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A Ruiyi – Arui Aspen – A Ru-Marne – Christo seed crystal atomic core trip #MCEO

A Ruiyi – Arui Aspen – A Ru-Marne – Christo seed crystal atomic core trip #MCEO

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A Ruiyi – Arui Aspen – A Ru-Marne – Christo seed crystal atomic core trip
JOURNEY to the ARI-ARhAYas AL-Uma-Un-Core of the Krystar Seed Atom

Translation: KS Chinese team

Reproduced Please keep the information is complete, do not add to or delete from the original texts,
Reference please indicate the source and author / translator retains the right to pursue tort liability.
Relax and meditate a few feet above the head with a translucent white disc, it belongs to the 8 sun looks like by the water plasma disc.

Relax, feel the plasma wave is emerging from the disc.
Inhale, in the suction at the same time, traction in a translucent white disc plasma wave.
Exhale, down incoming plasma wave is located in the core of the Earth’s aurora care field.
Repeat several times this inspiratory and expiratory incoming aurora care field, the plasma wave.
Inhale upward traction from Aurora care field plasma wave them into the heart chakra. Mind round at hold your breath for a moment. Then exhale, the position of your head above Christo (Krystar) of plasma wave incoming. Even if you do not know the precise location of Christo, only to be able to know it’s there, technology onset.

Repeated several times this inhale and exhale, from Aurora care field traction plasma wave into the heart chakra, hold your breath, then exhale, the plasma wave incoming the Christo position of the top of the head, in order to enhance momentum, so the ion wave touring flow together.
Normal breathing for a moment, feel the flow of plasma wave roving.
Now to receive plasma carrier, the frequency of fire and ice from A Ruita firstborn cells (AReuta) plasma frequency.

Aspirated, and the atmosphere above the incoming head of 18 inches at the 11th chakra. Hold your breath, try to feel correct before the ion wave of small began to fall to the premises. When you feel it, gently exhale, let the plasma wave with the breath has been dropped to the core of the Earth’s aurora care field.

Now, inhale, plasma waves up from Aurora care field inhaled 4th heart chakra.
Breath, exhaled, the plasma wave to the back of the heart chakra through and piercing pterion. Wing point in your back, between the shoulder blades, slightly higher than the thymus.
Next we from the mission of the ball inhale this mission the ball is a surrounded by enormous ball area of your body.

Inhale, breath from your mission ball inhaled wing points, so the atmosphere through the wing point and into the central vertical energy column.

Exhale, use the power of breath, above and below the central vertical column of energy at the same time to promote a plasma flash.

Relaxed breathing for a while and try to feel the translucent white frequency waves are fluctuations, slowly and gently dropped.

Try to feel the decline in the plasma wave to your crown chakra, it continues to moderate fluctuations, the downward diffuse through the head, followed by decline in diffuse through the neck. Try to feel it flowing like gentle waves. Its side before and after fluctuations, while vertical drop.
Fluctuations it before and after, please let your body along with it gently back and forth and try to feel the rhythm. Let your body with the molecular fluctuations follow it.

Feel it swept over the area of your body Pai lotus, the region is located in the vicinity of the external genitalia, and it continues to decline along the central vertical column of energy to Aurora care field, looks like a long vertical plasma waves throughout your body and connected to Aurora care field.
Try further to understand plasma wave flowing throughout your feelings.

It is a fluctuation, flat ribbon-like ion energy flow. Now imagine quantum plasma energy flow is expanding, both sides become more and more wide, flowing run through you and surrounds you.
Relaxed breathing and feel of the fluctuations in the plasma wave.

Visualize or imagine the plasma wave down from 18 inches above your head is separated into two, one close to the front of your another piece against your back.

Now we have to use the one that looks like big flash of light pink starburst energy from the internal bonding two pieces plasma wave, which is very much like to paper over plastic.
Inhale, breath upward inhalation chakra 11 of the 18 inches of the top of the head, and then hold your breath.

Breath, exhale while imagining teeth pale pink frequency energy ball dropped over the head of, and wrap.
Is covered with a restore normal breathing and try to feel your physical body and the plasma body is gossamer fluctuations plasma wave gently closed, and try to feel this real and feel your face like a extremely soft tulle.
Now, you have been阿尔汉博纳 (Al-Hum-Bhra) plasma wave sealed.
Relaxed breathing and visualize your own plasma physical eyes are open, but not with open eyes on the physical body. Try to feel you are truly open ion eyes, through your eyelids, with plasma eyes looking outwards.

