Friday, December 28, 2012

Advice for a better life three days before the Full #Moon of #December 28, 2012 © Lunesoleil

The Wolf Shaman

Three days before the full moon can become formidable before the arrival of the full moon. The lunar influence that intensifies emotional reactions often irrational. I assure you that all full moons are not alike, Full moons ago more virulent than others and why it is necessary to prepare in advance.
Start by meeting in your calendar Full moon periods including three days before the full moon not to be caught unawares. Avoid this moment of impulsive responding in a way, taking your emotions on a leash. If something just disturb you, do not wait as the pressure cooker but act with discernment to calm the ardor too impetuous.
If you are sensitive to the phases of the moon, ask yourself the question of recognizing your weaknesses and fix them before the storm moon will be more intensive. You can make the decision to change tack in directing your thoughts in another direction. Being active during this period can serve as a safeguard unlike a person with no activity. Otherwise you can hitch up on something that you are passionate about or join a group what kind it is.
Full moons ago that is easier to manage than others, but the important thing is to think in conscience by focusing on understanding the emotion of the moment. To be more in harmony with others avoid putting yourself in a position of waiting, do yourself a favor, do not look for small animals where it is not.

To identify in your chart if you are the moon, you must add a maximum of points:
You were born on a Monday
Your birth time is in the Moon (see your software program)
Conjunction of the Moon is in the ascendant, MC, DS or FC (the four corners of bases)
Over the Moon will receive more aspects Moon Moon will increase in intensity
Aspect of opposition and square to the Moon exacerbate emotions much more than the trine and sextile which will help delay.
Birth at the time of New Moon, Full Moon and First Quarter or Last Quarter Moon Cycle
These are clues that you can find in your chart aspects in blue are positive and negative aspects in red. Moon also reacts in all the other houses and highlight those areas in your life. And depending on the position of the Moon in a sector or emotional life is especially hectic.
The ability to recognize patterns triggers our emotions makes it easier to channel or to materialize what seemed the order of the irrational. This can be a chalenge to achieve common when two lunar meet to work through a mirror defect mastering emotional. Suffice it to the wanderings of the Lunar throes, while there is still time before the bad outweighs the good, and that could temper the eternal solving a mess often the order of the imaginary that one gives ...
© Lunesoleil

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