It was her vision that we would engage with her on an individual and then on a mass level.  In the audio I recorded, I talked about how it’s more accurate to say that we are playing on a playground with Sophia instead of saying we are playing on a stage with her.  She’s on the cosmic playground asking us if we want to play and sometimes we ask her if she wants to play.  December 21, 2012 is the marking point where the obstacles, barriers, and negative forces have no rule over us any longer.  It is the day that we recognize them for what they are and affirm that they have no power over us.  It is the day we reclaim our sovereignty as free beings engaged in co-creation with our Source – the goddess Sophia.  It is an opportunity for a great party to celebrate being alive and to celebrate falling back in love with life.  Anything that takes you to the idea that tomorrow is an end-game scenario is misleading you.  Negative forces are pushing strong fear right now.  People will be acting from their shadow sides.  Be aware of this potential and don’t engage in situations where people are projecting their own fears onto you.  Ignore it and walk away.  There’s no reason to take that on because it only distracts you from what’s really happening.  We are grounding ourselves with the planet, noticing the natural beauty that is all around us, and finding the inner ember of joy that makes us “glow home” because we are falling back in love with life.  While everyone is peering out into the heavens, we are firmly rooted on Earth.  In our minds, let’s choose beauty over ugliness, life over death.
Will the 1,000th owl show up on Facebook to join us for the great party?  We’ll see…

(Note: The audio file I recorded last night is not uploading well.  I will work on rectifying this today, so check back later to see if it's up.)

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