Like a newborn, you can see the light and shadow, but you do not know what they saw, until your plasma eyes adapt to the center of the information so far.

Plasma wave tulle, try to feel it like a breeze in your face, a layer of very light very light veil.
Try to feel your correct field looking at the outside world through the white veil.
Now, meditate or imagined, is the guardian of a team is to support your field to come in the form of the energy ball of light, they are Tan Chu (Tan-Tri) to preside over the members of the parliament.
Care field, they are above making a large level of disc-shaped disc-like care field has 24 equal portions, each decile point two guardian, a total of 48 Guardian in nursing field.

They are the center of the nursing field to open a space, this space leads to the the main collar Parliament peripheral. They will guide you began travel channel through阿尔汉博纳into the A Ruita cells, and then into A Ruita cells core.

Meditation or imagine, you are still sealed, Kristol plasma wave is still spread throughout your. Guardian who sent wave frequency into the middle of the room, and then through the center, and has been dropped to the Aurora nursing field.

When frequency arrive aurora care field, Aurora care field will be upward bounce one frequency reflux, reflux like rising from the bottom of a quiver flash. When this flash lifted and through you, to continue to rise into the Christos, your plasma body will turn into a two-dimensional plane, as pushed flat.

The feeling frequency has arrived in Aurora protection field … and then inhale, quiver frequency of reflux flash from Aurora protection field upward suction wing point breath, so that the frequency of flash from the wing point rose to Christo care field.

Try to feel your the plasma body suddenly into the state of 2-dimensional plane, like someone ironed out. However, it is still in your physical body central.

Normal breathing for a while. Guardians are your room to create a large-scale the Ke of Ru Sensetiya (Cruxansatea) vacuum field, it is the magnetic part of the Star Gate Field visualize or imagine, looks like an inverted E Kasha teardrop shape, expansion in the room, and has been expanded to go beyond the scope of the room, it is now larger than the room up. This Ke the Ru Sensetiya Field of the dome has a circular mark, it looks like a circular energy threshold.

Try to feel your flat-screen plasma body was hauled up, like a translucent white chewing gum is pulled out from your head, when it is stripped to the body, as if accompanied by friction sound.
Try to feel the plasma wave body out of the physical body, and try at the same time to feel the presence of the body’s own physical body and flat-screen plasma. Feeling plasma fluctuations of the body with the air flow up, then, the body of the plasma as the petals then in flower core connected to the mark of the Ke the Ru Sensetiya the Dome.

Now, you will find things here look like set off by the sapphire-colored background. Your plasma body is still volatile, it looks a little transparent has water blue outline, tied with a blue band of light in freshwater.

Chewing gum-like plasma body at the bottom of the freshwater Blu-ray belt down through your crown chakra, access your physical body, and has access to the aurora care field, and will connect you up.

Meditation or imagine you above the inverted E Kasha like magnetic Ke the Ru Sensetiya dome, the dome on a circular imprint looks like energy closed doors. Guardians are now going to open it, the the plasma body up by the fan round the door.
Inhale, then hold your breath, then exhale, promote your plasma body up through the door with the power of breath. Try to feel the ion body through the door you are with.
When you pass through this door, the door also will be shut down, your body is vertical plasma stand above the door.

Please also plasma body and the physical body of the wing at the point of suction, followed by two wing points at the same time, the level of forward and backward breath, and feeling your ion body bounce with the physical body the same three-dimensional stereoscopic form.
Natural breathing, and feeling your plasma body is in a dim cave in the faint blue, this faint blue does not seem eerie, in fact, it is quite glistening.

Try to open the eyes of your plasma body, and use them to view the surroundings. Visualize or imagine, first of all, you see he was standing in a cave, which seemed to be the end of the cave. This is an interview rooms, it is the start of the阿尔汉博纳channel inlet.

Now, a wizard from Tan Chu preside over Parliament, is one about tennis ball-sized ball of light form natural vaulted cave at the entrance from the right come to your side. A dazzling flash, into a beam of light, and then went into a humanoid form light. He will lead you, so that you will not get lost.
Try to feel that he stood next to the body of your plasma, and projected his own part to the next, the mentors space on your right shoulder, he stood in the place of your right shoulder later, and his left hand on the wing point of your physical body and the body, the transmission frequency. Please try to feel itself is receiving Wizard transmission frequency. This will begin to activate the wing point.
Feel wizard also stood plasma the right side of the body later some position, doing the same moves with his plasma left hand for your plasma-wing point transmission frequency. The plasma body-wing point will also produce a slight beep, ready with open wings.

