Thursday, December 13, 2012

12-12-12 + Ontwaken / Awaken…..

12-12-12 + Ontwaken / Awaken…..


door Marthe Verwijst

Yep :-) …AWAKE and AWARE!..I would think so ;-) …Wonderfull day…many made the Transition…Angels are born..Yet AGAIN !!! Welcome home Dear Ones <3

my english add RA~

my comment short english version i had that site in bookmarks also(months……ago or year+)  and this pic as link xd. and i has facebook now also , still boycott all i*crap..
Ra Ka Isha
ha die site had ik ook al een tijdje in mn bookmarks, en deze was een image van toen. die er was van de online deck (ik heb geen iphone haha) sinds gisteren wel facebook, dan maar.

see my FB for my 2picks of today(13th)

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