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Advice for a better life three days before the #New Moon December 13, 2012 Lunesoleil ©

Advice for a better life three days before the #New Moon December 13, 2012 ©Lunesoleil

10 December 12

For Indians Turtle represents Mother Earth, which covers all the IT Weight of Humanity, the 4 Seasons and colors are also 4 directions North South East and West (((besides the Tipi are prepared in the same way the four directions at the center Fire (ie the Sun), around the Circle! that is the reason why the tradition said ‘the life of an Indian is at the center of the circle!! fabulous <yes, always the Astro, the spirit of the North, South Spirit, the Spirit of the East and West or 4 doors!
Turtle Moon is but the axis Cancer / Capricorn, from BIRTH small turtles are alone (without parents) face life! Births BUT how many will survive FACE è Destiny (Saturn) do not forget that children do not like even less the BB! ….. very little between them will return to theilar pce of birth after the first crossing …
The New Moon of Dec. 13 will be particularly “effervescent” and anything can be experienced in the 72 hours before the New Moon you shedding a psychological boost. If you are nature “Lunar” however, you are vulnerable to changes in the phases of the Moon. And previous phases of New Moon have shown that the intensity can be as influential a Full Moon charged with magnetic energy.
It is the awareness of the phenomenon of “lunar” before descending cycle change that can help counteract its impact on your inner life. Stay vigilant emotional gap and you’re sandwiched in a whirlwind of uncontrollable spasms. The effect is especially recognizable when we are faced with another of ourselves. Emotional dysfunction can be controlled to the extent that you become aware of the phenomenon of intersections phases of the Moon with the Sun.
That we are interested in is the priority change Last Quarter Moon and the New Moon can cause irrational fears. It is especially those with “Moon” very strong which could be destabilized in the transition from lunar tide. And it is often during this period that we tend to want to meet LEDs to answer metaphysical questions have often unfounded.
It would be best to be patient, calm the emotional fervor and wait for the New Moon eruption is made to fill the interior of New Energy cycle of the moon. These guidelines apply to each period before the start of the New Moon, which is very vulnerable to spirits in search of emotional security. Do not leave more misled by the horrors of the Moon, react by occupying your mind on fulfilling activities you inside and having a calming effect on your mind.
To live this renewal Lunar energy as calmly, move your mind thoughts nostalgic looking to adopt a state of “joy and love” to express these new sensations, through formulations positive thoughts and deeds … Try keep this mental attitude and physical as long as possible and repeat if necessary …
It is very important to recognize the situation of the phases of the moon in order to effectively bounce on these emotional rants that sometimes occur for no apparent reason you zap morale. Take notes by writing in a diary these weekly appointments, never to be caught off guard …
Good cycle of the moon at all (your)))) and take care of you :)

Lunesoleil ©

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