The wings by plasma feathers, it is very light, almost no weight. They look like a plasma physical as quite transparent and has a water blue outline, but they are not yet open.

Now, in the wing at the point forcefully inhale, then hold your breath, then exhale forcefully, using the power of the breath the ion body and the physical body on the wings open at the same time.
The natural breathing your plasma wings now have been activated, please try to feel that they are connected to the wing behind you point. Before and after the first try flapping your shoulder like them as wings. Forward flap, maintain, and then backwards, keeping …… a little movement for a shoulder, active wing point of the physical body.

Then stop the movement of the shoulders of the physical body, and try to do the same action, before and after flap your angel wings. You have not they extend to, just before and after fanning them. Try to feel that you are above the plasma body are at the same time doing the same action.
Suction at the wing point, then hold your breath, you hold your breath, slightly lift your shoulders and wings, ready wings stretched out.

Breath, shoulders down, and at the same time as his wings like birds or angels.
Please try to feel the wings, feeling the front end of the main wing feathers, it is long on the tip of the wing point of the large and long feathers. Transmission electron and ion energy run flow.
Let wings arch upward, looks a bit like a Harley trademark. Let wings expand, fold, and expand.
Now, try to move the wing tip, if you just fold the wing elbow, just moving the tip of the wings, and up vertically expand it, and then recovered it.

Then horizontally outward to expand them, slightly raised feathers, this is a bit like a scared bird ruffled feathers,
Your wingtips raised to a position higher than the top of the head is aligned with the central vertical column of energy, then let the wingtip gently slap each other three times, knocking out an electrical flash.

Inhale, and then hold your breath, so that electrical flash along the wings down to the wing point, continue to hold your breath for a moment at the wing point.
Forcefully exhale the electrical the flash upward incoming cave plasma body with the power of the breath.

Now bring your attention to all on cave plasma physical. The wizard being together with you, he also activated their wings. These wings look very large, it is amazing, fluctuations in the flow of energy, not the physical structure of the feathers can be compared.
The wizard is standing behind your guard you, like a guardian angel that. Please vertical raise your plasma wings, wingtip to gather over the head of the body of your plasma. Your guide will connect your wingtip, take you through阿尔汉博纳the room, to the the Küsters Ming Nasi (Cosminyahas) Hall.
Now ready, you will have to fly together with the Wizard.

Strongly aspirated aspirated Please visualize or imagine, the wizard is stuffed a large ball of light like the sun. This ball of light like the sun by the Fire and Ice constitute freshwater blue plasma.
Up forcefully exhale, imagine carrying your freshwater blue ball of light the sun vertically upward ejection angle slightly forward, you will enter the room.

Now call natural breathing and imagine carrying your ball of light the sun at an extremely fast speed flight across the Channel, your guide will take first 8 sun. Imagine sun light ball is aligned with the the 8 sun’s surface, and the surface of this layer is called the Küsters Ming Nasi – Arui Elias (ARhAyas) layer, the size of the sun.
Breath, and let your plasma body to restore the original shape, relaxed breathing, and then try to open plasma eyes, look around and see himself living in where. If you did not see anything, you can continue to try again to see for a while, wait for a while, feeling the energy or frequency of arrival.
Observe or imagine you are surrounded by large energy ball rotation, like a translucent white energy band.

Now, such as the maintenance of the control room video feeder, you can already see that.
But through this entrance, before entering Küsters Ming Nasi hall, also need to wait for a while. Need some time to prepare, and then will begin to pass through this entrance.

While waiting, you can be observed under the surrounding environment. You look like to live in a huge dome, but that is actually a large sphere, its central layer of the level of care field. You are standing guard field. Sphere at the top of your head like the dome, but it’s really very, very vast. Try to feel your plasma body now in this extremely vast dome, in order to harmonize with this space-time position. And it is compared to the plasma body like only a small ant like your阿尔汉博纳wizard than you only one foot high. You are waiting for the central hall of the transmission channel open.
Face down the hall at the center point, visualize or imagine the center point in the center of the nursing field is opening a hole that the 48 glide track down hole from the site you are in the nursing field. The hole in the top layer of film, so you can not go down yet.

Inhale, breath inhalation wing point, hold your breath and wing point. Then exhale, exhale while feeling your the plasma body slightly upward jump. Then let feet first touched a glide track your wizard will work with you to slide down. Try to feel that you are to slide down, taxiing, feeling a little damp, but not wet, and I feel like hydrolase. You have slipped a long way, this very long water slide.

Visualize or imagine you now “call out” to arrive at the bottom of the sliding track, plop about falling into a giant pool, plasma body to sink to the bottom, and then surfaced. This is like a pool of hydrolases, but the substance of the pool is the first plasma.

You are like floating in the plasma ocean like a buoy immersed in plasma in the head will not sink.
Central to stay back a little, to the pool space here will have the core cells arbitration boards in eight Küsters Ming Nasi – A Ruita members from emerge.

Now, try to feel deep underwater, are some of the voices sounded. You will see a Ke the Ru Sensetiya shape of a huge inverted E Kasha from underwater float, it rose slowly, like to be squeezed out of the water.

First slowly revealing its round bottom, then, its spire exposed and reversed 180 degrees. Now it’s spire facing up, floating on the water, you and your wizard is located next to it.
E Kasha Bubble the阿尔汉博纳Arbitration Council will expand outwards, to the wizard and your inclusion.

Inhale, and then hold your breath, meditate, or imagine E Kasha is阿尔汉博纳arbitration Parliament expand.

Breath, as you exhale, you suddenly left ionized water, not into this E Kasha, and through it in the middle, standing on the platform of its nursing field.

8 Küsters the Ming Nasi – 阿尔汉博纳arbitration boards eight representatives gallery is located in the central circular ring members of the nursing field, they substantially translucent white flame into basketball-sized ball of light form. They please your plasma body to face them sitting cross-legged lotus sitting position, your guide is still with you, he has been transformed into a fluctuating the vertical plasma wave is located in your behind.

The eight representatives of the central authorities was running vertical wave, they make an arc out of the front of the vertical wave the wizard behind you towards them to do so.
The vertical wave represented by eight Küsters Ming Nasi the vertical wave阿尔汉博纳Wizard connected arc formed in your head. They will be with you quickly into the A Ruita cells directly into the seed atoms. You will experience that your Kristol core ontology – A Ru the Marne (AL-Uma-Un).

Inhale the site of the 3rd chakra, where hemin capsule, the hemin intracapsular has hemin.
Please hold your breath for a while, then exhale. In the same breath imagine your plasma body is turning into a big ball of light, and then directly into the seed atoms.
Try to feel you are morphological awareness ball of light appeared in the seed atoms, and in your 3rd chakra hemin the intracapsular some minor beep or tremor sense.
The water blue plasma frequency and hemin combination form called flame vortex. You may think this vortex of flame is warm, it is also cool. Hard to describe this feeling, try to feel what it feels like on your physical body.

Inhaled the breath of the bag, and then hold your breath for a while.
Breath, the breath up incoming you are in the ball of light state plasma body.
Natural breathing and visualize or imagine your plasma body to restore the original three-dimensional form, but still translucent plasma morphology and aqua blue outline.
You are now in the original house in the seed, but not yet enter阿尔汉博纳core. You’re a very interesting place, it’s like a space but not the space, which is hard to describe all the things like in a the sapphire color background the darkroom, and has a dark aqua blue outline and transparent. It is also similar to a large sphere, but care field platform in the middle, so you’re just floating here.
Now, eight representatives ready To give a crystal.

A Ru-Marne – Christo core body crystallization appears now, it is full of activity pale transparent flame, some like Eka Sha teardrop shape, but Biekasha more nearly spherical, a bit like the aircraft left the cloud wake effects E Kasha, we are from this the core ontology crystallization born.
You can truly feel the presence and awareness, it is the seed atoms spherical space center expansion, expansion enormous.

Please forward, into the flame, to accept eight single harmonic crystal. This flame A Ruiyi – Arui Elias – Küsters Ming Nasi Christo – 阿尔汉博纳the core body Christos consciousness based on direct cognitive way you pass.

You are invited to enter here to to accept 8阿尔汉博纳crystal gifts, kind of feeling like just got home.

This is actually plasma physical regeneration the K +8 factors, as to your crystal contains K1 to K8 factor, one.

Now inhale, then hold your breath, and then in the same breath, let your plasma body into the front of the flame space. When the plasma body into flames, trying to feel it. This huge flame in their own internal private small flame of an E Kasha shape created for you, it is surrounded by the private sector. You can engage in a personal communication, cognitive directly communicate with Christo, much like private communications, and other people do not know the contents of the communication.
The private areas of your plasma body is now in Christo core body flame extended plasma left hand, so that the palm facing up, your physical body can also do the same action.

Next, from Kristol private field will have a beam of light to come in contact with you. Create a form, the form of it in the palm of your hand like a simple symbol, it will not be too complicated. Try to get this symbol form, take a look at what it is like, or vertical or curved, it may be any shape.
If you can see the symbol on the palm of the physical body or the body, try to feel as if you are with your fingers to portray it in the palm of your hand.

If you can not see it, just to know where it is also just as effective. It will be your access key, so that you can instantly plasma body projected from the physical body into Christo core flame.
You can use it to Russia – Chu (A’TrA), posture, which is a Pago – Chu (Pa’TrA), body posture, it requires you to double palm posture of prayer combined ball from your mission inhale, then breath incoming wing point and forward incoming calls directly to the merger with the palm keys. This will first activate the symbol keys, key looks big circle, such as surrounded the hands of symbols gloves.
When this occurs, it will walk through and released into your body, then you can lift the Russian – Chu posture, just relax and meditate like you are in the private small flame in the of Christo core body. In the meantime, please try to feeling to feel communicate with.

Whenever you want to communicate with Christo, you can remember this method, without the need for a tour of the entire core technology will be able to quickly enter here to seek healing or assistance or any other thing, can also be thanked. That’s it.

Now you still with阿尔汉博纳arbitration parliament deputies to stay here and try to feel the eternal love from the divine origin and Kristol. That is not the use of the control of the love of the people. That is pure, unqualified love, tender love, if necessary, also may be tough love. That is the most perfect and most gentle force in the universe, but also the strength of the most powerful and the most determined Christo. It’s firm like Bear parents protect their pups, if anyone want to hurt the Cubs. It is a sacred, perfect, warm love.

You are supported by this love, protect, and you are loved. Of all is love, including love those who act out of control so that to hurt his being. Good parents would not let the children continue to do so, it will take corrective measures to help children learn to do better, because it will not only hurt others, will destroy the child itself. Kristol love. But in gentle parenting loves, parents make their love child understand that he is safe, in order to facilitate training, healing, companionship and learning.
Please try to feel real in your space. Now you will accept this final gift. Please lend a physical body and plasma body at the same time the right hand, palm facing up, and your right hand in a circle of eight crystal. They are all fire and ice, freshwater blue plasma color, looks like a small plasma gelatinous ball, when you take home, they will be solidified.
Now close your right palm, so that they bunch up in the palm of your hand.
Suction, suction forces they push palm chakra stored.

Well, now the wizard will take you back, your plasma body through a variety of bending, travel and morphology of conversion, but the connection between the physical body and plasma body line still exists, you will pass this cable directly return to the physical body.

In the right hand of your physical body and the plasma body, each with eight crystal part. When you return through the cable, the two sets of crystal will combine begins to activate the first part.
Then you have to be activated in the body the joint energy flow.

Now in the physical body of the wing at the point of suction, so the atmosphere along the cable has been increased to Christo core plasma body. Plasma body at hold your breath for a moment. Then exhale down, the expiratory forces led plasma body has been declining, through your crown chakra, back to the physical body.

Try to feel weak beep when two groups of plasma crystals merge your right palm.
Now going to open your plasma body and the physical body energy flow of fire and ice.
Please holding the eight crystals groups right palm covering the 3rd chakra.
Inhale, when the crystals are still palm. Then exhale breath fell to the right palm and to promote crystal into hemin sac.

You can then let go of the hand, and gently breathe for a while.
In order to activate the flow of energy, the need to prepare for a time of about 15 minutes to half an hour. During this period, the Guardians are activated, they will be together in this preparation time, you can try to feel these, and at the same time in the inspiratory breath inhalation wing point breath, then exhale let down to 3 clock round hemin bag.
Breathing in this way for a while, you can take a break and try to feel that they are activation loop. Hemin when they are activated, will begin to be carried in the blood of those core energy flow, which makes your blood atoms and subatomic particles actually feeling will be similar to the “puff, puff, puff”. Try to feel, you may feel strange effects, such as the forehead pressure sense, or in other parts of the. These are normal, you have to do is continue to breathe gently, allowing the body to adapt to the start of the joint energy flow. Do not worry, just to feel the impact of the the Christos energy flow in your blood. Continue after such a long period of time will no longer need to activate another group.
We hope you like the trip of Christo core.
You can choose one in the following two links to download the English audio, and save it in your computer: to the ARI-ARhAYas AL-Uma-Un-Core of the Krystar Seed Atom.mp3

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